ASP Scripts on GoDaddy shared hosting?

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My first question is: ASP Scripts on GoDaddy shared hosting?.

My next question is: I have a question to all namepros out there if somebody had the name and sold it to you for 20 bucks how much you think it would be worth on a forum, sedo or live auction, or directly to the end used..

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Your question was: ASP Scripts on GoDaddy shared hosting?.

I wouldn't pay $20 for this name unless as a domainer..

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If it receives some traffic that can cover the reg fees and earn a penny or two... I don't see why not..

Comment #2

Generally when I am looking at domains I will consider a .COM with one Dash, or a .NET without a dash. This HostGator has great keywords, but in my opinion the dash + extension kills it...

Comment #3

My first thought was "United States community colleges." However, I don't think I'd prefer to develop a decently large project on a HostGator with a hyphen. Well, maybe L-L, but even then hyphens (IMO) really harm world-of-mouth value, which is something that I'd really be looking for on that type of project.

Of course, it could be used for plenty of other things. For me though, I wouldn't pay that. Also, the HostGator needs to be renewed in just over half a year...

Comment #4

No offense, but anyone who buys that HostGator on a forum or Sedo or elsewhere is caught up in the hysteria of domains. Kinda' like buying Beanie Babies. Remember that craze?.

No way. Forget dashes. Forget .cc also. Why develop in a desert when you can just as easily develop in a city for much more profit? Stick with good .com's. There are still a ton to be had.

Also, why would you add another lame one like that to your portfolio? If it does not make money then it is a "Dog Domain" that sucks the profit from your profitable domains.

It's also a matter of management of the domain. Is your time worth spending on something like that? Also, can you offload it quickly and all the others you own like it if you get in a pinch? If not, then it is not a liquid investment - which is what you should be shooting for, not domains where your money gets "tied up" in underperforming assets.

Here is what you should look for in HostGator names (courtesy of Dan Warner at Fabulous). I took note of his HostGator analysis style several years ago and it has paid in spades. The explanations are mine/ the categories are his. This is what you need to look at in terms of what goes through the surfer's mind and how the public will see the HostGator :.

Mindshare - How much is the word in the mind of the public..

Intention - What are the intentions of a surfer when they land on a domain..

Immediacy - How urgent is matter. E.G. OvernightFlowers,com.

Commercial - Does it have a commercial resonance..

Brandability - Can it be a brand possibly. Is the name right for that..

Specificity - How specific is the domain. Is it general or exact match..

Realization - How fast does a surfer realize what the HostGator conveys. Even if.

It is specific it may mean a couple of things - you would want to.

Avoid that.

Two things I would add that are not listed by Dan are Advertiser Depth for a particular keyword and the Bid Prices. Lots of advertisers with many high bids is ideal. One HostGator like that can be equal to 20 lower tier domains in PPC income producing ability.

If you stick with this criteria it will make a BIG difference in your fortunes..


Comment #5

I personally wouldn't. I make my own brand of crazy decisions!..

Comment #6

Hurley4540, if "somebody" is "you", then "you" is referring to the "third-person" ; I can draw you a language diagram if you want.

"You", in my statement also references those that wish to do more than fight for vulture scraps and retire early. I really only am in the HostGator business at this point b/c it is a passion; I already made my nut.

I should not have to ask this since the answer is obvious, but......Do you honestly think is a vehicle that will get you anywhere financially? I'm sorry but if you offer me a Pinto or a Porche, I'll take the Porche and let the poor folks fight for the Pinto. If you can't tell which car is worth more then you will always be poor. "You" meaning "third person"...

Comment #7

This post has probably went flying right over the top of ... Ok, nevermind .. HostGator is worthless .. but that's just my opinion.


Comment #8

I sure would give it some heavy thought, but I'm not sure what my thinking would lead me to. I really can't say but I"m leaning toward no...

Comment #9

As names run out , hyphens become more common , it's the extension that worries..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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