Are women not allowed carbs on Nutrisystem?

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So this is my 2nd day and I am trying to figure a few things out. My husband and I are doing this together. For women you are not allowed any carbs? I see on my husbands daily guide he has carbs. Also any tips for the small whole wheat rolls, what is the calorie guidline to follow for the bread options? Trying to figure out all the veggies is a challenge. If I like veggies I would not be here with weight to loose Any other tips greatly appricated...

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Your question was: Are women not allowed carbs on Nutrisystem?.

The Men's Plan does get some carbs standardly, in addition to anything else we eat that day. On one hand it doesnt' seem entirely fair, on the other hand, I get them so I'm not arguing much<ducks> But there are some basic biological differences, and Nutrisystem has a couple decades of science going into this... just work with what your plan allows, and never mind what anyone else gets.

As far as veggies, I'm a huuuge proponent of raw veggies. Something I can *crunch* into and feel like I'm eating something. Baby carrots, celery sticks, sugar snap peas, broccoli florets, etc. Salads are your friend too.

I do see a lot of people recommend grilling or roasting veggies but I admit I tend to be a slug when it comes to cooking. That's sorta why I needed NutriSystem...before I came here if I didnt' want to cook I just grabbed a pizza or chinese food on the way home from work, or a couple boxes of Hot Pockets, etc. Not exactly "this way to healthy eating"...

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Jmthompson, for the women's program, if you don't have 100 lbs or more to lose, you only get a carb when the entree calls for one to be added to the entree, so please read each package carefully before preparation. For instance, you get a carb serving (and what counts as one is listed in your meal planner) with the flame broiled beef patty, the veggie fajita, and the sloppy joe as just three examples (there are more). So do read the packages. The carb in that case is considered part of the entree and is included in it...

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Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I have.

The previous posters have answered most of your questions. I am not a big veggie fan either. Find your favorites and stick to those, and in the meantime, read these boards as much as you can for new ideas, recipes, and tips. I have been here since March, and finally got brave enough tonight to try roasting. It was easy and VERY tasty!.

My few standard veggies are as follows:.

- large salad with lunch (this is the bagged salad, straight from the bag), with 2 T of ff dressing. I loved Hidden Valley Ranch, then got tired of it. Now I have found 2 others that I like - Ken's ff Raspberry Pecan, and another brand I can't think of ff Raspberry Vinagrette..

- first thing at dinner I usually fix a plate of raw celery, tomatoes and shrooms, sometimes cucumbers, with ff Ranch. Yum! Then I usually cook something else like sauteed okra and shrooms, green beans, asparagus, or broccoli..

- I add sliced shrooms (in the jar on the veggie aisle) to many of the entrees - pizza, burger, pasta entrees.

- sometimes drink low-sodium V-8.

- sometimes add shredded cabbage to some of the saucy entrees and wraps.

(it's good if you can hide veggies from yourself by sneaking them into the entrees LOL).

Those are my standards. I don't like many veggies. I am learning to branch out, especially as I am learning new ways to cook them in tasty ways, and I don't LIKE to cook.

Good luck!.


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Unless you have 100 lbs. to lose then you don't get an add in carb. The exceptions are with meals like the burger or hot dog or wrap. But you do get plenty of low GI carbs in each meal with the pasta, rice, potatoes that are in the dish...

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Learning to include lots of veggies into your daily meal plan is part of our healthy new lifestyle. I mix them in with my entrees most of the time. Here is a list....try to find some you like. It will help you on your journey to better health and fitness.....

VEGETABLE SERVINGS 5g carbohydrates, 2g protein, 25 calories.

Serving Size.

Artichoke, whole 1/2 large.

Artichoke Heart 2 pieces canned (not marinated).

Artichoke (Jerusalem or Sun choke) 1/4 cup.

Asparagus (unlimited).

Bamboo Shoots (Canned, diced) 1 cup.

Beans (Green, Wax, Italian) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bean Sprouts 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Beets 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bell Peppers (All Varieties) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bok Choy (unlimited).

Broccoli (unlimited).

Brussels Sprouts 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Cabbage (unlimited).

Cactus Leaves (Nopales) 1/2 cup.

Carrots 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Carrot Juice cup (2 fl. oz).

Cauliflower (unlimited).

Celery (unlimited).

Cherry Tomatoes (unlimited).

Chinese Cabbage 2 cups shredded raw, 1 cup shredded cooked.

Chinese Chard (unlimited).

Chinese Eggplant 1/2 cup.

Collard Greens 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Cucumbers (unlimited).

Daikon (unlimited).

Dandelion Greens (unlimited).

Eggplant (unlimited).

Endive (unlimited).

Escarole (unlimited).

Fennel (unlimited).

Green Beans 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Green Onions (unlimited).

Greens (Collard, Kale, Mustard) (unlimited).

Hearts of Palm 2 sticks.

Jalapeno 4 peppers.

Jicama, raw cup (unlimited raw).

Kale 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Kohlrabi 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Leeks 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Lettuce (unlimited).

Mixed greens (unlimited).

Mixed Vegetables (without Corn, Peas, Turnips) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Mushrooms (unlimited).

Mustard Greens 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Okra (unlimited).

Onions 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Pea Pods (unlimited).

Peppers (unlimited).

Pimento 2 medium or cup.

Pumpkin, mashed cup.

Radishes (unlimited).

Rhubarb 1 cup.

Rutabaga 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Sauerkraut, canned (Low Sodium) (unlimited).

Snow Pea Pods (unlimited).

Spinach 1/2 cup Cooked or (unlimited raw).

Sprouts (Alfalfa, Bean, Soybean) cup cooked (unlimited raw).

Spaghetti Squash 1 cup raw, cup cooked.

Sugar Snap Peas 1 cup raw, cup cooked.

Summer Squash 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Tomatillos (unlimited).

Tomato (unlimited).

Tomato Canned (unlimited).

Tomato Paste 1 Tbsp.

Tomato Puree 1/4 cup.

Tomato Juice (low sodium) 1/2 cup.

Tomato Sauce 1/3 cup.

Turnips 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Vegetable Juice (low Sodium) 1/2 cup.

Yellow Snap Peas (Frozen) cup.

Yellow Squash 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Water Chestnuts (canned) 6 whole.

Watercress (unlimited).

White Mustard (unlimited).

Zucchini 1(unlimited)..

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