Are there promo codes for Godaddy dot org domains?

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My question is: Are there promo codes for Godaddy dot org domains?.

My 2nd question is: I noticed recently sold for multi million dollars.

I understand there are handful of big HostGator players in the HostGator market like Rick Schwartz , Kevin, Frank Schilling etc...

Now I am wondering where do I find their HostGator list.

Do you have any ideas?..

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Your question was: Are there promo codes for Godaddy dot org domains?.

Here's my answer to your question: Are there promo codes for Godaddy dot org domains?.

Are you referring to the list of 300,000 + HostGator names of FS & KH ?

Comment #1

Thanks. I just want to have an idea of their domains. How about Frank Schilling's HostGator list?..

Comment #2

Man.. I only wish I owned at least some of those great domains.. I wonder how much profit Rick S. makes a year.....

Comment #3

I think he is making millions of dollars profit per year. Great businessman...

Comment #4

Yes indeed.. Ive been on the right track tho.. I made upward $500 this week.. (my first week over $200..

Comment #5

I doubt there is a list anyone can find that is complete, but look at RumCakes,com. Any HostGator you see that looks like that is Frank Schilling's...

Comment #6

Well done. I hope your income will increase with time...

Comment #7

Kind of irrelevant/relevant with the OP , but check these two links ... Internet Real Estate IAC..

Comment #8

You know it's kind of a shame that most premium names never get the proper development they deserve because the few big guys are hogging them...

Comment #9

Here is a link to a small subset of Kevin Ham's domains:

He used to have a much more extensive list on his site (, but it looks like he has decided to not advertise some of his domains like

Comment #10

Wow, those are fannnnntastic names. WOW!.

This article fits him well.

Comment #11

Tell me who the holder of this portfolio is and that's the name of my fav / highest rated domainer!..

Comment #12

Huuuuge names. But what is with that front page? Hurts my eyes...

Comment #13

Damn thats quite a list :\.

Thanks for sharing, now i'll just close my excel sheet of seemingly garbage domains portfolio lol..

Comment #14

Some list of domains. Brilliant porfolio. I would like to own some of those domains...

Comment #15

I'd retire if I held just one of them!..

Comment #16

I wish I started domaining in around 1990s when I was in my university and I have started domaining very late in 2007...

Comment #17

Snap.. that and wishing I never let drop all those years ago one of the biggest godaddy sites on the net now *sigh*..

Comment #18

Nope; I let it drop - used to use it to host my clients websites on a dedi; then closed the business and forgot to renew it!..

Comment #19

I don't think he meant that james. Else he wouldn't be here expressing his regret.

If you didn't drop it, GD probably would have went with another name so don't think too much into it...

Comment #20

Lol confusion - I used to hold - go daddy now use it for several million domains email..

And yeah I liked it!.

Anyways, still think has the best folio to get it back on track!..

Comment #21

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