Are there any risks for having a strict VEGAN Dukan Diet?

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Got a quick question: Are there any risks for having a strict VEGAN Dukan Diet? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Hi There ! I cringe at the thought of buying another " counter top gadget " for my kitchen.

I am wondering of those that have the magic bullet ? Is it worth it ? Can you only use it for Smoothies ???.

So far loving the Puff Pan.

But wondering now about the Magic Bullet.

Where is the best place to get them ???.

Thanks for any insight..

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You betcha! but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Dukan Diet guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Oh my gosh I love my Magic Bullet. I've had it for a year or so and I use it all the time for multiple things, and it's simple enough for my kids to make themselves healthy smoothies too. I got mine @ Bed Bath and Beyond and paid a little over $40 with a 20% off coupon you can find in your paper all the time. LOVE IT, Along with my puff pan I just bought there too...

Comment #2

I LOVEEEEEEE THE MAGIC BULLET!!! It's very worth it..

I don't know how I could live without the Magic Bullet!1..

Comment #3

Love my Magic Bullet. I hesitated for so long then Kohl's had a sale and got it for 49. with all the attachments. I use it at least once a day...

Comment #4

My brother had the Magic Bullet and loved it but I just couldn't rationalize spending $50 - $60 on one. I heard about a generic model at JC Penney that was only about $30 so I figured that wasn't much to spend to try it out. Mine works just as well as my brother's real MB and it was only about 1/2 the price. I definitely consider it a good purchase...

Comment #5

I bought a magic bullet when they fist came out a few years ago. I use it at least once a day as well. In fact, I used mine so much that I dulled the blades on the first one, and went and bought a new one a month or so ago. Of all kitchen appliances, it's the best!!! You won't be sorry! can also shred cheese and chocolate with it...if we could have those things. LOL!!! There are all sorts of things you can make with it. You won't regret buying it!!!..

Comment #6

Big Lots had a generic make of one, too not long ago. It was only $25-30. They may still have them...

Comment #7

You can order the replacement base with the blade from I paid $17.99 for an extra set of base blades and cups,.

Best thing is the easy cleanup unlike my old blender...

Comment #8

Love it and it is much easier to clean than my full size smoothie maker - it's top rack diswasher safe! Bought mine @ BB&B with 20% off coupon before seeing it at Costco...

Comment #9

+1 for the Magic Bullet! I use mine everyday, several times a day. Got mine at Kohl's during one of there Early Bird Power Hour sales at 65% off...which came out to be something like $25.00. I do believe Kohl's is having Power Hours this weekend (both in-store and online.) If they have it onsale again, I am going to buy a 2nd one. With 4 of us clamoring for it every morning, it will be nice to have a second one...

Comment #10

I can't believe how much less they seem to be in the US. Mine cost $60 + taxes at Linens & Things, but I used a gift card I got using airmiles..

Despite my love for food and cooking, I am not a gadget person. All my tools and gadgets fit into one small drawer, and I own about 10 pots and pans. That said, don't consider Magic Bullet a gadget but a tool..

I bought mine a week ago and it sits on the counter, taking up about the same space as a large travel mug. It took a few tries to get the hang of it when pulsing or chopping, but for making a fluffy hot chocolate or some type of shake it is fantastic. It is so easy to clean - run under water right after use and let dry..

The only drawback is that you can't use it for very hot things, such as soup right from the stove - plastic containers...

Comment #11

I've been deliberating on purchasing the MB. After all these positive reviews...I'M SOLD!! Now, what is a puff pan?..

Comment #12

Oh, maybe it's just how the circuits in my home are wired but be careful...When I used my Magic Bullet and had the dishwasher on, a fuse blew...

Comment #13

I like my bullet too.. but I need new silicone rings for it. I'm going to check on their website...

Comment #14

Haven't tried it yet but Big Lots does have a "version" of the magic bullet for $22. anyone tried that?????????.

Is it as good?..

Comment #15

Wow, thanks for all your responses.

That just means one thing.

I will be at Bed Bath and Beyond with Coupon in hand this morning.

I was thinking if it's small enough I could take it with me to Cancun ! Awesome.


Does anyone have any special recipes they make with it ???..

Comment #16

I have the one from Big Lots and I love it. I make Dukan Diet cola slurpees and tons of other stuff...

Comment #17

Love mine - use it instead of blender and mixer. bought mine at Walmart Supercenter...

Comment #18

I know everyone said the same thing but I just have to get my "I LOVE IT TOO" in! LOL....because it's small it's just not one of those gadgets that ends up in a cabinet...and in the dishwasher?mine never makes it into the dishwasher-it's just too easy to clean and I NEED it every day...I cant believe I had it for about 1 1/2 yrs before Dukan Diet and now Dukan Diet MADE ME USE IT!!!it's fabulous!..

Comment #19

Have it and love it too!.

Favorite recipe.

8 oz light chocolate soymilk.

1/2 frozen banana.

2 ice cubes.

It's my daily afternoon snack and sometimes it's my morning protein and fruit.

If I'm feeling really in need of chocolate, I add a tsp of Hersheys dark chocolate powder to it and a tsp of splenda...yummo..

Comment #20

I was just at BB&B for something else, and thought about looking for one.

Wasn't sure if I would really use it.

Forgot competely about looking for any coupons, because I don't usually go in there. The last time I was there I did the same thing, didn't know about the coupons when I purchased the puff pan, that I don't really use anymore!.

Anyway, this trigured a memory for me, and now I could kick myself, for not remembering to look for a coupon..

I went on Monday, because my nephew is getting married, and they are registered their.

Live and learn.


Comment #21

I've had my MB since they first came out on the infomercial, and, I'm embarrassed to say, I do not use it often. I am not a smoothie or thick drink type person (I'd rather eat food (crunchy, preferably) rather than drink my calories) so I do not use it for any beverages. When I first got it, I tried it for pancakes and found it to be quicker to just whip up the ingredients in a bowl rather than the MB; and, I tried chicken salad and I made a pureed mess of it (it turned out like chicken-flavored mayo!). If you have any food recipes for it I'd love to hear them, so that I can finally get use out of mine!..

Comment #22

I don't know if you saw or have any interest in this Raisin Scone recipe.


, but I use my MB to crush up the bran flakes and then I add the rest of the ingredients into the cup and blend by hand. I'm also a smoothie fanatic and tend to use my MB every day, but it works great as a mini-food processor as well!..

Comment #23

I use mine to grind decaf coffee beans, love the smell of freshly groung coffee...

Comment #24

I have used mine combine (well) marinade ingredientsalso to make salad dressing that also need to be combined well...and ONLY BECAUSE it is SO easy to clean afterward...also because I can store the salad dressing right in the cup I just blended it in!..

Comment #25

ME TOO!!! I've never thought of using it for that, though! I'm going to start doing that1..

Comment #26

I love my magic bullet. I make fat free hummus, no mayo egg and chichen salad, and the best frozen drinks. Got mine as a gift with all the neat little attachments. Super easy to clean...

Comment #27

The MB is fantastic! I use mine several times a day. Scramble eggs for dh's breakfast, make smoothies for myself. One of my favorite's is: 1 cup skim milk blended with 1 1/4 cup frozen strawberries and 2 pkgs Splenda. There is no need to use ice, as the frozen berries make it very thick. I use it as my "ice cream."..

Comment #28

I know this thread is a few months old, but I just got my MB for christmas. It came today. My Dd and I got one... yes I was the sucker for the info commercial and bought the whole kit and kaboodle and then some. Anyway we experimented with it tonight, and I can honestly say wahoo!! I think Im gonna love this thing. We made smoothies tonight.

We decided we did not like the one with ice and oj. but we loved the one with no ice and yogurt..

I used the convenient party cup and put 8oz of ff strawberry yogurt, a few frozen strawberries, and a splash of ff milk. YUMMY! I will be experimenting often with this...

Comment #29

I got the one from Big Lots. on a sale gave $19.00 for it. Have had it over 2 months, use it 2-4 times a day. Love it, Its the 17 pieces, Elite Cuisine brand name, has the grinder too, I like it better then the MB, the 16oz cup fits in my take along water cooler, Makes it nice to mix and put the cover on, the cover is a siper cover, all 4 16oz cup come with covers The MB has handles and would not fit my cooler I take with me, I'm real happy with the Elite, you can look them up on line, I think I see them in wal-mart too, but not this Model.EPB-1800 is the one Big Lots has,.

They have a lot of them on line on the site..

Last time I was in Big Lots here they still had them, this was about 2 weeks before Christmas, and still $22.00..

For the money you can not go wrong,..

Comment #30


I use it almost everyday, as a blender/grinder and to make smoothies with frozen fruit and fat-free milk. I got mine on Amazon for $59.99. One of the best purchases I've made and I've had no trouble with mine...

Comment #31

Yes, I think the Magic Bullet is worth every penny I pd for it. I got mine off of Ebay and think it was in the 35 dollar range. It came with a blender container, 4 mugs, 2 handless jars and juicer. I have gotten some oranges that were reallly tough and not enjoyable to eat so I juice them. The pulp comes through the screen and the taste is just amazing. I use it for scrambling eggs, batters, smoothies, whey drink, coffee drinks, veggie dips and the list goes on and on. I recommend...

Comment #32

"chocolate mouse" packet of pudding mix and 1 8oz container of yogurt or keifer or 11/2 cup skim milk! The magic bullet does the rest. (soymilk does not work).

Easy Salsa! tomato.



Hot sauce.

Magic bullet does the rest!.

Guacamole 1 avacado.

Lime juice.


MB does the rest!.

Fluffy Omelets! 1 egg.

2 tb water.

Some pepper.

MB does the rest!.

Peanut butter banana smoothie 1tsp PB.

8oz yogurt.

.5 banana.

Tiny bit of nutmeg if you like.

MB does the rest! LOL..

Comment #33

I LOVE the Magic Bullet! My mom must've paid under $50 for it and it's purchase resulted in throwing out a $150 blender; the Magic Bullet was much better! Plus it takes up very little space..

My favorite thing to make in it is fresh salsa or berry sorbet. I take a cup or so of frozen berries and blend them until smooth. Great consistency and very delicious!..

Comment #34

I saw the elite brand at Big Lots for 19 bucks. I think I'm going to get one for myself and one for my Mom (who had bariatric surgery) who drinks a lot.

Of protein shakes..

Good idea group !!!..

Comment #35

I love the Magic Bullet! I used mine so much I burned out the motor...

Comment #36

Hi Pam, I'm very curious about frozen tea drinks! I've only seen frozen coffee ones (which I love) but would be interested in trying a tea one too...

Comment #37

HOW do you make a good salsa with it? Please share LOL. I got one years ago but could only end up with a frothy pink mess when I did it .... made it just how they said to too..

What do you guys use it for on NS? I put mine away when I started on plan cuz didn't think I'd be needing it anymore...

Comment #38

Do you mind sharing how you make your Dukan Diet coke slurpees? Thanks..

Comment #39

Does everyone use the extras that came with their magic bullet? I'm thinking about buying one but my impression of all the accessories that come with this sort of thing is you end up never using all that extra stuff and just have to store it until you get rid of it..

Feedback from those that got the 21 or 22 piece "kit"?..

Comment #40

The value of the kit, for me, is that you can pile up a lot of dirty cups in the dishwasher, before you have to wash one to make a drink. I have used both blades, but mostly the cross blade. The flat blade did make skim milk nice and frothy, for a coffee drink. The little cup is good for making Christina's brownies. I have yet to use the blender pitcher...

Comment #41

Mine has a juicer screen that I have used with the blender attachment. We had some oranges that were not too great so juiced them. One orange made about 1/2 c of juice so was perfect. The screen keeps the lg pieces of pulp and seeds out of your cup. Just throw it in the dishwasher...

Comment #42

I have the one from Big Lots for $22. Just bought it recently and haven't used it yet. It has 17 pcs...

Comment #43

I bought a Power Chopper instead on Ebay a long time ago. It was about $28 plus shipping..

I don't need the colored lids. For me, it's not a bargain. It works great mixing powdered drinks and chopping...

Comment #44

I love my magic bullet...bought a 'spare set' a few months ago on clearance at Walgreens just in case mine breaks. $15 for the big set..

I use the mugs every day for protein shakes. I make homemade salad dressings, too. It's nice to know exactly what's going into the dressinghealthy fats and no preservatives! I too make my own salsatoss in the ingredients, a couple 'pulses', and it's done. My son makes his own moussecream, sugar, whiz...he loves it! The flat blade is great for milling spices, and I'm sure you could grind coffee beans too..

Endless possibilities.....

Comment #45

I LOVE my Magic Bullet too! I got mine last Christmas as a gift, but, happen to know it was on a special sale at Kohls for $39. I use the thing so often that I just keep it out on my countertop all the time. It makes great yogurt smoothies (especially when you start to get tired of just eating your yogurt out of the container with a spoon) and ice cream shakes for the kids in the summer time. I bought a liquid strawberry mix last year at Sam's that was used as a smoothie base that was if I could just remember the name of it to research if it would be Dukan Diet legal!..

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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