Are there any Nutrisystem groups in Westport, Connecticut, USA?

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Quick question: Are there any Nutrisystem groups in Westport, Connecticut, USA? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good. SO get your butts back here and start working towards your goal!.

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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My son is mostly sleeping. I gave him some fluids this morning and am fixing some rice....hope this helps..

I am working from home today...have been busy...2 conference calls already, but it's nice to be able to work from home when I need to..

Have a good day!..

Comment #2

Hi everyone....back from Cabo to find snow in Reno....That doesn't seem fair. I want to get back on the plane..

Vix, sorry that your son is not feeling well. I hope things are better soon..

Ducky, it sounds like a fun trip. I was there years ago witrh friends and we had a great time..

I am swamped with a bazillion things to do today and getting to the gym is one of them. I did about 8 loads of laundry yesterday and have 2 left today. I swear it was all caught up before I left. How does this happen?.

Anyway, I have posted our trip pictures on Shutterfly. The link is below. There is a set with Flat Stanley and a second set without. I think the Stanley pics are on 2 pages. Click on the first one and you can view all of them in the larger format (vs thumbnails).


I'll check in after lunch...

Comment #3

OMG! Flat Stanley had the BEST time! Pictures were great...I'll check out the family pictures after lunch!..

Comment #4

I will DEFINITELY be checking out Richmond Road! Thanks ladies!..

Comment #5

Vix - hope your son feels better soon. Nice thing for him is that he gets his momma to care for him!..

Comment #6

Well I had to work all weekend and today but, first I had to finish up my CEU's so I can renew my license next week. Nothing like putting it off to the last minute so I started my day renewing my ACLS and then the really fun and oh so boring " Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Healthcare Professionals". Geesh it was an easy class but gosh awful boring. Now to give some more money to the state for the privilage of working. Oh I am just being snarky today because I am tired, tired and more tired. And poooor!!!!!!!! I took Caitie shopping last week to buy her a whole new wardrobe, why can't she stop growing?? She will be 16 in July so I bought her everything from Bra's and panties to skirts and blouses and everything inbetween.

Yep, when you become a Mom they get everything and you get enough to get by. For all my whining I would not trade her for the world. She really is a great kid. I probably should not post today because I am wiped out but what the heck it may be awhile if I don't..

Judy Congratulations on the 140's. I knew for all your fussing that the scale was listening and knew it had to drop a number or get a talking to..

Wha Hoo Jen on Charmed Paws getting some new clients. If you win with your lotto tickets you can chuck the day job..

Ducky it's getting nicer outdoors and I hear your running shoes purring to get out. It won't be long now..

Vix so sorry your Son is sick and on Spring Break, bummer. Good thing Mom is around to take care of him..

Shelley glad you had a nice break and Cabo's weather was kind to you. It is rather rude to come home to snow, even if you have had a milder winter than usual..

Melissa, Johnna and Coleen what's new with you all???.

Caitie goes back to school tomorrow from her Spring Break and I have Tim the Handyman coming to put on another patio screen door with a double dog grate so that maybe Jack won't tear another one up when he throw's his body on the door to let you know he is ready to come back in the house. If I live through his puppyhood or If I don't allow him to live through his puppyhood it will be a miracle. After him I may become a crazy Cat lady instead of having a dog. He is such a handful. Ok enough of this pity party and back to work, breaks over. Later gals.............

Comment #7

Good morning.

I ended up taking my son back to the ER yesterday...totally dehydrated... they gave him 2 bags of IV, some tests, and Immodium. The first hsp gave him pills for nausea, and instructions not to take other medication. However, he seems to be doing better now, which is a relief. Thanks for all the good wishes..

Pete works at home on Tuesdays, so I came back to work..

Deb, sorry you have to take all those boring classes! Sounds like you really need a busy! I'm sure Caitie is happy with her new wardrobe!.

Shelley, I'll have to check out those pictures later! Sounds like it was a great get-away!.

Have fun in Williamsburg, Ducky! I've never been...and it's not that far from here. Heard it was really nice..

Yay, Judy for Zumba-ing those pounds off!.

Have a good day, everyone!..

Comment #8

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Just kidding!.

I shouldn't be that happy this morning because my body is like a swollen balloon waiting to pop...I am so swollen up with fluids...yikes!! The scale was not kind today.....but it's only mildly irritating since I know it's water weight. I can't get my rings off with out considerable effort and 3 days ago they were falling off and spinning; driving me NUTS! It's like feast of famine with me sometimes..

Okay enough reasoning on the scale being up...I hope you all had a great day yesterday!.

Vix....OMG that boy sounds sicker and sicker. I think they were wrong not telling him to take something else at the first place. Immodium is good for exactly what it does. Poor guy just needs a break and some serious rest now. Hopefully the worst of it is over now and he can start mending..

Deb - Sounds like you have been running ragged with the classes and work! Shopping isn't fun if you're buying it all for someone else. Glad she's all set to finish out the year and ready for summer. She should stop growing about now right...? 16 or so?.

Okay I am so late fopr breakfast so I'm off to eat!..

Comment #9

Ashton had her 2nd grade music concert tonight. I curled her hair all pretty!..

Comment #10

Horrible day today at work. The State inspectors showed up for their 2-3 year review. They will be there ALL WEEK. I can't tell you how awful it is to have someone watching everything you do and they ALWAYS find something wrong. I'm not scheduled there until Friday and they should be wrapping things up with the big shots there, but they can really do what they want, so I could be dealing with them again. My biggest worry is that since I'm a float, this could happen again at one of the other davita facilities I work at.

Enough about my sad day...I'm on my 2nd glass of wine, so it is already starting to fade from my memory..

Ducky, due to this nasty surprise at work, Stanley did not get mailed back to you today. I had planned to do it at lunch, but there was no lunch today! He'll go out tomorrow, I promise. I did receive an email from Shutterfly saying the the Flat Stanley album was sent out and should arrive Friday or Monday. I'll check the tracking number tomorrow and let you know if there is new info..

Vix, so sorry about your son. Gosh, he is pretty sick. It was good that you could be with him..

Judy, I hate the water weight! My rings do the same thig. I've stopped trying to resize them because a little water can make so much difference in how they fit. It drives me crazy when they spin, but I hate it when I can't get them off..

Deb, It seems like I spend so little on clothing for myself, but the boys never seem to have that problem.. My oldest son is definitely the worst...he has high end taste. The younger one is very content with Target....

OK, I should exercise, but am still feeling too sorry for myself. I'll do double tomorrow...

Comment #11

Good morning, the water is gone and I feel normal again! woohoo!.

Now I'm off to eat before I pass out! STARVING!!..

Comment #12

Hi ladies! Sorry to have been gone for so long and now I just have a moment - been extra busy with spring break last week and we were out of town for the 2nd half of it. Now getting back into the swing of things (in time for summer vacation to start.

Hope everyone is doing well - haven't had a chance to read the posts yet but will later. Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #13

Well, my class earned a class party and they decided on a pizza party. So, I have ordered 8 pizzas for lunch tomorrow! The nice guy at Papa John's gave me a really good deal! Yay!..

Comment #14

Good morning!.

My son was much better and able to fly back to school yesterday, so things will be getting back to normal. I am having a lot of fibro flares from the stress..

Shelley, sorry for all the stress at work! Me too....I am so looking forward to retirement! I am so tired of being one of the few people who take responsibility for anything. Feeling a bit "burned out" and way too much to do right now..

Duckie...Ashton sounds like such a sweetie! And you sound like a really fun teacher!.

Hi Melissa!.

Judy, so glad you are back to normal!.

Have a great day everyone! Tomorrow's Friday!..

Comment #15

Really must fly this morning, I have to leave in 1 1/2 hours for class so I can't write a ton but hope everyone feels better and Shelley and Vix....I hope the stress gets lower and things calm down! I definaitely do NOT miss working at all...only the pay check..

Vix...I hear you on the fibro flares. I avoid them like the plague..

Melissa - I was going to get my phone instructions today and send you a text message asking if you were okay??? Oh and to get your butt back here for at least a quick howdy do. Glad to see you pop in....don't run yourself too ragged!.

Ducky - woohoo pizza party!.

Speaking of PIZZA.....

Can't believe I wrote that!! I decided that I really wanted pizza last night so I gave in and ate I have to pay the price. Swollen legs and the scale popping up a bit again...

Comment #16

1st grade concert tonight! Should be fun! I have several students who have "opted out" of the program tonight. Since when is this an optional thing and up to the child!?!?!?..

Comment #17

Hi everyone. I have spent the day on the computer getting yet another issue of the newsletter out....I'm glad we only have one left til we start up again in September..

Vix, so glad your son is better..

Ducky, I don't EVER remember concerts or plays being optional. Do you think this is coming from a nervous child or a parent that just doesn't want to deal with coming?.

Melissa, It really isn't the same here without all your posts. How am I supposed to know what movie to see?.

Judy, sometimes you just can't say no to pizza! At least you're eating the good kind..

Deb, what's up? We need you back here..

What about everyone else? Jen, Johnna, need to check in and let us know what's going on..

Another storm here today. I miss Cabo so much! Working tomorrow and those mean inspector ladies better not be around!.

OK, I guess I'll see if Frank is heading home soon. I haven't had a chance to exercise because of not being able to say no to volunteer stuff, so I'd like to get at least 30 minutes of something done..

Ducky, Stanley should be there tomorrow depending on when your mail arrives at the school. He's in a small priority box. I forgot to put in the info about how far away we were from Brookings....Here's a couple of mapquest links:.

Brookings to Reno 22 hrs 50 mins / 1566.91 miles.


Reno to Cabo 38 hrs 45 mins / 1590.00 miles.


Comment #18

Good morning! Friday....Yay!.

It's been a really long week for me. I plan to do very little this weekend, except maybe get back to my yoga...I skipped everything this week, feeling under the weather. Cold again this a.m. Maybe winter's last hurrah..

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #19

Who could go wrong with Minnie Mouse! Morning ladies. so sorry never to return yesterday....I slept most of the time I was here in the house again. I swear...the experiment has ended now and I definitely KNOW those pills must be what's making me into a narcoleptic fool! I worked out hard yesterday...1 hour zumba and then 1 hour of doing my toning exercises like a good girl!.

I came home and almost fell asleep before I could get in the shower!! Luckily I did...Barely got my lunch going before I was out again and that was 3:15 or so. I woke up with Wally's keys in the door at 5PM! That's not the worst thing! He left for the gym again about 6PM and I passed out again in the chair and slept until he got home from the gym about 7:15!! SERIOUSLY! It's rediculous..

So I cut the pill down again and I'll do it for a few days then stop it. The side effects on 99.9% of the people is sleeplessness, shaking, antsy, and diarrhea. MY SYMPTOMS....can't stay awake, super mellow, and constipation. I swear I am opposite girl..

OKAY enough about that stuff. I doing well and I am hungry! I have errands to get to this morning. Must get more salad or I'll be out after lunch, so I have to hit the Fresh Market. I also need to get something to fix with the Orange Roughy fish I bought to try. Not a clue what to do with that stuff, so I better google recipes..

Today is my exercise rest day, so I just might watch the zumba wii program for some tips for routines. Or not..

I'll pop back in later this morning!!..

Comment #20

What the heck do you mean "OP-OUT" We never got asked if we wanted to do something. NOTHING was optional...OMG! has school changed that much? are we catering to every child's personal whim now? Do you think it's a legal afraid of someone suing or complaining about their kids rights were violated? Geez!.

Shelley - that pizza is fabulous! I ate it all winter and it did fine. Summer will be tougher to keep the swelling down, but not too bad. I just need to drink more and eat it earlier and not at 9:30 pm. But I'll never give it's too good!.

Sorry about the crummy watchdogs. I hate having someone stand over me watching every move I make because they would make me mess up. Hope they are gone..

Vix - Glad you have the whole weekend off to yourself to do NOTHING! Great idea! I'm glad your son got off again okay. He'll have some good stories about what he did during spring break..

Everyone have a great day...I'll be back!..

Comment #21

I have no idea where this decision for not attending a concert is coming from. I only had 12 of my 19 students there. Urgh!..

Comment #22

Shelley - Miss Flat Stanley has arrived. Emma will be SO excited! I haven't shown her yet because I want to make sure I have enough time to share everything!..

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