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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Are there any GoDaddy promotional codes?.

My next question is: Hi.

I wanted to know is it possible to delete a HostGator even if it has passed the testing period? I am not looking for any refunds.

For Example: I have a 6month old domain. I just want to cancel the HostGator without any refunds ? Is it possible?.

I think GOdaddy has some sort of a button for this purpose but do they actually cancel the HostGator or do they just delete it from your account?.

Any opinions are welcome.


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Your question was: Are there any GoDaddy promotional codes?.

Is there any reason you want to cancel it? you can just park it and let it expire..

Comment #1

Yes I want to re-reg it again at some other registrar (it is a .info and dont want to pay 7$ renewal).

So was planning if it was possible that I could just delete the HostGator from one and if it got completed deleted then, I could bag it at another.

This is because I am talking of hundreds of domains here..

Comment #2

Ah, I see. that makes a lot of sense..

Comment #3

Considering an .info renewal is often more expensive than a registration I can see your reason behind it. However there are two potential problems.someone else could have backordered the HostGator or simply register it manually between the deletion and your reregistration. you are losing the registration fee difference until the expiry date. While a transfer will extend it from the date of the registration, cancelling it and registering again will shorten this period...

Comment #4

Instead of risking your chances with the domain, wouldn't you just transfer and extend the registration by a year? I think that would be a better and smarter choice on your part.


Comment #5

Yes, just keep it & renew from the live registrar. Some HostGator is backorder from other registrar.When you cancel .info HostGator name, you will lost the domain...

Comment #6

I am pretty sure that noone has backordered the names. you can say that the names are worth abt 3-4$ to me and I would not think of renewing them for 7$.

Also, they are not worth to anyone else also that much.. and I dont even mind that even if from 100 domains someone else bags 10 or 20 domains.

Please tell me if it is possible..

Comment #7

You might also run into tasters who might take their turn with the HostGator for a week or so. be sure not to send any traffic!..

Comment #8

Guys thanks for your opinions and your warnings. I am perfectly aware of these things.

MY question is HOW TO DO IT?????????????????..

Comment #9

Your registrar is godaddy? If so, simply select the HostGator and choose the cancel option. It seems it is not only removed but actually cancelled, but I would ask them nonetheless...

Comment #10

Is this instantaneous procesS??.

Also, how to do this at other registrars??..

Comment #11

I'd assume so, but again, I'd ask them for confirmation.

I am not sure whether all registrars offer this, I'd rather say no...

Comment #12

Did some research mydomain also offers this service.

But I dont want to be locked out of my HostGator for 30 days.. any body has any expiring .info HostGator which they dont plan to renew??? they can please cancel their HostGator and post the results here..

Comment #13

Email them and request for the name to be cancelled. Wait for confirmation. If my memory serves me correctly. You can then register the name immediately...

Comment #14

Why dont you try it yourself with one (you say you have hundreds and wouldnt mind losing up to 20)..

Comment #15

Just cancelled a .us HostGator using the cancel button at godaddy.

The HostGator has disappeared from my godaddy panel but is still registered in my name. lets wait for 1day or so to get a clear picture..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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