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My question is: Are there any Godaddy hosting coupon codes?.

My 2nd question is: Hi everyone,.

I was just wondering how many domainers are in the GTA. I am planning a small meet and greet coming up this week or next and was wondering if anyone wanted to join in.

I already met a couple of domainers over the weekend for drinks and it was nice talking about this industry with others who have an interest in it. So if you're in the area please pm or post and I will keep you updated for the When and Where info.

We will be getting together and drink and jokes are always on the menu.

Thanks guys,.

Ok so we have a handful of ppl right now just trying to determine a place for a meet and greet. looks like it will be at a bar /or coffee shop with wireless and it's easy to find downtown Toronto just trying for the when?.

Looking at the end of November possibly the 30th and after working hours around 7:30 pm.

If this sounds good let me know. and if anyone else wants in just post.


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Your question was: Are there any Godaddy hosting coupon codes?.

I just wish there were more Domainers in AZ.... I know of only 3 others (despite the fact that GoDaddy is here).


Comment #1

I'm in Buffalo, just a stone's throw from Toronto...

Comment #2

NetKlick: where are you located? Are you willing to come up for a meet and greet?..

Comment #3

I would've, but at the dates you mentioned, I'll be in Atlanta...would've loved to come otherwise. But maybe we can set up a meeting some other time. Should be fun hanging out with fellow domainers....

Comment #4

Sashas I live in syracuse, about 2 hrs from buffalo. But I might be going to university of buffalo. So you would know another domainer from the area...

Comment #5

I'm in Kingston right beween Sashas and Chapel, 2 hrs from GTA but I have a gig on Nov. 30...

Comment #6

We have 6 domainers confirmed and about a dozen to confirm with a change in date. might move to the first or second week in December..

Comment #7

I am a toronto domainer.

I would love to meet up with others!..

Comment #8

Wow this is great we are getting some great responses. If you know any domainers in the area please let them know.

Well guys we have even had some friends from down south take some interest in coming up frrom Buffalo.

This is gonna be a great first meeting.

I have to ask everyone to please send me a PM with your age and contact email / phone number (optional) so I can gather the gang together. Age is a requirement so I know what type of venue will be suitable.

I'm also a part time club/bar promoter here in Toronto so a venue should be easy to get.

This is shaping up.


Comment #9

I am in Toronto. Will send you my info. Let me know the dates and I will confirm.



Comment #10

I'm about 1 hr NW of TO and would be interested in attending as well. Will send pm...

Comment #11

Hi guys,.

Ok looks like the dates we need to choose from are the following.

Wednesday/Thursday/or Friday.

Nov 28 or 29 or 30.

Dec 5 or 6 or 7.

I have several venues picked out with wireless access So trades can happen. And there will be a bank machine for those who like to deal in cash.

Please select your date for this gathering and I will work accordingly.

I personally prefer December 5th thats a Wednesday evening. Traffics not bad in the middle of the week and we'd look at a 6:30 -7 start Venue TBA.

Thanks guys,..

Comment #12

Ok guys and gals,.

We have some exciting news: Domainers Magazine has agreed to send us copies for our gathering on December 5th 2007 (13 days from now). All domainers attending this first meeting will receive a copy of Domainers Magazine.

Curently we have 15 confirmations and we will probably have close to 2 dozen people attending. great start everyone.

Also we have narrowed it down to a couple of places in Toronto. So stay tuned for further developments.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Comment #13

Looks like it's shaping up. Look forward to this great networking opportunity...

Comment #14

Are you volunteering? We will see if there's anything to report besides the usual "Chapel got drunk and danced on a table" type of reporting jk.

We should have some sort of record to support our meeting. I guess I will...

Comment #15

Sounds Good, I'm in, just say when and where. THanks,..

Comment #16

Let me know the location and time. I'll check with the kids and wife...

Comment #17

So far we are 24 strong and going.

The Date is still Dec 5th. I agree with a few comments that have been made about being in Toronto - the traffic and the parking are a bit of a pain. I have one place booked BUT I'll confirm on Monday as I'm looking into a friends place just north of Toronto and one just West of Torontostay tuned for more updates I will confirm everything on Monday.

Everyone Please:.

Send me your contact info via pm.


Age: (Re: bar/cafe setting).


Phone: (optional).

Thanks guys,.


Comment #18

Toronto Domainers Gathering @.

Ultra Lounge

Wednesday December 5th 2007.

Time: 7:00pm.

See you there,.

P.S.looks like we are 30 Domainers..

Comment #19


Great work putting the group together. Wish I could be there, good luck!.


Comment #20

Looks like a really cool place to have a meetup. You may have just started a trend.


Comment #21

You are more than welcome to come along and join us...

Comment #22

Nice work Chapel! The place looks really slick..too bad I can't make it.

Have a good time there folks...and if you guys ever get together again, do post it here for us domainers from Buffalo...

Comment #23

Unfortunately I cannot as I am in New Hampshire, USA and would not be able to make the trip at that time.

I wish all of you the best at the gathering.


Comment #24

Ok the time and date are set.

Please send me your contact information (if you haven't done so already).

I'm hoping for a good turn out we have 30 domainers confirmed. I'm bringing a laptop with internet access so if anyone wants to make some trades while we are there feel free to use it. I'm having the Lounge setup for WiFi so bring your own if you want.

Also I will have a site setup by Monday for anyone who wants to showcase their domains or sites to other Toronto Domainers before the gathering. This site will be or haven't decided yet.

Toronto Domainers Gathering @.

Ultra Lounge

Wednesday December 5th 2007.

Time: 7:00pm.

Thanks guys see you there,.


P.S. Should we have "Name Tags" ? lol no pun intended..

Comment #25

This is so exciting.

I have yet to meet another domainer!.

All I get from my friends when I talk about this stuff is blank expressions and doubters!.

Can I sign up for that domainers magazine?..

Comment #26

Lol me too. usually blank stares from my friends.

We will have copies of the magazine to give out at in the lounge...

Comment #27

Wow that was a close call.

Domainers Magazine sent a box of the latest issue for our gathering tomorrow. UPS hadn't shown up yet. I called it was tracked down to somewhere in Mississauga (where I live) and finally found it at the Airport. lol.

Ok so you guys are still getting your copies of Domainers Magazine tomorrow.

Looks like we are going to have some fun. a couple of drinks a couple friends and whole bunch of Domains.

I confirmed the location and the WIFI access so come on down at 7:30.

In the Lounge @ 314 Queen St W. Toronto.

If you haven't been there before it's a set of Large Wooden Doors that lead to Ultra. I believe it's next to a store called LUSH.

Major Intersection Queen and Spadina East of Spadina on the north side. There's also a large parking lot on the corner.

If you need more details please click here

Thanks guys see you soon,.


Comment #28

Have Fun guys. Hopefully we'll get something like this in the AZ - West Coast Region.


Comment #29

Well the meet is tomorrow night. If anyone else is interested in coming out please let me know or post a reply. We have some newbies and some real veterans coming out. Perfect time to talk the talk and/or be a fly on the wall and listen to a few conversations you might just learn something (myself included)...

Comment #30

Best of luck everyone... Wish I was able to make it up there for the get together.

Let us know how it turned out.


Comment #31

See you all tomorrow. This sounds like it is going to be productive!..

Comment #32

I won't be able to make it, but this is great stuff.

Great work on getting it all together Chapel.

Take care,.


Comment #33

Still trying to make it out.

I want everyone to sign something declaring they don't work for Rev Canada!!!.

Great work from Chapel on this project...

Comment #34

Hi guys and girls,.

When I started this thread I said that I got together with a couple of other domainers and we had fun talking about domains. Sharing ideas and trading face to face. If I get to meet one other domainer that can can understand the lingo and we each learn something then it was worth my time and effort, because I got a lot to learn.

1. I've made mistakes.

2. I'm going to make more mistakes..

3. If I can lessen the amount of mistakes I'm going to make. $$$ saved.

4. It's just fun talking instead of typing about domains for a change.

I can't get out to the big events (time off or cost of events) so this little meeting makes up for it. And after I'll post about it and I'm sure the others will too.

P.S. for everyone coming out tonight: suggestion make a list of your domains for sale (on paper) cause I'm gonna want to see them and possibly use the ATM (hehe). I only have one laptop so if you're planning on talking and showing stuff.

Rule 1. Don't talk about fight club (hehe).

2. Trades get first access to the computer.

3. next time we are gonna have a live auction with a guy that mumbles and everything..

Comment #35

Really jealous now that I can't be there...

Best to everyone that goes....


Comment #36

It was a pleasure to meet you all. I learned a lot and know a few others picked up some good tips and tricks to increase his/her business.

Some topics covered:.

1. HostGator tasting.

2. Monetizing.

3. Parking - and with who.

4. ccTLDS.

5. Flipping domains vs Developing domains.

6. Mistakes made.

7. race to the finish.

8. dot Asia.

9. dot CA we spent some time here..

10. Our Portfolios.

11. Some sales were discussed. current and past..

12. Niche Domains.

13. and much more.

We talked about a lot of things and it helped me a great deal. It was nice to talk and not have to type it all out.

All in all it was a fun productive evening. I will pm all who are interested in the next one, so if you intend on joining us please PM or Post and will keep everyone informed.

Until then - Happy HostGator Hunting.


Comment #37

Hey Chapel, sorry I missed that. I lost track of this thread for a while and picked up again from your PM about the gathering. Thanks for organizing it, I'll make the next one. I was just in TO for a wake on Thurs the 6th too, would have been perfect to drive in a day early. I've been thinking more about dot CA lately, we sure see a lot of it now. I'll put this thread on email notify..

Thanks again..


Comment #38

Hey Chapel, sounds like it was productive.

How many people showed up?.



Comment #39

Ok guys I'm planning the next one already. All suggestions are welcome. Please pm suggestions and or requests.

Looking at having a gathering end of January or beginning of February. A little North of the city.

If any one would like to help out with this one. It would be appreciated. Also I'm planning on having a small live auction, so let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.

We had some real veterans at the last one.

Portfolios ranged from my mini portfolio (200) to a couple of guys in the 5,000+ HostGator range.

Lots of experience there.

Next one will be better. Cause the last one was thrown together in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I ended up paying for a couple of things out of my own pocket but it was worth it for the contacts and knowledge I gained.

Hopefully we get more NPs members out next time. I was thinking of a small live auction. What do you think? limited to approx. 50 - 75 domains. possibly no reserve - I'm not sure yet-.

Could use some suggestions with the auction style and HostGator selection for auction.


Comment #40

Hey guys, if ever you do this meeting again, please let me know or pm me or something. I live in the Montreal area, I don't think it should be more than 5 hours away.

Great Idea!!..

Comment #41

Ok guys next meeting coming up. Let me know if you are interested in getting together. It will be a different format. I will be reserving a space Downtown for Feb sometime.

If you are interested I will be keeping everyone informed via pm.


Comment #42

Ok guys,.

Planning another get together for Feb 28th (no Raptors no Leaf games in town = no traffic) Post here and let me know who will be around for that time frame. Probably gonna be downtown somewhere. So post or pm me if your interested.


Comment #43

Ok Feb 28th didn't happen cause I got a much needed Vacation.

Planning a meeting for end of April if anyone is interested please let me know. I will be posting details here 1st week of April. And if you didn't make the last 2 meetings I'm guessing everyone's gonna be inspired to meet up after a long winter and chatting online. A couple of drinks and industry talk does a body good.

I will post this in a few other places as well and I will extend an invite to Adam for those of you who have not met him. (hopefully he will be around).

Attention this just in: Well that didn't take long. Adam a.k.a Dot Com God will be there if he is in town. Stay tuned for late breaking news. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Cya soon,..

Comment #44

Ok so there is some interest on the other forum but none from Namepros? this is weird. I will update this thread once more and if there is still no interest here I will only post updates on my site when it's complete...

Comment #45

Ok guys thinking about Dave and Busters at 400 & 7 if that is a good spot for everyone. For Wednesday April 30th 2008 at 7:30pm.

Or if you would rather a cafe type setting let me know. I have a few options but they are closer to downtown. Or if you know of a pub in that area please let me know cause Dave & Busters was the only thing I could think of that's a bit north but still central.

This is not set in stone. Let me know if it's ok with you guys.


Comment #46

Hey Chapel,.

I would be interested as well, 400 & 7 works for me,.

Please post if anything changes.

If not, i'll see ya there..

Comment #47

Hi guys,.

Ok planning another get together. Lots of advance notice. August 27th 7:30pm.

Venue to be determined: probably gonna be downtown because we get the best response here.

In the Past we have had 3 meetings and all have been productive. A few domainers a few drinks and a lot of HostGator Talk. I personally have learned a lot and met a few interesting Domainers with lots of experience. Do a google search for toronto domainers gathering and or read this thread.

I don't usually post the events here anymore but I thought I'd try it again.

Please post in this thread if plan on attending...

Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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