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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Are there any GoDaddy free shipping coupons?.

My 2nd question is: I would like to purchase this name for starting a leasing website. I received an appraisal at for $3000 so I hired a GoDaddy agent to try and acquire the HostGator for me. The seller replied that he would only consider bids in excess of 1 million dollars. The GoDaddy agent then admitted that the initial evaluation may have been too low. But now I am left wondering how much this HostGator name is actually worth.

I like the word 'app' instead of application because I find that the word 'credit app' seems more commonly used in the business environment than 'credit application'. Furthermore the word app seems more versatile as it can be used for approval and/or application.

It is not essential that I have this name for my new website, but it is my #1 choice. Any recommendations as to how I can go about acquiring this name for a lower price?.

I was also wondering what you guys think a reasonable price for this name would be?.

Also, could anyone possibly recommend another good name for a leasing website (I want to lease cars/trucks/vans/SUVs/motorcycles and possibly other motorized vehicles[RV's, ATV's, sea-doo's,etc])...

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Your question was: Are there any GoDaddy free shipping coupons?.

Because the seller saw that a GoDaddy Broker contacted him. Wrong move on the potential buyers part imo.

Seller probaby thinks some huge corp wanted the name. Name is nowhere near that much though...

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So should I have just done a WHOIS and contacted the seller directly through his listed email address? I really like the anoniminity that GoDaddy offers, and I figured they could get the best price for me. Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe I should try a more direct approach. The trick I think will be convincing him it's not worth 1 million. Perhaps Ill just have to figure out a way to come up with the cash. Do you guys know if buying a HostGator name can be written off as an advertising expense for a business? I mean, technically a HostGator name is advertising, right?..

Comment #2

Well, I would prefer private contacts.. Having involved GoDaddy make it look like a bigger than actual matter. That is why the seller is hitting a very high offer. Well, adding to this, I would not really go with GoDaddy appraisals. The value depends on your needs, and whether you're reseller or end-user, also seeking some free appraisals here can help giving you an overall estimate and for free. Not a guru here, but I think that buying a HostGator is part of your expenses.

Maybe assets?..

Comment #3

Yes, it was a wrong move for a GoDaddy agent to contact the owner. Now the owner thinks that someone is interesting on it badly.

I think this HostGator should not excess $3000 for resell and there is no way it is worth $1,000,000 unless someone from a big company with deep packet will buy it. You should consider getting another domain.

Get or instead at reg fee!.


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I could use a new Corvette while you're at it =) If you incorporate and hire a slick CPA (certified public accountant), you can write off quite a bit of your HostGator expense but I think it's limited by professional appraisal. The key is not to write it off as advertising, but to write it off as a start-up cost...

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Please note that the "Appraisal" forum is only for names that you own. Moving this thread to the general discussion area...

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Thanks for the info! I'll look into it for sure.

The way I see it, a HostGator name is like a one time advertising cost (even though it may not be an advertising cost in accounting terms as you have stated). Even small businesses can spend 100K+ per year in advertising.. so if I could get this name for even 250K or something then perhaps I could just amortize it over 5-6 years and have that much of an expense to write off each year.. maybe this guy will lease me the HostGator name.. is the leasing of HostGator names typically done?..

Comment #7

Heres the problem. Sedo's evaluation of the HostGator was exceptionally low. Credit Applications are big business, as they are the doorway for credit card companies making huge dollars. I wouldnt be surprised if the seller has been approached on numerous occasions.

Do I think the HostGator is worth 1 million + ? Absolutely not. The seller is banking on a credit card comapny purchasing them. Chase, BofA, ect.

Should you have gone the route of Sedo? absolutely not. Hiring a HostGator professional wouldn't have been a bad move, but not from a company like Sedo, it does give off the impression of a "larger" player trying to acquire the HostGator name. Expect this name to fetch upwards of high xx,xxx - perhaps as much as low xxx,xxx if the seller comes down to realistic expectations.

Good luck.....

Comment #8

Creditapp does not imply leasing.

If you allow acronym, I have "vehicle rental and leasing homepage" "vehicle rental and leasing forms" "virtual guide for leasing and rental"..

Comment #9

The purpose of the GoDaddy site will be an online credit application and approval...

Comment #10

1 Million is a very high price for that HostGator ... the seller might go lower (eg. the 1 Million could be a high first-counter-offer response , since he doesn't know who is making the enquiry) but chances are he is expecting a rather high amount to sell (from a bank or CC company) , because the HostGator was regged in 2002 and therefore , logically , it is not a newbie asking 1 Million for ...

The GoDaddy brokering was not a very good idea because domainers know that it costs $60 ... so they think the buyer is loaded (or ready to spent a lot) since he spent $60 just for the inquiry basically (without certified-results/purchase).

Since you asked for suggestions ... I have the following brandable .com oneworders for lending , if you like them ... digitalending virtualending virtualender.

Rather cheap too ... first one low $XXXX ... second or third around $900 ....

(they also have a second usage ... digital ending (end) , virtual ending (end)).

Especially the first one I think has some good potential , but needs a good logo/banner ...

... or one of these beauties ... 2FOUR twentyfour365.

For 24-hour credit checking ... but they are rather more expensive .....

Comment #11

Closest thing I have is:.

FreeCreditApp (dot com).

PM if interested..

Comment #12

If you like .info, I have

Other names you can "imagine": application and approval for you. leasing and renting vehicle online online credit junction..

Comment #13

I've just registered these.

If one rings your bell, PM me. ETA Thanks for the inspiration....just gone and regged which might do well in the UK. ('Tick' is an old-fashioned term still in use for credit. ).

Gah I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore domains for a while, but I can't stop myself. This could end up an addiction. ETA again. Bloody hell, I'm gonna end up in the poor house at this rate...CreditCars was gone unfortunately, but just got (play on words but it'll do! other extensions available to reg) (the .biz .us .mobis are still available to reg but couldn't afford them all) (other extensions still available to reg).

Who says there is nothing good left!..

Comment #14

If you are interested in LeaseItYourself com PM me.


Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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