Are there any Godaddy coupons for renewals in 2011?

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My question is: Are there any Godaddy coupons for renewals in 2011?.

My 2nd question is: I have left a core group of domains at Sedo for about five years. Some get 100+ uniques a day. I have not moved these domains in years.

Well, one HostGator that was making $20 to $30 a day had tapered down to $5 a day for the last few months. Knowing this is a great HostGator and frustrated by the low payments I moved it to Now it does $25 again.

If you look at Yahoo or Google you see the same advertisers year after year. It appears that the bid prices are similar in both engines, so there should not be such a strong disparity between payouts. I have never seen such anomalies at other parking companies - just Sedo.

My conclusion after moving more domains to Parked ans seeing similar results that Sedo is skimming the fat off the top for their pockets.

I never have liked Sedo and left that group of doamins there b/c the did well - no other reason. But it appears to me if you stop paying attention, or leave your domains there long enough that payouts drop b/c they think you have become complacent.

From what I understand, they have the highest percentage payouts for any parking company from Google - so payouts should be fatter, not leaner, if anything...

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Your question was: Are there any Godaddy coupons for renewals in 2011?.

I am pretty sure all the parking companies fudge their stats and payouts. There is no oversight or disclosure. Name me one parking company that gets independently audited...

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I have never been happy at sedo for parking revenues.

Only park a couple names there for a future sale.


Ps. I am happy at parked...

Comment #2

Have you manually optimized your names at Sedo? If you haven't it's possible that Parked (but here I don't know since I've never used them) has better automatic add selection. That would account for some of the disparity.....

Comment #3

Sedo do skim. They only pay for the first click from any visitor. Parked pay for all valid clicks. So you CTR can go beyond 100%. This can never happen at Sedo...

Comment #4

Your logic on this is completely incorrect here. Sedo is supposed to pay for all of the clicks, but shows at most 100% per unique. Parked is supposed to pay for all of the clicks but shows many hundreds of a percent. It makes absolutely no difference what CTR they report. This is especially true when they don't even report the same visitor numbers...

Comment #5

CTR is only a product of the number of visitors and the number of clicks.

I fail to see how it is not skimming if Sedo only pay for 1 click per unique, whereas other parking companies pay for all clicks per unique...

Comment #6

I'm not sure if this is the case here but Google is not paying on linked traffic aka Sedo. I had domains parked @ Sedo earlier this year that got unparked entirely because the bulk of traffic was linked traffic vs type-in. I'm not sure what the difference is if the quality of traffic is there. Anyways given what you said about the revenue dropping earlier this year @ sedo for domains that had previously been consistent earners, this may be the case...

Comment #7

You are completely mistaken here. This has actually been discussed on here before, and Sedo people have been online in videos talking about it in the past.

CTR is a product of the amount of visitors the parking company decides to show you divided by the amount of clicks they want to show you. The number is almost irrelevent, earnings are what matters the most.

Sedo pays for all clicks, just like other places. Here is how it really works: If you get 1 visitor at Sedo and he clicks one time and makes a total of $.50. The system should pay you your fair share after their percentage of $.50 and show 100% CTR. If that visitor clicks 10 times and makes $3.00, you should get paid your fair share of $3.00, but their system only shows 100% CTR per visitor. This means that the visitor has converted 100%. If the visitor converts their system tries to pay you accurately for the total earnings of that visitor.

If that visitor clicks 10 times and makes $3.00, you should get paid your fair share of that, but their system shows 1000% CTR per visitor. The CTR really makes no difference in the end.

Also, if Sedo shows 10 visitor for the name and 1 click, and Parked shows 1 visitor and 1 click, Parked shows 100% and Sedo shows 10%, so, once again, earnings are what matters.

That is how it is not skimming.

A majority of my names outperform at Sedo. I have no incentive to say that. I bet most of your names outperform at Parked. That is how it works. More transparency would be nice, but you are not going to get that unless you cut parking out and get paid straight from Google...

Comment #8

The HostGator I speak of is a one word fruit HostGator I have owned since 1995. I know the traffic, the advertisers, and the market having both parked it and developed it at one point.

Obviously we can't audit as was pointed out, but if Sedo wants to pay me $5 a day on a HostGator that has been making $20 or more a day for years and years, then see-ya-later Sedo. I'll take the $25 a day at Parked.

I'm convinced they are skimming - even without the proof...

Comment #9

Something has changed big time with sedo in the last few months, I suspect they have changed their ad feed/partner but despite asking Keith (in the "official" sedo thread) he still hasn't answered in the last few weeks.

If it's not Sedo then maybe Google has changed something that puts far more weight on the HostGator itself rather than the keywords you select. It was'nt like this 4 months ago that's for sure.

Or...Google is saving/serving the crappy paying ads and feeding them out to certain parking companies, who knows ?

Whatever is happening seems like Domainers are getting the short end of the stick from everyone lately.

So much for better transparency !.


Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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