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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Are there any GoDaddy coupon codes for UK?.

My 2nd question is: .

This is a new section for mailers, newsletter people, mail service /img/avatar4.jpgs, data/list collectors/brokers, hosts, basically anything that has to do with mailing, keeping it spam free.

If you've ever had a question about mailing, ask it here. We have lots of good mailers on the board and since there are very few mailer forums out there, this can finally be a good way to get no bullshit answers to your mailer questions.

I'll start it off...

I've always been curious since times have changed when I was once a "high volume email deployer" how you guys combat spam reports to your host, or what you do if you mistakenly send mail to someone living in one of the hardcore spam law states like WA?.

Do you have to use bulletproof servers or offshore servers still?.

Do you guys mail from your home computers, or do you buy apps that mail from server side?.

Do you still buy lists from brokers? If so, give us a list of resources to look at..

What's the avg conversion rate when mailing non-targeted offers? Isn't non-targeted/general mailouts considered spam now?.

Come on, give us the info!..

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Your question was: Are there any GoDaddy coupon codes for UK?.


To answer your question:.

1. When Mailing Compliant the key is to remove optouts within 24hrs. Make sure when you buy bulk list you get fields important fields:.

Email, Name, Address, Ip, Source of Optin, Datetime Opted in. This is all you need if you get a spam complaint just forward the optin information to your isp. The Mailers that tend to have problems are Mailers who don't process optouts regularly. Key is to Remove those who want to be Removed. Filter out .gov's, .edu, Use ListMatePro for this..

*TIP: One think I do is work closely with my ISP. I get forwarded all my complaints and what I do as a trick is Encrypt the recipients email into the message so if you ever get a spamcop complaint you can easley remove the Email by Decrypting it. SpamCop does not give you the complainers email and this is why so many people get listed so quickly..


Thank You,.

James Cook.


Msgid: djbgfdshfvfgdvsfg < Decrypt that when the spamcop email is received and you have just removed a complainer.

2. No Offshore Host is Needed Make sure you use redirect on your host so it looks like it's coming from affiliates if you do have a problem. Never Mail your Own Link instead get 300 .info and mail those and host them on one of your Mailers (keep in mind .info get SA score I usually get .com).

3. Yes and No. You can control whats called the Console from your home machine and control unlimited servers from your main console which could be ran on your home pc. Your home pc does not send the Mail though, you just create the campaigns from your console which will then send all mail to your mailers aka remotes. I usually control 24 remotes from the console. Application I use to Mass Email is Called Nexus Pm me I will you give you the contact.

4. Yes you can purchase records from various sources. Usually 4million records a week will run you $500 per week. Pm me I can give you a guy I work with as well.

5. I dont know what you mean when you say Non-Targeted I think every offer is targeted. Usually Mortgage Marketing is around 1:50.

1 Server can push out about 1million emails per hour.

You can Redirect Campaigns and Rotate Various Msg's...

Comment #1

You guys when you are talking at 1:50 or 5-10&#37; conversion, do you mean over the total of the list or only between those that check the offer site?.

Those numbers sure sound impressive!..

Comment #2

What I'm talking about is out of ever 50 clicks I generate to my landing page I convert 1 lead...

Comment #3

Do you guys mail directly to the offer's link from an ad network, or do you design your pages yourself?.

Is there a different style to design your pages to increase your conversions?.

Is there a different design for each type of targeted list category? Meaning, for PPC for example, we would design our pages for people with a real short attention span, put all of the necessary colors and images on top and in their face so they know exactly what it is right when they get there.

I would assume email traffic users have a much longer attention span than ppc traffic, because they got the message in their box, the opened it, and ready far enough into it to click to see more. Whereas PPC traffic reads a few words, clicks through and needs to figure out "is this something I want to look at or read more about or signup to" within 3 seconds...

Comment #4

Thanks MarketingXpert, I figured it would be like that but I know nothing about email marketing. What is an usual CTR? I guess no more than .1&#37;, but again, I have no idea what I'm talking about.....

Comment #5


We dont create any pages. We crab the Creatives from the Adnetwork Plug it into our Mailer and then send. What we do do is use our own links. So get a simple php script ex:.

Example for Each Offer you make a Directory with a php script in it..


Redirects to:.


For each Campaign jsut create a directory on your server which redirects to the Networks link for that offer..

Nothing Needs to be Created just mail your links and walla instant cash. lol..

Comment #6

The list that you buy can work for thousand of offers.. Doesnt have to be specific...

Comment #7

I know Jon already asked about brokers, but is this the main source you get addresses from?.

What other ways do you collect email addresses?.

I'm a complete noob in this area of marketing..

Comment #8

Ben there are several ways to aquire Email address. I usually just buy Daily Coreg Feeds from brokers..

Now you can always convert Coreg Data into Targeted data.

Lets say you have a hoodia product: Make a squeeze page offering a Free Report to Weight Loss. Enter Email, Name..

You can now Mail your 4million Coreg's a Creative offering a Free Report on Weight Loss. Walla You now have Targetted Data! Not only Can you sell them a Product on the Front End which is your hoodia product you can now sell them a Similar Product on the Back End. Conversions will be Much better..

Multi Million Dollar Secret : Since your data is True Optins. Look for a List Management Company who can monetize that data by Mailing it out to there offers. (These Companies Hit Inbox to Huge Domains like HotMail) Not only do I mail but I convert my data into targeted data. I then send it out to a List Manageer who also Mails the Data and makes me at least 10k a month on my data. Now we work with about 4 DataManagers...

Comment #9

Thanks for the info..

Not sure what Daily Coreg Feeds are, but I will consult Google..


Comment #10

How you don't have a huge ass list from your own self branding is beyond me. Get an aweber or intellicontact account, post a form on your blog, and offer a couple ebooks as the bait (mwahaha) for people to signup. You'll be very surprised. What you mail is up to you, most people use house lists like this for simple announcements..

To answer the question, a relationship with the ISP or blacklist host is very essential. You'll find this out as you become an advertiser too. People will be shit slamming mailservers with links to your domain and they'll come talking to you. (monitoring and for your domain is very necessary. These are often overlooked by merchants.). By establishing the relationship and working through the spam complaints with the ISPs and BL's, you'll build a reputation as a trusted sender (although accreditation is still necessary)..

As far as the stuff happening in WA, VT, UT, and wherever else, always be sure you keep a record of WHEN and HOW your user opted in. If you can timestamp and give the location of the exact moment that a user ASKED for your stuff, then they have nothing to hold against you. This data is also very important when working with list brokers. If they can't give this to you don't buy them. And on the flip side, if a user unsubs, be sure that you can prove the time and the data that you removed their record..

Nope. If you're running legit, you're running from domestic servers. I hear good things about European mailers, but I have zero experience there..

Server side, always. Otherwise you might as well be a bot net..

Sorry, no input from me on this. I don't use brokers, although I used to work at one. I have a single house list that I own. Currently I work more in ISP relations and as a compliance officer..

Again no data here. My house list is very targeted. I could see if I can get some data from my publishers or ASRs at the office though...

Comment #11

I'm currently working with a company who has an internal list of a couple of million of which a little less than half are mailable (lists degrade pretty heavily over time and this one is several years old). It's not a huge list by any means, but it's big enough that it has enterprise level problems. This list was built internally off of PPC campaigns. I've been using contacts from a previous life to help them build up a list of co-reg data that they can then opt-in to their subscribership via confirmation/welcome offer emails. Aside from brokers and building your own lists through PPC campaigns, co-reg CPM commitments on larger sites and the like, there's really no way I know of to build lists that work. I'm sure if you were a spammer you could just harvest names.

I would also add that I know there are requests on here for data sources and I understand that this forum exists to share knowledge, which I am all for, but as a consultant this particular knowledge (for me personally) is trade secret type stuff because it's almost completely relationship-based. It's not like an affiliate network where one can hand out a referral code. Good brokers who provide you with clean data that converts for an affordable price are the goose that laid the golden egg in terms of list brokering. I do look forward to sharing all kinds of other information though and learning from the big boys what they know. I'm just a medium sized boy...

Comment #12

What does it cost to get started in email?.

Are there inexpensive options or those of us with little or no budget?.

Have co reg prices gone up since the Pipline Profits crud can out? I have heard that some co reg sources have gotten 4x the business since it came out...

Comment #13

Alright all you email gurus, here's the situation:.

Between a few of my websites, I have collected around 20k email addresses through registrations..

I'm hoping to monetize this list without the hassle of dealing with all the legalities and whatnot associated with email marketing. Who should I contact? Is it even worth the time considering the list is fairly small?.


Comment #14

Depends on how you want to do it. You can start with something as small as a small ESP account or as large as your owns erver farm full of Ironport servers..

Yeah, on the cheap side I've seen people who run small (100s-1000s) lists off of everything from a PHPlist install to 1ShoppingCart. There are a lot of cheap options out there if you don't want too much control or flexibility..

I'm sure that's true, but speaking for the contacts I've worked with in the last couple of months the answer is no. Again, your mileage may vary...

Comment #15

Well I see some funny info here..

What software do you legit mailers use to send your emails?.

I was an email spammer and kept servers up for a year and more..

You cannot buy a list and be legit, it will not stand up in court when one guy decides to sue you...

Comment #16

I've noticed a few of your posts on this topic with interest and it would probably be of some use to people to have the open debate about the legal issues involved, since it is a complex area (mainly because CAN-SPAM is worded so broadly). Perhaps if you could post the [naming no names] details of exactly what you got sued for and exactly what provisions of CAN-SPAM were cited in the suit and what the verdict was legally based on that would help...

Comment #17

Well in the spam world 20,000 emails is the equivalent of emails sent in one minute.

Established spammers are mailing with ultra fast software such as Nexus at well.

Over 1 and 2 million per hour..

Now,,, someone attempting to mail legitimately "may" be interested in them as a small purchase.

If you have all the opt-in data that helps you in terms of a sale price.

You could sell them, or mail them yourself..

And if they opted-in to your sites, you can pound them everyday with a variety of offers.

Honestly, mailing them yourself would NOT really throw up any red flags ,.

And in terms of the internets email traffic,,, 20,000 would be a single snowflake in a massive blizzard..

Use honest subjects, include a business address, and a working remove link, and do not use proxys,,, do not mail porn, (unless the 20,000 signed up on adult sites),,,,,,and BOOM you are legal..

Be totally honest about it and they will make you some money...

Comment #18

One additional word of caution to the previous post. Also check your privacy policy. Make sure it is dated, and that you tell people that you will be sending them marketing materials or sharing their information with partners that might be sending them information..

There has been a lot of talk about lists and brokered data, but do nto forget to investigate the source of this data. Please make sure the person that signed up has granted permission (known or unknown) to recieve additional messages from you or your partners..

Also, make sure that somewhere in your message it says that this is an advertisement, and that you allow them to opt out of future mailings from that list...

Comment #19

Ive had issues with desktop mailers is there any good web based services I can use to send mail outs 500k emails.. Web based interface using their mail server...

Ive found a few but they all charge per record amount.. and the prizes are high!..

Comment #20

What is a great low priced email program that has a changable root and has no sending limits per day?..

Comment #21

Is anyone interested in trading GI or Cable data? I have an openers list of about a million that opens at 20-25%..

Comment #22

I got a load of data and good data, first run stuff highly deliverable (no I am not pitching it for sale of rent here) My problem is a highly dependable platform and server, please don't say voloMP, now I like Dzensi over there and I am not bashing the product but 100k an hour isn't a profit in the making.

Someone tell me a platform to use - the server issue is less important I can find that.

What are you succesful guys using?.

Lastly, I might be interested in REV-Share deals...

Comment #23

Yes I would be inetrested in talking to you about it...

Comment #24

Larry, I use VoloMP with no problems and I can get 1mil to 1.5mil /w no probs. I thought you guys had an in house mailer for a while. Anyways if Volo is not an option for you I'd try savicom. They are an ESPC member but have an option where you can use their system on your servers for 2.5k/month. (pricing may have changed since but thats the last I've have heard). I heard good things about them but I have never used.

This can be a pricey alternative...

Comment #25

Thanks skrilla, you are the third guy that told me volo works fine for them, however, Dzensi can't fix mine, runs about 100k an hour at best and he says he doesn't know whats wrong -.

Thanks for the post, I am investigating Savicom..

Comment #26

I'd be open to talking/trading. Plz contact me on ICQ:342-858-905..

Comment #27

Savicom is a very reputable company and I think you would have great success with them...

Comment #28

What's better single optin or double optin? I just want a simple form on my site to start building a list, can I just have a simple form that inputs their email into a mysql database for safe keeping until I mail out later, or is a double optin service like aweber better for something like that? Especially for a newbie in mailing?..

Comment #29

Lots of good info here~.

Plz contact me about purchasing some starter lists..


Comment #30


Hit me up in pm. I might be able to help you out with a few things...

Comment #31

I;m launching my service of Manual Directory Submissions and Blogging. How do I approach prospective clients ? Should I send them email in bulk or an individual emails?..

Comment #32

Alright, are you guys REALLY still making money off mailing? Maybe an assholish question but I mean, really, I think most people generally dont order shit through email. Esp 'unsolicited' advertisements. Plus, with my spam filters, I never get them anyways. Gmail damn near never gives me any spam thats not in the SPAM folder...

Comment #33

Interesting thread!.

One question....

Do you ensure you comply with every countries' spam legislation?.

Or do you ensure you only target the US, EU or other major countries? Can you be 100&#37; sure of that?.

Or just comply with CAN-SPAM and not take much notice of other countries' shit... it's all pretty much the same??? but then, if they'll give a spammer 30 years then extradition can't be impossible can it? (Especially if politics came into it.).

Ok... maybe not just one question!..

Comment #34

Same here, i'm also looking for web-based email apps to send to about 3000+ emails. the pricing should be a one-time cost we buy it, and we use it anyway we wan't. my employer is not interested in those pay-per-delivery services..

Ow, one more thing, I really hate email apps with wysiwyg template editor. those wysiwyg has a really bad habit of ruining my codes..

So, do you guys have any suggestion?..

Comment #35


Stedb - I use; highly reccomended. There is a small monthly support cost.

VoloMP - I also use. High powered; fast delivery. Support is about 2k a year..

BaristaMail - Haven't used. They have one time fee. ive seen interface though.

Nexus - A few mailers I know use. they reccomend.




Comment #36

I'm having trouble with yahoo, anyone care to share tricks to get into non spam inbox?.


Comment #37

Richie it's cause you suck. lol. U need to be technically savy buddy...

Comment #38

LOL! I doubt he'll see your comment. I don't think he has the permissions to get into this area Good to see you again MarketingXpert. You've been AWOL for awhile...

Comment #39

Hardest thing about mailing is not getting caught in spam filters and hitting the inbox. Can you give a run down on what you do to get mail in? I'm interested in trying mailing but I know quite a few people who have tried and failed as they could only get 1&#37; to hit the inbox or less and it just wasn't profitable with the overhead involved. So any hints/tips you can give to hit the inbox and get around spam filters would be great...

Comment #40

Question: I've been doing some testing from my own very small optin list about what crazy Yahoo marks as Spam, and what they don't.

My test: An email to my own email address with an affiliate link goes to the spam box. I marked it myself as NOT SPAM. The second email has no affiliate link and does not go to the spam box. The third email has an affiliate link and goes to the spam box, even though I had marked the 1st email as Not Spam.

So... Is this just basic knowledge to you guys? I read above that you do a redirect, instead of using an affiliate link?..

Comment #41

Some people don't redirect and just blast out mail directly to the affiliate domain. That domain will get bad history with yahoo. Yahoo will then junk most messages with that domain name. Use your own domain and use a simple redirect script. If you use php it's as simple as:.

You could also use mod_rewrite rules with apache in .htaccess.

You could use the old school meta-refresh tag...

Comment #42

The domain is most likely filtered by yahoo because of previous affiliates blasting it. Use your own domain name with a simple redirect script, meta-refresh, or mod_rewrite rule...

Comment #43

Larry, if you suppress Yahoo, you will be back to 1 mil + per hour..

When Volo mails to Yahoo or to a segment of your list to Yahoo it slows sending speed down to under 100K/hr.

Stinks, but it does get in...

Comment #44

Hey guys, this is a noob question. How many complaints does it take before I get flagged by ISPs?.

And if I fill out every spam assassin verification requirement, does my email get through?..

Comment #45

Usually a limit of around .01% of emails sent can be complainers. Spamassasssin just gives reccomendation and is more content based. it is by no means a guarantee to hit inbox. keep in mind it's third party software...

Comment #46

So I get flagged if there's more than 0.01&#37; of respondents complain to the ISP, right?..

Comment #47

Do you guys recommend I have a feeling I'm about to get flamed.

The reason I ask is because there's no software, nothing to buy, you just pay $29.99 per month and you can send 2.5 million e-mails per day..

I figure a zip submit with even a 0.01&#37; conversion ratio would rock pretty hard..


Comment #48

Is this assuming you have your own list? I'm not sure how well these services are, I know you need to probably run off your own servers if your planning on doing any serious mailing. Does this software track opens, etc?..

Comment #49

Believe it or not, I found them by clicking on an AdSense ad. No, you don't need your own list.

From their sales page....

"- Send up to 2,500,000+.

Targeted emails every day! - Send Bulk E-mails to our own.

Opt-on list - 1-click emailing is done with.

Your Web browser! - Top quality opt-in emails lists.

That are 100% guaranteed deliverable! - Powerful, easy user-friendly.

Interface! - You will never be accused of.

Spamming! - You can use our bulk email.

Services once every day! - You can use our system to.

Market all of your products.

And services! - No SPAM complaints! - No trouble with your ISP! - No more paying $100's for a.

Single email blast! - No special software needed! - Instant account creation! - Messages sent Instantly!.


Our opt-in email advertising service is SPAM FREE as we are only using targeted opt-in email lists and are mailing people that asked for your ads!.

Easily and quickly send bulk emails from your browser to our own opt-in email lists with 1-click! No special email advertising software required! ".

Just wanted to see if you had ever heard of them or used them. I'm thinking it might be worth it to give it a shot...

Comment #50

OK, so I signed up last night. It looks like we're basically e-mailing everyone who has signed up for the service..

I'm getting offers, presumeably, from people who signed up before me and my offers are now going to them as well..

Seems kinda' shitty so far. Should have expected as much. Now, I'll go read about how to start a REAL e-mail biz...

Comment #51

I'm building my own php mailer for my site, are there any problems I could run into?.

I'm just using the php command 'mail' and my list will only be small, growing at about 20/week. The details are just logged a mysql database..

I'm not massively experienced at php and mysql, but it seems to be going pretty well so far..

My main question is: Is there any problem with using your own custom mailer script?..

Comment #52

The problem i've been facing with your own script is, wasted of time. You could just spend less than $300 to get a small mailing software. You could even get it from BHW for free...

Comment #53


Comment #54

Even if people don't order things on emails, there are a lot of companies, like mine, that have lead gen type offers that perform really well in email. We're running one offer right now called "win your cruise" where the recipient actually gets a free cruise by submitting their email address on the first page. The email marketer gets paid $2 per lead and offers like this are converting like crazy. Obviously, good subject lines will help CTR and if it's a solid creative with good copy you should see good conversions.

If you're interested in any of the email offers my affiliates are running that are doing well, you can PM me.

PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait...wait... C: wait...


Comment #55

Here is my scenario. I've been using services such as Aweber, iContact, etc. I collect emails from my network of sites. The users opt in on a form and I add them to an auto responder list. Eventually the complaints get high enough that the service I am using dumps me. What can you guys recommend I use, so that I can just remove people from the list that complain and not eventually get dumped? It's very very profitable, making thousands a day, but then I have to start all over somewhere else because they like to keep their complaint level low. Thanks...

Comment #56

Aweber and iContact are newsletter solutons. They typically frown on anyone doing eccommerce sites. The purpose of using these type of solutions is to remain in communication and provide a valued service..

I have a feeling that people in your DB are hitting the "report spam" button which triggers a spam complaint in the newsletter solutions. Remember they are whitelisted /w the major ISPs so you are paying them to maintain that..

Your better off going with your own solution and then using services like return path or goodmail to take care of ISP relations. it might be a bit more but will be worth it in the long run...

Comment #57

If you're using aweber's opt-in form they won't kick you off regardless of complaints and they have feedback loops with every esp that offers them and then some...

Comment #58

Well I am past being able to use Aweber. With verified opt in, my profits were cut to 20% or less of the daily average. I tried to work around that and lets just say I cant use their services anymore. What I am looking for is a hosted solution with a higher tolerance for spam complaints, so I dont have to shut down shop and move. I'd like to find somewhere I can stay put and continue sending the volume of email I am sending. It's all legitimate opt in leads, I just test different offers and eventually spam complaints get too high...

Comment #59

Thanks to all the people who answered the questions.

I have a question. I read this on

Is this accurate? If it is then where do you rent it from? The only place I can think of is SRDS.

If it's not accurate then how do I make sure the list is not full of deads and spam traps?.

If one get blacklisted by the ISP, isn't it easy to just get another domain and IP? So why is it such a concern?.

Bear in mind I am really new, barely a few days since I start reading about these stuff..

Thanks in advance..

Comment #60

Can anyone else give me any advice on what to do here?..

Comment #61

Fuse83 >> It is nonsence. Why would someone rent his list? If you do have a list - make $$$ from it, much more than from rental fees..

To buy - is to be screwed. almost 99%.

The correct way - is to grab them, as far as I know - it's the only way of getting mail lists for sp*m..

Comment #62

Are you saying the only way is to spam? Skrilla doesn't spam and he's earning money?..

Comment #63

Okay so, I was wondering if anyone new of any alternatives out there to Aweber? I am looking for something that will let me send newsletters to my subscribers...

Comment #64

Have any mailers ever used/heard of aka Simplicity? If so, is this a decent platform? Does it compare to Volo, Robomail, or Automatic?.

Thank you...

Comment #65

No, I have not heard of them. After an investigation of their website, I would say it is definitely worth looking into. (I am going to take a look at their SMS platform)..

I currently use StedB for bulk mailing. As you have mentioned other bulk mail tools, I am assuming that is what you are intersted in as opposed to double opted in list you are building organically..

Most of the feature list they talk about for the bulk email tool is pretty basic - the only clue that would tell me they may have some idea is they do call out domain/ip rotation. I would ask them the following questions:.

1) What is their email template system like - can you put in tokens that would allow you to insert various text phrases (ie How you doing, wanted to let you know something, have you seen this, etc) to differentiate messages.

2) Do they have domain throttling built into the solution, so you can tailor the message rate per domain.

3) Do they have any proactive log analysis tools to stop sending a domain if certain mail codes pop up.

4) Do they allow for embeded images, and can they alter the image signature with each send.

5) Can they work in a clustered environment, where you have MTA's at avarious ISP all working from one controller.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of questions, but will help you understand who you are dealing with based on their response..

Finally, find out who the support staff are and talk with them BEFORE you buy. See what kind of customers they are supporting...

Comment #66

-a huge to Dave for creating a awesome piece of software..

Comment #67

I have the same problem. Im caught somewhere inbetween bulk mailing and permission mailing. My list is completely double opt-in, but I'm still getting complaint rates in the area of .30%. Im worried I'm going to get kicked from aweber and need to have a backup plan in mind.

If the costs weren't prohibitive, would it be crazy to use a system like VOLO to mail to a list of 100K?..

Comment #68

Bitsdawg, not sure why your email deployment solution is not redirecting your links. Keep in mind your solution should redirect not just image URLs and links, but background images as well. I noticed many marketers ignore this all together.

Another tip would be to redirect the image name and location. You can use base64 to encode the URL / path / file names..

PM me so I can help you out and go more in depth...

Comment #69

Hey everyone. Our company mails cash advance offers. We've tried several different ESPs including Topica, List Marketer, Yesmail, etc. and have had the most luck with using auto responders. My theory is that the success with the auto responders is due to the throttled nature of the send. Rather than a huge blast, we may be sending something like 1 email per second.

Our regular, non-throttled sends have been suffering lately so I'm also wondering what mailing formats do you guys have the most success with. Our mailings containing images have always been terrible, so we switched to multipart html/text. Would you suggest trying just text, or just html?..

Comment #70

If you havent already, you may need to remove the bandwith caps...

Comment #71

How bout infusionsoft. Any of you guys use that?..

Comment #72

Reposting it here, from the art of mailing thread. Need serious help on this...

Comment #73

I was hoping someone could help me with a step by step solution to my situation. I and better yet, a free solution..


1000-2000 requests for more information to my g**gle email adress..

The same response letter will go out to all 1000-2000 per day.

Need to delay the auto response by 1-2 hours.

And if possible, make it look like it's coming from my domain email address so as to not get the slap from my CPA network..

It may or may not sound very simple, but I am a complete noob and I dont want to get banned by the only CPA network I could get accepted by. Just trying to give this a shot. OK...let me have it...

Comment #74

Question: Are there any tools that will allow me to mass reply the same message to a large number of people who have emailed me with gmail? The canned responses does not seem to send messages after the fact...

Comment #75


Try interspire..however it has editor you dont like.. but worth testing..


Comment #76

Send an email, introducing your self and talk about.

Who you are, and what you do, and how you are helping.

People succeed with what ever they may be interested in..

Dont talk about the company, So many people make that.

Mistakelead with the services, not the company..

Then tell them if they would like to no more, send an email.

Back to you saying please send me more info in the subject line..

If you approach it that way, it shows them that you are asking.

For there permission first there for you are not spamming..

Its up to them, If they are Interested or not..

Also make sure you have a good autoresponder service.

You can use so they reply to your autoresponder email.

Address. Which will also ask their permission before.

Sending them the InformationI use a great.

Autoresponder service. If you would like to know.

Which one I use let me know..

P.S. I hope this helps you.


Comment #77

I just found this section, and this looks like the most appropriate place for my question below..

I wanted to run something by mailers that have experience mailing 1 million + per day. I'm looking for the most economical way to run a white-hat opt in campaign that I've already tested. Let me give you the scenerio, and then would love your feedback..

I've been testing biz opp opt-in leads that I have thru topica to test revenue. These leads are sent a confirmation email up front, so those that want out, can get out. I've been testing 25k/day thru topica for two weeks now. I have good data, and my revenue is about 85 cents per 1000 emails sent..

Now that my beta testing is done, I am ready to begin mailing about 1.5 million per day. These leads are all double opt in and compliant. I can upgrade the topica account, but I think the monthly expense will be around 6-8k. That ends up being 72-96k per year just in mailing expense..

My question is whether there is another service that would work for these needs, at a better cost. I want a service that manages whitelists. Topica is whitelisted everywhere, and I consistently hit 97-98% inbox, but I am open to suggestions on how to reduce the fixed monthly costs that I would have thru Topica..

Thx for any feedback..

Comment #78

We sent a newsletter to ~18k people and only 2.5% of them visited our website..

Is this a normal, an awful, or a good ratio?.

It was for current clients, with a couple of news. They should have visited our website to read full news and download new version of software...

Comment #79

My list of 15k returned 2.5% CTR (the offer was a list target offer match)..

Comment #80

Hello guys..

I have an email list of 800,000 that we need to scrub.

They were all opt in as these users signed up for a site and gave all their info etc...

Only problem is we never mailed the list and the list is now 2 years old. We believe that many of these emails are still good.

We looking at various services but they are so expensive and not really right for us..

How would you suggest we scrub this list?..

Comment #81

I used Stedb for about five years, good product too expensive in my opinion. I have been using Robomail for several years and very happy with it. Skrilla, great posts! The first guy that I've come across that actually knows what he is talking about and actually shares it with others...

Comment #82

Can someone point me at where the Nexus software is - 1 to 2 mill an hour is impressive..

Comment #83

Nexus is in the realm of MK/SS/DM/etc.. it's a 'blackhat' tool - so that's not something that should be talked about here... but pretending we did, I might warn against the well know backdoors in it....

Comment #84

Here it is.. Email Marketing Software | Mass Email Software | Bulk Email Delivery Solutions :: VoloMP Mailing Solutions..

Comment #85

Hey guys, I have an offer that I used to run on FB, but now it's strictly email only. I don't have my own list but I know you can buy them..

My question is this: if I buy a targeted list, are all of these people already opted in? i'm not really sure how it works ...i would like to learn more though..

Comment #86

While they are technically opted-in via some other site/offer, they aren't for your particular offer. Is it your company offer or are you doing affiliate stuff?..

Comment #87

I want to do affiliate stuff, I have a specific offer, nothing scammy or anything of that nature, but i'd love to hit a targeted list with it..

Comment #88

What are you gonna use to mail to them? if you use a ESP you're going to get shut down quick with a list that you bought...

Comment #89

It is next to impossible these days to buy a list and mail and expect profit, unless you have already been involved for a long time and can pad new data with clean data. Even with a targetted list that's bought. The only real way would be to grow a list organically through your own optins from a targetted site. Or you can try to find someone who's mailing and rev share (giving them most of the %) in order to get a list clean enough to send yourself, yet that would be hard to get involved in unless you know people specifically..

ESPs will shut down a bought list instantly (usually not even allowing you in), as your first send in will most likely result in 2-3% complaints or more while also having a very low open rate, which can ruin an ESPs IPs pretty quickly..

So short answer, no, you won't be able to buy a list to send an offer...

Comment #90

Well this is what i'm asking about. I'm a complete mailing noob. I don't understand how I can buy a list and directly mail to it without them opting in.

If someone else owns the list and they send out the email .. I can understand that .. but as far as me buying a list w/ a huge amt of emails that aren't opted in .. I get confused..

Comment #91

Solarus is pretty much dead-on here. Bought lists = death with the ESPs. You can't really do that with rev share lists too unless you do a very small amount at a time. However, with the rev share option, there are platforms out there you can either buy or license that will enable you to do at least affiliate stuff...

Comment #92

When you get your hands on a list, it's not like you send out 1million emails and automatically make a ton of money. You have to cultivate the list and see if you can even inbox the emails on the list. You also have to find a platform to send the emails with, get servers etc....

Comment #93

We run our on in house offers. They are finance related, short 6 question form and convert well. We were using Facebook and generating 300 plus per day. As of last week Facebook kicked our vertical off due some other marketers running "bad" ads. Anyway. We have never used email due to the time it takes to manage it and it is not our area of expertise.

If you can help please send me PM..

PS We even have data for mailing just lack the know how...

Comment #94

The best option for new mailers with their own data (if it's relatively new data and optin), is to use an ESP. There are many talked about in this forum so do a search.

There are a few reasons that is better to go the ESP route:.

A) They already have whitelists / rep setup with major ISPs.

B) They can guide you through the process of sending properly.

C) They have proper statistic tools for you to use to track your campaigns.

You don't need an ESP, but with no experience, you will have absolutely no idea how to properly inbox emails to any of the major ISPs...

Comment #95

Great info Guys thanks ....

I had a few questions that I would like to ask. But before that ill give you some background..

I own a back end coaching floor and I'm looking to kick up lead flow to for it.

In the process of that I have came across MASS amounts of fresh biz opp Data I'm getting it daily (no I'm not buying it).

So here are my Questions...

1. first of all does any one want to sell biz- opp buyer leads to me to call?.

2. what program to you recommend to Validate email BEFORE sending it to get cleaned? ( I just used impressionwise).

3. I'm using Robo mail (Just started is it good?).

4. does any one want to get paid to help me? (from a coaching stand point).

I'm not a noob to IM just to the bulk mail side.. we have a lot of offers that we run on JV mailings but I'm seeying thats small fry now...



Comment #96

1. first of all does any one want to sell biz- opp buyer leads to me to call?.

Note me but maybe someone else.

2. what program to you recommend to Validate email BEFORE sending it to get cleaned? ( I just used impressionwise).

IW is a good start but they can't verify big domains like aol,yahoo,hotmail just yet, it's probably best to get a server that you can mail your fresh data on to clean out all the hard bounces before you clean it..

3. I'm using Robo mail (Just started is it good?).

Robo is a good start IMO it's powerful and flexible..

4. does any one want to get paid to help me? (from a coaching stand point).

Sure whatcha offering...

Comment #97

Hello, My name is Ralee and I have been working with and around the internet marketing industry for several years now and have gone into business for myself using social media marketing as my primary medium for deriving traffic for advertising, as well as small media buys.

I have been studying bulk e-mailing for a while now and my best friend growing up broke into the business through e-mailing. I need quality data and preferably a double opt in list. I have the capitol as well as the time and drive to get this to work.

If you have data or suggestion i'd really appreciate it here's my contact info and some tits..

(702)204-3585 text me or call after 3:30 p.m. pacific time..

Comment #98

Hi All,.

I am a noob at email marketing. I been acquiring a list and just started with Aweber. I need a physical address to comply with CAN-SPAM. Can I just get a PO Box from the USPS? What do the pros do?.

Thank you,.


Comment #99

Hey SupraTT,.

To answer your question, yes you can just get a PO box. Good luck on this long and difficult journey!..

Comment #100

Without anyone giving up secrets, does it still make sense these days to warm ip's and maintain their rep for the larger domains (hotmail, yahoo, etc) if you're doing a good mount of volume (~1 million an hour) or do you just buy blocks of IP's and send out as much as you can until they go bad?..

Comment #101

Hey Tdj303 - that is a decent mailing style, but I doubt you will be able to mail 1 mil an hr and keep that rep up -..

Comment #102

Thanks for the heads up..

I guess what we are trying to figure out is if it makes more sense to throttle back the volume but keep IP rep up so we can hit the inbox with less work, or if it's better just to throw money at IP's and blast out 10 million a day but in the process kill that IP range in a couple of days..

I know the answer is probably "test it and see what happens" but I thought maybe others would have some tips they wouldn't mind sharing...

Comment #103

It comes down to the data you are sending. If it's full of traps and you are pushing that much volume your rep will go to shit very quickly. Big 3 rep is very difficult to maintain for bulk mailers these days and getting harder by the day. If you want to go the rep route keep in mind you can't swap out ips or you'll wreck the strategy. Again it comes down to the data. If it's relevant, has very few invalids and trap-free, your volume is fine. If it isn't those things, your rep will go bye bye very quickly...

Comment #104

I have been working on the phone side of DR for about 6 or 7 years. I have owned a dialing platform comprised of 22 DS3 and have servers a number of large sales organizations and have solid relationship. I have significant data resources both historic and current feeds but they have been leverage only through phone contact (at least by me). Some of the active feeds I have are:.



International Biz Op.





Tripple Credit.

Co-reg Over 2 million a day.

Life Insurance.


I am not a newbie when it comes to the online space but I know there are people out there who are a lot more proficient than I am. I have current offers running and available to run with significant budgets behind them but I would like to find someone to work with to generate direct traffic to these offers. I own about 30 marketing focused sites that generate opportunity daily and I would like to fully leverage each opportunity that comes through the door. Please PM me if interested. Please dont contact me if you dont have significant experience in driving email traffic and data management...

Comment #105

A good software is group mail it's only limitation is your broadband, but beware, because your ISP may have some limitation for mailing, or if you use google accounts, you just can send 500 emails a day, or you may get stock, because google politics. It's better to have a server side software for mailing, or buy a mailing dediated adress or ip, so you can never get punished for sending a lot of mails. Because, spamhouse, and other organizations, try to prevent spamming, and they monitor all the connections, and punishes the ones that exceed the limit, sometimes, blocking the ports or ips, and in the worst cases, blocking your whole connection by the ISP..

And try to research every month if your ip, is listed in black lists, because if it does, you need to do a whole process to get unlisted, and if your listing is in higher level, you will have to pay to get unlisted, so, be aware before doing mailing, and get a dedicated ip, or server. and if the budget doesnt allow that, you have been warned about the consecuences of overpassing the limits..

Take care!..

Comment #106

Can anyone shed light on really small time mailing? I have a site that users have signed up for but the backend does not provide a newsletter option. So I have 2k users signed up to my site their emails and ips but I don't have a way to mail them..

Where can I import them to send out site announcements so I can mail my members? Is this low enough volume that I can just use my VPS? What program can do this? Ive checked some of the programs mentioned in this topic but their sites all want you to call sales to work something out...

Comment #107

There are plenty of free wares available for sending mail to mailing lists server-side or local. The amount of e-mail your VPS will handle depends on the service provider, but I see most any VPS being able to handle 2k w/o an issue. I often find myself recommending phpList to clients...

Comment #108

PHPList isnt so bad (the code looks like it was written by a 7-year old though)..

If you *are* going to use it, you'll need to patch some parts of it (hard-coded x-list-herp-durp headers etc.). Also it's rate controls are not perfect, you'll need to tune your MTA appropriately.

You'll want to read through the phplist forum pretty carefully, going back far; I recall bookmarking like 50 forum pages (patches, tips etc) that helped me get started...

Comment #109

Great thread, thanks for any help..

1) What's the typical unsub rate for single-opt in mail? Would %.5 be considered reasonable... high/low? Or ratio of 1:1 clicks to unsubs?.

2) What type of churn rate do you see between unsubs/hard bounces/soft bounce removals, anything typical?.

3) For single opt-ins where users opt-in to multiple lists (e.g. Product A specific mail and a newsletter) under the same company. To stay compliant is the company required to unsubscribe the user from all lists, or just the one they've requested to be removed from if they unsub?.


Comment #110

Hey I just purchased a list of 15 million leads for $1000, but I'd like to know how I check to see if these are not full of spam traps?.

Someone mentioned there are scrubber services - can someone elaborate on what that does and how much it costs?.


Comment #111

What is the best way to do classified email marketing. I would like to get about 5000 prospects over a few months. I was reading this here Flow Chart of Email Marketing - Is this type of marketing still working is it legal...?..

Comment #112

Where is the best place to host my Mass Emailing PHP Script? I don't want to get blocked or banned by my ISP or any Hosting provider...

Comment #113

I really wish someone could suggest real good Music Email list brokers that provide double opt in emails....I've contacted several brokers and they charge like $350 for some 20,000 Music that worth it or anyone knows better pricing? Thanks..

Comment #114

As a noob what is the best software or out source service for mailings if I have my own lists?..

Comment #115

I'm assuming I have to post a certain amount of posts like BHW to be able to pm, so here goes one for the newbie on WF. I am currently paying 1k dollars per month for a system with two broadcasters with capabilities of sending 1 mill emails daily. I am using Interspire's 5 user license. I have suppression list "750k" uploaded and Blacklist monitoring. I am what you would still call a amateur when it comes to bulk emailing. I was strictly white hatting it up, but so tedious and time consuming and a whole hell of allot of baby sitting.

Lastly, I would like to know what the proper amount of emails sent daily would be to see some good revenue coming in. I understand there are variables, but you get the idea...

Comment #116

I just realized in this thread there are just a ton of newbies asking questions just like the one I posted above....... I see like three members that are educated enough to answer our questions.... We might be pissin in the dark lol..

Comment #117

To all you masters of mayhem and email debochary...I am looking for the so called guru who can put me in the right email situation. I have deeeeep pockets, and I am looking for the big brain out there that can put in the direction of a qulified Nexus system. I also need a complete run down of how to have the greatest success with it, and how to modify it to it's highest potential. If you are a person that can help with my request, I will compensate you generously...reply to my post with the best way to reach out to you...

Comment #118

There are a lot of decent Bulletproof hosts out there, but most are off-shore. I have found that the mot redundant way to maintain a hosting site is:.

1. Use an off-shore VPS.

2. Block IMAP.

3. Block port25 (use only to host software).

4. Do not have a live hosted site..

5. Use a domain that doesn't identify a mailing solution (eg;

If you do all those things, you can probably get away with a US-based server, just don't publicize the server. Use separated broadcasters on an expendable network or pay a little more for SMTP servers off-shore as well...

Comment #119

Thanks a lot Wombat...;-).

I was just so stuck at the other place (you know where) that I never made time to post here. I will for now on. Now, let me take a look over the questions on this forum and see is I can help some folks out a little. Hopefully I'll see more friends from the other site soon, I like some of those guys over there.....

Comment #120

Warming up IP's and building rep is ALWAYS important, but good data hygiene is equally important. It only takes a single trap to get listed today and with the majors using Engagement Rep nowadays (algorithm based upon recipient reception), it is more important to deliver quality targeted content than ever.

I suggest, in bulk mailing, creating funnels to put responsive recipients into a separate list and run that list through an entirely different system. The secondary system will send a much smaller volume with a much higher reception and inbox ratio...

Comment #121

Look, I am not the type of guy to come over here as a noob and solicit, so I will just give you a call tomorrow. I typically work overnight, but I will sure to remember to give you a ring...

Comment #122

You can never get that kind of volume out with any rep unless you spread it out over a bunch of SMTP servers. To be economical, I would get a cage at a colo data center and buy a block of IPv4's from Arin,.

I would register 55 domains privately with a tolerant registrar (5 for Master hosts and 50 for sending domains).

Then I would spread those out over the providers and run a 5 large dedis for the Masters and have a 10 user license of Interspire on each. I would set all throttles at 25K per hour (600K per day) and use postfix solutions to limited hourly sending on each user account to major ESP's..

I would then take 50 different VPS servers and use separated SMTP and domain settings for each user on the software.

Then, I would setup FBL's for each domain and have a "catch-all" email box for all complaints..

I would then put all those domains and IP's into a Blacklist Monitoring account and replace anything that gets blacklisted while mailing..

That's a big volume and I don't even do that much as a provider, so I would definitely invest in redundancy...

Comment #123

With all due respect, this is VERY incorrect. I have been making money with purchased lists for years and my profits (from mailing) have gone nowhere but up over the past few years.

Data Hygiene, Good Providers, Ethical Offerings, and Tactical Strategies are all that it takes to be successful with purchased data.

Never say friend!..

Comment #124

Use a separated VPS (since it's opt-in you only need one) and install IEM Pro, Active Campaign, Arial Director, or another newsletter software and you are good to go...they all have import and sending capabilities along with the ability to create a contact form that will add them straight to your mailings and you can setup triggered campaigns , survey, split-testing, and all kinds of stuff. You'll never regret managing your own email marketing strategies...

Comment #125


The holy grail of questions related to bulk sending is which server companies will not shut your ass down when they get spam complaints, which will happen no matter how well you scrub your data. I doubt folks who have server companies like this will share, but If anyone feels generous, I am very interested in bulk email friendly server companies..

Comment #126

My point was simply stated and quite correct. Don't expect to buy a list, mail and profit without prior knowledge. This is aimed at all the people who come on and say, "I HAVE BOUGHT THE DATAS, AND TRIED THE EMAILZ, DOES NOT WORK HELPZ!!".

Yes, if you buy data you can profit, but that is just 1 piece of the puzzle. Don't try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes and make it seem like it's as simplistic as it was 4 years ago...

Comment #127

Question. I am just now getting into mailing. I have a dedicated SMTP server out of Russia, and a really extensive email application connected to it that I host in India. My server can send 5K emails a hour but I am upgrading to a server that can send 50K a hour. I have done some test on my own internal list of 500K on my server that sends 5K a hour and hot around 1200 opens, and like 100 or so clicks and no sales. I mailed on a free trial biz opp, and my list is like 2 years old also.

I researched that certain ISP's wont allow more then 2-5K emails from any certain IP block, so when I upgrade my server to the 50K a hour server so I can send 1 million a day, I am going to also purchase 250 IP's to rotate evenly to enhance deliver-ability. I am not hygiene scrubbing my data cause most of it is live feed, but my server company auto blocks spam track IP addresses and updates. I am testing on some cash advance offers now. My questions are these:.

Is there something I am doing wrong based on what I just described?.

What kind of advice can you give me?.

What are good stats I should expect ball park on a successful campaign?.

What are some tips and techniques to get a higher open percentage?.

My App doesn't track in boxing, just opening, clicks, ect, is there a way I can track in boxing?.

What are the best offer types I should test that work best with email?.

What are some subject line and from line tricks to use to increase opens?.

Is these anything else I am missing or you can help me out with that will help me be successful in my mail campaign? I feel like I have the app, I have the server power, and I have the data, just need to expertise and know how to put it all together to make it successful. Any and all help, feedback, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated THX...

Comment #128

Thanks MarketingXpert, I figured it would be like that but I know nothing about email marketing. What is an usual CTR? I guess no more than .1%, but again, I have no idea what I'm talking about....


Ps3 mod chip.

Download ps3 game..

Comment #129

Is it possible to get emails from facebook users that have the same names or similar search string...if Im not their fb friend?..

Comment #130

The VOLUME of complaints is what typically will get you shut down with many ISP's. Not complaints alone..

So if your list is shitty and dirty and you are, for discussion sake, sending 1 million a day and generating 10 complaints. If you try and push the volume up, you are going to get 10+ complaints per million. Which then floods the ISP, and some will cut you off. Others will simply wait for you to get your earned SBL and then lose your box per AUP. Most ISP's, big or small, do not staff themselves to clean up your Spamcop/Spamhaus messes. The meager margins they make per box will not cover it.

When you are getting complaints, if your web host does not offer IP monitoring, I would shut down mailing and review what is going right and wrong then start again. However, 90% of the mailers do not do that. They simply churn and burn.

Lastly, keep in mind that many mailers (although not all) like to treat ISP's like toilet paper. They mole in, then fire up their IP's and pull an old Cortez... burning their ships on their way out of town, flooding the ISP with complaints, getting all boxes terminated, and then trying to do charge backs. So ISP's are not going to let that happen.

In the end, you have to PROVE you are not one of those mailers..


Comment #131

Varies by provider. There is no hard fast rule..

Once you become more pain than profit, you're gone...

Comment #132

We're just trying to get into the mailing game, licensed a server called "YAM", and have 2 technical guys and 2 deployment guys going full time. It's a grind to say the least, and it's pretty clear that our ramp up time is going to be longer than expected. That said, I connected with a data provider with millions of records in legacy files, and tens of thousands in daily updates. We can't even mail 1 million/day yet. The owner said it's "cool" if I want to broker out his lists since we can't use all the data ourselves. Where would you suggest a good place would be to find mailers looking for what we have?..

Comment #133

Some people don't redirect and just blast out mail directly to the affiliate domain. That domain will get bad history with yahoo. Yahoo will then junk most messages with that domain name. Use your own domain and use a simple redirect script. If you use php it's as simple as.


Electronic books online.

Electronic books..

Comment #134


I am working for a company who is mailing clients from a database of customers attending a convention (each convention, we extract around 2k email addresses).

We want to email these people only once with an offer of our products.


What's the best method to send an email to these clients? Do you reccomend using an ESP (if so, which one?)..

How do I increase my deliverability?.

I am fairly new to Email marketing, but I am really eager to learn. Any help would be great. If you have any advice, send it on my way:.


Comment #135

I would use mailchimp or constant contact.

You should get decent delivery..

Comment #136

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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