Are the Medifast shakes GOOD hot??

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Alright, I do have search skillz, so I know the shakes can be consumed warm, like hot cocoa. But, does anyone do this and are they actually any good? Say, for comparison, to the hot cocoa?.

I love the hot cocoa but some days prefer the carb levels in the shakes. I'm going to try a shake hot this afternoon, because ultimately the only way to know for yourself is to try, but I'm wondering other people's experiences.

The way I'm planning to make it is the same way I make the hot cocoa - mix with a small amount of cold water and mix until it is a smooth paste, then add hot water (preheated) and mix...

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I prefer my shakes hot. I am one of the wierd ones that like all the food though. LOL including all the wierd lumps and clumps that people complain about..

The dark chocolate shake comes out like a runny lava cake. OH yum...........I use the same 8 ounces of water and heat them all for 1 1/2 minutes. Even the strawberry, cherry pomegrante and banana (think circus peanut for the banana) come out awesome hot...

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Im going to have to try one hot tonight!..

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I like the Swiss Mocha hot with a little cinnamon on top...

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I only drink my shakes hot.

If there's cold coffee in the pot leftover, I mix the cold coffee in my shaker jar with a vanilla shake then pour it in my coffee cup and heat in the microwave for 75 seconds. This morning, after hearing that Starbucks had brought back it's Pumpkin Spice Latte, I dashed a few shakes of pumpkin pie spice in the shaker jar too. Was good!.

If the coffee is hot, I mix my vanilla, chocolate, or swiss mocha shake with about a half cup of water, then pour my hot coffee in the shaker jar, SWISH IT AROUND (newbies note I do not shake it up hot, that is bad bad bad unless you want a hot coffee shower), then pour it in my coffee cup and heat it for 30 seconds...

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I accidently grabbed a chocolate appetite suppressant shake instead of a cappuccino one morning and it wasnt half bad. I made it the same way you do, paste then hot water. I think you might be pleasantly surprised..

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I frequently do the vanilla and chocolate type shakes hot with coffee. I don't bother with the cold water paste. I just use hot coffee to make a paste, then slowly add in more coffee and stir to keep the lumps out. I do this with my second cup of coffee. The first cup is always cappuccino or hot cocoa with coffee. Helps me get through the morning!..

Comment #6

LOL, noooooooo....had them warm one time thought I was going to barf haha!..

Comment #7

I haven't had all of them hot, but I actually love the Swiss Mocha hot with instant coffee in the morning. I hate that shake normally, but something about it hot plus the coffee...I dunno but I love it!..

Comment #8

My absolute to die for cold weather drink is the anti-oxidant dark chocolate shake hot. It's so much richer and better tasting than the hot cocoa. Sometimes I'll dribble in a little hazelnut flavoring or I'll put a pinch of cayenne in. Decadent and yummy. It's comfort food...

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I can't wait to try that because you're right- the cocoa is pretty hi carb. And I hate the Swiss mocha shakes cold, but maybe they'll be ok hotYou guys are full of great ideas! Sara..

Comment #10

Anyone figure out how to keep the film off the top of the cappuccino and hot chocolate. I like the taste but not that thing that forms on the top...

Comment #11

I compulsively swirl my mugs. Spin it around, get out a spoon, anything to avoid that film. I don't have any other tricks aside from looking like I have a tick...

Comment #12

I've mixed shakes in the MB and had them hot, no lumps! One of my favs for winter is vanilla shake with DaVince Pumpkin Pie or Gingerbread flavoring. I prefer Capps cold w/coffee though...

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I hope this isn't too silly of a question. I use a majic bullet to prepare my chocolate shakes every day. After seeing this about having them hot, but reading some of the other posts about shaking hot liquids, would I be able to mix the hot liquid in the bullet without it spraying everywhere when I take the top off, or worse yet, it completely exploding? I really enjoy all of the information everyone provides!..

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I would recommend blending the shakes COLD and then heating them up in a large mug in the microwave...

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I like to make them hot cuz I like the way it warms my tummy. I feel more satisfied that way. Left over coffee warmed in the microwave, then add the shake mix, and mix with an emersion blender! Makes a thick, hot yummy treat. What a great way to start the day! I'm going to make one right now!..

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Y'all got me curious so I had two shakes mixed up in the fridge yesterday, the appetite suppressant chocolate, and I dumped one into a mug and warmed it up, and it was good. I added a tiny bit of walden farms chocolate syrup to it and got more of the hot cocoa taste. This is good to know cause I didn't think to order hot cocoa and I have 5 boxes of the appetite shakes! i'm about to warm one up for bkfast now..

And I guess since I had the shake already shook up and in the fridge, mine didn't have any lumps...

Comment #17

I mix the cocoa and cappuccino with cold water in my MB then put in a large mug and heat in the microwave for a minute. No lumps at all. I make hot shakes the same way - I even like the vanilla shake this way...

Comment #18

I like them in frappe-form best, but I just started making them hot and they're okay actually A nice change.

I shake them up first, then pour that into a mug. Otherwise, I had a lumpy problem that wasn't that good. The vanilla hot reminds me of white hot chocolate a little bit. So yay...

Comment #19

Thanks so much for the suggestion to blend cold, then heat. Don't know where my brain was yesterday! It will be a nice change since the weather has finally started cooling off here and it's chilly in the office in the morning. Where are the hot flashes when you really need them?! Thanks again!..

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Lol I heart the foam. I like it on the cocoa best- reminds me of melted marshmallows. but on the hot shakes it's a little filmy- like when you heat up whole milk- but it's something I'm getting used to lol...

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Okay, I feel like I should come back and report on this...

I made the Chocolate Plus Diabetic shake hot the other day, the same way I make my hot cocoa. Let's just say... FAIL. It was gross. It didn't mix together well like the hot cocoa does. It was sludgy and gross and smelled bad. One of my coworkers even was like "OMG, why does it smell like wet rug back here?? What IS that?".

But... now I'm wondering. If I mix it up cold... then put it in the microwave... will it be better?.

I'm scared to use another meal on this experiment but I sooooooooo want it to work! LOL..

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I always made mine with cold water then heated in the nuker. Never tried the diabetic shakes, though...

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Did any of you read my post on how to make the perfect hot shake?.

Mix it up ahead of time and put in the fridge. Then blend in the magic bullet and it gets voluminous and frothy. Then pour in a mug and nuke, but watch how high you fill the mug. I get two mugs full cause mine is smaller and for some reason, it grows!! My first attempt overflowed and was a mess in the microwave. But I had another this morning and filled mug about 2/3 way full and nuked, and it was so good. I added a bit of the WF caramel dip before mixing in the MB and it reminded me of real hot cocoa with marshmallows..

Now go try it! And let me know what you think. I love it...

Comment #24

Okay, I just tried it with mixing it up first cold (in my blender bottle at work - I don't use a magic bullet), then heating it up. Much much better! Not as good as hot cocoa still, but much better, and there are days I prefer to use the shakes to keep my carbs down, so this will be great during the winter.

Thanks. Gee, I should listen to advice, huh?..

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