Are some people just not suited to a vegetarian Dukan Diet?

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Question I have... Are some people just not suited to a vegetarian Dukan Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... This is so simple, but I REALLY loved it. All I did was rehydrate the Dukan Diet burger. Then, I sprayed 2 slices of low cal wheat bread with ICBINB.

I also added a slice of american cheese (snack protein). It's like a patty melt.

It was delicious...

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Dukan Diet guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

That sounds so good. I want to make that, now..

Can we use white bread with the patties? I don't think I have any, this order...

Comment #2

YUM! Great idea! Especially since I have REALLY been craving a grilled cheese!..

Comment #3

Before I started having my boca burgers instead of the Dukan Diet ones, would hydrate the Dukan Diet burger for just a little bit and then throw it into a hot pammed pan and flip it over. It actually had some sort of a flame broiled tast to it. Oh yeah and I also put a ton of fresh black pepper on it too..


Comment #4

That sounds awesome!! I've been craving grilled cheese too, so that should really hit the spot!! Thank you for posting!..

Comment #5

What do ya'll mean by re-hydrate - sorry I am not a cook and I want to make this food taste good!..

Comment #6

When you get the burger it is dehydrated and you have to add boiling water or broth to rehydrate it before you can eat it...

Comment #7

The burgers scare me and I haven't even attempted one yet. Are they good or just a let down?..

Comment #8

I really like the burgers - they are one of my favorites (along with the pizza). I am going to have to try this patty melt - sounds great!!..

Comment #9

Thanks!!! Sorry I am new and just getting used to all the food so far the chicken flourentine was awful - do ya'll have any recipes for that?..

Comment #10

That sounds yummmmy!!.

We are having a cookout Sunday and I think I will make mine like that then =)..

Comment #11

No, I think we have to stick with the wheat bun or equal such bread. I wish we could eat white..

Comment #12

The burgers are definitely good. By far my favorite Dukan Diet food...

Comment #13

Don't know if your grocery stocks it, but I use WhiteWheat by Merita. Same company that makes Nature's Own. One hamburger bun is 100 calories, same for 2 pieces of bread...

Comment #14

So what do you count the roll as?.

How do you know which one to choose?.

Should you watch for calories - fat or protein?..

Comment #15

You just use one that fits the stats of the bun that normally goes with a burger. I believe it's under 100 calories. Someone else can correct me if that's wrong...

Comment #16

Oh yum! I would have never thought of that.....thanks !..

Comment #17

The burger is one of the few meals that you are supposed to eat bread with. The directions tell you to put it on a small whole grain roll. The burger itself only has 90 calories, so you really do need a bun/bread/carb to complete the meal. Hope that helps...

Comment #18

I love the burgers. Daughter cooked her first one in the micro and did not rehydrate it. It was just crumbles and she was so disappointed. When I read the directions and made mine, I loved it. It is probably my favorite...

Comment #19

So how many of us had this tonight?.

This was a great idea. I put FF Thousand Island Dressing on mine with Chopped Onions and FF Swiss Cheese. Even my little one (who is 1) had a bite. Actually, he usually has a bite or two of almost everything I make..

I am glad I ordered a bunch of these this month...

Comment #20

I tried that but how exactly do you rehydrate your burger- do you leave it on the tray- bc I did and it was crumbly and hard still after 30 minutes? Any suggestions?..

Comment #21

That's weird because I always leave mine in the tray. Maybe your water wasn't hot enough??? I make sure mine is boiling in the microwave for at least 30 sec before I put it on the burger...

Comment #22

I made this burger today! Fabulous! thanks for the idea!!..

Comment #23

Sounds so good - and then I'll add the onion rings..

Comment #24

I'll assume you meant to say 30 sec. & not 30 mins. What I do, is pour part hot water & some worchestershire sauce into the plastic tray. I only let it sit for 20-25 secs.; & then I put it in a skillet for a min. But I am definitely going to try to patty melt recipe. Sounds devine!..

Comment #25

I tried the burger for the first time the other night (before this recipe idea was posted) and I hydrated it with hot water per the directions. I then wanted to throw it on our grill (because my family was having Bubba Burgers and Hot Dogs out there) and mine started to I just put it in the whole grain bun with some ketchup and onions. I enjoyed the burger BUT I've got to ask if anyone else has had this issue with it does water squirt out of the burger with each bite? That's what happened to me and it was a little disturbing. Wondering if there's a fix to that problem? thanks!..

Comment #26

I never heard of anyone having problems with the Dukan Diet beef patty being "wet". If anything it's on the dry side, and I usually add ketchup or FF mayo or BBQ sauce so it isn't. It does tend to crumble, so I just keep it in the little tray and stick heat it in the microwave about 30 seconds. I have no idea where all the water came from in yours!.....

Comment #27

JBay, I know what you mean about the cracking or breaking up, but I've never had water squirt out when I bite into it. I think that I sometimes leave it in the hot water too long and that makes it extra (too) moist. Debbie's microwave trick should do a little drying out for you. Mine always has a nice flavor to it so never needs grilling, etc. I tried the method in Post #1 two nights ago and really enjoyed the patty melt. I use the Veggie Slices, Cheddar Flavor with Jalapenos, made by Galaxy Nutritional Foods and my burgers or patty melts have a real kick to them. This is one of my favorite Dukan Diet entrees...

Comment #28

Try adding less water to the burger...let it stand the 5 minutes and then put it on the grill..the water that was there will still help the burger cook......

Comment #29

The less time it sits in the water, the less likely it is to break apart. I've found there is a fine line between how much time is too much & too little...

Comment #30

I think got a bad batch - I mean the flavor is there but they won't hold up under any circumstances. Soak long = fall apart, soak short = fall apart, etc. There is no chance in 4377 that I could grill it. I can barely get it from the dish to a bun. But I still enjoy it!..

Comment #31

Sounds good to me too...tomorrow night for sure..(with a slice of tomato too)..

Comment #32

I LOVE THE Dukan Diet BURGERS! So I am most definitely going to have to try this. Is there a particular low-cal wheat bread brand that would be best? (As far as sticking to the plan goes.)..

Comment #33

This sounds so wonderful! - I love those burgers! - AND I especially love patty-melts! - So I'm on it! YUM!! THANKS for sharing!..

Comment #34

The first time I made the burger I over "soaked" it since most other things take longer to cook. my burger was soggy, not to the point of falling apart, but was "wet". next time I watched the clock and rehydrated for the time indicated. I then threw the burger in a non-stick frying pan and heated on low to "dry" it out a bit. it was better but still not quite a real grilled burger. still better than some of the other dinners...

Comment #35


I always use Light Wheat Bread (2 slices) or Light Wheat Buns to make my burger. They are usually about 80-100 calories per 2 slices or 1 bun..

I do think it has been states that the bread can be up to 120 calories, tho...

Comment #36

Oh my goodness! To think I have been on Dukan Diet for 2 1/2 months and never tried this beef patty! I was desperate for a burger tonight so I decided it was time to give it a shot!.

This is going to be a fav right up there with pizza!..

Comment #37

Tonight while I waited for the water to boil, I put 1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce on top of dry burger, added 1 tsp dehydrated onion and 1 dash of grill seasoning. Poured on the water and 2 minutes later put my burger on a whole wheat roll with some lettuce and Fat Free Thousand Island Dressing and a slice of Low fat Cheddar Cheese. Delish!!!!!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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