Are Nutrisystem meetings a good place to meet women?

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Quick question: Are Nutrisystem meetings a good place to meet women? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... I am a DC addict. I can go through 4-6 a day without breaking a sweat. That cool, crisp, refreshing taste is the greatest accent to any meal, snack, or just by itself..

A friend recently told me (and I have heard it before), "If you cut out the diet coke you'll lose sooooooooooo much more weight." Now, DC has zero calories. I know as a drink it's not "healthy" for you, but I don't think it's "bad" either. Does anyone know the real effect DC has on weight loss and what the benefits would be if I stopped drinking it completely?.

To clarify, I know it's not the best drink, but I am looking for WEIGHT LOSS benefits/issues here. Thanks!..

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Of course! however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

On a scale of DC to water, where does crystal light fall? I could potentially switch to that all together...

Comment #2

I don't know about Crystal Light, but I used to drink diet colas and never realized how bloated I was..until I stopped drinking them. I feel much better now with part water, part diet green tea, and an occasional diet Mt. Dew...

Comment #3

NS has sad Crystal Light is fine - but to still try & get half plain water in. In fact I thinkNutrisystemsells some type of water flavoring which includes fiber I believe - to sorta help folks feel satisfied. I use CL but rather get 4C brand or WalMart...they have fewer calories than CL...

Comment #4

Are you drinking water or just soda? Even if you switch to crystal light, you should be drinking water too..

Diet soda isn't great for your teeth - the acid eats away at the enamel..

There are some studies that say drinking diet sodas and other beverages with artificial sweeteners makes you crave more food and leads to overeating in general. Who knows if there is truth to that or not..

I went from drinking only diet coke and iced tea to almost exclusively water many years ago...before NS. What I found is that when I eliminated the sweet and flavored stuff, I actually taste the flavors in the food. I'll drink soda on occasion, if I'm in the mood, have a slight headache, or need a pick me up, but it is rare for me. I also drink 100 - 150 ounces of water daily...

Comment #5

The only affect your diet coke could have on your weight is the affect that artificial sweeteners have on some people making them crave sweets. That plus the sodium might make you retain a little water..

I don't think it has to be all or nothing. I still have a diet pop now and then (maybe one a day, probably skip a few days), but I do drink a lot of Vitamin Water Zero (has no cals or sodium, plus has vitamins)..

So maybe just work on cutting down on the DC...because it really isn't beneficial at all..

( hubby is a diet pepsi addict and guzzles the stuff)...

Comment #6

I was addicted to caffeine free diet coke for a long time and gave it up and noticed that I can taste food better and that I have less of a craving for some foods...

Comment #7

Luckily I hate almost all sweets, so the DC has never increased my craving for those. I guess I need to back it down anyway... I'll just stop keeping it in the apartment, that way I can only get it when I'm at school...

Comment #8

I was a 4-6 DC per day addict, too. I quit cold-turkey in September (darn the headache withdrawals sucked) and have only had one DC since then. I had one as an experiment to see if it was still as good as I thought. Strangely, it didn't taste that good..

Now, I crave water and drink at least 100 ounces daily. I don't know what, if any, effect the DC or lack thereof had on my body. I'm just relaying my experience in case you ever decide to quit DC. For me, there is life after DC. But, I wouldn't have guessed it during day 2 withdrawals...

Comment #9

Nothing is better for you than plain old water. Nothing substitutes for it. Some things come close and some things are allowed, but nothing is as good or better..

Honestly, I could not answer your question, but I can say that I went from drinking 4-6 cans of diet soda to 0 cans. Now pretty much the only thing I drink is water. I crave water. Everything else ruins the taste of my food. Water, water, water..

And you really do know that zero calories doesn't really mean ZERO calories, right? Even though DC is low in calories, it does have sodium..

Take a month, drink your soda and watch your weight loss. Then the next month, cut out soda altogether, increase your water and watch your weight loss. Compare the two months and then decided what to do...

Comment #10

What about all the pharmaceuticals and hormones in the water...

Comment #11

Just out of curiositywhat is the meaning behind the picture in your signature? Thanks!!!!..

Comment #12

I don't think you have to cut it out completely but you might try backing off some, like you said. You might also try to drink some decaf diet coke. That all being said, as others have said, no matter how much DC you drink, drink your waterit does all kinds of great things for your body and for me, seemed to help regulate my weight loss...

Comment #13

I too have went through diet coke addiction - and that's exactly what it is. My dad was addicted to diet coke several years before he passed away last May. You wouldn't see him without a diet coke in his hand. To me, anything that addicting can't be good for you. It's always made me eat more - if I drink diet coke at work, I'm starving when I get home...

Comment #14

I can't stand Dirt Coke. Bleeeeeeech. Diet Pepsi would be my soft drink of choice. With that being said the only soda I have had since March 2010 is Diet Rite Pure Zero. No Calories, No Caffine, No Sodium..

I still drink a ton of water each day too...

Comment #15

I quit cold turkey over a year ago, and I have to say that I feel better. These days, I drink water, coffee, tea, and sparkling water. The sparkling water satisfies my occasional desire for carbonation. Like other posters, I definitely found that once the habit had been broken, the cravings disappeared and when I did try a diet soft drink at a party a few months later, it didn't taste good at all..

I'm not saying that everyone needs to give them up entirely, but cutting back is something to consider...

Comment #16

I know Special K does. Seriously, I am probably not the person to talk, because I'm addicted to Diet Coke too. But it's the aspartame... and CL has aspartame in it too... just less than Diet Coke does. I'm trying to ween myself off of Diet Coke right now...

God, it sounds like I'm an alcoholic...

Comment #17

OK so I'm not alone in being a Diet Coke addict. I'm going to stop and see how this impacts my weight loss. Wish me luck oh and I guess I should set this can down now...

Comment #18

I used to drink DC during finals and some really high stress situations. I think once I realized I was addicted and using it as an escape/behavioral response it made me realize why exactly was I drinking that stuff in the first place? And for me it did make me crave more sweets when I stopped. I mean, I knew it "couldn't be good but I did it anyways kind of thing" so find out WHY you're addicted or crave the cokes and go from there. Hope this helps someone out there!..

Comment #19

To your original question on the effects of DC on weight loss - the research is all correlative, not causal. What that means is that on average, those who drink diet sodas weigh more (or lose less, depending on the study) than those who drink water. However, the thought is that people go to McDonalds, for example, order a Big Mac, Fries, and diet coke. Yes, you cut calories on the soda, but not the meal..

Many diet pills have caffeine in them, so I don't see how the caffeine alone is a problem. Caffeine does dehydrate and if you are too dehydrated your metabolism slows and your body holds on to water. However, if you drink enough water, you should be ok..

Like many things in life, moderation is the key for those of us who love diet coke. I went from 6-12 cans of DC a day to 2. Mostly this was because I couldn't drink that much DC AND the 60-100 oz of water a day I drink. I still love my DC and I find no correlation in my own weight loss journey between amount of DC and amount of weight loss. However, if you are subbing the DC for water, then I think you will be more likely to see that correlation..

Cheers (with DC... or water.


Comment #20

I still drink 3 a day, sometimes more on the weekends. I drink water all day at work. It hasn't hindered my weight loss so I see no need to give it up...

Comment #21

I gave up the DC because my doctor has been telling me for years how bad it is for bone density, especially in women. The fact that I had headaches for a few days after going cold turkey is proof positive that it does not "do the body well.".

It felt great to throw out all the cans and 2 liter bottles in our garage refrigerator. And now, there is more room for water and light beer. Yippee!!!..

Comment #22

I had never heard that about bone density... but I get a test done every year because I'm on depo and that supposedly can cause issues with it too. So far no problems at all with that...

Comment #23

You were blessed with big healthy bones while I was cursed with little bones. In fact, I broke my left arm three times in one year when I was six years old. Thus, I have to be really diligent about weight lifting (improves bone density) and avoiding things that decrease bone density. Otherwise, I will be a weak and distressed little old lady in my later years...

Comment #24

Major DC addict here. I've tried giving it up before, but it just never works. I figure there could be worse things to crave.....

Comment #25

I try to take everything in moderation. I treat myself to a diet soda, be it coke, pepsi, rootbeer once in a while. I also drink coffee everyday and drink at least 120 oz of water...

Comment #26

I use to drink a 2 litre bottle of diet coke a day now I maybe have a couple cans a week, don't even miss it anymore. Once your body gets use to not having it it won't need it either...

Comment #27

The bones are active, changing organs. They are constantly replacing themselves with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus no matter your age..

Look at the ingredients on the bottle or can of coke or diet coke. The research has shown that carbonated beverages with phosphoric acid actually strip the layers of calcium on the surface of the bone, weakening the bone and then consequently decreasing the bone density. This is even more true the longer they are consumed since through each bone remodeling process cycle, the phosphoric acid in the coke has been able to do it's thing on the bones..

But keep in mind, even as the body changes through weight loss, the calcium and bones are still going to change and remodel themselves and the coke probably would have an even greater effect if the nutrients just aren't there in the first place to build bone, which of course varies from person to person. I would say make sure you're consuming enough calcium in your diet, not just supplements but actual calcium containing foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, salmon, etc. Also keep in mind that even if your bone density is good there still may be an increased risk of fracturing your bones in the future...

Comment #28

How did you quit? I HAVE TRIED AND FAILED!..

Comment #29

Calcium has never been something I had problems with... that's probably part of what made me get so fat, lol. I love my cheeses, butter, and cream sauces...

Comment #30

Yes, they are! That is why I am actively treating them right by eliminating the bad stuff...

Comment #31

Wow. I am so glad I came across this thread. I was never much of a coke drinker and have always drank a lot of water, but since startingNutrisystemI have been drinking quite a bit of Diet coke. It's been kind of like a replacement treat for me so instead of snacking on sweets during the day I just drink DC. For me personally it helps me feel full in a way that water doesn't. I make sure and get at least 64 ozs of water a day but also have at least 2 glasses or so of DC a day.

Makes perfect sense of course, but I just never thought about it...I love these discussion boards! I think I learn something new everyday!..

Comment #32

Cold turkey and tylenol, lots of it. It's the strangest thing ... I don't miss it at all. I never would have predicted that statement to come out of my mouth...

Comment #33

I could give up a lot of things but I can't imagine not missing it! Is your skin better? I heard that could happen if you gave it up!..

Comment #34

It is still hard for me to believe it myself. I used to walk around all day with a big cup of ice that always got refilled all day long. Shocking to not miss it. I certainly miss all the other things I don't get on a daily basis anymore (chips, fries, etc.). I have always had good skin, so I didn't see any changes...

Comment #35

The reality is that when you stop drinking the soda your taste buds change. Same thing when you start onNutrisystemand get accustomed to the foods that aren't fat and sugar laden. Although it is a hard adjustment at first, within a week or two you no longer crave the diet soda, iced tea and flavored waters. Same thing with people who say they can't stand plain water. If you stop drinking the other stuff and start drinking water, you will get accustomed to it within a week or so..

I weaned off of diet soda many, many years ago. I went from drinking it all the time to having it only with lunch. Now it is rare if I drink it anymore. Occasionally I will grab a fountain soda, but that is very infrequent...

Comment #36

It is the strangest thing that I can now drink so much water. Had an aversion to it most of my life. I drank a 2 liter bottle of DC a day! Every day. It *was* my water. Before I switched to diet, I drank the same amount of regular Coke a day. Up until about 10 years ago.

The fact that I don't drink it anymore is shocking to me. I don't even want it now. Too sweet, and has an after taste. The spring water is so clean and fresh tasting now. Hey maybe this get healthy thing is really doing it's magic on me...

Comment #37

No, I'm doing a rebounder workout in my birthday hat. You can see a larger picture which includes the rebounder on my page. My trainer was cracking up because I wore the hat during the entire workout...

Comment #38

That is the Triple Goddess symbol, and a symbol for my Wiccan faith. It represents the three aspects of the moon (waxing, full, waning), signifies the three phases of life - birth, life, death, and also symbolizes The Goddess herself in her three stages as Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Also, the center star enclosed in the circle of the moon is a pentacle - The five points of the Pentacle stand for the four directions and four elements, plus Center/Spirit. It represents the unity of all facets of the world into one expression of the Divine. It is no coincidence that a human standing with all limbs outstretched forms a rudimentary star shape. This human star inside the circle of the aura creates a living Pentacle..

The Pentacle is the prime energy-containing Wicca symbol. It contains, in essence, the Universe within it..

Wiccans wear the pentacle much as other religions wear the Star of David or a cross..

The phrase "As above, so below; As within, so without" is a Wiccan principle of ethics - it means that we believe that everything in the universe is interconnected, so harm to any part of it is harm to all of it, including yourself and those you love..

I hope that answered your question.

If you want to "dig deeper", you can visit my thread - "Wiccan or Pagan Member Forum"...

Comment #39

Boy am I out of it! What is a rebounder workout? I play basketball and we don't rebound like that!..

Comment #40

It's a mini trampoline and if done right, it hurts like h*ll. The trick is push down, rather than jump up. My legs are screaming just thinking about it...

Comment #41

You have to admit that is a funny picture!..

Comment #42

Yep, that's me ... the goofier the better. But, as birthday month is coming to an end, the picture will be changed. Time to pass the funny birthday had to my hubby...

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