Are Godaddy domain names cheap?

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My question is: Are Godaddy domain names cheap?.

My 2nd question is: I have been doing domaining for over one and a half year now.

I also work full time (around 48 hours per week). I spend around 4 hours per day on average on internet esp domaining, websites etc...

I found myself having not much quality of life.

Do you feel same way?..

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Your question was: Are Godaddy domain names cheap?.

Yes, it sucks lots of time. It is okay for people who does part time or doing domaining full time. But for someone who does full time, domaining could make tiresome...

Comment #1

Treat it like any other kind of profession and always have a day off a set day where you can take rest, go malling, watch some movies and other recreational activities you can enjoy with the family and from time to time reward yourself as well if you got sales.

You can find yourself well advantaged than some people as you have 2 lives: virtual and physical...

Comment #2

As long as it helps me buy my dream car, my dream house, be financially free, I guess I don't mind sacrificing time to be a domainer...

Comment #3

It's very difficult to work full time and spend 20 hours a week domaining. I would only do it if you're making a lot of money. You can calculate how much you're making per hour on average. How does that compare to what you make at your day job? Is it worth your time?..

Comment #4

"If you love your job, you never will work a day in your life!".

That is one quote I like and my full time job and domaining fits directly into that motto.

I tried other things insted of domains and websites and got stressed and realized I should stop. Although they might have been more lucrative.

Life in general can seem to have no quality...the most important thing is to take it one day at a time and see where that day leads you. If you like it do it.....if not there is something out there that we are all good at.

-just my thought...sorry if it does not fit in..

Comment #5

Honestly. I put in a lot of time building my HostGator business before I ended up going full-time. The idea is to do all the pre-work prior so that when you do go full-time you have the business pre-established and it's just biz as usual.

Right now I put in about 4-5 hours per day - sometimes more, sometimes less.


Comment #6

Interesting point, james...

Yes, it's kind of addictive, isn't it?....Doesn't seem to be any way to just 'dabble' - so many components to domaining, so much to keep up on, so many things that need attention, all the time.....and, so many things we'd like to do, but still can't get done...

I think it's really important to try to balance life....both work & play. We need both to be healthy & in good mental/emotional shape.....And, we need to make time for people in our lives...

...Anyone ever get that feeling that they're sort of 'disconnecting' from real people? And, from the things the real people do, in real lives?....Kind of sliding into this virtual world?....Where 10x the mental (and emotional) energy seems to disappear into the computer void - rather than lazy laughter, easy companionship with others, and shared intimacy, with friends & lovers...?.

Domaining can do that, imo...So easy to do.

Its tough - but we all should work just as hard at making sure we have space in our lives....That HostGator 'thing', can often wait til tomorrow....


Comment #7

I was just saying today that I love my job.

My full time job is in the HostGator world and my personal passion for domains allows me to keep up on all the change in the industry for both personal and professional reasons.

I do spend a lot of time working and thinking about domains, but I also walk away from it when I need to. Just this past week I had to be in New England to take care of a loved one and I was very thankful for the flexibility of my work.

So the work life balance is often out of whack for me, but when I need life to take precedence I know the work will wait. For me, that's priceless...

Comment #8

The OP asks an important question and I agree with HostGator raider that you should ask yourself how much you are making per hour of domaining. Is it worth it? Life is very short and the time you spend with your loved ones is what counts in the end. You can have it all, but careful time management is key...

Comment #9

There are some great points here ^.

I had a similar 'reassess' moment recently when I realized I didn't need any more names (or sites) to get where I wanted to be. just my top 20 names (for my top 20 personal interests), if developed, were more than enough to turn into a full time income.

I agree domaining can be incredibly addictive - there is always the next great deal just around the corner. going for the money is one thing, but i've found being able to turn the ship towards where I want to get to is the most important thing...

Comment #10

I spend alot of time on my websites of a night as I have a full time job also. The only complaint I get is from the girlfriend!..

Comment #11

Most of my friends who are in the category of domainer at work do their domaining on the job. it is like they are getting paid to HostGator instead of doing their regular work...

Comment #12

Now that's what I call a pro domainer!.

Personally I find domaining to be more of a hobby than a job, even if it does pay the bills. If it's something you enjoy doing in your free time, it'll be a lot more manageable imho than if you consider it a second job...

Comment #13

I definitely find it a fascinating hobby, took me 40 years to find something I really like and don't have to leave home to do it and I can do it whenever I feel like it, and in addition makes me a few dollars to add to my meagre retirement income.

I take time out for golf, tenpin bowling, reading , going to the movies, dining with friends, travelling (just back from Macao,off to Laos and Burma in 3 weeks), swimming etc.

Most of my time related to domains is research particularly with regards to my most recent addiction- IDN's. I find everything about domaining fascinating and forever changing direction which maintains the interest.

So nope, I do not feel the same way and I have a great quality of life - btw - in 1997 all my assets totalled just under $200 - it's a little better now- some of it thanks to this hobby/profession/calling/vocation -whatever...

Comment #14

Yeah, I use to feel the same way but recently, I have made the commitment to go out on Friday & Saturday nights & party till the early hours of the morning with friends. You've just gotta put some time into enjoying yourself as well, especially when you're still young...

Comment #15

I think a lot of it depends on why you're in domaining in the first place..

What's the motivation? If it's about making money, we have to assess the rate of returns - where has it got us so far?.

It would be ironic if we ended up spending so much time trying to make money for our loved ones and to have a better future life that we end up doing the opposite - having less quality time with them or distancing ourselves from them, thereby ensuring we don't have that better life we were seeking in the first place.

Easier said than done. Balance is the key.....

Comment #16

I work full time, and I love domaining as a hobby.

I love getting hold of domains that I think are out of my reach... it's almost like an achievement every time I do it.

I don't spend much time on the Internet, but I still get these kicks for the short periods that I am Online.

The Internet in general is not that exciting.

The sad thing is that I'm not even making a profit... but I guess it doesnt matter too much at my age...

Comment #17

Good thing for me is I'm moving from where I presently am in 3 months and being a freelance, I had to wrap up my projects way ahead of time. This gave me enough time to concentrate on domaining and setting myself up for some serious development..

So, in a way it's been good..

Oh yes, I do keep two evenings off of domaining to go meet up with friends. Other than that, it's been domaining & development the whole time...

Comment #18

I started doing this in 1995 and never stopped buying..... but I picked up the pace of domaining starting in 2002.

In 2002 I got rid of all TV programming and our family has not watched TV since. We never missed it. Part of the reason I got rid of it was so that it would not be a distraction to domaining as I was dead serious on what I was about to do.

Since 2002 I probably average 15 + hours a day domaining, seven days a week...... so yes there have been tons of sacrifices and missed family moments - even during holidays. My wife, bless her heart, has always taken care of all the loose ends which has allowed me to concentrate on what I do. I do take an occasional day off or take a trip but I am still right there every day for the auctions. It's totally crazy and makes my wife nuts with all the delays and distractions.

I realized early on to make good headway you have to always be there for the auctions or you miss many opportunities. I have also felt that the window would close soon and the days of snagging great domains at great prices would come to a halt. It does now appear that the market is drying up - even in this recession. The price I paid for working this hard?.

Less time with family.

Watching friends take many more family vacations.

Lost casual time/experiences with friends/personally.

Hand Pain (just started recently; just bought click software,new mouse etc. ).

Less exercise.

Less attentiveness to house/yard.

Less time for hobbies What I got out of it if I quit today?.

I could retire now on the PPC income alone since I have created a portfolio of high quality generic income domains. I've sold maybe five domains since 95' .... so I am not a HostGator flipper.

I may still have hand pain as a reminder of my domaining years. I hope I caught it soon enough. 15 + hours for years will do it to you.

This is not a affiliate link. This is some software I bought that has started to reduce pain. This software (NIB) does the clicking for you. They also sell ergonomic mouses. I'm hoping my hands return to normal. This link is to hopefully help some other domainers who may be in the same boat.

Yes....... there is a lot of life to be lived yet and if I would die today I would have been shortchanged for not having lived a fuller life. So I guess you could say this is like playing poker with your life and hoping you win. I look foward to cutting back the work as this market matures and living more. I put in my dues...

Comment #19

To be honest, I am doing more buying domains than selling and therefore I am not making money.

But I believe my porforlio of domains will be worth around half a million to a million dollars now as some I got bargains.

My normal job earns me around $50 per hour and it funds for my house and domaining. I am not making money rather than having developed a HostGator portfolio. I think I should start selling some of them...

Comment #20

Let me say this, once you get a passive stream of income via parking in the substancial amount, amount of work to maintain that stream is ridiculously low, 1 hour a day at max probably less. now if you want to expand, your life takes a downhill..

Comment #21

Couldn't have said it better myself. I too, recently, have re-evaluated the time spent domaining. I work 45-50 hours a week with my current job (retail manager). I really enjoy my regular job, but I love domaining too. I have recently decided to cut my goal of having 1,000 domains (I currently own about 100) in half, and take the top five and get them developed, whether I do it myself, or hire someone to do it. I believe that that will lead to bigger things, and will help me to feel more self-fulfilled.

Most importantly, I take the time to spend with my family, friends, animals and plants (what a great stress-reliever horticulture is!), so that I can attempt to remain balanced and in good spirits...

Comment #22

I think that most people are feeling this crunch and not just domainers. The whole world is working harder and longer just to make ends meet. Add to that, any business you run yourself and it's going to take over your life. Ironic, since most people associate owning your own biz with having a leisurely life where you do whatever you want...

Comment #23

Domaining is good for something on the side but it would be hard to maintain a steady income (like a full time job) unless you have a real art for the HostGator industry and picking good names...

Comment #24

BINGO, and it seems the typo/type in market is just about tapped for hand reg (I just finished scanning a couple million names, and got only around 60 =/ , only 1 is making $10 a day, a few $X a day, and a few more enough to re-earn reg fee.

Still a name making $3k a year, cant complain eh.

If you want to get type IN names, better start searching fast, the well is just about dried up...

Comment #25

I class Domaining as my hobby, but recently, it's become more like a job..

Its been more of a chore since sales have been quite hard to come by lately and Ive had to work harder to get sales on names which would have been liquid a few months ago.

However, in saying that, I think domaining makes me have a better quality of life. All my friends are slogging it out for 5 an hour at the supermarkets after they've been to Uni, while I can sit at a computer when I like and do some work with music blaring in the background Also, I can go and have a night out and not worry about getting up at 8am the next morning for work..

Comment #26

If you just do domaining as investment, then you don't have to spend a lot of time. Also the time you spent can arranged whenever you like, unlike owning a rental property to have to deal with water leak under time pressure...

Comment #27

For me, domaining is and will always remain a hobby...

Comment #28

Yes, it is also a hobby of mine but this hobby is taking a lot of time and now I am trying to cut it down to 1-2 hour a day. I hired someone to work for me to do domaining...

Comment #29

Hired Someone to HostGator for you? Thats pretty full on, sounds good to me..

Comment #30

That's interesting. Without giving away any secrets, would you be able to tell us how this can work? Is it someone you speak to face to face? How many hours a week would they work for you, and in just vague terms, what sorts of tasks do you find most helpful to get someone else to do?.

I guess you could show someone how to find names, and what sort of metrics to find and "keep" for you. Would this be an hourly wage or price per name, I wonder.

Do you worry about them taking your strategy, or is that one of the perks for them - a sort of paid apprenticeship perhaps?..

Comment #31

I don't worry about her as she is/was one of my girl friends...

Comment #32

One of ??? so each cctld is handle by different girl ???.

Actually I do the same thing (my gf handle the contact, email and all paper word, buyer prefer girl for approach) but I only have one girl to handle this .....

Comment #33


I read your story above with great interest...I envy you the awareness & forsesight, back in 1995, to see the opportunity - and the commitment, then and since, to invest systematically in quality names consistently, so that you now probably have a terrific portfolio - generating a great income - not to mention the capital value of your domains if ever you were to sell them.

All success takes dedication. And focus. And, it's really satisfying when it rewards.

You mention that you are probably now in a position to 'retire' - or, at least, scale back significantly, if you wished? And, that you're having problems with your hands now?.

The letting go - even a little - of a passion is very hard. This passion becomes a companion, of itself....Not to mention an ingrained habit, and a kind of 'third leg', where we just can't imagine walking through life without it.

You've given so much of your life to this thing....And, it's been good to you. But, you know, there IS a life outside domaining....And, it's the kind of thing you can do wherever you happen to be.

I never knew anyone that said, as they lay on their deathbed: 'I wish I'd spent more time in the office'....

...Maybe you should ease back - now - and smell the roses a bit?.


Comment #34

For me domaining is a hobby that has enhanced our lives - since my hubby has a good job and pays the bills and such, I use domaining for the fun stuff- this year it paid for things like our vacation, a new pool for the kids, a new bbq, new washer and dryer, a trip to hershy park with the kids, a memorial day party here with family and friends, a new 4 wheeler for my son, ect.....

To me, the money I make generally gets used to better enjoy life with my family and friends. and I try to do domaining between life, not instead of it-.

Lots of domainers do this for their future, which is awesome- but I tend to do it for the now- I could be dead next week. I enjoy watching my kids enjoy it now.

There are 2 rules I always follow tho- part of any money goes to the college fund, and part of any money gets given away- either to someone we know in need or to a charity, usually a local one. it was a really cool experience for my kids when one time we took 500.00 and went grocery shopping, and they helped pick out special groceries and then we took it over to the food bank. it is good for them to be a part of that...

Comment #35

Rep added from me as well!.

Edit: Ok, it won't let me rep you right now, but I will as soon as I can...

Comment #36

Hard work pays off. If you do it right..

Good post, I agree 100%...

Comment #37

When I first started out, I spent ungodly amounts of time domaining, posting on the forums, chatting, etc... I did that for more than awhile. I became obsessed with it, because it's just something that I am passionate about. However, you do all of the work in the beginning, you invest the time, learn everything you can and then later on you can just sit back and relax.

I'm not making a living off of this, I just do it part time. However, I really don't spend a great deal of time domaining anymore. I don't sit there watching auctions everyday afraid I'll miss a good deal. I don't try to sell my domains at every possible venue to make a quick buck. I realize that things in this industry move extremely fast and extremely slow all at the same time. If you get the fundamentals down and understand how things work and what you can and cannot do personally, then you can learn to move at your own pace and relax.

I like to pick up a few cheap domains (usually 2 word .coms) that have promising end-user potential. Im mostly just slowly picking these up, putting them in storage and waiting for offers. When renewals roll around, I make decisions based on continued perceived value or potential value and other various factors.

I don't really have any domains that make money from parking. However, I have had some nice $x,xxx end-user sales on domains that I paid less than $15 for. I seem to have a knack of finding domains that other people don't see much value in and then turning them into nice sales. I like this method. It feels comfortable, it doesn't require tons of investment (time or finances) and it yields nice returns. I don't own a massive amount of domains as I am extremely picky about what I get (aside from some of the crazy domains I get for personal projects), so I don't get sales very frequently.

What I would like to start doing is to actively market my domains to end-users instead of waiting for them to just come to me. But instead of putting more effort and time into domaining, I will merely pause my acquisitions while I focus on trying to sell 1 or 2 names with the most $ potential. If I do get that nice sale, then I can reinvest a portion of it back into more acquisitions. Then I just go through a continuous sales and acquisition cycle.

I think the key is just finding what works best for you. We all want to be full-time domainers making millions. But in most cases that's not likely, regardless of how much time and effort we put into it. Sometimes it just seems like the more effort we put into it, the less we get back. It can be vicious and it's hard to make consistent sales when you don't have premium domains and no means to acquire them.

Eventually you either find out what works for you or you lose your mind and give up...

Comment #38

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy...

Comment #39

Work + Play + Sex(=love).

Keep these in balance. If one is neglected, the other two will also suffer, and everything starts slowly falling apart. Mark my words...

Comment #40

Yeah, I always wanted to be a porn star too!..

Comment #41

Nice post by RR ^. I think too the key is finding your niche. I mean, it seems that if you knew chinese or japanese, there are a ton of expired traffic names (that you could do better at parking than most of us, for instance) as an example.

I seem to have gravitated towards "indy" or obscure subgroups type of names. it depends what you're into though. another thing i'm doing is teaming up with friends that are passionate about a subject. I find the name, do the site and seo, and they write content and promote the site. we split the profits 50-50. it means I have loads of better-than-automated sites, written by passionate experts, working for me - a win-win.

It's really hard to compete with "mainstream" domainers with a ton of money, software, and employees. the returns scratching around the edges there can be pretty dismal i've found. find what you enjoy and do better than others is my feelings, work smarter not harder...

Comment #42

Although, from what I've heard, guys don't really make much $$$ in that industry, unlike girls...

Comment #43

I run a business, have a night job and domaining. Its tough to juggle things at times and the downturn in the economy with my business.

I am downsizing my names and keeping the names I want and eventually form sites with.

Forming a balance is tough and managing things.

I am at a cross roads in my life and think I am facing a mid life crisis at the age of 33 lol. Tired of running a business, to many ups and downs and love the internet and eccomerce side of things.

Sold some names for a nice profit, taken huge hits and a portion of my yearly profits go towards homeless shelter from my operations. The times I have shown a loss I still manage to donate but it's not much.

Cheers everyone. Happy for the full time domainers and glad ppc parking is working out for you.


Comment #44

DomainTalker, That is what I know I should do, but I swear it is so tough..... It's like I'm addicted to working even if I don't enjoy it sometimes.

BTW.....I've read some of your posts. It seems like you really have a gift for writing. I like the style. That is really a brilliant statement.... never heard it before. It is so, so true.

That is not exactly "raking in the dough". That is disgusting to me.

Really, what is the difference between a street prostitute that goes to a hotel and a woman that gets paid to have sex on video. I can't tell the difference really - besides one is filmed and one is not. One is legal and one is not. They are both prostitutes.

Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing those who watch porn. I just think it is sad that many of those young women probably should not be on that list and will regret it later in life. Many are runaways; sexually abused girls; confused, desperate, and broke women, drug addicts and more...

Comment #45

Its more like this:.

Health, Wealth, and Relationships = Fulfillment.

$500 per scene is not bad pay IMO, it's not exploiting. Exploiting is paying $5 for a hooker in southeast asia, ie cambodia...

Comment #46

What if she was a confused 18 year old that had been raped by her dad and now is wandering the streets looking for someone who gives a damn about her?.

I think it is exploiting if someone is down-and-out, and it is usually easy to tell with young women if something is askew in their heads. If they are normal women, more power to them if they have their head on straight and still want to do it.

To me though, it is like selling your soul for $500. I don't think a person can be the same person after having done something like that - either the prostitute or the John. You can never go back...

Comment #47

First off, I highly doubt the 10,000 girls on the list for hollywood have been sexually asaulted or traumatized, the porn industry doesn't treat their stars like shit, or else the "production quality" would suffer.

In any case, I believe it's a legitimate business, where there is demand there will be supply. This is much different then prostitution. $500 to sell their soul? Highly doubt it, having casual sex in front of a camera is definately not selling your soul...

Comment #48

That is awesome.

I own a bunch of endangered animal species domains of which some have a lot of traffic and some have virtually nil - most make little to no money at all with PPC. Endangered species is just a fascination of mine. What I have done is to redirect the traffic to the appropriate organization I believe needs the exposure. A couple of the organizations have said I have helped increase their donations by 50%. That makes me feel good and I would never charge for it - even though some have offered to pay.

You must give back in some fashion or this world would totally suck. How many times have you or someone you know been helped by the kindness of strangers?.

My grandfather, father and I were riding in the car one day and my dad laughed at the Shriners Club hats that the old men standing in the road were wearing while collecting change to help kids in hospitals. My grandfather quickly, loudly, angrily, and sharply scolded my dad verbally for the remark. He told him that the Shriners Club paid for my dad's polio hospital bills when he was a child, since they were somewhat poor at the time. My dad felt embarrassed and today always gives big tips to the Shriners Club.

I'm not sure why I told that story, but that happened when I was younger and it had an impact on me. Sam, I never said all 10,000.

Yes, you are right.... it's totally red carpet, lavender, and caviar... and there is no such thing as "Dumpster Porn" right?.

How is it different than prostitution? Both are getting paid for sex - period. Neither climbs the moral ladder above the other - IMO.

I said it's "like selling your soul". Many of those girls will feel a void in their self-worth when they get older, if they don't already. It's not for me, meaning being a porn star or a john, but it they want to do it then so be it. We all know prostitution/porn stars are here to stay - so we might as well accept it's existence.

Also, I said originally "if they have their head on straight, then more power to them".

One thing I can say is good about the porn industry is that they have developed a pretty good system of keeping diseases from spreading among the actors.

I'm not against the industry..... just certain aspects of it. Hell, I own a ton of porn domains. Some real doozies too...

Comment #49

That's cool your redirecting your traffic to good causes!.

Cheers and thanks in doing what's right!.

Wish I had your traffic and income lol..

Comment #50

The way I see it is I work full time 52 hrs a week, I see the time I have on my owm as a time to relax and enjoy what I do, so I have my HostGator names to work with, I dont rely on making a living from it, I enjoy gettinga bit of revenue from them and if I get a sale then even better happy days..

Comment #51

It is the result of one late-night beer & philosophy session with my good friend & business partner. I'm sure someone else has thought of it before, but it seemed to crystallize the fundamentals pretty well. We'd been working our asses off for some time, neglecting the other two areas, and figured it was time to take a good look in the mirror and re-evaluate our lifestyle. On this topic, I recommend the movie "Requiem for a Dream"...

Comment #52

Domaining work continues 365 days in a year and 24 hours a day so sometimes it puts to test your personal management skills and also your biological clock needs a lot of fine tuning accordingly...

Comment #53

You have to enjoy your life, the pc can make your life go fast so get out and live before it passes you by, don't just spend 15 hours a day on the pc...

Comment #54

I this is true, congratulations! You are a top domainer. Wish we could all be as successful...

Comment #55

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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