Anyone who might tell me which web hosting service is better, GoDaddy or Surpass Hosting?

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My first question is: Anyone who might tell me which web hosting service is better, GoDaddy or Surpass Hosting?.

My next question is: I was wondering the success of listing domains at Afternic under the Basic Promotion vs Expanded Promotion. Have you had success with one over the other?..

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Your question was: Anyone who might tell me which web hosting service is better, GoDaddy or Surpass Hosting?.

I would not spend a penny with them, there site is dead... only EXTREME PREMIUM domains receive offers... everything else is DEAD... I regret spending the membership fee...

They SUCK..

Comment #1

A few of the domains Ive sold there:.

(pending -

Clearly these are not "Extreme Premiums". Yet, they sold for over $6,250 total for the first 2.

And $1,000 for the

Comment #2

Well, Congrats to you for selling! It still does not help me! Afternic is by far the worst aftermarket auction site! It's a waste of money!.

I will never use there service after my account expires.

I have received 100 more offers through sedo, and it's free.

Afternic is a waste of money. Nothing is going to change, you only waste money! That money could be used to REG a better Domain!..

Comment #3

I'm a little fuzzy as to where you stand on this one MIR, could you elaborate?.

Thanks for the feedback..

Comment #4

How do you know if it was through the expanded program? Just because you had it set to expanded or do they actually tell you where the sale is coming from?..

Comment #5

Well, it's been 3 years... offers received 4!!!!!.

There service is poor. You gain nothing by signing up!.

Sedo is the best available Free aftermarket auction site. Trust me, don't make the mistake of investing for a service which you pay and ends up not delivering. This is my last few months with afternic.... they DONT DELIVER!..

Comment #6

I just got my first offer at afternic, that was $100, I searched namepros to find how big are afternic fees, 10% so I accepted offer and now I know that 10% but $60 minimum, so I will get only $40 from $100 sale... Great:/.

I used basic promotion, I think that for expanded minimum fee is $100...

Comment #7


My name is Pete Lamson, I manage NameMedia's marketplace businesses including AfternicDLS c & BuyDomains.

I just read through your comments and am sorry you have not had a better experience with our service.

If you wouldn't mind, I would love your thoughts on how we can make Afternic better.

What are areas we can improve upon? What do we do well?.

I am happy to converse via this board, or if you prefer I am available anytime to speak via phone and can be reached on 781 839 2812 (that is my direct dial).



Comment #8

Recently renewed my membership after leaving it expired for a while. A friend of mine suggested giving Afternic's expanded program a shot. I've added all of my domains, but haven't called an account manager up yet. $20 is not a lot of money if it helps me sell a name that would otherwise go unrenewed. Besides, refer 2 people a year and it covers your fee...

Comment #9


I have been on Afternic for 3 years and no complaints from me on service , sold a name or two there got my Money fast. BUT....

The biggest mistake I see is the BAZZAR should be right on the front page or at least a link to it. I know it is not a big money maker for you but it is a cool service that more people would use if they knew about it. As it stands now you have to hit the sell Tab then pick bazzar tab after that , you couldn't of hidden it any better...

Comment #10

When a business manager takes the time to monitor forum threads and respond to people's complaints, we can at least treat him with a little respect. You haven't yet offered details as to why you dislike Afternic so much. You just state over and over that it's a waste of money.

Things to consider:.

How high of quality are your names?.

How serious are you about pricing to sell?.

Have you even tried the extended option?.

I've only sold two names through Afternic ($1000), and that was long ago, before Extended even came out. Once that service came out, an account manager tried contacting me several times to set good prices and discuss exactly what they were going to do. I kept ignoring them, meaning I didn't take the initiative when they were trying hard to earn my business.

How can you honestly complain about $20, when you're not willing to give constructive criticism to someone who is basically asking "What can we change to make our service worth it to you?" It kind of reminds me of people who complain about the President when they didn't even vote...

Comment #11


Interesting comment - many thanks for your insights.

What do others think? Is the Bazzar a useful "micro marketplace"?.


Comment #12

Voted for "Expanded Promotion".

Afternic is a pretty good HostGator Marketplace.

MIR, Price your domains reasonably or list more/better domains. IMO..

Comment #13

So whats the answer to this "How do you know if it was through the expanded program? Just because you had it set to expanded or do they actually tell you where the sale is coming from?"..

Comment #14

I get an email from them with the following:.

"Dear Justin Allen,.

Congratulations, you have received a lead on (sample HostGator name).

Because you selected Expanded Promotion."..

Comment #15

I'd be interested to know if there is a different message if an offer was made via afternic itself. Anyone get different emails? Anyone want to test?..

Comment #16

Here is an email I recieved recently from Afternic:.

"Dear Justin Allen (domainspade),.

A member has submitted the following offer on your HostGator name. This offer expires in 7 days.

Domain name: <removed>.

Offer amount: $1,000.00.

Buyer: <removed>"..

Comment #17

Well it's good to know that you can actually tell if you are getting some benefit...

Comment #18

Are the domains that we list under Expanded Promotion exclusive to Afternic or can we sell them elsewhere if we receive an offer?.

How much does Expanded Promotion cost? Is that cost per HostGator or for all domains selected for such promotion?..

Comment #19

My answer is FINAL $20 investment is a waste of MONEY.. honestly how can they charge $20 !!!!! Do yourself a favour and write a book on the two sales you had with afternic. As far as I'm concerned, there service has not done anything for me for the past 3 years.. $60 down the waste.... I could have purchased domains for that and made more money!.

Comparing them to SEDO, they are not even close to the quality of traffic and offers I get. AND YES Sedo is FREE... if Afternic is so great, then why charge people for membership! Sedo has a system that fairly works most of the time with credit card authorization for bidders... sellers don't spend a PENNY on membership!.

Afternic needs to step up to the game and have a face lift... start with making membership FREE!..

Comment #20

I dont disagree about the membership fee. I think it's simply a matter of time before Afternic removes this altogether. Despite your results Mir, there is some positive from that company. There have been sales, as pointed out earlier, and their sales team is on the ball, much more so then Sedo's. Atleast, in my history.

I've actually had the opposite experience. Poor customer service from Sedo, poor offers, and quite honestly, business with Afternic is almost always fast and smooth. I will renew up my membership when it comes time...

Comment #21

Agree with phrase below:.

Afternic is by far the worst aftermarket auction site! It's a waste of money!..

Comment #22

Tell me, what's the purpose of your Backorder or Preorder service? I backorder a HostGator and then it goes to a Public Auction. I was the only bidder. It should've become mine at that time. If there are more than 2 bidders, it should've gone to a Private Auction, not a Public Auction.

I've only backordered 3 names at Afternic..

1. My first name, I was the only bidder. The name then goes to Public auction for I think 5 days. Thankfully, nobody bid on it..

2. My 2nd name. I was the only bidder. The name then goes to Public auction. Somebody outbid me just before the auction ends... while I was sleeping.

I shoul've won the HostGator in the first place because I was the only bidder during the backorder period..

3. My 3rd name. I am also the only bidder and this name is currently in Public Auction.

If you want to know what other people think of your Backorder service, check the link above...

Comment #23


Great question on Afternic Backorder process functionality.

As you have discovered, all domains receiving a backorder go through the Afternic Auction process. I certainly understand your preference that if yours is the only bid on a name that the name you have shown interest in should instantly be yours.

The reasons we manage our auction process the way we do are as follows:.

During the auction process Afternic has an obligation to the seller (in this case the Registrar who has supplied the name to Afternic) to obtain the highest possible price for their domain.

While I recognize we all wish we could purchase our desired domains at the lowest possible price, Afternic is obligated to endeavor to obtain market value for each name purchased through Afternic auctions or anywhere else on our site.

Imagine if you were the seller, and had a HostGator sell on Afternic for less than the market would bear. You would likely be unhappy with Afternic.

That said, it is unfortunate that you lost a name that came up for auction while you were sleeping.

It is for this reason that Afternic offers a "Proxy Bid" service. This service allows you to make a minimum bid, and then have our service automatically submit incremental bids on your behalf if there is another buyer bidding against you. You are also able to set a cap (ceiling) on your proxy bid.

An example of how this works is as folloows:.

You find a HostGator you wish to purchase and submit an intial bid of $60, with a Proxy Bid of additional $10 increments capped at $200. The name goes to auction and if there are no other bidders, then name is yours at $60. If there is another bidder on this name, Afternic automatically keep counterbidding in $10 increments but in no case higher than $200.

If the other bidder's highest bid is $160, you would win the auction at $170.

This service allows you to actively participate in auctions without needing to be at your keyboard.

I hope this helps.

I am available to discuss further at anytime, either on this board or at 781 839 2812, or.

All the best,.


Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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