Anyone who has lost alot of weight on Nutrisystem?

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Got a quick question: Anyone who has lost alot of weight on Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Lets be kind to our 'Hearts', get rid of our 'Love Handles', and reach our Valentine's Day goals!!!.

Weight Loss Chart.

NameGoal/Pounds To Lose Pounds Remaining To Lose.


























Janice4 lbs.1.6 lbs..


Diana4 lbs.4 lbs..


Groups Total Pounds Lost 20.8.



__________________________________________________ ___.


Please post to Barb the amount of weight you would like to lose by Easter Sunday so she can put it on our list. Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Barbara5 lbs.5 lbs..

Janice? lbs.?lbs..

Bea12 lbs.12 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost ???? lbs...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Bea, Anne-thanks and you are right. I just did it, no reason really. I am rarely hungry to the point of a stomach growl but my mind is always wanting something..

We went to the zoo today and took Jillian. Her mom and dad are both sick-missed work and went to dr., on something for a virus. better today but jillian is wired so we walked a bit of it off..

So we start again tomorrow. my box is on the way with too many muffins but the next order I'm taking most off. I ate mostly frittatas last year and that should be better for me..

Oh,bea, thanks for the link. it was very interesting...

Comment #2

Good Luck on your final weigh in today Ladies!!..

Comment #3

Hi guys. Just popping in. Lisa posted on the old thread. I will send her a PM to let her know to come over here..


Comment #4

Greetings - ok - here's the scoop - The best laid plans of mice & men (& Diana). Guess I should remember that there's another person at my house when I'm making plans. Hubby had the evening scheduled for Friday so I did NOT exercise on Friday. Saturday was a bust (that was my fault). So Sunday I got off my duff and "just did it" yea. Another 2 miles.

I'm starting this Easter challenge where I started the last one (154.6), so here's to moving DOWN 10 pounds!!!!!!.

Thanks for checking up on me ladies. It did help me knowing you were going to be asking. I couldn't let the weekend slip by without getting on that machine at least once..

My goal for this week is 3 days (hoping for 5) on the treadmill. And I would be thrilled if I made everyday a 100%Nutrisystemday. However, I'm not too sure about that one..

Anne - tread softly & carry a big stick (for when they come to the door to complain). Just Kidding.

Bea - Hooray for chair exercises..

Barb - I just have to say "ditto" for all that Anne & Bea have said. I think you're doing outstanding..

Happy Valentine's Day to one & all...

Comment #5


Happy Valentine's Day Friends.


So sorry Im posting late but.

Ive been sick, sick, sick with a migraine since about 5am this morning and have been in bed with a bucket, ice packs and shades pulled all day but knew I had to get on here long enough to get my weigh in results to you so thats about all Im posting for now. The brightness of the computer is just too much to look at for any length of time. This morning I was down 2 more pounds so this low G.I. diet seems to be just what I needed to get the weight moving again..

The total loss for our group is looking pretty good for the V-Day challenge so far and I know the Easter Challenge results are going to be even better..


Comment #6

Hi everyone! Here is my post from earlier on the old thread!.

I'm here! I'm here! Sorry it took me so long to make my way over to the new thread. I tried so hard to get on the boards last week to see how everyone was doing, but had a tough time. Work was super busy so I couldn't sneak on, and then after work I didn't even look at my home computer since my eyes were so shot looking at at a computer screen all day without a break..

Ryan turned 6 months on the 9th. I went through a little self-pity party last week because after I had Ryan, I had made a goal to be back to 120 by his six month birthday and I didn't get there. However, the next day I woke up with a brand new attitude. I had gained 72 pounds in my pregnancy and I thought to myself that being able to say I had 13 pounds left to go from gaining 72 is not so bad!.

I am ending this challenge at 133.0 for a loss of 1.4 for the week (yay!). I didn't make my goal but I'm happy that I am at least continuing to lose. I did a lot different this week and it seems to be working so I'm just going to stick with that until it slows down and I have to change things up yet again..

I had to look up when Easter was so I could set a goal for the new challenge. It's at the end of April this year!!! That is so late! I am going to set my goal for 120-THE BIG GOAL (13 lbs). I would be happy anywhere between 120-125 but I really want to push myself to get to maintenance before May so hopefully this challenge will get me there!.

Everyone did so great this challenge. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful Valentine's..

Comment #7

We did a fantastic job, ladies! over 22 pounds gone from our group..

Lets be kind to our 'Hearts', get rid of our 'Love Handles', and reach our Valentine's Day goals!!!.

Weight Loss Chart.

NameGoal/Pounds To Lose Pounds Remaining To Lose.


























Janice4 lbs.1.6 lbs..


Diana4 lbs.4 lbs..


Groups Total Pounds Lost 22.2.



Comment #8

Well, here we are, another challenge a new day. let's forget yesterday and look forward. I replaced my regular dessert with the half or junior Kit Kat Bar my art teacher gave out. Came home to a beautiful card and a portobello mushroom sandwich for dinner for Valentine's day-sweet..

Am down a quarter pound but not counting anything until saturday and hope it stays or goes down even more. I think for a while I may jump on the scale daily to keep me mindful. at this point I am just determined, not really enthusiastic as I was before and flying high about it. now it's a grind but I am doing it. At the zoo on Sunday I saw so many women with hugh rear ends and I don't want to be the fat grandma any more. not that any of my grandchildren think or call me that but I do.

Not what I expect to see. In my mind's eye I am still back in high school-gee that's why I never grew up!.


Comment #9

Congrats on the 22 lbs. lost this challenge everyone!.

Barb-I also step on the scale every morning for the same reason. I like to know that if I am up a little that I can fix it either by drinking more water, being more mindful of my food, or work out harder. I only count my Monday weigh ins though..

Here are some pics of me and my little Valentine <3..

Comment #10

Hello, Still have a slight headache but feeling a better today and have to run some errands that I couldnt do yesterday..


Great pics of you and your valentine!! What a handsome little guy you have..

You sure must be a proud mama. Youre looking so good; you are doing great with your weight loss. Seeing your results inspire me. Youre at the most challenging part of the weight loss journey and continue to strive for your goals and keep a great attitude so.

Kudos to you!.


Down a quarter of a pound is still heading in the right direction..

Being determined is a good thing. I think we all get frustrated when our weight loss stalls. But if we dont give up, something may come along to inspire us again; thats what just happened to me so Im glad I kept coming back here and stuck with it. Ive changed up my foods and Im enjoying them again. I hope weighing in every day will give you the nudge you need. On the subjects of big behinds, we all have parts of our bodies we dont like and that should help keep us motivated to keep striving to change them.

To All,.

Lets have a great first week of the challenge!..

Comment #11

Morning Ladies.

Barb - If it takes what seems like forever you are going down, down, down and after over a year that is awesome. You need to never forget that you have not gained and stayed up for over a year. Give yourself credit. Maybe if we all try a mini inspiration, like buying a new top in one size smaller and challenging ourselves to fit into it..

Bea - my mom had awful migraines mostly during her menopause years. She would spend two days in bed, no food, no light. They went away once she was into her early 60's. Are they able to give you any meds to help?.

Lisa - Baby is so cute. I miss those years when my kids/grandkids were small and snuggled. I saw a woman yesterday snuzzling her baby and I could smell that baby small. It was so intense after all these years..

Diana - keep up the good work. I am being truthful when I say I hate treadmills so I admire anyone who actually uses one faithfully. And I would need more than a big stick to answer the door. Yoga is as loud as I can go here. Although a woman down the hall doing rehab for knee replacement has been running up and down the long hall..

Well tomorrow I am off. Weather in Boston will be good for flying..

Today is packing, charging everything, and making sure all paperwork is in order. Hair appointment and meeting tonight..

Tomorrow morning Yoga and then we will be off around 2:30..

I must admit I am excited..

Talk with you guys when I get back..

Note: I was down over a lb yesterday but won't count it. Even with walking I can only assume I won't lose when I'm away..


Comment #12

Anne-safe and fun trip! be sure to try some, but not a lot, of regional foods-something we don't have here. are you taking your plan book to check off? I think it might help even though you are not doingNutrisystemfoods. you will at least be more mindful of portions and how many boxes a local meal checks off. Just a thought. Looking forward to the photos on FB..

Lisa-what a cutie you have there! he is one handsome boy. be sure to take lots of photos of the 2 and the 3 of you as he grows-an album in the making for the future. You are doing so well, it inspires me. I put on 40 pounds with each child and didn't lose but half but that was long ago and not my current problem. How does that happen? in any case we are doing something about it now..

Bea-I do wish there were some meds that could help you. I'm not a big drug taker but when something knocks you off your feet, I would take something in a flash..

I did one errand yesterday too and had a little feel-good moment. I have some of my pysanky eggs in cabinets on the walls of my work/egg/studio room. I get them from Michael's with a half off coupon as they are 50 each. they are crafted for golf balls and have indents on the shelves but you can turn it over for a flat shelf as well. I use the indents and put some Tacky Wax on the bottom of the eggs so they won't shift. Each case will hold 40 eggs and they seem to be the only case out there that is configured that way.

So, I have made some money with my etsy store and wanted to get 3 more to even up the display on the walls. I checked the other day and they had 2 in stock. I had one coupon from the paper and one I printed off their site online. So off I went. I also looked at paper cutters after I had seen one used on vanillajoy's site.

I do my own business cards and every other thing that could be nicer than cutting with scissors. So, I priced them and a Fiskar one which is warrantied for life was only 14. figured I would get it some other time for 7. at the checkout, gal said I could use 2 coupons but they needed to be rung separately-no problem. but, they were on sale, so I also had a 25% off total coupon and the long and short is I got them for 22 instead of 25 and could use my left over half off coupon right then and came home with 2 cases and the paper cutter-saved a trip! small pleasures thrill us more and more the older we get.

I made Jerry a valentine Monday and could have used the cutter then but it was still fine. Jerry commented-change your day? when I got on the scale this morning. no, just keeping my motivation up. showing down another quarter so we'll see what it is on Monday. we will be gone this weekend so will have to delay my weigh date until then..

Do you watch the Westminster Dog Show? We had to save it from half the toy group but will watch it tonight. I saw the deerhound won-fantastic. We were shocked when the Port. Water Dog won the working as no way was it a better example of it's breed type than the other dogs were of theirs. we are not judges but have been to and watched too many shows to agree with that choice. we have our favorites of course but it ended up all right..

Nuf said. have a safe, healthy day..


On my way home one day, I stopped to.

Watch a Little League baseball game that was being played in a.

Park near my home. As I sat down behind the bench on the first-.

Base line, I asked one of the boys what the score was.

'We're behind 14 to nothing,' he answered.

With a smile..

'Really,' I said... 'I have to say you.

Don't look very discouraged.'.

'Discouraged?', the boy asked with a.

Puzzled look on his face....

'Why should we be discouraged? We haven't.

Been up to bat yet.'..

Comment #13

Thanks girls for the health concerns and tips for my headaches. Ive had these since I was a child and yes they stop you dead in your tracks, sometimes for a day and sometimes for days. The hard part for me is that I cant take any type of aspirin or Nsaid products so I do it the natural way and just deal with it. It was dreadful when I was young woman and had them and my time of the month at the same time. I often have the bright auras hours before the headaches start so I know to prepare for whats to come so I start icing and go to a dark room early. But when I wake up in the morning with them they usually have a good hold on me and I have all I can do to hold my cookies back when I try get up.


Way to go with sticking to your 'weighing daily' commitment!! Just seeing the scale inching downward has to be an incentive!!.

What a great bargain day it was for you. You said.


Small pleasures thrill us more and more the older we get. I think weve just learned over the years that those small things in life that are worth appreciating..

Youre a person after my own heart; I love couponing and getting a super buy on something I really want or use. I feel that if you have coupons in your pocketbook, it's like interest on an investment; use them and you have extra cash to spend elsewhere. It also makes grocery shopping easier on the pocketbook when you go on double coupon days and shop the sales on top of double coupon value. Sometimes you get the products you use for just a few cents..

I like Mondays for my weigh in day; it teaches me to behave like Im supposed to, all weekend..

I do my very best when I close all the doors to temptation and need to stay mindful of that. We all just need to find what works best for us and what will work as continued habits long after the weight loss phase..

As far as the dog show, I use to watch it but havent lately. There are some beautiful dogs in there, thats for sure. I have a couple of friends who are really into it..

Like your daily quip today, Barb!.


Have a fun and relaxing trip. Think positively for nice weather every day. Hope you come back renewed and refreshed. Way to go on the weight loss; even though youre not reporting it at least you know you can still do it for when you come home!!.

Go, enjoy and leave all worries behind for a little while. See you back here soon!.


Kudos to you for getting on that treadmill on Sunday!!! WTG!! How about Monday and Tuesday any luck there?? I know you know this but even doing it 50% of the time you committed to would be a good start. Get that kindle out do some reading while you put one foot ahead of the other, put on some upbeat music. Im here to tell you that when the scale starts to move south you will be thankful once again; I know it's helped me to spark the fire again. How do you picture yourself at 50? You can do it!!.

Thanks for acknowledging my commitment to do my chair exercises. I know they may sound like a flimsy excuse for exercise but really they are the best for anyone with physical limitations. They are gentle to the joints, good for circulation yet help tone the muscles. Im a believer that if you dont use it youll lose it after orthopedic surgeries. Its just a matter of being smart about it and knowing our limitations and working with them. Ill never be like I was when I was younger but I will strive to be the best that I can be now.

So that said for the next 2 weeks I will commit to do them at least 3x a week. I will also commit to staying on my low G.I. plan 100% every day. Lets see if my weigh in results reflect my commitment progress. If I like what I see I may extend these commitments beyond 2 weeks or if Im not getting good results I will tweak my plan. So far this week Monday I missed being on plan 100% and my chair exercise due to being ill and I also ate light Tuesday because I still had a slight headache.


Hope your week is going 100% for you and give that little peach of yours an.

Extra kiss and a hug for good measure; it will make his day and yours!! I just love babies; can you tell??.

Keep the coops warm chickees spring is just around the corner!!..

Comment #14

'Morning friends. MyNutrisystembox came yesterday so I am stocked up for another month. I have been shifting things around in my closets, as you know, and this morning had a quick wake up when I stepped on a piece of plastic in our walk-in. what? then I look up and see the shelf bowed from too much weight with the VHS tapes! quick dressing and getting out the step stool. Jerry was just getting up so I could hand them to him and get them down quickly. THREE clips against the wall had been broken-geeze.

I think I'll put up a piece of lath or trim board against the wall for end to end support-then it should be good to go. I'm thankful all our shirts didn't end up on the floor!.

Forgot to weigh in this morning (really, why?!) but will stick 100% as yesterday. Those chair exercises are just as good as on the floor. Except for any marching-those leg presses and spreads really take their toll on my muscles. You would think the muscles you use for walking and standing, the largest in our bodies, would be the strongest but not for any other movements without training. I need a lot of training.

Bea-we have always used coupons, waited for specials etc. Jerry is the shopper and he is fantastic. Once he saved over $75.00 and paid less than $10 for a week's groceries. I do have to tell him when to lay off getting Thomas English Muffins. they are always on sale and he loves them, me too but I don't eat them right now, so since I am NOT eating them, we don't go through them as fast but he keeps getting the two for one. After we have 4 in the freezer and one open in the fridge, I have to warn him we only have so much room! but he's the best and keeps my cupboards stocked..

Stick with it girls, we are going into this next challenge full steam ahead..


Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time..

What's another word for Thesaurus?.

When I get real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot,.

Then sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I'm leaving..

When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms.

With me. I said, "Well, what do you need?".

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?.

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths..

I made a chocolate cake with white chocolate. Then I took it to a potluck. I.

Stood in line for some cake. They said, "Do you want white cake or chocolate.

Cake?" I said, "yes"..

My aunt gave me a walkie-talkie for my birthday. She says if I'm good, she'll.

Give me the other one next year..

I went to the bank and asked to borrow a cup of money. They said, "What for?".

I said, "I'm going to buy some sugar.".

I eat swiss cheese from the inside out..

I had amnesia once or twice...

Comment #15

Barb~ Gee nothing like starting your day with a challenge and a mini workout, huh? Its a good thing you found the problem with your shelf when you did. Putting in the board for support that you spoke of will take care of the problem. Thats how our shelves were built and they hold everything..

WTG on sticking 100% on plan yesterday and hope it went the same for you today. Yes those chair exercises do their job toning and strengthening the muscles that support our joints. So glad you are able to do them. I love them. Even my friends who havent had ortho surgeries are doing these. I call them the Boomer Workouts..

What a wonderful guy you have to do your grocery shopping and be a bargain shopper too. Love the English muffin story..

My husband will go with me and help with the shopping but Im the coupon/bargain hunter and bean counter in the home. If he went alone hed just grab the first thing so he could get in and get out as quick as possible. Shopping is not his thing but he likes the money I save; go figure..

Time to get dinner going...

Comment #16

!00% today again. Got into my box for dessert. They are still good but I think they changed the Thin Mint Crisp Bar, not sure what but seems less chocolate and more crisp but still terrific. didn't get any other exercise in but sure did a lot of running around the house and an errand to the post office..

Will check back on Monday. have fun this weekend...

Comment #17


Youre on a roll with your 100% days this week. Keep up the great work. Housework and errands burn calories too!!.

Have a fun weekend!.

Ive had what I would consider a pretty good week. It started off a bit rough but Im.

Trying my best to end it with some good results by Monday. I made up for my missed Monday chair exercise by doing it yesterday so Im back to 100% with that commitment for the week. Ive been 99.9% on plan with my meals since Wednesday because I snitched one corn chip from my husbands lunch plate today..

Only 2 days left of this week to make it to my weigh in day and Im striving to stay 100% on my food plan through the weekend..

How about the rest of you ladies, how are you all doing? Im here cheering for you..

You can do thisSpring is on our heels and Summer soon afterwill we be ready for some skinny clothes by then???? Will those of us who have special days we would like to be down in weight for make our goals??? I will keep reminding us so we dont forget!!!..

Comment #18


Please post to Barb the amount of weight you would like to lose by Easter Sunday so she can put it on our list. Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs.

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.12 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 0.25 lbs...

Comment #19

Good morning ladies! had a super weekend, took some great photos and a bunch of crappy, blurry ones, watched my food intake and lost a quarter pound! this is great since I rode the wheelchair most of the time to not hold things up. It was so crowded all the lines were super long, even the fast pass/handicap lines so it was safer and easier for me to be pushed than walk behind the wheelchair. No matter, had a good time. Found a few more 'hidden mickeys' and tried a new restaurant-very good. Had a wonderful salad at the Columbia Harbour House and have marked that as a favorite. Found that the kids platter with scrambled egg was perfect for breakfast at the resort food court.

Also found that most restaurant dinner meals need to be shared as they are also huge-good but huge! Had one hot fudge sundae as the dessert for the weekend and no snacks or other 'eats'guess it worked out as I hoped..

They are adding a whole new area to Fantasyland behind where Arial's grotto used to be; paintings are up and it should be open 2012. Got some nice fireworks photos and there is a new gorilla baby! He was all over by the viewing area so everyone got great pictures. Hippos were out of the water and there were some new birds in the aviary. didn't go everywhere of course but the weather was perfect. such a nice change after all the freezing temps we have had. Hoping to get our yard cleaned up before the brutal summer temps hit us.

Talked to some people in line from New York-they showed us photos on their phone that could have been taken at Bea's house! Huge canyons to reach their house and garage..

I so want to be out of the 'fat grandma' stage by the end of the year. I do feel better physically and about myself but still, when I see photos I could cry. My daughter, and you all, are very encouraging and keep saying 'look how far you've come!' but still; you understand how I feel. Just more encouragement to stick with it and do it again..

Hang in there, one day at a time..


In my house there's this light switch that doesn't do anything. Every so often.

I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a call from a.

Woman in Madagascar. She said, "Cut it out.".

It's a good thing we have gravity or else when birds died they'd just stay.

Right up there. Hunters would be all confused..

I wrote a few children's books...not on purpose..

I wrote a song, but I can't read music so I don't know what it it. Every once.

In a while I'll be listening to the radio and I say, "I think I might have.

Written that.".

"So, do you live around here often?".

I got up one morning, couldn't find my socks, so I called Information. She.

Said, "Hello, Information." I said, "I can't find my socks." She said,.

"They're behind the couch." And they were!.

[Referring to a glass of water:].

I mixed this myself. Two parts H, one part O. I don't trust anybody!.

A friend of mine once sent me a post card with a picture of the entire planet.

Earth taken from space. On the back it said, "Wish you were here."..

Comment #20

Barb welcome back! Congrats on the loss. Sounds like you had a great time. I think you were real wise riding in a wheel chair; that would have been waaaaay too much walking in a day for your hip..

Kudos for your good food choices in a very tempting environment; thats progress. Just think two years ago you probably would have eaten anything your heart desired without thinking about the consequences while saying to yourself Ill start my diet tomorrow. I know I did..

Keep thinking positive and you will be out of the fat grandma stage by years end and if you keep working the program 100% the majority of the time and continue to fit in some toning exercises as often as you can; the muscle you build burns more calories which all equals weight loss. Thinking back to when you went into your stall what do you think started it a change in your eating patterns, boredom, needing more exercise to burn the calories youre eating, loss of motivation?? What do you think would help you break it and get yourself going again?? Is there something we could do here that would help you spark that fire again? What are your commitments that we could follow up with you on this week? Im here to support you just let me know if and how I can help. You've made such great progress since day one; keep going and continue to look at how you can tweak your program to get you rolling again. YOU'RE WORTH IT!!.

About the deep snow, we were so lucky last night; the big storm just skimmed our part of the state so we only got about two inches this time. Talked to my girlfriend down in the southern part of the state and she said they got 17 inches so Im happy dancing today. They said on the news that we are a couple of inches away from this year being states.

Snowiest winter ever..

Anne~ If youre checking in I hope your vacay is just what the doctor ordered and taking you away the winter blahs!.

Diana~ Any luck yet? Have you broken through your mind/body weight loss stall yet? Come on girlfriend you can do it; pick up Leslie S. after work tonight and commit to doing just 20 minutes then stop or... continue if youre so inclined. Its a start but I know youll feel better when youre done we all do..

Lisa~ Good luck on your weigh in! Hope you experienced another successful week..

Another successful weigh in for me, I lost another 2.5 pounds. Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I swear it has to be the low G.I. foods that Im eating. I have no other explanation for why I started losing so consistently and yet Im never hungry and really enjoying all of the meals I make. From Tuscany to India and beyond, the flavors are delicious. I have many meals made ahead and in the freezer now so it's getting easier as far as the meal preparation goes..

This Weeks Commitments: Chair exercise MWF Drink 64 oz of clear liquid daily...

Comment #21


Please post to Barb the amount of weight you would like to lose by Easter Sunday so she can put it on our list. Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs.

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 2.75 lbs...

Comment #22

[size=1]Weight Loss Center is your best free resource for.

Weight loss..

Comment #23

Morning my friends. Got through yesterday at 100%, pats on back. Another day, another challenge. Only got bedroom and bathroom really cleaned but at least those are done. did vacuum the rest of the carpet..

Had a good art class. Started carving the wood block; boy is that different than the lino block! not sure if I like it yet-will depend on how it is at the printing stage. The design looks good though-a tree frog on a peace lily leaf..

Started off with tea and a double chocolate muffin. Hope to get something done on the never ending list..

Thanks for your encouragement Bea. I think I just started eating extra food, a bit here and there, when I was wanting to chew. Not hungry, just choosing something different that I used to eat. And giving up the popcorn after having that extra carb all year was tough. And a bit of everything else-just bored with the food, though I like everything. I am going to dig out my old packing slips and see what I was getting and maybe do that next month-recreate my old order.

But I like them both so it shouldn't be a problem. I need to focus on other things instead of watching the clock for the next time I can eat. I truly think I must have been a cow in my past life-chewing all day would suit me, laying in the sun, slowing chomping away.

I think it's going to be difficult for all of us with winter subsiding (hopefully for all of your northern gals). But that is a pattern we will face each spring so it need not derail us. We must remember to put our health up at the top of the list just as in the air lines when they say put your oxygen mask on first or you can't help anyone else..

Weight Loss Center is your best free resource for.

Weight loss.

Join our.

Weight loss forum.

Today for free weight loss support!..

Comment #24

Morning ladies! My weigh in was yesterday but I didn't have time to get on here and post it. I lost 1.8 pounds! I was so excited. That brings me to 131.2. I would love to see the 120s by March..

I didn't see my name on the challenge sheet but my goal is to get to 120...the BIG GOAL by Easter. If we are counting from last week, that would put me at needing to lose 13 lbs. and I lost 1.8 since then..

Everyone seems to be doing really great. Keep up the good work...

Comment #25

Hey Ladies!!!!.

I have finally unburied myself from the snow LOL.

Ugh I am sure Anne has filled you in but it has been snowing OFF THE CHAIN HERE!!!.

How are all of you guys?!??! Still plugging along I proud of you all! I have been as well.... I have been fighting these 170's for a few months now. Been up/down and all around.... Finally starting to see some downward movement....SOOO close to the 160's....I'll be a happy camper!.

I really should start posting regularly again! It helped so much and I miss you guys!! Things have been so buy lately though! I have been traveling for work, leaving Tony alone with the's always an adventure! And the kids themselves, ay....they demand a lot more once they get older huh??.

Still committing to my workouts...on week 5 of my Turbofire re-do...loving it! I also took an instructor class on Saturday to actually TEACH fitness....another of Chalene Johnson's program's called Hip Hop Hustle! So much fun...doesn't even feel like a workout!.

So what's new and exciting in your worlds???..

Comment #26

I love Chalene Johnson! I did a round of Chalean Extreme (Love love love it) and am now doing Turbo Jam for a few weeks before starting my second round of Chalean Extreme. What's Turbo Fire like?..

Comment #27

Turbo Fire is like Turbo Jam on speed! Super FUN!!!!.

I mean, move wise, it's very similar with the punch/kick combos, but it's a lot quicker paced though! And the HIIT the high intensity interval trainings are off the HOOK! Basically the Turbos from TJ but like 15-30 minutes of back to back to back Turbo's....

I also did CLX when I was onNutrisystemand saw sooooo much change in my body! I loved it! There is actually a hybrid TF/CLX schedule in the back of the TF guide. You should totally check it out if you ever get TF! I am gonna hit that after I am done with TF..

Comment #28

Way to go lisa! and allison, we have missed you too! yes, anne gave us a link to your fitness blog-you look so svelt-cannot believe you are over 160; are you like 6 feet tall or something? your photo looks like maybe 120!.

Will add you to the board lisa; don't know why you missed it. but with all this exercise you should get there soon. even allison gets stalled while the body adjusts so don't ever be discouraged..



Please post to Barb the amount of weight you would like to lose by Easter Sunday so she can put it on our list. Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining.

To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.11.2 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 4.55 lbs...

Comment #29

Hello All! Wow what a busy day here. Had an appointment today so didnt have time to pop in here till this evening..

Lisa ~.

I must apologize for not getting your name on the listsorry..

I dont know how I missed it; youre our biggest loser this winter. Anyway congrats on the 1.8 pound loss last week; thats something to be excited about at your stage of losing. Cheers to you, youre getting close!!.

I agree, the rest of us are doing better, I think we are finding what it is that we need to change to get our focus back on track so changes are coming..


Congrats on that 100% day yesterdaythats what we all need to do to really make a difference. Oh and when you get your housework done mine is waiting here in snowy MN for you!.

Cowlaying chomping are a hootmaybe a bunny but not a cow!!! ROFLOL.

Thanks I just lost another pound laughing. Too funny..

Thanks for adding Lisa to the listI feel so bad that I missed her. Only one word for it Dementia!! Im not kiddingheres a true funny story. Today when I was done with my appointment I went to the wrong car in the parking lot and tried to open the door and then I heard my husband honk the horn about 8 cars down. How quickly the light bulb went on..


Honey where have you been?? Really missed your sweet and spunky personality popping in here. Wed love it you could post regularly; we will understand if you cant make it every day. Just let Barb know if you decide to join us in the challenge; were only in our first week so that leaves 8 more weeks of reporting. We old faithfuls here have had our struggles these last months also but our stalls seem to be breaking and were starting to see some downward movement in our weight again. Its all happening because we are a determined group and we refuse to give up..

You sound like one busy lady. What are you doing that you have to travel? How are the little ones; has it been a healthy year for them?.

Anyway, just keep doing what youre doing because GF it sure looks good on you!!!.

Kudos to you for getting into fitnessI envy you!.

Calling Diana.

Where are you!!!! Give us a wave even if youre still struggling at least well know you havent thrown in the towel yet..

Commitment report for yesterday...I got my Monday chair exercise in last evening and drank all of my water yesterday. Still working on todays water through this evening..

An awesome day to all of us tomorrow!!.



My girlfriend Barb H. would like join our challenge so please add her on the list for 10 pounds total to lose by Easter. Her weigh in yesterday was 1.2 pound lost. Shes my real live motivator here in MN so seeing her weekly losses should give me a little kick in the pants each week to keep going. Thanks!..

Comment #30


Please post to Barb the amount of weight you would like to lose by Easter Sunday so she can put it on our list. Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.11.2 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.8.8 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 6.2 lbs...

Comment #31

Bea-not dementia at all. You made the challenge board up last year and just copied it for me so Lisa was not on it. All fixed now. Happy to have your friend, Barb H., with us-the more the merrier..

And no, not a bunny, they get chased by foxes! cow, in a field, in the sun, doing nothing but making milk! and I think I'll be a Jersey since they have such beautiful eyes!.

All this exercise talk should burn up calories just reading about it. no such luck but I'm happy that others can get on the fitness wagon; anything is better than nothing and these workouts are da bomb!.

I've cut out using any splenda at all, except for what is inNutrisystemand will be trying to cut out those dishes too. My daughter has a list they sent and she is feeling better already. My tooting problem has been cut by over half so that is good too. Weak tea is OK without sweetener. I have tried the Stevia and it's too bitter for me. I'm glad it works for some but not me.

The next thing is just hot water with no tea! Prune juice every day has been helping in the other arena. I hate sounding like a senior citizen!.

Be right up to organize your house-it's easy when it's not your stuff. put it all in labeled boxes or throw it out-done. I worked on the closet in Jerry's office yesterday-got one big box done. filled up 3 kitchen bags with shredded paper. All my Kent State University recipes I was saving to someday total up to see what my never used education really cost me is gone so I don't have to even think about it again. Just saved my grades and some letters and one really super critique on a painting I did.

It's just like losing weight; keep it in mind and 'just keep swimming' as Dory would say..


Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their car keys in a pocket, finding their cell phone, and Pinning the Tail on the Donkey - but I'd bet everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away, in about 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, every time..

Weight Loss Center is your best free resource for.

Weight loss.

Join our.

Weight loss forum.

Today for free weight loss support!..

Comment #32

Thanks for adding me!.

I've done the same thing with the car in the parking lot.

In fact, I do things like that all the time. I'm not sure what excuse I used at the time but I'm going with "mommy brain", which is sort of different than "pregnancy brain" and then before that "bridal brain". There is always a reason.

Today is a good day for me. I don't know why I wanted to try these pants on because usually I have to be closer to 120 to fit in them, but they slid right on. I was so excited! I guess my weight is distributed differently. So today is a happy day. I do have to find the energy to work out later though. I've been so tired lately..

Comment #33


Cute dancing cows you have there. Okay Ms. Jersey;.

Having lived half my childhood on a farm I have to agree they do have beautiful big eyes..

Thanks for adding Barb H. for me. Its motivating for me to see the progress of others that are struggling with weight issues too; the journey is not so lonely. In the past if I fell off the wagon and ate something that wasnt on my diet, I felt like such a failure Id just give up and quit altogether. Being a part of this supportive group of women has been so helpful to me because Ive realize that Im not alone; we all have our weak times and struggles but weve stayed the course and pick ourselves back up and continue on. Im more confident now than Ive ever been that I can get there..

Hows your 100% on plan going this week?.

About the artificial sweeteners; I feel the same I rarely use any because I think theyre all.

Way too sweet and then leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.The further you get away from eating sweet stuff the less your body craves it and it really doesn't take that long..

Thanks, Ill put you on my calendar for a future cleaning. Not today though because it's nasty and snowing here againflakes the size of nickels..


Lisa~ What a happy, beautiful family you are there..

Woohoo for the old pants that fit like new!! Are you not getting enough rest lately? Do you take vitamins? Maybe some of your B levels are a little low which can cause you to feel tired. Maybe you need a little extra B complex supplement or a multi-vitamin. With all of your working out and dieting your body might be a bit depleted..

Doing well getting my water in and tonight is chair exercises again so Im looking forward to that..

Later diet buddies!!..

Comment #34

Happy Thursday everyone!! Everyone must be super busy todaytheres no posts yet. Oh well, Ill just keep thinking skinny thoughts for you all..

I had to stop and update my commitment ticker as I did get my chair exercise done yesterday; still have one to go for the week. Doing well staying hydrated too. Gosh, tomorrows already Fridaythis week is flying by and weigh in day is just around the corner again..

This weekend I think Im going to go through my summer clothes and see what it is that I will be working towards fitting into..

Just another way to help keep my motivation going..

Stay happy Eat healthyStay well!!..

Comment #35

Hi! I keep forgetting to post this. I remember someone mentioning they had PM'd me. I haven't received anything in my inbox. I just wanted to know if someone could try again to see if I get something. If not, I will contact customer support to see what is going on. I don't want anyone thinking I'm ignoring them! Thanks!..

Comment #36

Lisa ~ I sent you a test PM so hope you got it!..

Comment #37

Did you watch Discovery go up yesterday? We did. I watched from our driveway and got one photo of the vapor trail; Jerry watched from his job site and his boss called me to make sure the launch was a go as he had set his alarm to watch from the plant. I had the live cast from cnn on the computer and watched the last hour hoping they would clear that computer that monitors the flight down range. I guess they did as it is off. It's always amazing to me that by the time we see it 2 minutes after launch, it is already going nearly 9,000 mph!.

I managed to stay on track yesterday but it was a struggle. I was fine until I checked about shredded paper pick up with our waste company. They won't take it unless it is in a PAPER bag. We don't get paper bags any more since I made totes for our groceries years ago. it makes no sense to me to get the bags from the store to recycle paper to save trees that are used to make the paper bags! So, I found out the schools do recycle for a fund raiser and have bins in the parking lots and will take all paper-so will be saving for them in future. 3 schools are on the road near us so it's not too much extra effort.

Anything with names or signatures and it's a lot. I have 5 paper bags with shreds on the curb this morning and 3 small boxes of magazines and catalogs and all those insurance reports that are a half inch thick that they keep sending out to everyone and no one reads. And I still have a large box to go through and several folders. I was a bit tired and it just threw me a bit..

My back is not happy all the time but my closet is looking fab. I ordered some plastic drawer sets online, the best price is online, and delivered to my local Wal-mart (the ones in the store are the same but more costly). They will fit on the shelves and hold all the paper clips, staple refills, pencils etc. All that stuff you don't need often but have laying around taking up room. It will be great to have it all in one place and accessible. I used to have a Steelcase desk in Ohio, a marvelous piece of furniture with enormous drawers-that's where all of this stuff came from.

What a space saver. I work for an hour or two and then take a break and sit at the computer or do some housework. This is what keeps me busy and not eating but after the disappointment about the paper and having to transfer it to the few bags I had, I wanted to EAT SOMETHING CRUNCHY AND NOT ON MY LIST. But I kept thinking about the challenge and how I want to 'do it again' as I did last year and managed to make a salad instead of popcorn..

I do make a huge salad, save part for jerry in the evening and eat the rest-all of it. We were getting low on ingredients so he stopped last night on his way home and got some fresh tomatoes, celery, bags of salad, mushrooms and raisins. Today's salad will be a feast..

Enough of my rambling, on to the paper!.


This year's July has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This apparently.

Happens once every 823 years...

Comment #38

There is nothing in my inbox.

Am I looking in the wrong place?.

Thanks for sending the test PM!..

Comment #39


Here is a way to get to your PMs ... Go above on the right side of this page and click on the.

'Quick Links'.

Tab then go down the list to.

'Private Messages'.

And click on it that will bring you to your Private Message folder..

Be sure you look where it says.

'Jump To Folder'.

That you are in the.


And not the.

'sent messages'.


If that doesn't work I would contactNutrisystemand find out why it's not working for you..

Let us know how it goes..

Have a wonderful day!..

Comment #40

Got it! Thanks.

I was looking at the My Inbox at the top of the Nutrisystem page...

Comment #41

Great Lisa; glad that cleared things up for you..

Barb~ I caught the Discovery launch on the news. Youre so lucky to be able to experience it from your home. Exciting!.

Oh that nasty little Stress bug hits again!! He can do some damage if were not listening to our heads. Smart for focusing on the challenge to get your emotions back on track. Good for you to tackle him head on with a nice crunchy salad. Its better to grit your teeth with veggies between them!.

Ahhh, doesnt it feel good to get rid of the clutter and the things that weigh you down. Sometimes I think that when we start getting rid of the pounds that weigh our bodies down it motivates us to get rid of the stuff in our lives that weigh us down too. Its quite liberating to feel lighter in every sense of the word. The things that I still have to go through and get rid of are the majority of my cookbooks; I will never cook the way I did when I was younger and raising a family; they are just taking up space..

Speaking of popcorn; the other day my husband came up to me with a big hot bowl of.

It an asked if I wanted any and I looked at him and told him to go and check the menu on the fridge and if you find it on there I will have some..

That was that; he didnt return. Barb Im a popcorn lover too but it just isnt worth going down that road again; if I start allowing myself a little I would be right back to eating a whole bag Ive tried that too many times. Besides if Im going to consume it I might as well paste it right on my butt and hips cuz thats where it ends up anyway. Im working too hard to get rid of the weight in those areas to want to screw it up. So lets support each other to stay away from that weight loss stopper. You have come so far no food is worth turning back for now!!.

Lets stay on our programs 100% through the next couple of days and we will be oh so.

Glad we did come Monday morning when we jump on the scale..

Where do we want to be by years end???? Thats.

44 weigh ins.

To go so that can be.

44-88 pounds.

Of weight off our bodies by losing just 1-2 pounds each week!! Yesit CAN be a REALITY!! Its all up to us..

Great weekend to everyone!!..

Comment #42

Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.11.2 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.8.8 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 6.2 lbs...

Comment #43

Stayed the same for my weigh in this morning. better than going up. need to bump the exercise. lots of errands today and there is always the yard waiting for attention. more later, stick with it!.


No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes..

Keep your kitchen clean. Eat out..

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen. This one is delirious..

Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator..

My next house will not have a kitchen - just vending machines..

Countless people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead normal lives..

Skinny cooks can't be trusted...

Comment #44

I'm so far behind!!!! But I'm going to be able to post a loss this week after I weigh-in on Sunday. Yea. I've decided to start concentrating on the "eating" part of this program. Then it seems like after I've gotten into that groove the "exercise" follows. Sorry for being MIA. I've had the flu, then a migraine, and I think right now I've got a slight sinus infection.

I might be getting a loss due to all of the above, but I'm going to take it and run.


Nice pictures (WAY BACK) Lisa. And I see Allison dropped by. I'm off to practice this morning so I'll have to catch up on all the post after I return. My fingers are crossed for good news tomorrow on my WI..

More later...

Comment #45

Barb~ Great!! You stopped any gain in weight last week, with all the work and errands that youre doing this weekend and bumping up your exercise next week, that should bring you the results you want by next weekend. You go girlIll be right here in your cheering section!.

Barb, talking about bumping up your exerciseI got my chair exercise in yesterday. The funny thing was that I procrastinated all day saying to myself Ill do it in an hour. I did this all day long till an hour and a half before bed then the guilt.

Of not doing 1 last committed workout for the week finally got to me so I did it and darned if I didnt feel uplifted when I was done. Why do I do that to myself???...why do I spend all day trying to talk myself out of something that really lifts my spirits and makes me feel better; it makes no sense at all! If you have an answer please tell me cuz I havent figured that one out yet. I need to work on that going forward if Im truly making a change to a healthier lifestyle. I need to keep my muscles strengthened to support my joints and weak spine as I age..

Speaking of joints, I talked to one of my girlfriends the other day who just recently had her 6th hip replacement put in 2 on one side and 4 on the other. She finally went to a ortho surgeon who I think is tops in what he does and she said this hip feels so good; she said none of the others felt this good this soon after surgery so shes going for her 7th in March. Shes going in to have the 2nd replacement that had been done on the other side removed and replaced with a 3rd by this new surgeon. I felt so bad for her every time shed have surgery because she never really seemed to be getting better. The funny thing was that her first surgeon had done replacements on a couple of her friends and they never had trouble so she kept thinking there was something wrong with her body that it was rejecting them. I think it was after her 4 replacement, she bent over to put something in the oven and she heard a big snap and her artificial hip broke and popped out of the socket and down to the floor she went.

What a nightmare for her. So Barb hang in there girlfriend there are better days ahead and with weight loss and stronger muscles you will one day dance again too..

Calling out to Anne, Allison, Diana, Lisa ~~~ Waving~~~ ladies, hoping youre all holding your own!!.

Ill be mindful of drinking all of my clear liquids today and tomorrow! See you back here Monday! Nuff for today..

Im sticking to it like Barb said and I hope the rest of you can do the same...

Comment #46

Diana~ Nice to see you!! I had to step away in the middle of my post so by the time I got back and posted you had already stopped in. I'm excited for you and can't wait for your weigh in results..

It looks like things are moving for the majority of us and as soon as Anne gets back; I'm looking for her to get in groove with the rest of us too. Seeing Allison's and Lisa's progress lets us know that reaching our goals is possible. Have a super day...well wishes to you girlfriend!!..

Comment #47

Bea-have no answer for procrastination but I am an expert at that! I do exactly the same thing. we did so much walking and standing yesterday for errands I feel I did a treadmill workout which is good for me. I did get the floor press to adapt for my print press and have to get it set up and the base put in place so I can make sure things are all working. It only has a 30 day guarantee as I refused to pay another $38.00 for a 2 year warranty. That is a rant for another time-warranty insurance..

Things are foggy here and we are taking care of inside business before thinking about outside. So funny last night. It was a little humid but pleasant so we went out on the lanai. I had turned on the sprinklers to water in the lawn treatment from the day before. I have to reset the sprinkler heads in the back so they don't spray into the lanai-I really don't understand how they move on their own when they are so hard to redirect but there it is. So all of a sudden, 30 minutes later, we got blasted and had to unplug the mood lights I have around the ceiling and jump inside-too funny..

Have a huge box of paper to send through the shredder today-then only one more to go. I just hope not to burn it up!.

Thanks for the cheering section-I need it..

Diana-good to see you and glad to hear you are recovering for all your bad luck. You must be a good target once anything goes wrong. Hope this is the end for at least the rest of the year..

Allison-I think you should read goal weight soon-I will be planning your golden bear party..

Lisa-you are getting so close too. we will have to really come up with a good party for you too..

Anne-when you can check in we will be waiting for photos and news...

Comment #48

Have quickly read the posts I missed. Everyone seems to be doing good with losses small to larger but losses for sure..

We flew back on Friday. With the headwinds it was a true 8 hour flight, leaving Amsterdam at 8:00AM our time and getting into Logan about 4:30 our time. By the time we got home it was almost 7:00 and grandaughter and I were tired. Decided she should simply stay over Friday night..

We had a wonderful time. Flight over was 6-1/2 hours and a little early. Son and DIL met us at airport, we checked into hotel, slept for a couple of hours and then we were off. Everyday was a new adventure. NEMO - their science museum, Madam Trusseau's, the cat museum, Anne Frank, Zaanse Schans the windmill village and Delft to name a few. Weather was damp and quite cold all week.

Of course over there you walk everywhere. I actually did not gain anything but will do my official WI next Friday/Saturday to give any bloat time to leave..

Food was wonderful but we did not overeat. Most of Europe does not overeat with smaller portions..

This week will be busy with 4 Yoga sessions and some meetings. Yesterday was hubbys birthday so we went to daughter's for spaghetti and meatballs. My stomach is still in travel mode so over eating is not an option right now. My stomach is not sure what meal it is on. I upped my probiotics and flax for a few days to get me back on track. Luckily my RA did not act up even with the damp..

Barb - Sounds like you are your usual busy self. I so admire your efforts to get something done everyday. I usually have complete down days and then have to work like the devil for a day to get things done. Balance should be my motto for this year..

Sounds like you went to DW. I love that place. Almost time to go again..

Bea - glad your headache is gone. These can be inherited so I'm very happy my mom's did not come to me. Sometimes you just need to find the right food combinations and your off and losing. I guess you can be tested to see which foods are best for your body..

Lisa - You are doing great. Allison is a great resource on exercise programs..

Diana - I have lost 70 lbs at times without doing any formal exercise. The down side is you really can't eat as much and you don't tone up as quickly; although as you start losing you start moving more. I agree the first thing is to get the weight going down and then add exercise..

Allison - so glad you popped in. I know I and the ladies will appreciate having you back every now and then. We have missed your adventures, advise, and stories about the girls..

Well all for now. Hopefully I will post a loss next weekend..


Comment #49

Hi everyone! I finally feel normal again. I'm not too sure what was going on but I could barely make it through each day last week I was so tired. I think the routine of wake, go to work, feed and play with baby, put baby to bed, read, bed was taking it's toll on me. We are making more of an effort to get out on weekends and that has really made all the difference. I think monotony sometimes drains me. This is why winter is so hard on me.

I love my home but hate feeling that I am stuck in it because it's cold out or snowing..

So as of a couple of weeks ago, I sort of stopped "dieting". It worked for the first week when I lost 1.8 lbs, but we will see how it goes as I continue this new way of thinking and eating. I was just feeling a bit burnt out and was getting too obsessed with the thoughts that went along with it. It was getting to the point where I would freak out every time I went out to eat with friends and even say no a lot of times just to avoid it. I am not really into the Real Housewives of any State, but I started reading Bethanney Frankel's book (please don't laugh!). Anyway, lately I have just been following what she talks about in her book.

Tonight was the real test. It's restaurant week in Atlantic City and my brother and sister-in-law went with us to Ruth's Chris. Keeping some of the things in mind from the book, I found that I could be in a setting with amazing food and actually leave some for leftovers. Usually I would just eat and eat because it tasted so good, but tonight I listened to my body and filled up on salad and ate just a few bites of the buttery steak and chocolate cake. The rest of the steak I will make salads with for the rest of the week..

Sorry this was such a long post. I just felt sort of happy about tonight. It has been a long time since I have eaten something I really wanted without having to count the calories or feel guilty that I ate it. Oh and I am also a very proud Mama since Ryan let the four of us sit in the nice restaurant for a long time while he playing with his toys in the high chair. I feel very blessed.

I am going to go read and catch up on everyone's posts now!..

Comment #50

Morning guys.

It's been a rough few days. Think I picked up a sinus infection traveling and probably with the cold/damp it became worse. Maybe DR this week..

Lisa - at some point in time you need to go from what we call dieting to real life. You are never going to know when you are ready until you do it. Remember that if you find the weight creeping up again you simply go back to "diet" until you are back within a range. You set the range such as 5lbs over under your desired weight. One thing which may be difficult is to lose weight without conciously trying to diet. In the end it all comes down to calories in and calories out no matter which diet you use.

Good luck, stay with us for support and let us know how it goes. And never be afraid to go out there and eat only what you want/need and not what others think you should be eating. That will be a lifetime committment. Remember the little man out there who keeps telling you "they can do it so can you". Tell him to get lost..


Comment #51

Lisa-good for you! you have gotten to the point of being able to be with your friends doing 'normal' things but still use your head. We all have to get there so you can lead the way on thoughts and experiences. Too many times we try and fail miserably by not making good choices. I always think of the size of theNutrisystemmeal trays-they only hold a cup. That's not very much on a plate but with a salad and vegetable it's plenty-and desserts are possible too but the calories are so pumped you can only have a couple bites. That will be enough, really, and you can concentrate on enjoying the conversation.

Never apologize for a long post! yours will never be longer than some of mine and we are all interested in everything you want to share..

Anne! what a wonderful time you described. I want to see ALL your photos; I hope you took at least a thousand. Belated happy birthday to your honey. I can see you now at the bd dinner-one meatball, 3 forks full of spaghetti-that's how it works out for me. With all your walking and yoga this week, you should do well at your next weigh in..

I really don't do as much as it reads. well, I do but there is so much more that I should be doing to get everything done. I take breaks all day long and am at the computer either playing on a game or searching for something or checking the few forums I belong to. I'm sure you get as much done. I am really a lazy person unless I want to do something then I just stick with it-or try to.

I also have lost 60 pounds with no exercise-right before my hip replacement. I really couldn't move well without a lot of pain so just didn't. mostly ate rotisserie chicken, green beans and salad with m&ms as my sweet. Just didn't overdo it and lost those 60. now I am at the same weight so I need to go down from here. I've said before how I feel like Mrs.

Toning and exercise will help a lot with that..

I am also cutting way back on theNutrisystemmeals that have Splenda in them and going for ones that don't. Has to be better for me. Have cut out using any in my tea and it's OK. I have the list fromNutrisystemif anyone wants it..

Bea-I didn't comment on your friend's ordeal with her hips. It sounds like a nightmare. I always thought if you had it replaced you would be like I am-feeling normal with no pain ever. Maybe I am just lucky but I did exactly what the surgeon said for recovery and his success rate was nearly 100%-the exceptions being a woman who went on a 6 week bicycle ride the day after she got off crutches and a young girl that thought she could do gymnastics way too early. He is also the head of ortho surgery for Summa in Akron, Ohio and is really very good. How in the world did her replacement snap? wasn't it metal? mine is just good old steel and he said he would have the same if he needed a replacement.

Today is my busy day-meals on wheels this morning and art tonight. I got a floor press to use for my prints-just need to adapt a top and bottom plate for it. so I will be rearranging my work room to accommodate it. Started on the last big box of receipts yesterday. The amount of shredded paper is amazing. I found the schools have bins to recycle basic paper goods so will take my bags there for the fund raiser.

Jerry has a new routine so there won't be as much to do each year. I am following an article that lists what to save for how long and the ones that can go I am marking the envelope with the year to check and shred so each year will only be one year to do. You would think I would have been doing this for the last 40 years but nooooo, just put another box on the shelf!.

Also got some leather dye for half off from the place going out of business. I still have the case to make for my kindle. Remember making a case is what started this cleaning out and reorganizing when I dug out the leather box! it's all good in the long run. already got my daughter and granddaughter to help with the community garage sale in April. Hopefully, Jerry will have work and be too busy to help-though I do love doing anything with his help..

He mowed and trimmed the yard yesterday. Carted off some leaves and branches saved up over the winter. I will have to start on my part tomorrow-today just won't work for me. There is enough work to do to last a while unfortunately. I love a neat yard but really don't like working in it much. In Ohio, we mowed, mulched and that was it! I had flower boxes on the deck and everything else was left to nature.

There, Lisa, beat that long post!..

Comment #52

Missed you all yesterday but I do get to post a loss - finally - 2 pounds!.

That was nice to see..

Congrats Lisa - starting to make the transition to healthy, normal.....

Anne, welcome home - sounds like you had a fantabulous time, but I'm sorry you're not feeling well at the moment..

I'm feeling MUCH better. I feel for any of you who have to deal with migraines more often that once in a lifetime. Not fun..

Barb/Bea - I'm pretty sure if you look up the word procrastination in the dictionary, there will be a picture of me..


Comment #53

Happy Monday to all!! What a busy board it's been the last couple of days. Love to see everyone checking in and supporting each other. What a neat group we are; what can I say!.

I stuck to all of my commitments last week and it paid off as I was down another 2.8 pounds this morning..

My friend Barb H. was down another 2.2 pounds. Keeping the end of July in my sights; would like to be at least halfway to goal by then, still have a trek to go but at least Im off and running at a steady pace again..

**Commitments for the week for me Continue 3 days of chair exercises. Start each day off on a positive noteCome to the board and post 1 positive affirmation every day this.


*Todays affirmationI feel confident that I can lose all the weight that I want..

Barb~ Cute story about getting blasted by your sprinklers on your lanai.gee I wish I had that problem!.

About my girlfriends hipit literally detached from her bone and popped out; I still believe it had to do with the job the first surgeon did and had nothing to do with her therapy after. Believe me she is one happy camper today with how this new hip is healing and without all of the pain of the others. It pays to research your doctor thoroughly..

Glad to hear that you got that floor press youve been wanting. Just wondering if youll have time to use it with all of the other irons youve got in the fire..

Garage sales are a lot of work but can be fun too. Wish I lived closer I would gladly give you a hand. Around here people also have a big cooler with cold water and sodas to sell to the hot shoppers and their kids..

Anne~ Welcome home once again our weary traveler!! Sure hope you get to feeling better;.

A sinus infection is no fun and neither is the headache it can cause too. Sounds like you were very busy with so much to see and visit on your trip; nice to hear you had a great time. Happy belated birthday greetings to hubby..

Your body will be back on track in no time with flax, probiotics and yoga. Now if you can get rid of the sinus trouble you will be all set. I do agree with your comment about finding the right combinations of food to get the body losing. Since I changed my diet I have lost every week again. But the best part is that Im eating meals that are very healthy and I really enjoy them..

Lisa~ Dont worry; you could never have to big of a post. Thats what we do here; it keeps us going every week..

I agree; these winters get too long some years. This one has been especially hard to get through because of all of the snow and very cold temps. Not my idea of a nice time to take a walk in the park unless youre a polar bear..


I think youre smart for acknowledging that you were becoming bored with dieting. It Kudos to you for making such good choices while eating out this weekend. Most people who are on a diet plan where theyre eating premeasured commercially made meals and snacks, eventually come to the point where they want to start cooking their own meals just like you did. Realistically I dont think very many people continue buying the plan meals forever. Most important is to adhere to portion control and make meals full of nutrients to keep your appetite satisfied. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband the other day.

Diet. I told him that Im of the belief that it's because my body is finally getting the proper nourishment so I dont feel hungry or crave carbs which in turn keeps me from ransacking the kitchen cupboards eating a bunch of empty calories trying to find something to feed that gnawing feeling of unsatisfied hunger. These days, I can honestly say that from meals to snacks I am completely satisfied, yet the pounds are coming off each week..

Diana~ A big Thumbs Up to youwhat a breakthroughway to go!!!.

Looks like we can finally start keeping Barb busy posting some results for all of us. We wouldnt want her to have nothing to do and get bored. Wink wink!.

Ive decided to black out the word procrastination in my dictionary because it just hasn't helped with my weight loss for some reason..

A nice night to all!!..

Comment #54

Diana and Bea-Congrats on the big losses!.

Anne-I hope you are feeling better!.

I weighed in at 131.4 so I am up .2 lbs. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. The week I started my "new" way of eating, I dropped that 1.8 lbs. I know I gave in to more I should have this week and the scale agrees. I'm off to a good start this week so hopefully I will see a loss next week. I can only hope to get into that last set of numbers but for some reason, I swear my body knows when it's on the cusp of a new "decade." The last time I had the last ten pounds to lose, it ended up taking close to seven months! I really hope things are different this time.

I also would diet during the week and then lose all my progress going out on weekends. I think I've gained a lot more self control over the past few years (minus my pregnancy madness-haha) so hopefully I will get that last few off sooner than I did before...

Comment #55

Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.11.2 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.6.6 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.4.7 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.8 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 10.4 lbs...

Comment #56

Good Morning All!.

Got my workout done yesterday so I feel good about that. I didnt get my cookbooks.

Sorted and cleaned out over the weekend so I think I will bravely go where no person has gone before.

After posting. Im afraid once I start going through that cabinet I might get lost and not find my way out for a month. Haha! Wish me luck..


Lets stay on course today girls!!.

**Weekly Commitments Got my chair exercise done yesterday 2 more to go..

*My affirmation today isMy body is improving every day..

Comment #57

To my old november 2009 ladies I am back, just ordered more nutrisystem this evening awaiting my delivery ASAP sad I left you ladies. hello to the new ladies hope all is well..

Comment #58

Welcome Home Jamie!! We're glad to see you back...Good luck with your weight loss!..

Comment #59

Jamie!how good to see you again! we miss everyone that wanders off and love to have them back again. Please join the current challenge and get back in the groove. you must have had a time finding us. let us know how you are doing and how we can help..

Bea-cleaning closets can be addictive. I did my cookbooks and recipes before we moved and glad I did. I could really get rid of my recipe box except for a few dozen as I rarely try new things any more. But the cookbooks-I love reading them and seeing the pictures even if I never make the dishes. My one favorite is so hard to find copies of as it is the best of the Betty Crocker ones and always goes for more than $80 on ebay. both my daughters want it and I didn't realize I could have had a copy made when Jerry had it rebound for me.

I finally finished shredding.

I have 6 and a half tall bags, the size of leaf bags, to go to the recycle bin at the school. I'll take them today in my little car as I cannot walk around them in the garage! What a job and I'm glad it is done. The closet in the office looks baremore room to store stuff!.

Just had my double chocolate muffin for breakfast and my straight tea so ready to move on with chores for the day. Looks to be a sunny day, not warm (in the 50's) but I'll take it..

Stay healthy and stick to your plan...

Comment #60

Thanks! I have now started to clean out my closets!!! I feel like I'm nesting all over again.....

Comment #61

All this losing and cleaning will get me up and going. Got meds for the sinuses on Monday so hopefully that will help. Still feel awful so not very ambitious. Hubby and I agreed that we could stand looking at it for a few more days and then it's up and at it. Body tells me it needs to rest for a while and that is what I shall do. Poke a little here and there and then sleep..

Welcome back Jamie. Lisa - your doing good. When you first go offNutrisystemyou will probably see a small gain but you know how to make the adjustments to stabilize the weight. The exercise will help..

All for now. Will be back later..


Comment #62

Bea! and Barbs! Oh how I have missed your inspiring words! How are things going? How is Nutrisystem treating you ladies? Glad to be back! Summer is around the corner! MUST get IN shape!!..

Comment #63

My update is as follows I purchased 3 months of Nutrisystem and began Nov of 09 as you know.. As much asNutrisystemwas worth it, it was getting expensive and I was kind of getting sick of the food. After losing approx 35 lbs my boyfriend and I went off NS. We unfortunately weren't working out much when we were onNutrisystembut started working out a lot towards the end. Vacations came in the summer and we strayed away from the program. I kept the weight off for a long time until recently, I gained approx 10-15 lbs back.

I have become very saddened at my weight gain and my appearance, most importantly the way my clothes were fitting. I was following theNutrisystemprogram with my own food, from the day off program I was once sent when my food had not arrived on time. Once I was out of full fledge dieting mode, it was really hard to get back. I kick myself for ever fully straying away. I was still eating healthy with an occassional cheat, but I was also going to the gym; thus, maintaining my weight.

I should of kept up with exercise and dieting because a year + later I would be at my original goal of 50lbs or more lost. Soo I pedaled backwards a little and although I am not too thrilled about going back to some of theNutrisystemfood that has grossed me out in the past, I atleast know the items that I definitely like and ordered them. I also ordered some of the fresh-frozen food! Has anyone tried them?? I have been working out a lot and this time around incorporating my 4-5 days a week of hours of cardio +NutrisystemI believe I will see the same results if not better. It seems like you ladies are doing fabulous! I wish I stayed on board with you all! Hope you have a fabulous day! Let me know how your journey has been! Once again thanks for the welcome back! OFF to the GYM!!!..

Comment #64


Dont feel bad for slipping back; it's happened to all of us. Youre doing the right thing by coming back and getting back on the.

Program. With your can do attitude you will lose it again but this time.

Be sure to check in with us once in awhile when youre back in the maintenance phase. But for now, you go girl and remember to come and fuel up your support tank daily with us; were here for you!!!!.

As for how Im doingmy weight loss also stalled until I change to low G.I. foods and finally got my sluggish system going again. Barb is still our long standing hero whos our biggest loser so far and doing fantabulous. Knits made her goal last year and we havent heard from her sincewe keep hoping she decides to stop in some day and say hi and give us an update on her maintenance. Allison is doing fantastic and looks awesome. She stopped by again just recently.

I think you will enjoy jumping back on the wagon with us to continue your journey..


Sorry to hear youre still feeling lousy. I heard on Dr. Oz the other day that Astragalus is suppose to be very good for sinus infections. He said people who travel a lot should consider using it..

You might want to research it. Rest is probably a very good thing right now. Take care and take it easy..


So glad you have joined this happy group of cleaning ladies!! It feels great to get organized. Just another thing we are doing for ourselves!.

Barb~ I use to read cookbooks a lot but havent bought any new ones as now I do a lot of perusing the net to do my reading and research..

It has to feel awesome to have all of that shredding done!! Doesnt it feel good to have the house getting lighter too??!! Oh and about the lists I will.

Be more than happy to make it with just the 2 columns next time; no problem!.

Here we are in the middle of the week already and it's my day to do my.

Chair exercise again. Will get to it when I get through the last of my cookbooks. Barb, speaking of the Betty Crocker cookbook from 69, no one would want my copy because it was one of my sons favorite cookbooks so he and grandpa did a lot of cooking from it and you can imagine the oil spots on the pages..

My Pillsbury book is the other one and thats in about the same condition. Heres a true story that my girlfriends and I will never forget One night while I was at work my son who was just a little guy at the time decided to make my recipe for homemade play dough so he and grandpa got to work on the project and he then he realized we were out of crme of tartar so he quick ran across the street to my girlfriends house, knocked on the door and when she answered he looked up at her with his blonde curly hair, big blue eyes and in his little voice said, Do you have any crme of tar tar that I can please have for my playdough? She said she will never forget it because he was just so precious. Anyway when I look at those two books they hold a lot of memories of my little guy on a stool next to me or grandpa cooking in the kitchen..

Hey, You ladies East of me I'm sending some cold weather your way. It was -24 degrees.

When I got up this morning and it's finally warmed up to -1 degree at noon! Ughhh!!!.

*My Daily AffirmationExercise makes me healthy in body and spirit...

Comment #65

Good Morning!.

Anne-sorry you are still under the weather but you know you cannot do anything well when you are ill and especially if it's in your head. We may be able to deal with a sore toe but anything in our head shuts down our whole body. Just keep on keeping on until your sinuses break loose and take care or you will just make things worse..

Lisa-cleaning out as you go along is the best and keeps things from nagging at you. My oldest has been in Florida for 20 years and she warned me before we moved that there wasn't the storage like the homes up north (no basements and the heat in the attics) so I needed to clear out. We sent 3 storage units full of "stuff" to my brother before we moved and I STILL brought too much! On the other hand, my Aunt has about 8 dresses and a few skirts, blouses and pants hanging in her closet and that's it. All her other closets in the house (she is a widow now) only have seasonal house decorations-mostly huge arrangements she puts on her dinning room table! what a woman). You do have to decide sometimes which direction to go. I like to collect so many things but don't have the room now to display them so....some things must go.

I'm sure as your little prince grows, you will have to weed out toys before every birthday and Christmas just to be able to move in your living room!.

Diana-are you still frozen up there? sounds as if Bea might be colder than Alaska right now..

Abby-where are you? we want to hear from you.

Bea-the cookbook is the 1961 edition of the new picture cookbook and goes for big bucks on ebay IF it's the bound edition. the loose leaf is available for much less and I don't want that even though it's the same book. I'm sure by the time it comes to deciding, my girls will not have a problem with the one cookbook. They don't want a copy, just the one I used. I also have an old copy of Frank L. Baum's.

Sky Island.

So they can flip a coin. I read that to them when they were little and they loved it..

I have to do more exercises and enjoyed the chair routine. Now to just DO IT. I vacuumed my car and cleaned the windows yesterday and then ran out of oomph so that was my exercise..

Jamie-gee, you sound human! don't beat yourself up with 'shoulda, coulda, wouldas' we all are there at one time or another. You did fine and are going to do fine again. Attitude is a great part of life and you have a good one. Doing something about your health now is the best choice as you have already found out how much longer it takes to work weight off than put it on. It's the survival body we have that has not changed in thousands of years. We put weight on fast when we have access to food and take it off slowly so it lasts until the next time we have abundance.

I doubt we would ever find evidence of homo sapiens that supported an overweight lifestyle. Food was not that easy to come by. Anyone who lives on a farm, as Bea did when growing up, knows the work you do-always busy. big meals but usually basic food groups and not so much, if any, store bought, processed foods. Then comes the convenience foods and the extra calories that make it so.

I have been stalled (or put it any expletive you care to) for months, up and down. I think I need to get out my old order sheets and get the same menu as I did last year when I lost those 80 pounds. I need to do it again and then some but my body and mind are undermining my higher thoughts-oh, wait, that means I'm human too!.

So just stick with your exercise and you will be fine. We love hearing from you and it's a known fact that 'journaling' is good for you. Don't order any food that grosses you out. That's won't work and you will hate it. I only ordered 4 different dinner entrees and 2 breakfasts, 2 lunch items last year. These past 4 months I have been more varied (and slipping too) and it's not the same so just get what you like and jazz it up with different spices or condiments and veggies.

There are a lot ofNutrisystemmeals I won't order for various reasons but they are someone's favorite..


1. Open a new file in your.



2. Name it '.



3. Send it to the.



4. Empty the.



4. Your.


Will ask you,.


Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently.


5. Calmly answer,.


And press mouse button firmly....

6. Feel better?..

Comment #66

My Daily Affirmation for Thursday * I am eating only healthy foods today.

Hello to All!.


Before I get into my post for this afternoon I would like to revisit how your husbands friend Robert has been since he fell ill. Is he better, worse or holding his own these days?.

I love the story of your aunt; now thats a woman with the right idea. Keep only what youre going to realistically use. My philosophy is if you dont plan to be buried with it when you go then why bury yourself in a bunch of stuff you dont use now. Were getting rid of unwanted weight here these days and stuff is just another form of itright ladies?!.

The B.C. cookbook that I have is bound and not loose leaf and has a orange-red cover with the pie shaped pics on it. Are you talking about the one with the red cover with a plain white design on it? If you can describe it I will watch for one at our used book stores and thrift stores whenever I go..


Barbs advice is right on. Do order what you know you like and will eat because eating foods that you really dont like and have to force yourself to eat can actually work against your success in the end..

What I have come to learn is that a diet that works well is one where you truly enjoy the taste of the food that youre eating and the meals and snacks that you eat are so nutritiously balanced that your body isn't starving for nutrients and vitamins like it does when you're eating all the wrong foods full of empty calories. What I finally realized is that when Im not feeding my body the proper nutrition I can eat till the walls bulge and the cupboards are bare and within a half hour my body screams at me and sends a message to my brain that it's hungry and my stomach growls like it's starving. It is starving; starving for proper/well balanced nutrition and the merry-go-round continues..

I finally jump off that merry-go-round and what a liberating feeling; now my cravings are nil. Im enjoying my meals and snacks daily. I dont crave sweets anymore yet I can eat a healthy portion of a dessert and feel totally satisfied. I can even watch TV in the evening and not have the munchies nagging at me the whole time. In all honesty, I never thought that this was.

Possible for me. So ladies it pays to never give up..

Diana, Anne, Lisa, Allison and Abby~.

Im hoping that your week is going along smoothly and that the only reason why we havent heard from you is that your workouts have you so tired that your fingers dont have the energy to type at the end of the day!!.

Enjoy your evening ladies! Friday is knocking on the door!!..

Comment #67

Good morning!.

Hope everyone had a good night..

Bea-Robert is the same; still going for radiation-he mentioned his hair is starting to fall out a bit but I haven't seen him in a long while. He sounds good but the prognosis is still terminal in 4-6 months and hasn't changed. Jerry says he, jerry, is in denial and doesn't want to believe he'll be gone soon. Jerry is also working with him to apply for SSI since once his short term disability runs out he will have nothing. So far he seems the same..

The cookbook is the one pictured in this link:.


The red one with the white design is the next edition and not nearly as good. This one is basic with nice pictures and simple recipes-well presented and not overly complicated which is why it is a favorite and difficult to find cheap. My spine cover was falling apart-you know how you grab the book by the top of the spine to pull it off the shelf. Some of the pages where I used it the most were soiled pretty bad and food spattered so the binders laminated them and trimmed the edges just a bit. They also saved all the inside pages with the measurements and did a super job. It only cost $35.00 to have it rebound and I'm sure it will last a very long time.

They took the cover pictures and put them on the book so, except for the black spine, it looks the same. Thanks for keeping an eye out but I could only spend very little to get a copy-you can see what they go for on ebay etc. And the link I gave you lists used from $48 and collectible copies from $245.00! I don't want to spend either!.

Going for my checkup after my surgery. Also laundry day and will be taking photos of the house and palm trees. We have some huge ones front and back that are a pain in many ways and would love to get rid of them. The cost of removal would more than break the bank so we can't do that. I have been told by several lawn care men that I could sell them so I looked around and found a company in Tampa that wants to see photos-so will be taking them to send off. Even if we don't get money for them but just get them removed would be great.

Hoping they will want these palms. We are required and would want to have a tree in the front and back of our properties here. We have a really nice oak that shades the patio and lanai in back and would probably put a crepe myrtle in front..

What you said about not being satisfied when we eat the wrong foods hits the spot for me too. I do remember when I was not very mobile before my hip replacement I had chicken for breakfast-protein, just like having the egg frittata last year and lost weight anyway. I need to ween myself off these double chocolate muffins and go back to protein. I do like so many of the things that just aren't good for me..

Will be trying hard to get some exercise in today in stead of procrastinating..


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.".

~ Dr. Seuss..

Comment #68

My Daily Affirmation for Friday *.

I feel stronger because I exercise.



Okay I got it. I will keep my eyes open and dont worry; Im a bargain peep myself so will always get it for a rock bottom price or I wont get it at all. Will keep my eyes open..

Tree removal is so outrageously expensive here. I wonder what the couple had to do with all of the humongous ash trees on a place we owned years ago. I guess the Ash borer has hit our state and the big old ash trees are having to be removed all over. When I say humongous I mean it; we also had to remove three massive old elms on the lot that had Dutch elm disease to the tune of thousands of dollars..

If you can find someone who wants them youre one lucky lady. Dont have too much fun doing laundry..

Okay ladies,.

Here we are at the weekend with weigh in day around the corner for most of us. How will yours turn out this week?? Were you able to manage your calories in to calories out ratio this week to provide for a loss or????.

Lets all make this a lighter and brighter weekend!.

Its my chair exercise day today, so will get that in for sure. Im feeling positive and looking forward to a productive weigh in by next Monday so will keep that in mind over the weekend. The end of Julythe end of July!! ~~just thinking~~..

Comment #69

Checking back in quick because I forgot to give a yell out to Jamie. How did your week go? What are you doing for your workouts? Pop in and let us know; we are interested!!!!.

Anne~ I hope you are feeling better!! We need you back to your perky self again!..

Comment #70

Hooray it's Saturday!!!.

Just going to give you all a quick ~~~~wave~~~~ post my affirmation, update my commitment ticker, then it's off to the races for the day..

My Daily Affirmation for Saturday*.

I will not overeat today.



Comment #71

Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.11.2 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.6.6 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 8.4 lbs...

Comment #72

Good morning!.

I am having a rough time. I just can't seem to get the resolve I had last year. I can talk a good talk and last year, NOTHING could get me off track but now I am not in the same place. why? I have no idea. I can guess and brainstorm and talk to myself-one of the main reasons I stay here and talk it up (for my own benefit). It was almost 5 PM and I wanted to EAT so instead of making an early dinner (Jerry was taking a nap) I fixed a whole plate of cinnamon toast and ate it while reading my latest book.

It was good but not so outstanding I can say it was worth it. I just wanted to eat something-remember how I said I think I was a cow in a previous life? I must miss the cud chewing! gum won't do it any more (I did that in high school and lost 20 pounds) and I had already eaten a whole bag of salad with lots of celery, green pepper and mushrooms but still.....

I think it all started when we went to the first pre season football game and stopped for supper afterward. We stop each game and I allow for it and order good things but, it's not on plan. and I was always getting a little cup with 2 deep fried shrimp from the Sea Fresh people out in the courtyard before the game (and counting that as my fat). I know, probably way more than a fat portion. Before the games, we had not eaten out or had carry out for 9 months so, I think that says volumes about how our bodies react to a different diet. Flexing is fine with good choices and finding what works for you is great but, for me, I don't think I can do that-at least not now..

I know all the things to say and think and what I should and shouldn't do but it's just not there right now. But, I am still here and will continue to work at it. I drink all my water and more and just finished my muffin. I have already got my planner from last year and will be following that for my food choices. Except for the extra protein/carb serving I should be able to follow that and still have it 'work'. I like not thinking about what to eat and just grab the next thing off myNutrisystemshelves.

I'm not wonder woman but would like to be a bit smarter than I have been with my choices..

There, enough about my failings yesterday, now it's time to say It's Sunday! the start of a new week and new commitments. our challenge is getting a good start-we have plenty of time to reach all our goals. I tell myself today:.

Do what you have to do..

Do it when it has to be done..

Do it whether you like it or not..

(and yes, this was hard for me to admit this)..

Comment #73

My Daily Affirmation for Today *I choose to stay on track*.

Hey Barb thanks for sharing. You.


Doing the right thing by staying with us and expressing the ups and downs that you and all the rest of us feel at times along our weight loss journeys. The 'eating out' thing can be fun but can be a slippery slope at times too. Maybe repeating the same menus and diet plan as last year will be what finally gets you to that losing place once again; it's worth the try. Maybe getting back to the mindset you were at last year would help too what motivated you back then? What changed and why? Your answers may hold the key. Your affirmation today is so spot on. Just remember to keep repeating it when the little saboteur in your head tries to weaken your resolve and lead you astray.

Thanks for the link; I found it informative. Maybe for the rest of this challenge it would do us all good to try find one site each week that has info that we think would be a benefit for our weight loss and share it by posting the link. Just a thought if youre interested; feel free to go ahead and post. I have my eyes ready to read..

Believe that it can be!!!.

Barb just a quick note. I'm going to be late getting my weigh in to you because I will be out of here early tomorrow...

Comment #74

Hi everyone!.

Barb-I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. We are all in this together and everyone can attest to the fact that dieting and staying on track 100% of the time is very difficult. The food available to us is just too tempting and it's easy to make justifications in our minds and cave in when we are faced with our favorite foods. Try not to beat yourself up and always remember the next meal is a new start. I used to always say "oh, I'll start again on Monday." I know better now and will just try to balance the bad with the good with the next meal rather than the next day. Easier said than done I know.

I had a bit of a day today myself with food. I tried to listen to my body and really figure out what I wanted before settling on something, but for some reason I ignored my cravings and just mindlessly snacked throughout the day. In the end I was completely unsatisfied. For some reason I've been in a funk lately over my weight. I remember getting this way before with the last ten pounds. I feel so close but not close enough and it just starts to take it's toll.

I push myself in my workouts but I know I could do better with the nutrition part of the equation to get this last 10 or so pounds off..

I did get a really good workout in though so I am happy with that. My butt is sore though from the lunges and squats!..

Comment #75

Thanks guys. I did great today but watched the clock to see if it was time to eat again. No matter, I made it the whole day 100% on plan. Talked with my daughter and we agree that going back to the plan books from last year and eating the same is a good thing for me to try. I wasn't even thinking about food last year-just following the plan book. Since I have so far to go still, I think it may be better for me to just stick with that.

Jamie a good workout should make you feel great-all those good endorphins! 10 pounds to go-so close but so far. Maybe you should try a mind thing and say you have 20 or 10 until the last ten. whatever works. Ah, the snacking all day syndrome-so easy as you said. Try my little mantra and see how that works for you-I recited it all day to myself and managed a chair routine also. I do feel that!.

Do what you have to do..

Do it when it has to be done..

Do it whether you like it or not..

Worked for me today..

Bea-never worry about weigh-ins, I just change the total when something is posted...

Comment #76

Morning! I was a bit surprised with my weight in today but I have to admit a little disappointed. I dropped 1.2 (yay!) so I am now at 130.2. I better see a 2 in place of that 3 very soon!!!.

Have a great Monday everyone!..

Comment #77

Morning Guys. I WI on Fri and then I WI on Sat to make sure I had not dropped more. From Fri to Sat I went up 1.5 lbs. I was going to take a .8 lb loss and was psyched. So.....I reset all my tickers. Sorry my Easter one has snow but I could not remember the password and what I did remember was the Valentine one.

I so know that I don't feel good at this weight but like Barb no amount of yelling at myself is working so I am going to follow the advise I am giving Barb..

Barb - You are going thru what every dieter goes thru - you have been doing this for over a year and you are Bored with a capital B. Bored with the food, bored with not being able to eat like "other people", not motivated etc. We were not meant to stay on a DIET for a lifetime. I know there are people on this site who are still usingNutrisystemfood after years and I guess it is OK to supplement when your weight starts to go up. But if you are living onNutrisystemfood to maintain for years I don't think it is healthy..

I would stay as much withNutrisystemas you can right now and try and keep the calorie count under 1600 per day. You and I know that the cinnamon toast was at least 1000+. And thats OK if it is really what you wanted. Just don't eat more calories the rest of the day. Fill up on the calorie free or low calories stuff. And the next day be careful of what you eat.

Everyone has a day when you just have to have it, and you need it now, and you need lots. Count the calories in your cheat and then don't exceed the 1600 in that day. And remember we can't eat that way every day of the week..

I know that you can do this. You have done this for a year and you can continue to do it. You just may need to give yourself a little more leeway in choices..

No loss this week for me..


Comment #78

Way to go Lisa! I'll take your 1.2 loss and raise you a gain! seriously, you are doing great-just stick with the exercise as that is what will do it in the long run for you. And watch your clothes. you may find that you fit where you want but the scale says you weigh more than you thought..

Anne-thanks and thanks for the PM. I agree and I do keep track of my calories. When you log your food, the calorie count is there. I don't think I have ever reached 1600 a day but do remember that last year, as long as I broke 1,000 I stopped eating at the end of the day. Got some flax seed at the market this morning so will be giving that a whirl to see if it's as good for me as prune juice. I would like to drop the 170 calorie serving of juice if possible...

Comment #79

Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.10 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.8.8 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.9.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 7.4 lbs...

Comment #80

Barb - try the flax seed in natural applesauce. I think you can count that as a fruit. I also add my omega 3 fish oil; I buy the one that has a lemon taste, so I get everything in one bowl. I usually add an egg; soft boiled and a piece of whole grain toast. I need protein in the morning..

Today was good for me. Trying to eat on the go and stay within 400 cals per meal with 400 left over for a snack if I need. I'm also back to Yoga. Missed 6 sessions with being gone and with being sick. I can't believe that from Sept thru January I was right on with all my classes and then bang, I got the flare and then the sinus infection. Feel like I have missed so many classes.

Almost afraid to jinx myself..

Hi to Bea and Lisa..

Let's hope this week is better..


Comment #81


My friend lost 1.8 pounds and has 4.8 pound left to lose...

Comment #82

My Daily Affirmation for Monday* I am losing weight*.

I know Im getting here very late but thought I would make my two posts; one for my weigh in and one separate one for my friend..

I have lost another 2.2 pounds this week so I now have 4.5 pounds left to lose this challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to have another successful week. I never expected these kind of results so I may have to reconsider my goal next Monday and up it because there are still a lot of weeks left till Easter and I need to keep challenging myself. Will make that decision next week..


Good for you for getting that workout in over the weekend. I see it paid off with a nice loss at your weigh in this week..

I saw your 2 running pass my house today so it should definitely be on your scale to replace the 3 by your next weigh in..

Its really been fun to watch your progress since you joined us last fall. Another great week to you!!.


Congrats on your 100% Day on Sunday. Way to go getting in that chair exercise too. See friend, you still have it in you! And I bet it was less painful than your gallstones!.

What was the most difficult challenge that you encountered and had to push past to make it a perfect day or were there any? Just keep repeating your mantra everyday when you start hearing the voice of your saboteur start to speak. We all have those little guys that like to run us off the track so thats where our daily affirmations or mantras as you call it become our voice of power that overrides those misleading and destructive messages. Now that youve found your power and voice again go for it, pick yourself up and continue on your journey and enjoy knowing that with the same eating plan and efforts that you made last year you can reach your goal. We will be here to cheer you across so no more doubting yourself and we will meet you at the finish line!! The one thing that will be a little different this year and will help boost your progress is your ability to incorporate exercise routines that you couldnt even dream of doing last year. Anne and Lisa make a good point about making a decision to eat what you know is not diet friendly and getting right back on track at the next meal. It is true that even if we used all of our days calories in one sitting eating pie, we could realistically eat free foods the rest of the day and not throw our diet off at all.

My suggestion is to think belly fat and take back your control over your carb cravings ASAP because they will quickly snow ball out of control and then you have to go through the discomfort of withdrawals and thats not fun as weve all experience them. Today is a new day and we hope weve helped give you the nudge you needed to move on..


You go girlgreat advice! It works for all of us; thanks for your words of wisdom. Nice to see you getting back to yourself and feeling better..

This week WILL be better because we all have the power to make it that way..

It's way late and I need to get some sleep so will be back later this morning...

Comment #83

Great work Bea. Whatever you are doing your body loves you for it. My mantra for the day is to think before putting it in my mouth. No more mindless eating. I should know about this from Yoga but I haven't incorporated it into my whole life..

Here's to a good week..


Comment #84

Let's see how many pounds as a group we can lose together!.

Screen NameGoal/Pounds To LosePounds Remaining To Lose.

Lisa13 lbs.10 lbs..

Barb H.10 lbs.4.8 lbs..

Barbara5 lbs.4.75 lbs..

Janice5 lbs.5lbs..

Bea12 lbs.2.5 lbs..

Diana10 lbs.10 lbs..

Anne5 lbs.5 lbs..

Staci? lbs.? lbs..

Abby? lbs.? lbs..

EC Running Total # of Pounds Lost 11.4 lbs..

Please let me know when I am off on the numbers. I don't know how I manage to do it but I goof it up quite often!..

Comment #85

Thanks Bea, thank you Anne-no real instances stand out, just kept chanting to myself. I am thinking of putting up again a screen saver I made a while ago. It has a lot of photos of me that show me as I'd like to be again interspersed with ones that make me go OMG. It's good form e to see what others see as my mental picture is not fat. I think that makes it harder at times because I don't 'see' myself as fat most of the time even though I know it's true. I think you all know what I mean.

I was busy so that always helps. I have an ongoing list of things to do. I don't usually make a new one because I like to see that I have crossed off things. Only thing is some items stay on a LONG time.

I'm putting some pictures in my album of a bowl my teacher made for her daughter. Not my style but it's really something. She brought it in this week as the other class is working on clay pottery and she wanted to show them possibilities. Everything is clay including the decorative balls..

Changed myNutrisystemorder again and took off even more muffins and replaced with the new scrambled eggs and vegetables. I always order eggs scrambled and thinking it should be like the frittata with different seasonings. Just had my muffin and tea and ready to get through the rest of my online work and on to my list..

Anne, I got the flax seed but it is whole so I will have to see if I can grind it in my grandma's old food grinder. I also may try my Braun hand blender that has a container for chopping. I just sprinkled them on my salad yesterday. I'm going to use just the flax the next few days to see if I react the same as with the prune juice. Geez, the things you have to adjust as your body changes! I've had to give up the extra carb at breakfast once I got below 100 pounds to lose so have my frittata plain. Did any of us left get theNutrisystemcookbook? I'm not sure I want to buy it just to check for 2 recipes.

The last I can figure out for myself..

Well off to the races..


"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.".

~ Unknown..

Comment #86

Good Morning Ladies, I cannot post a loss for this past week.

And yet somehow I expected that. After such a great one the week before I'm not sure if my body then has to process it/think about it before moving on. O well, no gain is ok too..

I seem to get so immersed in other things that I'm not consistent at getting to this board. I find myself quite often doing things that don't measure up to what I know would be better, i.e. reading sitting down rather than on the treadmill, eating out rather than 100%Nutrisystem(and I can't say that I don't likeNutrisystemfood, because I've found several items I like and truly am not tired of them). Why? That's always the hard one to pin down..

Any Hoo - sorry to go all introspective on you.

It's nice to have a place to come and know you won't get blasted but you will get sound advice, encouragment and laughs (thanks barb for the "delete housework")..

On to a better/lesser (of weight) week..

O and we're getting more and more sunshine which always makes me think it's warmer (even if it's not). My computer is saying -15 but the radio said 7 above and I'm going with that...

Comment #87

My Daily Affirmation for Tuesday *Im going to find everything positive about my weight loss diet and focus on.

Them only.



Thanks for dropping byalways nice to hear how things are going up there in your "cool" little world! Hey, it's a heat wave here today; were at 26 above already. WooHoo!.


I like your mantra today!!.


I checked out the bowl and balls and I have to say Im not thrilled with the patterns and paint colors on the outside but I do find the shape of the bowl interesting..

Happy to hear youre cuttiing down breakfast carbs next month. The thing with the frittata is that you can add free veggies and herbs to give it more bulk and make it more satisfying. Something about warm food is soothing and satisfying to the stomach. Have you ever thought to use some warmed up mild salsa on the fritatta with FF sour cream?.

Sometimes getting a little creative helps to make it feel like youre not eating the same thing every day. Whatever works it's worth doing..

Gotta cut this short because Im off for another appointment today!! Just heard were getting more snow tomorrow..

Oh Spring where are you??!!..

Comment #88

Diana-good to see you! why eat out, or sit and read? because it's habit, feels good, we're too tired to be bothered doing it the other way. No matter, just be mindful of what you are doing and change one little thing..

Anne-we have to pay attention to what goes in our mouths which is whyNutrisystemworks best for me because I don't have to think about it but just choose..

Bea-oh, I agree about the bowl-not my style at all but I was impressed with the whole thing and what it took to make them. About 10 different firings and gold trim but still, it's too modern for me but it was a gift so I assume her daughter loved it. I just thought it was interesting enough to post..

I had one of my 'should take about 20 minutes' chores today that lasted hours of course. we have, had, one sprinkler head that for some odd reason started spraying into the lanai. Neither of us know about that so it just kept soaking everything inside. I knew how to change the arc but not the left set point so I looked it up online. Didn't understand the manual so I called-waited for nearly 20 minutes or more then another 10 or 15 for them to find the instructions because it's a discontinued head. Finally, the light bulb went on-they left out a vital point in the manual.

Also checked all the others and they are fine except for one that sprays into our neighbor's lawn but I won't worry about that now..

Decided to keep the heads from getting hit or whatever and make it so I could find it again-insert long tale of how I finally found it in the lawn. Said the heck with it, put on some pants instead of my disgraceful too big shorts I work in and went to Ace, where I don't care if I have lipstick or dirt on me. Got some Safety Shields for the 5 heads in the yard and some plant for the front. Installed the shield around the fixed sprinkler head with much effort because roots were everywhere around it-the shield will hold them back and the grass too. Put another one in the front in about 30 seconds! Planted the flowers and put some fresh mulch around them and watered. Took a shower and now I am pooped for the day.

Oh, I also hosed out the lanai, cleaned the furniture of pollen and now we can sit out there and enjoy it. Also fixed a windsock that was damaged and figured out a better way to tether my flag in the front so I can use the hose without a hassle (since it's tied to the rack to keep it out of the gutter)..

Ann-I ground the flax seed with my hand blender and had it in my yogurt-really good and I enjoyed the extra crunching. we'll see if it is as good as the juice. That would be nice as the calories is less and it has the good omega acids too...

Comment #89

Good morning!.

Back later-having my muffin and tea; pretty sore from yesterday and walking is not so easy; for some reason my ankles are not happy. no matter, lots of things on my sit-down list...

Comment #90

My Daily Affirmation for Wednesday *My clothes fit better because I am losing pounds and inches*.

Today I had a NSV. I decided to take my measurements and since New Years Ive lost 9 inches off my body overall. Hooray. End of July.end of July. Just thinking again..

Barb~ I agree about the bowl and balls; beauty is in the eye of the beholder exactly. Working with clay is fun..

Smart you, for figuring the sprinkler system out on your own. Waiting on hold can be frustrating; and worse yet when you dont get the answer you need in the end. Youre making me envious with all of your yard work and cleaning off patio furniture talk. I dont see any pollen on anything here right now, just a new layer of snow!.

Sounds like you got a great workout in the yard yesterday. That counts too!!.

Maybe a little ice on the ankles will get some of the inflammation out and lessen the pain..

When I have digesting troubles, what I finally found works for me the best is 4 whole prunes eaten at one time and then drink a hot cup of green tea right after and within the same day relief!.

Theres a remedy for everyone; you just cant give up trying different remedies. Sometimes it might take a combination of things..

Enjoy your evening Ladies!..

Comment #91

Bea-I have always eaten my 3 prunes at once and drink hot tea all day longam trying the flax instead of prunes or juice and see how that goes. A bargain for the flax seed, got 9.5 ounces for $1.69 and ground myself. Have it in the fridge in a vacuum seal canister covered in black construction paper to shield it from the light. Should be fine and it does have a wonderful nut-like taste..

I think whenever I lean over to work I put a lot of force outward on my ankles and feet since I can't kneel down anymore. I should have taken a stool outside but I keep forgetting and then just go ahead-I may try the ice next time just to see..

I really wanted to eat something this morning but it wasn't time for anything so I washed my car. And watered my new plants and fixed my flag yet again. Then it was time for lunch-hooray..

I never commented on your suggestion for salsa on the frittata-I always have it like that! once in a while I will do a sprinkle of parmesan cheese but usually the salsa. I ate the last muffin today so tomorrow it's back to the frittata-which I truly like a lot..

Wonderful about the inches lost. It pays to take them for when the scale doesn't show much..

See you all tomorrow. We are having heavy rain now and through the night-we so needed the rain. Hope it didn't wash out my new plants. Only one I'm not confident about planting deep enough and may have to take care of it tomorrow...

Comment #92

Just got in from an 11 hour shift! Sorry for not coming back sooner, I hate feeling like I am neglecting you all! I just completed day 3 of my "round 2" journey on NS. I forgot what it was like to eat foods high in protein and fiber, lots of gas. Sorry if that was too much info! ! ! BUT on the bright side it does fill you up, and keep you full longer. I obviously ordered the foods I LOVED and also have been trying the new frozen foods, which are absolutely delicious!! Has anyone tried the frozen foods? So far I had an alfredo chicken pasta, breakfast burrito and a toasted ham and cheese melt..

The only issue I am having is, I must get these random cravings out of my head. I know I was never really hungry on NS, but I don't think my mind is 100% in diet mode.. it's playing tricks on me telling me I want junk food or that I am hungry. It sucks, it is so annoying. And my mindset is not where it was at last November when I first didNutrisystemin 2009. I don't know why it isn't in the same spot either because I'm just as disgusted with myself, and I should be even more disgusted being I gained weight that took me hard work and time to get off.

There is no where else to go, I paid forNutrisystemand I know I will not waste my money. I just hope I stop craving things. Im assuming once I get all the bad carbs and sugars out of my system while eating the healthy portionedNutrisystemitems and my fruits and veggies, I should stop having cravings for those naughty items!.

Anyone have any special tips for veggies? I absolutely love vegetables but they aren't as good when you can't sautee them in olive oil. Not that I ever had my veggies soaking in oil but sometimes steaming and spraying pam butter spray just doesn't cut it. I am not as creative as you ladies! HELP!! I need to love healthy veggies again! As for salads, I also LOVE salads and at my job I would make salads daily, with all healthy ingredients but apparently dressing is not unlimited and I was a sucker for oil and vinegar and well one tsp of olive oil does nothing for a heaping salad that we are allowed to have. I try FF dressings and they do not cut it. I cannot even stomach them =( Oh olive oil, you will sorely be missed!.

AS for weight loss, congrats to all you fabulous ladies! keep up the great work! Your weight losses are motivation for me !! Hoping I will be back tomorrow! Talk to you ladies soon! xOxO-..

Comment #93

Good morning all..

Jamie-your post says you are human, what a relief! I could make the same post and have been playing around since October-not gaining but a few pounds around my surgery but not losing..

You have a fat portion, only 1 tsp. but you can use that as OO on your salad-you will need to toss it a lot to spread it around and get the flavor on everything but it can be done. Try some salt free seasonings on your salad too-might pass. I understand about FF dressings and agree. I use low fat but only 1 T. so it works for me-but only when I toss it a lot to spread the dressing..

I started roasting veggies again-using Pam (generic oo spray) and Herbs d' Provence I make up myself. You could do any seasonings you like. Totally different taste than just cooked. You might try a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on your veggies-don't need much and it changes everything. parm cheese is salty to that helps the flavor too. I can be one of your free foods..

11 hour shift! jeepers, what do you do? I remember pulling a volunteer extra hour and it was always a killer..

I have to just bull my way through the cravings now. I am not hungry either, just want to eat, chew, whatever. I do drink hot tea now all the time and that helps. I am doing this out of stubborness now since I'm not of the same mind set yet either. Do what you have to do. Do it when it has to be done.

Or as Nike says, Just Do It! HTH..

Comment #94

Just a quick pop in..

Barb - I have the cook book and I also have some of the receipes we put together back in 2009/2010..

So Barb if you let me know what you want to see from the book and Jamie I will look up and see if we have any creative vegetable receipes..

I will be back. Am holding my own. Still can't figure out how I'm going up 2 lbs over the course of a day. Off Prednisone so can't be that..

I will be more mindful about what I put in my mouth..


Comment #95

Daily Affirmation for Thursday.


Have the power to control myself. Discipline is not what I do when others are around, it's what I do when I am alone.



Prunes are my friend..

I have ground organic golden flax on my cereal and salads everyday. I agree it has a nice nutty flavor. It also has blood thinning properties and I figure it cant hurt me because Ive tested positive for factor V Leiden years ago. I figure if Im going to continue to eat my leafy green veggies, broccoli, cabbage etc. that are high in vitamin K then I shouldnt have a problem taking blood thinning supplements like cinnamon and Flax every day. They are both helpful for controlling your blood sugar levels too..

I know exactly what you mean about the stress on your ankles when bending over to do yard work..

When I used to garden I got myself a little wheeled garden cart that I could pull to where I needed it. Inside it held all my garden tools and my bottle of water and the top folded down and became the seat to sit on. I was able to sit and use my feet to roll along my garden plants and do trimming and picking while sparing the strain on my back. It worked quite well. My sister has very bad knees so I ordered her one of those carts and she loves it..


Not to worrythis is the place to come to discuss the topic of those infamous Nutritoots!!.

I agree cravings can be very annoying. Always remember, a craving is only temporary so ride out the wave and take control over it and maybe do what Barbs been doing and get busy with something else to divert you thoughts away from food. Before you know it the thought passes. This keeps you in control of the situation. Youre right the cravings do get to be less over time. So hang in there!!.

About what to do with veggies. I use fresh ground pepper, grapeseed oil, my own Herbs de Provence mixture on roasted or steamed veggies and then I use a fine grater and grate 1/4 of a frozen lemon over the top and then sprinkle with a tiny pinch of sea salt. I like using the grated frozen lemon instead of just the squeezed juice because you get little bits of lemon pulp in each bite and it just pops the flavor of the veggies and herbs. Super tasty!!.

I keep a bag of peeled and deseeded lemons and lemon peel in a baggie in my freezer at all times. How I prepare the lemon for freezing is I peel the lemon and get as much of the white pith off as possible. Keep the lemon peel and set aside. Then I break the lemon in half between the membranes. I then hold it up to the light to locate the seeds and then with the point of a knife carefully poke a hole where the seeds are so I can pop them out without destroying the pulp or losing the juice. Then I lay the lemon halves on a tray along side the lemon peel and throw it the freezer.

Now I always have fresh lemon and rinds ready for grating over my dishes and salads. You can do this with oranges and limes also. Since Ive been doing this with the citrus fruit I use for cooking Ive never had to throw away any because they spoiled before I got around to using them. If I need a lemon just for it's juice then I purchase it just for that purpose. Okay thats my tip for the day.


Are you eating foods that are high in sodium? I know that affects me. Are you drinking enough clear liquids to flush your system? I know sometimes if Im busy I forget to stop and drink. Or not to be crass but maybe you need a little extra flax to break loose and dump whats loading you down..

Sugar's another option; it also makes me blow up just like salt does. Usually a spike like that in a day is just fluid retention for one reason or another. Think positive and it may be gone by tomorrow..

Diana, Lisa, Allison, Abby~.

Just thinking of you and hoping all is well..

So far so good on my exercise commitments this week as Im on schedule..

Nuff said, best get my rear in gear and get things together for dinner..

A relaxing evening and a night filled with sweet dreams to all!..

Comment #96

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