Anyone who has joined Nutrisystem please answer?

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Quick question: Anyone who has joined Nutrisystem please answer? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: ...down 16 pounds. Awesome..

I know this pace of weight loss will slow down, but for now it's really cool..

It's also kind of interesting to see.


I'm losing the weight each week. Last week, a couple of people said they could tell I'm losing weight by looking at my face (and my wife added my neck to that). This week, the weight came off my midsection. Over the last seven or eight days, I've had to tighten my belt. I can actually drop two full notches and still feel really comfortable..

Oh, and my butt's smaller. I'm just saying..

So far I've been successful at sticking to the program faithfully. I've only had one non-NS meal along the way, and even then I stuck to the rules pretty well. BUT... I gotta admit that I've had a couple of moments this past week when I just felt... hmmm....


With the Nutrisystem routine. Of course, being bored is certainly not a reason to go binge on a couple of cookies or something. And I've changed up the vegetables to add a bit more variety. But let's face it: As much as I love salads, I'm starting to feel like a rabbit! Ack!.

I've looked at the threads where people get all creative with their Nutrisystem foods and the grocery add-ons to make new dishes. That's cool and all, but part of the reason I chose Nutrisystem is because I wanted someone else to do the thinking for me. My past experience has been that when I think too much about what I'm eating in an effort to lose weight, I find myself focusing on being deprived and I actually end up eating more. So, for now, I'll continue with the ol' "heat and serve" approach of Nutrisystem without being too creative. If that means dealing with a bit of boredom, so be it. I'll just think about that next belt notch and stay faithful...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Eat a few habanero peppers, that should wake up the tastebuds....

Nice job on the weight loss so far; the rest of the weigh is slow but steady...

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Good work, Doc..

I'm also 3 weeks in and just under 16 lbs down. Had my first non-NS dinner last night, also due to a little boredom...fixed myself a nice peppers and onion omelet with some diced ham (a protein I saved from earlier) and a little shredded cheese (fat), using Egg Beaters for the eggs. Overdid it on the jalapeno/serranos...but it was all good - gotta adjust that next time. Still made it work...

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Don't forget, Frank's red hot is your friend. put it on/in everything!.

And I do what sean does with the frozen veggies - just put ICBINB an d Ms Dash on them and they are good...

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Awesome job! I find it easier to just stick to the plan and not get creative. The last time I was on nutrisystem (2008) "getting creative" is what finally led me to abandoning the plan. The creativeness started slowly but grew and grew. Fast forward a couple years later and I have not gained any weight (fluctuate 10 lbs here and there), but I have not lost any either...

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You're doing it!.

Absolutely stick to the plan 100% and check off the booklet (or website).

On everything every day until it is totally engrained in your psyche..

And if you cheat 1 iota - you will knooooow it...

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Great job, man..

As far as the salads go, I used to eat two a day. Now I have about two a month! If you're veggies get boring just change up how you cook them. I went from steaming broccoli to roasting it. Totally different taste. Last week I discovered the magic of olives (a fat) and ****ake mushrooms and a clove of garlic(unlimited) and Nutrisystem pizza..

Just stick with what you're doing though...

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I like portobella mushrooms. get the big ones and grill them - they taste like steak over salad or on the pizza- and you can have as much as you want...any mushroom cooked usually adds some flavor to a meal - I add a cup or so of cooked baby bellas to the mushroom risotto - very very filling..

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Great job Doc. I'm a few days and 3 lbs behind you. I too am starting to look for ways to change things up a little. I've been doing the 2 salad a day routine since day one and am starting to get a little bored with it. I keep rotating the FF dressings and add banana peppers to mine. I love mushrooms and will have to try the grilled portabellas. I haven't gotten creative with the Nutrisystem entres yet, too easy to just heat `n eat...

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