Anyone starting the Nutrisystem program next week? Need a buddy!

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Hi everyone - I should be receiving my food order Monday or Tuesday and was hoping to find some people starting then! This is my first time with Nutrisystem and would love to chat for encouragement, support and accountablility!..

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Hi - I am starting Monday July 26th and it is my first time in about 20 years with Nutrsystem-so I quess I'm new at it. However have been on many other diets from time to time. My main goal is to get healthier and need to lose about 25 lbs...

Comment #1

Hi, my food is on it's way, it should be here by wednesday or thursday. I need a buddy too!..

Comment #2

My food arrives Monday, 7/26I am a Nutrisystem newbieI can use any help I can get! I am happy to be buddies with other starting members. :-)..

Comment #3

Thanks for the replies! Let's stay in touch this week as our food arrives and we get started. I went to lunch after church with a friend today and the unhealthy choice I made didn't even taste good! I'm ready!! Are you?..

Comment #4

Hi! I received my first order of nutrisystem in June however, my father had a stroke and I fell off of the plan after the first two weeks when I left to go stay with him. My third shipment is scheduled to ship August 4 and I plan to get back on the plan 100 percent this week or next week at the latest. Just having the nutrisystem options around to snack on have helped me loose five pounds so I really believe that it will work great with a total commitment. I look forward to loosing with you all...

Comment #5

Just ordered my food and so ready to get my body back. Had a baby boy in February 13 weeks early and finally getting things back to normal. Looking forward to this program and staying encouraged with others doing the same. Let's go girls!!!..

Comment #6

My food is due this week too. I *know* i'm going to need buddies!! Sign me up!.


Comment #7

Hello Everyone,.

I have been on the Nutrisystem program exactly 8 weeks today. In my first 2 weeks, I lost around 6lbs....thereafter nothing. I gave it another 3 weeks and the needle on the scale didnot move..

I have called the counsellors once every week since last 4 weeks and done everything they said. I switched the foods around, drink all my water, follow the meal planner, haven't cheated at all as this is my final attempt to loose weight..

I work almost 13-14 hours a day, 6 days a week. Slowly I have started incorporating a little exercise since last 2 weeks also..

Sad to say that since last 6 weeks, in total I lost only 2 pounds. What's going on, I am getting depressed. Any suggestions please...........I know there are so many of us loosing weight with the program, can anyone give me some tips please........thank you........

Comment #8

I'm new here and expecting my food to arrive tomorrow (7-26) although I think that I'll begin using the food on Tuesday after I've had time to review all the materials and organize things. I can certainly use buddies so feel free to count me in if you like! Best wishes to you all as the week begins!..

Comment #9

I just ordered last night, so it may be august 1 before I start..hopefully it will be here before next saturday...good luck all..

Comment #10

I would love to buddy up as well. I'm a cancer patient, stroke patient, just had brain tumor removed and am type 2 diabetic. I really need this to work for myself and my family. I think a buddy system could really help me out..

Comment #11

Just ordered the food on 7/25 so I will be started for the first time. I am bit worried but I seriously need to get my weight down. Hope to drop 70 lbs over the next 6 to 8 months. Want company? My food is probably a week out I guess but I am trying to start making simple modifications in anticipation of starting. Just over 1 year ago I entered the emergency room with a blood sugar level of 1449 (seriously) and they were shocked I was conscious. Got my act together and lost about 40lbs but after April 2010 started putting it back on and not staying on track and now I am back to my same weight I was a year ago. Blood sugar is okay currently, at around 120-150, but I can feel that things are "not right" so here I am...

Comment #12

Hi all - my food should be here today so I'll either start tomorrow or Wednesday depending on if I can go to the store tonight..

Carolee- did you start today? How did it go?!?.

Elise and Sabrina- are you starting tomorrow?.

Paige - I hope you'll start back with us after your time away caring for your dad..

Everyone else - let's keep in touch! I'll let you know how my first day goes!..

Comment #13

Hello! I just ordered my food today...It took me about 2 weeks to decide to do this. I am hoping this works.....

Comment #14

Just ordered my food. Anxious to get started. Will definitely need buddies to get going...

Comment #15

Kaskades, Congratulations for making the effort to get going. We can support others on here and get this weight off!!!..

Comment #16

Eighties fan, I started when I ordered my food just by cutting calories/fat and upping my water intake, but my food arrived yesterday afternoon, so today is my first official day on the program..

I'm eating my granola as we "speak." Ha..

How is everyone else doing? How do you guys like the food?..

Comment #17

I started yesterday. Had the sweetened O's for breakfast, Spicy Red Beans & Rice with Sausage for lunch, and the Penne Pasta & Chicken in Alfredo Sauce for dinner. I enjoyed it all, especially the Penne Pasta. Added some sauted mushrooms to it and some garlic, it was yummy! Had the blueberry muffin this morning and liked that too. So far so good! I really want and need to lose about 40 pounds and would like to do that by my birthday in January. Looking forward to the support from these boards...

Comment #18

I am waiting for my food to arrive, looks like it shipped this morning. I usually go to the grocery store tomorrow, what foods should I be buying to round out the meals? Fresh fruit and veggies right? Anything else?..

Comment #19

I am brand new- just ordered 10 mins ago. Didn't know I could add other foods like fruits and veggies. Will those guidelines come with the food?.

Obviosly I will need a buddy- or 3!!..

Comment #20

I haven't gotten my food yet, however I know that you are supposed to round out the meals with fruits and veggies and low fat dairy...

Comment #21

In the 'Food Talk and Tips' board, at the bottom of page 2 there's a thread titled 'Free Foods List'. That might be of some help. Also, in the 'Tips and Recipes' section at the top of the page there's a list of recommended grocery foods to buy. Between those two lists, I was able to put together a fairly decent shopping list...

Comment #22

I just got my food yesterday and am getting organized today and going to the store in a little while. I am using my meal planner that come with the food to make a list. So far I am listing things like low fat, high protein yogurt, low fat cheese, veggies, fruits.... I found it easier to make a list once I saw the meal planner that came with the food. I start tomorrow!..

Comment #23

Hello, just started last monday, so it's been one week and going really well, looking for a buddy!..

Comment #24

I started yesterday too.. I am hoping to lose about 45 pounds. The food was pretty good and it seemed like I was constantly eating. I did stretch out the meals like was suggested on here and it worked great. I have a short term goal of 10 pounds by our cruise at the end of August, then I hope to have the rest off by the end of the year..

Great to be able to have others to discuss and share with..

Comment #25

Hi all, I should be getting my food tomorrow and will start on thursday. I needed a simple plan so that's why I went with nutrisystem..too many other complications in my life right now to worry about food. Anyways, I need to lose around 30 to 40 pounds. I've already lost 20 with just counting calories since the middle of March but haven't been able to lose any for a little while. I'd love to get at least another 20 off before the end of the year..


Comment #26

Delivery date rescheduled from today until tomorrow. I just want to start!!..

Comment #27

UPS Tracking says food arrives tomorrow on 7/28 so I hope to start on Thursday. Time to join the bandwagon here..

Comment #28

Started today! My breakfast was the chocolate chip scone, which I did not love. Was too heavy tasting. It must be popular though because I think they sent me 3 or 4 of them!..

Comment #29

Hello - I should be receiving my first shipment this Friday, 7/30, and am very excited to get started. I'd love a buddy to share this experience with. Let me know if you're interested. Jul..

Comment #30

J Maq - welcome to our little group of late July starters!.

All - I am having my second meal - Three cheese pasta with chicken - and I'm enjoying it very much - yummy!..

Comment #31

So far, I like the chocolate cake best..

No big surprise there. Ha...

Comment #32

I will be starting nutrisytem tomorrow, hoping my food will arrive this evening. Wish me luck..

Comment #33

You may need to increase your activity level. I know how frustrating trying to lose weight can be. I have a Wii and I do the Wii Fit. I love the program because even if you have lost .1 pounds it cheers for you. I have also found it easier to exercise with friends...

Comment #34

I like the meal planner too. I will start my program tomorrow...

Comment #35

I just got my food today. I will start tomorrow. I really hope this works. I am sooo tired of this constant battle!..

Comment #36

Hi Graham-cracker - welcome - most of this thread consists of new people just starting!.

Speaking of grahams - I just had the fudge graham bar for lunch - YUMMO!.

This is day two for me - Yesterday afternoon I was very hungry but I think I need to stretch my mini meals out better. Trying that today. Also did not drink enough water yesterday. Think that will help too!..

Comment #37

I started on 7/26 and feeling better about it today. First 2 days I was starving...

Comment #38

I am also starting on Sunday!! I am pumped! The only thing that scares me is the meatloaf haha Saturday night I will be going shopping to get the add-ins. I ordered about a week ago and have been drinking my water and exercising, so I figured that's a good start. Just need to add in the food!..

Comment #39

Hello ladies. I am new to Nutrisystem too. My food was just delivered last night and I went through everything with a fine toothed comb. I am heading to the grocery store after work tonight and I plan to start my first day tomorrow. I would love to buddy up with everyone here too. We need all the support and encouragement we can get.

I am hoping to lose abn out 35 pounds by year's end. Good luck to all of us...

Comment #40

Hi everyone! Glad to be here. My UPS Tracking Information says "Out for Delivery" so I am excited and ready to start tomorrow - 30July2010. Just like you, Laggy01, I plan to go to the grocery store tonight to get my supplemental items. Good luck to you and everyone out there - I look forward to keeping in touch!!..

Comment #41

Thanks, Alyssa. I look forward to keeping in touch. I think if we can get past the first 3 to 5 days, then it will get easier and we will be on our way to successful weight loss!!..

Comment #42

Today is my first day on the plan. It would be great to compare notes with the rest of the newbies, get encouragement and give lots and lots of it in return! My goal is 70 lbs, but my first milestone is to break the 200 lb mark. Small steps, big victories!..

Comment #43

That's exactly what I figure too. The first 3-5 days should be tough. I don't really know what to expect in terms of how hungry I'll be...but I decided to do Nutrisystem because I need rigid guidelines and ease in food preparation. Happy food shopping tonight (I'm planning on getting those bagged sugar snap peas - those are tasty eating and are a good go to for me if I'm losing it). Let me know how your first day goes tomorrow...

Comment #44

Good for you on starting! What is that quote? Success begins with the first step or something like that? How did your first day go so far?..

Comment #45

Hi ItsMMM. I hope your first day is going well. Keep up the hard work! I plan to come here several times a week for support and updates. It's fun and more motivating knowing that other people are going through this same process. Cheers to all of us!..

Comment #46

Hey J-Maq, my food arrived yesterday and I started this morning. Welcome to the club and I hope we can all support each other and make it to our goals. So far the two items I have had for breakfast and lunch were fine. This afternoonI am off to the grocery store to stock up on fruits, veggies, low fat dairy and protein etc..

Being the geek I am I downloaded the Nutrisystem iPhone app (yup there is an app for that) that may come in handy..

Comment #47

Hi Everyone,.

I just received my food today and I couldn't believe how much food was in that box! I'm 63 and have been on about every diet out there - spent $1500 on hypnosis last year and didn't lose a pound! I'm determined that Nutrisystem is my last diet. I have 60 lbs. to lose and would love to have some support and encouragement from those that are going through this with me. I'm going to spend this weekend getting my act together and starting officially on Monday. Good luck everyone and keep in touch!..

Comment #48

Hi I'm Diane and I am a young 52. I need lotsa buddies, and I think you're all looking good - can't wait to see our progress. My order shipped out on the 27th of July so I expect it should be here at least by Monday. I just recently started exercising like I should and plan to vamp that up as I am inspired more with quicker weight loss results which I fully anticipate. I have 60 lbs to lose. Darn, went to get package that just came and it was something else. Oh well!.

Are any of you aware of your triggers that make you eat? I ate a lot yesterday because I was thinking of a sad breakup with a friend I had. Boredom, too! That one really gets me. Well, I'm looking forward to the apportioned proportions that I should be eating, and am going to go to the store and stock up on fresh veggies and fruit. I anticipate that I may need to order another Nutrisystem food supply sooner as I think I'll get my husband started on it too. Why not? If I'm going to look good, then he better too..

Comment #49

Im re-starting...just got my food today! (i cant believe it only took 2 days from when I placed my order) Its so helpful to have buddies that are going through the same thing as you!..

Comment #50

Me, too, brand new and needing to lose at least 40 lbs ASAP, but I'm 66 and folks say losing weight at my age can be badany thoughts?.


Comment #51

Hi all-I started in June but hve been off to a slow start, so I would like to "restart" with all of you. It is a great plan you just have to follow it and that is exactly what I plan to do starting tomorrow!!.

Good Luck to all!!.


Comment #52

I ordered my food last night (7-29) and am hoping to have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Like many others, I have already started making changes, stopped my sweet tea cold turkey (!), which hasn't been as bad as I would have thought, lol. Started out the day with a glass of water and a whole grain waffle. Can't wait till my food gets here so I don't have to worry about what's good or not!.


Comment #53

How's everyone doing? This is my first weekend day on the program so I am home and closer to the fridge and pantry. So far so good. I am really pleased with my first 3 daysEncouraged and hopeful!..

Comment #54

I just got my food yesterday and I am starting tomorrow. I have 30 lbs to lose and I have tried everythign but Nutrisystem is a first for me. Would love to be buddys and help keep each other accountable...

Comment #55

Good Morning Everyone!.

My Nutrisystem shipment is due to arrive tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to finally getting my body and health back on track..

How do I get a weight tracker?..

Comment #56

I officially started this morning and it feels great!!!!..

Comment #57

I ordered my food yesterday; I am anxious to get started...

Comment #58

Hello Everyone! I ordered my food on Friday (8-6) and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive so I can get started. I am new to Nutrisystem and would love some buddies and any tips anyone has..

How do I add a ticker to my posts?..

Comment #59

I'm looking for a buddy too! Not sure how this works, but I'm willing to give it a try...

Comment #60

I totally need a buddy! I started yesterday, and i'm very excited and motivated! i'm 33. female...

Comment #61

How was your first day? Did you feel hungry? I am excited to get started!..

Comment #62

It's been pretty easy so far. sorry it took me so long to respond! i'm on day 4 now, and I feel hungry sometimes, but i'm not having all the snacks and in between meals. I didn't know i'd need all of that. i'll buy stuff like that this week did you get started yet? i'm still excited about it on day 4. i've lost 5 pounds already. probably mostly water weight, i'm told! haha!!..

Comment #63

Wow! 5lbs is great!! My order is taking longer than I thought to get here. I just checked the shipping info and it says it will arrive tomorrow. I am going to start on Saturday...

Comment #64

Right on! i'm excited for you! i've been doing it for a week now, and it's really easy to stick with it!!..

Comment #65

I need a buddy too so I'll be your buddy!! Just ordered my food. Hoping for success...

Comment #66

Hey Girls,.

Well, here I am 52 years old and out of control. You know the commercial says there's no hope after 50!! Ouch ~ My food should arrive next week, this is my first time and I'm not even sure I'm committed to it yet...

Comment #67

Finally, I got my food today!!! I am starting in the morning. Can't wait. Hope the food tastes good. I am a little worried about that...

Comment #68

Well I too got off to a slow start as family arrived two days after the food and it was hard to stay on track with all the visits to to restaurants but I am happy that I have lost 16 lbs so far. Most of the food tastes fine for me but there are a few exceptions..

So Down to 289 with a goal of 235 or maybe lower...

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