Anyone sluggish with headaches in beginning of Nutrisystem?

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Hi all. Just started Nutrisystem on Monday and while I like the food and am totally motivated, I feel crummy: 2nd day of waking up feeling a)sluggish b)headachy c)crabby. Slept fine and am getting plenty of exercise so I think my body is adjusting (chemically) to the new diet.

What I'm wondering is, did anyone else feel lousy in the beginning of Nutrisystem and then adjusted/bounced back to feeling good? I hoping someone can tell me they did!..

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Your question was: Anyone sluggish with headaches in beginning of Nutrisystem?.

Yes, that is how most of us feel. Our bodies are not used to all the foods, especially the fruits and vegies. Make sure to drink your water and when the weight starts coming off the energy goes up. When I exercise too, I feel so much more energy. It releases endorphins...

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Classic crap withdrawl. Stick to it you will be feeling great with more energy soon!..

Comment #2

This is Week 1 for me too, and I guess I'm a little tired, and definitely have hunger pangs. I know it'll be well worth it,and as most people said above, our bodies will adjust. Hang in there!..

Comment #3

For the replies....actually I already did eat a good amount of fruits and veggies, and I already exercise, so it can't be that, but it must be some kind of withdrawal...maybe I"m craving bread!..

Comment #4

I thought I ate pretty well too, but had a really rough first week. BUT it was totally worth it. I feel better now than I have in decades I don't ever want to go back to a high glycemic index diet again...

Comment #5

I started yesterday and I feel crappy too. What I can tell you is that you will probably feel this way for 3 days, and THEN......all of a sudden you will feel terrific and wonder why you hadn't started Nutrisystem sooner.

I always attribute the headache to the amount of water I'm now drinking. I think it rehydrates your brain...

Comment #6

I think everyone feels crummy/different when they begin Nutrisystem or any plan. Your body is going through big changes.

It will get better and you'll soon forget how bad you felt and feel wonderful about yourself!..

Comment #7

Gus - craving bread? If you are a guy dont you get to add carbs? If a gal try the burger, chicken breast, sloppy joe, etc...can add a carb there. Also if cutting down/out caffeine that can affect how we feel. Luckily most all that stuff ends & we are loving NS!..

Comment #8

If you were eating a lot of carbs before you started this, yes that can also cause withdrawl symptoms. I'm thankful I was already using low-glycemic starches when I started and didn't suffer from any of the yucks...

Comment #9

Can anyone tell me if it's normal to feel depressed??? I had the headache thing too, but I feel like crying ALL THE TIME! I'd started program then kept messing up so I went off for a few weeks, now I'm back, 100% and on my 3rd day but OMG, I'm so weepy!!! Not TOM, no 'reason' that I can think of, just 'down' I cried cause boyfriend told me he loves me more than ever in a text,'d think that would make me happy, but I'm at my desk crying!..

Comment #10

The detox from the sugar and bad carbs really is a "nasty" (had another word in mind there). But HOLD ON! It will pass. So will the 'deprived feelings' (though, honestly, they come and go forever) Losing the weight WILL make you feel so much better in the long run..

Really be drinking all the water you possibly can. It helps. Keep hanging on!!!..

Comment #11

This is my second week and I feel like crap! First week I was all excited and the diet seemed easy, no problems and I lost 5 pounds! This week, I'm sluggish, tired, have NO energy at all and basically don't want to do anything. Trying to eat enough vegetables is tiresome in itself...and I honestly want to give up. Even though I'm sticking to the plan and eating exactly what is specified I have gained 1 pound back. While my family is eating the flavorful good stuff I'm cooking for them, I'm eating expensive prepackaged crap...seems everything is covered in the same bland tomato sauce...Yes, I know, use seasonings, use what you have at your disposal. Sorry, I'm being Ms. Negativity. Maybe it's the fact that it's still colder than crap here in Colorado and this Texas girl needs some heat and sunshine!!.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to rant. Promise I will do better next time and not let this get the best of me...I will overcome..

Oh yeah, I'm craving bread too...and a big ol' hunk of cheese LOL..

Comment #12

AVOID THE ADVIL if you causes bloat! We figured on my challenge board that advil and the like cause you to bloat for a few days so avoid it if you don't like the scale fluctuations..

Everyone was's'll feel fabulous in a few days!..

Comment #13

Marlette - sounds like we've had a similar day. I'm at week 3 as of today and I honestly feel like I'm withdrawing from some sort of addiction. I have been cranky, tired, and on the edge ready to order take out. BUT...i got through this day. I can get through tomorrow. Get through this month's worth of food and then you can order things you like a bit more next month.

My first week was 7 pounds lost, second week 3 pounds and this one I have lost only 1 and that was a struggle! I think our bodies are in shock and our metabolism is working itself out.

Keep trying!..

Comment #14

Day 4 and I have this strange, weak, slightly nausous, wanting feeling. I feel ist's the low carb/sugar crash (I felt the same way when I did Atkins years ago). I am so cranky and starving about 1/2 hour before my next snack/meal. Once I eat I feel better, only to have it happen again 2 hours later. I hope this corrects itself soon!..

Comment #15

It likely will, give it some time. Drink water to help the hunger pains. At 3 weeks I don't feel hungry very often and I am definitely full after I eat...

Comment #16

I woke up to Day 2 dragging, too. I ate lots of fruits and veggies and no processed foods before starting NS. (Just too many "Good" foods) I was wondering if my body will have to adjust to packaged meals. It could be the lower carbs, though. I do like my whole grain bread!..

Comment #17

Of course everyone was feeling bad yesterday. It was a TAXing day...

Comment #18

I know that many do feel bad the first few days or weeks but I have to speak up to the Newbies that might be reading thisnot everyone has a bad time. I felt better and had more energy from day one. I had gotten very sluggish from all of the fried and fattening foods I was eating so it was almost a reliefperhaps it was in my head as much as my body. Mentally, I was so ready to make a change that I was almost giddy from making it through my first day. I believe you will feel better if you hang in with the program, get some exercise and drink the water. I am at the point where I feel bad and depressed if I get OFF the program, even just a little.

Good luck!!!..

Comment #19

Headaches and sluggishness can be caused by detoxing. If you were doing a lot of sugar and bad foods then your body will try to fight it. Take some advil and work through it and you'll feel much better in a few days and find you probably have more energy than you did before...

Comment #20

Yes, that is how most of us feel. Our bodies are not used to all the foods, especially the fruits and vegies. Make sure to drink your water and when the weight starts coming off the energy goes up. When I exercise too, I feel so much more energy. It releases endorphins...

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