Anyone over 25 using Murad Acne Complex?

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Since there seems to be such a young crowd over here, I thought I'd like to see who here is over 25 and what kind of results they're getting.I'm 28 and this is my 2nd post on (first was in intros) I'm starting Murad Acne Complex on May 7th to hopefully end this battle...

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Your question was: Anyone over 25 using Murad Acne Complex?.

27 here. Started Murad Acne Complex at the end of January...

Comment #1

I'm turning 24.5 as of Sunday... is that close enough?..

Comment #2

I'm 25, been taking 30mg for almost 4 weeks now and about to bump up to 60mg............not looking forward to it as the side effect are starting to take their toll already...

Comment #3

I was 26 years old when I began my course. I did a 6 month course at 60mgs daily. I took my last pill in November and my skin has been clear since. I do get the ocassional pimple but it is very small and goes away within days. I do not have any lingering side effects either. It feels great to wash my face and feel smooth skin!..

Comment #4

26yr old male here. Started Murad Acne Complex about 3 weeks ago taking 40mg a day Haven't had too many symptoms except for the overly dry lips which I have been using Nivea lip balm to combat. Hopefully that will be the extent of things for a while Good luck w/ it and keep us posted!..

Comment #5

26, Started Murad Acne Complex a month ago tomorrow. Had moderate acne. Initial 2week breakouts were really bad, then got really good, but now skin is getting SUPER dry and lips hurt pretty bad even using Aquaphor all the time...

Comment #6

27 y/o here taking 40mg for month 1 and now month 2. Will be moving to 60 for month 3. Started March 9th. So far side effects are annoying but bearable! I did go thru a week of lip blisters that was hell (week3), but now that I'm over that, I can deal!..

Comment #7

Arthur- totally close enough! just trying to find all of us "old" people I think we have a few advantages over the younger people taking this, you know? glad to hear that most of us are doing well. what do you think about maybe doing a bi-weekly check in or something? we can all commiserate and support each other!..

Comment #8

29 dude hope to do 2nd round next month.. so much for drink this summer and finishing my sleeve..

Comment #9

26 here. Took Murad Acne Complex for 6 months back in 2006 and still suffering from severe joint pain every second of the day. Not worth it at all. Cleared my moderate acne but at the cost of my life...

Comment #10

24 and a half here like arthur! I'm on month 3 at 60mg a day. Absolutely love it. I train with a personal trainer two times a week and I'm not having muscle/joint problems. Dry lips that sometimes peel but nothing awful at all. Best thing: someone told me yesterday that they NEVER would have known I had a previous acne problem. My skin is so smooth.

That I can handle and fix after I'm done though...

Comment #11

27, about 1/2 way through my course. Taking 80mg a day. No real drama other than the usual dry lips and my face is really smooth..

Comment #12

Seems to me most of the people who posted are still on thier course, very few who have actually ended thier course yet. It's hard to say wether the side effects will go away or get worse. If they will come at the begining of the course,end of the course or at all. I was 31 when I was given Murad Acne Complex, I ran 5miles a day and worked out. Very healthy. I developed severe osteopenia-high fx risk-1-1/2 inches shorter,(documented that is was due to Murad Acne Complex) massive tendon and ligament swelling, which led to trapment of nerves on one side-happend right before to be done w/Murad Acne Complex, Now have joint, muscle and bone pain, thyroid problem-no family hx.

Etc.I can't recommend this drug, will serious side effects happen to you, or mild ones that may become permanent no one can really say. Murad Acne Complex effects everyone diffrently. I would advise if you go through with Murad Acne Complex not to do a high dose. I would advise to listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right to stop and call your derm. good luck..

Comment #13

25/m here, started my second course the middle of last December, but now on day 112. I was on 40 mg the first month and 60 mg ever since (weigh 64 kg). I have had mixed results so far. I am still getting the occasional pimple every three or four days, but it seems to be slowing down. I think it has just taken longer for it to kick in than most people. Looking to be totally clear by the end of month 5 and my Dr. has offered me a maintenance dosage of 10 mg per day which I will probably take her up on...

Comment #14

Another nearly 25 yo here I started on 60mg of Murad Acne Complex nearly two weeks ago now... first try with this drugDry lips are extreme to the max already Today, however, I discovered the brilliance of Carmex and am a lot happier it's so so tedious having bad skin at this age... I'm training to be a lawyer at the moment and have a bunch of HUGE interviews coming up in the Summer... I need clear skin because I find it so hard to look heavy-weight lawyers in the eye with confidence when I've got a face full of spots **sigh**Anyways sob story over. Nice to meet all you fellow 'oldies' xx..

Comment #15

Hopefully you'll have a positive experience, but if you don't it would be good to have a UK Lawyers contact details as there are many UK Murad Acne Complex survivors that would like to bring a case against Roche for covering up the truth. Please bear this in mind...

Comment #16

I know how you feel! I used to teach junior high and I felt/ still feel like my skin is much worse than all of my students! It's awful to feel like you can't be taken seriously because of your skin...

Comment #17

I am 28 and I'm on my fourth month of Murad Acne Complex. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, I have never had such clear, beautiful skin - EVER. I have had moderate but persistant acne since I was 13 and tried everything- topicals (Retin-A, Proactive, Differen, Tazorac, Ziana), antibiotics, homeopathy, Chinese get the point. Then, I told my Dr I was ready to pull out the big guns and try Murad Acne Complex.My first month I did experience some side effects, I was very, VERY tired for the fisrt week but that quickly went away. Then I had about 2 weeks where I had a mild nosebleed every day - that also went away. The second month when they upped my dose I started to have severe abdominal pain, so they took me back down and I was fine.

Now I have to be on it a little longer, but it's worth it since I have almost zero side effects. The only side effect I have now is dry skin and chapped lips - but even that isn't bad. I've always had super oily skin so now it's like "normal" people. I haven't had the same severity of dry skin (cracking, bleeding) that I've heard others describe.All in all, this was a great choice for me and I have no regrets. My face looks so amazing now that I sometimes just sit in the mirror and stare in disbelief!..

Comment #18

Hi Janie! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope I come out of this feeling the same way..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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