Anyone on Nutrisystem? How long and how much weight have you lost?

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My 1st question is: Anyone on Nutrisystem? How long and how much weight have you lost? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Please detail your journey thus far....


Cuz I'm interested and it might help some folks..

Me: (chart tells most of it, eh?).

Started: 339 - about 150 pounds overweight : Morbid Obesity..

Lost: 52 since July 21, 2010.

97 or so to go..

I don't know if 190 is gonna be TOO small but Dr says I should be 180..

I may change goal when I get to 200..

Right now it's not my biggest concern..

But - I WILL get there..

Started exercising most every day right after beginning NS..

Really has made a difference..

My knee was really hurting when I started..

Now, 50 pounds lighter and more in shape - hardly hurts at all..

Still gotta be careful riding up the hills though..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Congrat's Marty and guys are keeping up with the plan, which is great..

Myself, at 68, I have been truely fighting this weight problem about 20 years or so, even though I was maintaining an even and steady weight of 235 or so, over that time. What had me most worried was even though I wasnt gaining or losing during that time period, my gut seemed to protrude more and fall, and during that time period I went from a Large to 2XL, just so the buttons wouldnt burst. When I went from working outside all the time into a desk job, I think that was the major factor. I've been retired now since 2002..

So, after several tries at losing weight, i.e. pills, 100% gym, etc., I finally came to realize that I was going to have to change my eating habits in a major way, and looked at other plans, i.e., WW or JC and decided I would be better off with NS, and so now that I've started my second week, this is the longest I've ever gone without cheating or just giving up. The food has not been bad, as I had expected, and of course I havent been on long enough to try them all, but am anxious to try most; some I can do without though..

Funny thing........even though my wife isnt on the plan, but is planning too after recovery, she's been losing afew pounds along with me. Namely I think is because we arent hitting the Fast Foods joints or going out to dinner 3 times a week, but staying home..

My goal is to lose 40 pounds by next summer, before a big trip back east on vacation, and if I get below that goal, I'm better off still...

Comment #2

I started Nutrisystem on 1/18/10 at my all time high of 257. I was fat, tired, eating poorly and my health was in decline. My cholesterol and triglycerides were high as was my blood pressure. Not to mention I was having issues with gastric reflux that were exacerbated by my weight. I was on several different meds for these issues. I reached my goal of 190 at the end of July.

Today, I'm 70lbs lighter at 187lbs. I had my annual physical and labs not only improved, but were textbook perfect. My cholesterol and triglycerides were the best they've ever been, my glucose was great and my blood pressure was actually too low and I had to back off the meds..

NS has been a God send! It changed my life. Everyday is a battle. My inner fat guy wants the cake, ice cream and other crap I used to eat but my new found inner thin guy wins the battle..most of the time anyway. I've learned to make better choices with food and I continue to exercise at least five times per week...

Comment #3

I got started on Aug 28 weighing 299. That's the biggest I've ever been. Was sleeping lousy, had no energy throughout the day and was finding it difficult to some simple things. Tried to lose on my own with Atkins and did lose some weight but as soon as I stopped I put it all back on. Realized that if I was going to lose weight and keep it off I needed help. That's when I started NS..

In 2 months I've lost 31lbs and now able to do things that were hard before and have energy levels out the roof. I think the biggest thing I'm learning now is portion size. It used to be if I could fit it on the plate it was a portion..

Sticking with it to get to 180...

Comment #4

I remember when I first started NS, and I looked at acouple of guys that were posting here that weighed 160, 170lbs and thought "What the hell are you doing here? You don't need to lose weight, these boards are for those of us that do!".

Now I'm one of those guys, I post here regularly still. Let me tell you why..

I'm 5'11". Weighed 241lbs on my 38th birthday. April 2007. Decided to do something about it, lost 15lbs or so on Atkins, but hated it..

Started Nutrisystem 7/1/2007 @ 225lbs. Lost 25lbs really quick (2 months), then the real work started..

I got down to original goal (185lbs) by April of 2008, started exercising religiously, but started slacking off on the eating, so I maintained around 185-195 for about a year..

By April of 2009, I had stopped checking in on these boards, weighing myself, and working out regularly. HUGE wake-up call when I started getting out the warm-weather clothes I had bought the previous summer; they didn't fit! Weighed myself, sure as sh*t, I was back up to 207 lbs. So, I started going hardcore again, weighing once a week, logging my food, and posting here regularly..

It took awhile, but I was back down to 185 by November 2009. I decided to revise my goal to 180, and hit that April 2010. Those last few pounds are a *****, fellas, so I really stepped up my exercise program here. Got really addicted to it..

Then I decided, at 41, it was time to take a look at my alcohol intake. Partying way too much, happens when you & your wife decide not to have kids. So, after a few last flings with the booze, I quit in July 2010. As a result of cutting out those empty booze calories, I got into the 160s shortly thereafter, and have been maintaining at 165-169 since then..

NS really did change my life; I look at food entirely differently these days. And posting on these boards regularly was an important part of keeping my weight & health forefront in my mind. Thanks NS!.

Sorry, that was longer than I thought it would be!..

Comment #5

March 8, 2010 @ 298 lbs and 5'10 started NutriSystem.

I was wearing 3XL shirts, 48 waist pants..

I had high blood pressure, trouble sleeping & every few months I would take a 14 day treatment of Prilosec for Heartburn\Gastric Reflux..

My cholesterol was high...the total was 261 with LDLs at 171..

Started walking every night after dinner 30-45 minutes..

After a couple of months I additionally started doing the elliptical for 30 minutes, 3-5 times week..

Flash forward to.....

August 13, 2010 @ 214 lbs (84 lbs Lost).

Cholesterol Total at 168 with LDLs at 93 (all within normal range).

September 13, 2010 @ 198 (100 lbs Lost).

October 26, 2010 @ 192 (106 lbs Lost).

Still dealing with blood pressure issues, but I've never felt better. No trouble with sleeping, Heartburn\Gastric Reflux, and haven't had to use prilosec since before I started. I now wear large shirts, 38 waist pants and can wear some 36's. No more Big &Tall stores for me. My workout routine now is to try and lift weights 3-4 times a week, and cardio 4-6 times a week. Still watching what I eat.

That was actually very hard for me to do..

Somehow I've got to make sure that I don't fall into old habits & that can be hard at times. Have to be forever vigilant about diet & exercise for the rest of my life. It's my responsibility, and if I want to live to old age, and see my kids have kids, I've got to accept that responsibility. NutriSystem and these boards have helped me to do just that...

Comment #6

Here are my before/after pics from my Nutrisystem success back in '07:.


I'm 6'3" and as you can see from the photos I really do have a legitimately large frame (as opposed to the usual "fat guy big frame" excuse)...I believe that the 220 goal I set at that time was a correct goal and as low as I should/care to go. At 217 as in that pic I was told by pretty much everyone I know/knew that I looked good and any less would be "too skinny"..

For my 2010 (and hopefully permanent...I have to prove that) attempt, I've set my goal at 240 and when I reach that I'll decide whether or not to go for the 220 again or figure out how to maintain in the 240 range. One thing I am clear on is that 220-240 is indeed my correct range for my height, frame, and age...I think the "recommended height/weight" charts are bull$h!t...

Comment #7

My story is pretty simple. My wife and I started January 1st. I was at 254. This morning I weighed 162. That is 92 pounds, not too bad. I went from size 42 pants to 32.

Now the real work begins to keep the weight off for the rest of my life. I will keep doing what I learned on NS...

Comment #8

My story is similar to everyone here..

Started 10/1/10 at 290.

Currently at 275 4 weeks later..

After high school I hovered at 195 until my early 20's when 220 seemed to be the norm. Lack of exercise and love of burgers, beer and late night snacking got me to around 240 by my 30's. From there it was easy to get to 272 ish where I stayed through my 40's. It was about this time that I went into an office job and sat on my butt all day at a desk. Frequent trips to the vending machine helped make 290 my new normal..

I'm 52 years old and decided Ive had enough with the tight pants, 2xl shirts and uncomfortable feeling all day and heartburn/acid reflux waking me up at night..

Since starting Nutrisystem I feel so much better, the heartburn is gone, and I have a lot more energy than I have had in years. Many of the aches and pains I have acquired over the years have disappeared or diminished as well..

I still have a long ways to go, my second BBB is on it's way as of this morning and I am looking forward to getting it and trying some new items and having just the items I wanted this time..

I have also been reading some of the stories of those who succeeded in the past and then fell off the wagon. I know how easy that will be and how diligent I will have to be after goal is achieved...

Comment #9

Great stories guys! Keep 'em coming..

I love to eat good food. My wife is a CIA graduate but I do the cooking (go figure!). Been treating my body like a carnival ride since I stopped competitive dancing in 1998; less exercise/same intake = pounds. The clothes got bigger (up to 42 and xxl) as I did..

Gaviscon was my go to medicine many a night. In the entertainment business, late night work is the norm. Eating late, partying after hours etc....

Late eating/bad choices = pounds. The appetite got bigger with the gut..

Truthfully, I was friggin' blind to the transformation (just figured it was old age hitting me); fat, dumb & happy (sort of)..

2010: I get hired to Dj a cruise through the Panama Canal. It hits me, I'm a fat f*ck. Can't dance fast salsa too long. Stairs are tough, suits are huge. YIKES! Neglect/denile = pounds..

Return home and start a "diet". What a stupid idea that was; without a plan = pounds. I did manage to cut 10 pounds off in five months prior to "discovering" Nutrisystem. My wife agreed to try it with me. Ordered the food and was waiting for my wife to order hers. Waited a month while following the online meal planner with real market bought food, had moderate results, started to discover what is a portion by weighing the food.

It has a plan..

Planning/dilligence = lost pounds..

Went sailing for six weeks without any Nutrisystem food; dinner out every night. I was tempted to fail but made the right choices and only gained one pound in those six weeks! Made my "goal" weight of 200lbs 12 days early and a few back on the horse..

Currently I'm working on a healthy goal of 186lbs for my six foot frame (that would be my fighting weight and a bmi of 26). I've been stuck at my dream goal of +/-200lbs for this past month after buying an accurate scale (old one was five pounds off, lying bastard!.

) Back on the horse and it's moving back down trying to catch Rick's race to 180's (he's gonna win that one, but I'll join him soon!).

Nutrisystem works only if you work it..

Btw: Like Mr. Bungle (I love that name, it's like Mr. Met. You have to say Mr.), my wife and I don't have those little patters of footsteps around the around the house, so drinking was not a problem. I had my "toddy for the body" throughout this journey BUT <this is a key> I counted the correct caloric intake on the planner using a metered pour top. This will cut your drinking down quickly.

Good luck my friends with your journey. It's your journey alone..

The support of your friends here is essential, but you have to do it alone..

My wife did order her BBB, but has yet to dig into it past the chocolate stuff, oh well..

Comment #10

Wow...these are some great stories. PLEASE keep them coming. I'm starting my 3rd attempt at Nutrisystem as soon as the BBB arrives. The first attempt was in 2006, and I was surprised at how easy it was to get down to my goal of 165. I still have my before and after pics from then, but I don't look at them...way too depressing. I'm BIGGER than the before pic now.

In 2008 I tried Nutrisystem again...but was not successful at all. So here we are in 2010, and I'm STILL fighting this d@mn battle. One of my biggest mistakes back in 2006 was having the feeling of "mission accomplished" when I reached my goal. Now I realize that there will FOREVER be a fat guy in me trying to get out. (and unfortunatley, he's out right now) So Mr_Bungle is exactly's important to keep visiting the message boards even when you're reached your goal.

Reading these stories really does inspire me. And that is exactly what I will be needing in the months to come...

Comment #11

What a GREAT bunch of posts!! Similar story here too. My ticker tells the tale. I'd lost and regained using various methods for years, always ending up higher. Was riding around/over 300 for 3-4 years before deciding to go with Nutrisystem almost 2 years ago in 2008. At the time, I happened to be at a "low" of 284. 46" pants, 3X shirts.

BP and Chol creeping up. Long story short - dropped an average of 10 lbs/month even with some deviations every month. Got to my goal of 200 in June of 2009. Have been hitting the gym and running 5K's. It's a NEW LIFE!! YAY!! My greatest NSV was to be able to ride my slalom water ski like I was a kid again! I'm 55 now..

Later in 2009/early 2010, took it below 190 and into the low 180's for an even 100 lbs. lost on NS. Got into 32" pants this spring..

I never saw that coming, but it's my 2nd favorite NSV! Since then, I've been maintaining below 200, but have had times, like over this summer, when I let my guard down and started to regain. I've kept my autoship going, with delays, and am back to 190, with my targetted maintenance range of 185-190..

For me, I continue to rely on NS. It's convenient, not as expensive as eating the way I used to eat, and it's always available. It does take constant vigilance and like Bungle said, staying here on the boards serves 2 purposes - encourages others and helps keep me accountable and focused..


Comment #12

WTG FSN, your doing great. I think your story parallels most of us guys infact. Keep up the good work..

Like Gordon said, "Great stories", and one thing I've realized even having only been on here just over a week or so, is that this is like attending AA or Narcon, you have to admit that you are overweight and need to lose. These threads throughout the forum list give me ideas and push me to even learn more. I think I've learned more about food, except for stuffing it down my throat, that I've ever knew before, especially portion control. Portion control was my main problem.....1 helping, heck NO, lets go for broke... now my broke is so far gone, I cant see my toes !!.

Gordon, your story and what you've accomplished makes me jealous... what a great physique you have worked to obtain. I know at my age I more than likely would never get to that point, but my main goal is to lose weight and belly size. I know when I had surgery last July, the doctor almost didnt do it because of my belly, being that is where they were going into and didnt want to fight the Visereal fat, but lucky they went ahead, at least for me. That also gave me some incentive to really lose..

Everyone keep up the good work and hopefully we'll read some more comments on others goals, etc...

Comment #13

Kind of funny, kind of sad. The kind of funny, the great stories of how we ended up here improving our lives and health. The sad, how bad I let myself get..

I was always active and healthy growing up. Playing all different sports kept me in shape. I hired in at GM in 79 on second shift. Vending machines in all break areas, nothing healthy. Alot of people ordering food for lunch, pizza, subs, chinese. I did ok for a few years but little by little fell into that lifestyle..

Fast forward 30 years, one divorce that I didn't handle well, (I used to eat when I stress), going out to the bar after work. Gained weight..

My daughters knew that I wasn't happy with my weight. They knew it kept me from doing the things I like to do. They also wanted me to do stuff with them and knew that physically I couldn't..

For my birthday in 2007 they bought me two weeks of NS. My two youngest were afraid that I would be mad or dissapointed with my gift. My oldest said that she'd take all the blame if that happened. I was pretty overwhelmed to say the least. The fact that they loved me enough to buy me Nutrisystem regardless of what I thought meant the world to me..

I really didn't believe it would work. I deceided that 2 weeks wasn't a fair amount of time to really tell if Nutrisystem would work so I bought 2 more weeks. I figured that would show me. I lost about 60lbs that month and was hooked..

Stayed on program for 10 months. Lost 120lbs. Went hunting and my veggies froze in my cooler. Told myself that I could eat with the rest of the guys and get back on program when I got home. Didn't get on program untill a year and a half later, heavier than ever..

I'm commited to get the weight off this time and learn to maintainance. I know that I can never go back to eating and drinking like I used to. I'm fine with that. I'm tired of feeling like crap and all that goes along with being overweight...

Comment #14

I don't know how old you are, John, but you may be surprised how much you can change your physique, regardless of age. The human body is an amazing thing. I was surprised that in my mid-50's I was able to grow muscle with simple lifting routines. A good musculature is fun at the beach, but unless you're a blacksmith, actor or male model, not much use elsewere. My personal inspiration is a 70 yr old guy who is built like a greyhound - lean and trim- and runs 5K's and marathons. I find that amazing and personally believe that bulky muscles are not as important as overall fitness, strength and agility.

Bulking up is easy compared to that. Just IMO..


Comment #15

Pushing "69" real hard (see my page photo), with bad knees and shoulders (too much football/sports and climbing poles when a lineman for 30 years)(need one knee replaced, but still holding out). Funny, knees dont hurt when riding my bike, just when I pound the pavement (bone on bone)...

Comment #16

Hey everyone. Im 30 years old and have probably weighed over three hundred pounds since I was like 13 or so, but have been really big since the age of 5. I'm 6'5 and when I started weghed 339.8 lbs. I buy size 42 pants but wear them around my hips with my sizeable gut draping magnifcently over the front. (Gross I know but it is getting better) Amazingly I dont really have any health issues besides being fat and lethargic. I had lost some weight before using slim fast and cutting out fast food, that was a joke.

No fruits and no veggies. Onward to late august 2010 and my wife was looking at plans to drop some weight. Being the supportive and wonderful guy I am I told her i'd do it with her. So here I stand almost 40 pounds gone and ready to get rid of about 60 more I think. never been a normal body size so I dont know my ideal weight..

Comment #17

Just got back from work and had to see this thread guys are amazing! Work this system and it WILL work for you..

Great journeys from all. Own it, good or bad. Owning up to who you are is a NSV, and it is hard. You guys rock.

I do seasonal work, and many of my clients haven't seen me since I started, and everyone is taking note and asking about my "secret" formula..

53 pounds IS alot of weight to remove. I ain't done and on maintence yet, probably will never be. I have a fat guy in there waiting to regain control and needs attention..

I love that Gordon is still with us to guide the way, a really altruistic interest in our journey..

Thank you for the help...

Comment #18

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