Anyone on Nutrisystem and does it work?

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Quick question... Anyone on Nutrisystem and does it work? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... I am yo yoing on the scale between weight loss. Here is my daily diet:.

Yesterday for example.


Nutrisystem muffin.

Cup of coffee.

Low fat cheese stick and some strawberries.


Nutrisystem tuna salad rolled in lettuce leaves.

Tomato cut up.

2 slices of turkey.


Low fat cheese stick and sugar free applesauce cup.


Nutrisystem thick crust pizza.

Steamed broccoli and eggplant also a few black olives on top of pizza.


Nutrisystem coconut bar.

Drank all my water.

I have been doing this for 2 weeks and have lost as of this morning a total of 2 pounds. Am I doing something wrong? I was just hoping for at least 5 by now. I even started walking last week. Maybe I am expecting too much or doing something wrong. Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I would try to eat more variety. You had two cheese sticks in the same day. Plus cheese and lunch meat are higher in sodium. Also, don't forget your carb with the tuna salad...

Comment #2

So only one cheese stick a day? I am confused on the dairy/protein part of the day. Thanks so much for this help you don't know how much this board is helping me...

Comment #3

Try yogurt in the AM and a cheese stick for afternoon snack, this works for me..

Comment #4

Make sure you're eating all of your food. You are missing some of your veggies at dinner, your carb with the tuna, and your fat serving should be 5 olives. What are you taking in your coffee, or is it just black? Make sure your veggie portions are right. Are the few lettuce leaves the full cup that equals a serving? You might want to consider switching the cheese with lean meat, like grilled chicken, tuna, etc. Dairy sometimes stalls people out...

Comment #5

I drink sweet n low and 2% milk in my coffee.(just a splash) O this is so confuseing I sound so dumb I am sorry. I hope this is helping someone else out tho. LOL..

Comment #6

I see this same post over and over again - same message, different poster. in fact, I posted the same thing. It seems like the 2-3 week mark seems to be the breaking period. I think people become frustrated because they are extremely anxious for the weight to come off. NOW!!!! I lost a few pounds the first week, gained it second week, third week it started with only a one ounce loss. I said the same thing - I SHOULD have been at least down 5 pounds by now! It seemed like my body had to adjust to the new way of eating and the weight wasn't coming off as quick as I would have liked.

What helped me get beyond this initial phase is I didn't focus on the diet or how much weight I was losing. It's like the "Law of Attraction" - you put it out to the Universe and forget about it and just let it be.Nutrisystemmade it very simple because the program told me exactly what to eat so that's what I did and I just went about living my life. I think in the first 2-3 weeks it's hard to do this because you want to see RESULTS! Try to forget about it, eat what's on the program and results will happen. I know - easier said than done! I said the same thing you did. But once I was able to "let go" of the diet and not worry about it, the pounds added up.

I'm on week seven and the pounds added up! I'm very happy! Just stick with it and you'll see results..

Also try not to get caught up in how much weight OTHER people are losing! Every body is different - you'll see people who lose 1 pound a week and then see those people that lost 10 pounds! So be happy with YOUR weight loss. If you're doing the program, as time goes on, your body will stop resisting and it has no choice but to lose weight...

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Kdona: you are right I am happy with my loss. For me this isn't all about weight loss this is about a new life. Thank you for the reminder as to why I am here. This is why I like posting because of the feedback...

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A couple suggestions: don't weigh yourself every day. Once a week helps keep the focus off the up and down each day can bring..

Also I agree with trying more variety. There are whole lists of options in each of the categoriesso try out different proteins and dairy products. Try an egg or tuna or chicken for protein. Try milk, cottage cheese, different low fat cheeses for dairy variety..

And don't cheat yourself of that carb that goes with the Tuna or Chicken saladsyou can have a bun, deli flat, whole wheat tortillajust as long as the calories range from 80-120 calories..

Be sure to include your fat portionsyour body needs that! You can add nuts to your food, use oil to saute veggies, add low-fat dressing to a salad or make a dip for your veggies, add some peanut butter to a dessert or a stick of celeryendless options!..

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