Anyone losing weight very slowly with Nutrisystem?

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Is it just me that is losing weight at a snail's pace?? I started Jan 9th and have lost a total of 13 lbs. only! I know that part of the problem is age I'm in my 50's. It baffles me when I hear that someone lost 20 lbs in the same time period as me. Anyway, I am not discouraged but would be so much happier to lose faster...

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Your question was: Anyone losing weight very slowly with Nutrisystem?.

OBIE 3 Thanks for your words of wisdom. Truthfully it should be about "ME" because I am doing this to feel and look better. I got tired of the old out of shape me...

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Oh by the way, big Congrats on your weight loss. That is truly inspiring...

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I know that we read on the Discussion Boards about people losing huge amounts of weight in a very short time, people who have even less to lose than we do and who seem to lose so quickly, doing the same things we are doing but we are the ones losing slowly. It helps to remember that we are all different and so many factors go into losing the extra "us.".

I didn't lose a pound, not an ounce, the first two weeks. I was 100% and walking a mile or more 3 times a week. I knew that NutriSystem worked, since I had lost weight on the "old" NutriSystem back in 1987-1988 and kept it off for years (until menopause hit and ran in about a day and a half, no symptoms, but 90 pounds gained...grrrrr).

So, I stuck with it, and now I'm down 105 pounds (and under GOAL!). The Dietitians have said that healthful, steady weight loss on the NutriSystem plan is 1-2.5 pounds per week, average. Mine was 1.18 pounds per week..

I have never eaten a lot of food, just the wrong choices (fried is good, french fries are better, you know what I mean?) and I've always guzzled water, so I didn't have the typical water weight to lose at first. Also, our age, race, gender, metabolism, past eating AND dieting habits, they all figure in our speed/ease of weight loss.

Exercise helps, of course, but many lose weight without being able to exercise at all. Check out NSMember Hazelangeleyes for an incredible story of someone who has lost close to 100 pounds while wheelchair-bound and unable to exercise at all. But, as she says, she would LOVE to be ABLE to exercise (even walk!) and can't imagine anyone who can exercise not exercising. I do SO agree with her! I started walking a mile every other day and, thank the Lord, now walk 20 miles a week...and love every step!.

Hang in work the program and you WILL lose on NutriSystem! Just stick with WILL work, and know that I, among everyone else here, will be rooting for you to succeed!..

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You are losing more than a pound a week. I only averaged about a pound a week when I was actively losing weight. The important thing is that I did lose it - it does not really matter how long it took to get to where I am now as the fact that I got there. I think that being in our 50s does make a difference. Keep in mind that we did not put on the weight at a rate of several pounds a week (at least I hope no one did!) and it is not reasonable (or necessarily desirable) to expect to lose it that quickly...

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Well, I'm 61 and certainly DO NOT feel too old to look HOT!..

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Pam, you are so inspiring. Since my first discouragement, you have always been the one that gives me hope. I'm a slow loser, too, but I had no idea you were. I'm glad you post frequently. I read the posts more often than I contribute. I always appreciate your wisdom and experience..


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I am a slow loser. My doc just increased my thyroid meds. Maybe that will help over time. Pam is my slow loss hero...

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I can't believe how quickly almost 6 months have passed since I started on NS. 20 pounds down! I am 52. I am thrilled, I don't fret over "stalls" in weight loss, I have "cheated" once in a while but I get back on track the next day (happily too!!!), I am on thyroid meds, etc....I am STILL 20 pounds lighter on Nutrisystem than if I did not do anything at all to lose! I am fitting into my size ten jeans from as many years ago!.

Don't worry, keep going!.

Pam is an inspiration and a "hottie" to boot!.

Sandy in IL..

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