Anyone know any Nutrisystem friendly restaurants in Chicago?

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Quick question... Anyone know any Nutrisystem friendly restaurants in Chicago? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: On e of the stupid things I do is watch Man vs. Food, and Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives. I have no clue why I torment myself like this. I guess that just since I cant (shouldnt) do it, I cant always watch someone else become a future member of Nutrisystem..

One thing for sure thought, I know I definitely would not be able to eat the 72oz. Stake Dinner now. I also passed on the free all you can eat meal at Golden Coral that they had on Veterans Day...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

I watch M v F all the time and it doesn't bother me at all. Most of the challenges actually repulse me now. The way I figure it, Adam Richman is taking the hit for me...

Comment #2

Yeah, I like watching Giada, too. Wait...she cooks?.

The food shows never bother me, of course I've been watching Food Network since like 1997 so I may just be immune...

Comment #3

I like to watch Giada, too. I also like to watch Ina Garten, but not for the same reason. :/..

Comment #4

Ina, she can lull you to sleep. I'm sure that's how her Jeffrey dozes off at night, listening to how well her quiche came out that day...

Comment #5

I am completely in agreement with you on this!!.

I watch it fairly often and it sickens mesort of like watching a Nascar crash I guess..

Not lost on me that last year Adam looked like he weighed about 190 lbs and this year he looks more like 240 lbs!.

He's killing himself and turning into a chunk..

I probably watch 2x per week and always find myself thinking, "good god, man, what the hell would you or anyone even eat that crap for?!?!".

I haven't once thought that it would be heaven to sample what he was eating..

Seems I'm not interested in that stuff anymore..


Comment #6

Ina seems like she's taken one Vicodin too many...she's waaay too mellow. I like my food network hosts with a little bounce in their shirt...I mean step!..

Comment #7

I'm partial to Rachel but only because I can make some of her recipes Nutrisystem friendly, not so much with Giada's..


Comment #8

I keep watching Adam get fat too and it reminds me of me..

Or should I say Marty?..

Comment #9

Dont watch any of them; not even the MAD CHEF, at least that is what I call him screaming, yelling and throwning pots n' pans... I'd rather watch the LFL...

Comment #10

.Yea and when I was younger I reed Playboy for the articles..

Comment #11

LOL. You guys are always good for a chuckle. Food Porn Channel is on currently like it always is on the weekends. Glad I pay for cable tv...

Comment #12

I admit Im brain dead but it's obvious you knew of the show I was talking about..

Now you ruined my motivation and self esteem. Im going to go eat a 72oz steak..

Yaa right!..

Comment #13

I wish someone would tell her that you're supposed to save the cleavage for eveningwear. I guess that shows my age, but that's what the style mavens always used to say. I feel embarrassed for her, really. Layers, Giada, layers! Just adding a little white cami underneath would be appropriate for daytime..

She does have yummy food but the little she eats on the program must be all she eats on a typical day. Anyway, I've pretty much stopped watching the Food Porn channel. Just don't need the temptation...

Comment #14

I don't even turn the volume on, I just watch...follow the bouncing mozzeralla makers..

Comment #15

I love Ina. She's actually my favorite. I wish I had a Jeffrey in my life...they are still in love after all these years. Her newest book is now out...I have them all..

ETA: I learn the most from her...and I can't see enough of that house of hers...oh my gosh. Love her friends, love seeing the's just peaceful and nice. No hype, no gimmicks...just good cooking techniques...

Comment #16

Obvious? Are you kidding? When I take my "dream road trip" I intend to stop at as many Triple-D-featured food joints as I can. Seriously...

Comment #17

Lets see, you are on Nutrisystem in training for your dream vacation, to travel across the country visiting all the Triple D stops? I suppose you will know when your vacation is over. ITs when you get to one of the locations that features huge portions and youre able to complete the challenge. I guess everyone does have there reasons for being on Nutrisystem, but I think this a first..

Good luck. And just for the heck of it, and since I dont have anything better to do, I wish I was with you...

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