Anyone have info about the Dukan Diet pill EPH200?

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Quick question: Anyone have info about the Dukan Diet pill EPH200? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... I am left with 4 or 5 split pea soup that came as substitutes. I am afraid to eat it plain. Any ideas out there for add-ons to make it less split pea like?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

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I couldn't stand it plain, now it's one of my favorites. I add some FF ballpark or FF hebrew National hot dogs to it on a tip from one of the boards...

Comment #2

The texture comes out best if you cook, let sit, and cook some more. I cook in a microwave-safe bowl covered for 2 minutes on high, let sit 2 minutes, add my two cut up veggie dogs, then cook 2 more minutes. I liked split pea soup to start with, though...

Comment #3

Split Pea Bake.

NS Split Pea Soup.

1 Tbsp of dried minced onion or green onion.

Tsp baking powder.

C egg beaters (1 protein - optional, but unnecessary if you don't need a protein).

1 Tbsp FF sour cream (free food).

C diced ham (1 protein optional).

1 C chopped broccoli, partially cooked (1 vegetable).

Mix soup with water directed on the thick side with a bit less water.

Add onion, baking powder, egg beaters and sour bream ... mix..

Spray ramekin with ICBINB.

Place broccoli on bottom of dish ... or other vegetable ... then place ham on top of broccoli ... then pour soup mixture over top. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes..

Serve with FF sour cream..

Note: also good to substitute broccoli with sliced mushrooms or diced asparagus.

Note: also good with 2 FF hotdogs, sliced, in lieu of the ham.

Note: can also substitute 1 oz FF or low fat cheddar cheese for ham for protein serving...

Comment #4

Love the split pea bake idea- I will try this with my left-over Christmas Ham..

The ff hot dogs sound good too- I'll have to try and find those. Thanks all...

Comment #5

The Hebrew Nationals are actually 97 percent fat free (in case you see those, but think you're looking for something else). I used to add one to my split pea soup; these days I like it plain...

Comment #6

I use Ball Park FF hotdogs ... not the beef FF ... I didn't like those as well ... just the regular Ball Park FF ... yummy! 2 FF dogs is wonderful and filling!..

Comment #7

I read somewhere on the boards that one of our N.S.ites mixed the pea soup with the cheesy potatoes. Haven't tried it myself. I also have read that some folks use low sodium Chicken broth in place of the water...

Comment #8

I thought that the split pea cheesy potato experiment didn't turn out too hot. Does anyone else remember that one?..

Comment #9

I stir a tablespoon of salsa into it, since I usually eat it at work and don't hve access to anything fancier! I like the curry idea though - that sounds good!.

I really like the Split Pea Soup!..

Comment #10

That sounds yummy! Wish I had some now.... But yes, it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be just on it's own. I made mine on the stove though - seems to taste better than in the cup...

Comment #11

I love pea soup. Plan with or without ff dogs. ymm..

Comment #12

I add 2 tsp of FAT FREE SOUR CREAM!!!.

It cuts the saltiness in half, and gives a creamier texture - and you can have those "free foods" 3x a day!.

Also: try adding a sprinkle of grated romano cheese, or a dash of nutmeg... give it a twist..

Be sure to let the Pea Soup mix stand for a few minutes after adding the boiling water, to make sure that it saturates and thickens before you eat it..


Comment #13

I like it plain but I've added 1/4 cup of FF cottage cheese and I really liked it that way too.....

Comment #14

I like to throw in a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese to mine...

Comment #15

I tried this yesterday with the cream of broccoli soup - it was great. So good that my goddaughter ate 3/4ths of it! I omitted the ham, but is was still great. Thanks for the recipe!..

Comment #16

I recall the same thing. I think the poster regretted wasting 2 of her entrees...

Comment #17

Teresa ... so glad you liked the "bake" ... it's one of my favs!..

Comment #18

I modified the "bake" recipe and used the black bean and tortilla soup. I used cut up mushrooms and a green onion as the vegetable and only added egg beaters to the soup mixture. I put raspberry salsa over it after it had cooled and had a great lunch...

Comment #19

The soup has been bothering me because of all the salt. I was thinking about not ordering it anymore because of this, which is a shame because I LOVE and miss peas. It finally dawned on me I always liked peas and carrots made together. I've started using carrots as my veggie on the days I eat pea soup now. Happily it kills two birds with one stone: I get peas and get to have my carrots with them the way I always liked it before!.

This is no glorious fix, but it suits me fine..


Comment #20

I like peas and carrots together too.Thats a great idea. I`ve been afraid to try the pea soup.They sent me one with each free week..

Thanks Barb!..

Comment #21

You are quite welcome!.

I'm glad it helped you..


Comment #22

I love it almost plain - I add a little extra water and also a few drops of tobasco or other hot sauce to it....... Yum..

Others like it with sliced up ff hot dog (protein serving) in it...

Comment #23

I slice the hotdogs thin and fry with onion and garlic in a little Pam, then put chicken stock in the pot and add the cup of pea powder. When it is all dissolved, I eat it. I posted a picture of it in the "Pictures of Dukan Diet Food" thread. You can see the steam rising from the soup....mmmmm!..

Comment #24

I happen to really like the split pea soup, but you can add some cooked.

Diced carrots or other vegetables (like something left over from supper the night before) and when they still had them, the ham slice diced was good..

I never tried the ff hot dogs, but bet they would be a good addition..

I use a bit more water in the preparation and you really need to let it set for.

A while, then stir well to help the texture...

Comment #25

Thank goodness I found these recipes! I just started today and thought I would give the split pea soup a try... Needless to say, I was ready to throw away all the ones I have left! It was filling for sure but I could not put enough pepper in it and I tend to not doctor up my food at all so I am going to try these ideas. I never would have thought of hot dogs but I am going to try it tomorrow! I love the idea of using my kids leftover to fancy up some of my food..


Comment #26

I like the split pea soup just like it is......however, I add one triangle of laughing cow cheese and two tablespoons of salsa verde (green salsa.) Yum...

Comment #27

Dice some mushrooms & onions (til carmelized) and add some diced carrots & celery...cook til tender..

Add pea soup & just a smidge of LS chicken broth. Heat thoroughly and enjoy!..

Comment #28

Ps: grated zucchini added when carrots are almost cooked is a yummy & very filling addition as well...

Comment #29

My wife buys me LF deli ham in a chunk, not sliced, and I add an once of it cut up to the split pea soup, scrambled eggs, and other entres's. Adds flavor to all..


Comment #30

I added about a tablespoon of FF Cream Cheese to mine yesterday. It was delicious and hearty...

Comment #31

Okay - I tried all the mixers in and let me tell you that I still can't eat it! Oh well, I really do like peas but I can't eat the soup. Now I know not to order it anymore.....

Comment #32

I have had the issue of getting things I do not like - just call the Dukan Diet # and ask for an exchange. Sometime you have to return, sometimes they just replace. Good lukck...

Comment #33

Adding a morningstar asian veggie burger chopped up gives it an awesome flavor... it's my second fav lunch!..

Comment #34

I add Hormel bacon bits to the soup and heat it on the stove. Yummy!!..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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