Anyone have any good recipes I can use for Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Anyone have any good recipes I can use for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... I'm coming off weight watchers, which worked well for me, but I'm trying Nutrisystem because I have less time to plan out meals, etc. Has anyone made this transition? What concerns me is that I had 46 points alloted on the WW points plus system. My Nutrisystem meals, snacks, and my fruits/vegetables usually come in the high 20 range in comparable points. A friend of mine, a long-time weight watchers member, said I'm not eating enough.

I'm concerned about my transition and that is why I am asking the question. I know they are two different plans, but don't feel confidient right now that I'm doing the right thing...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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The last thing you want to do is shock your body into thinking you are starving it. You may want to talk to a counselor! It also may depend on how much exercise you are doing...

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I did WW for a while and really enjoyed it. But now that they changed how it works (and calories are no longer a factor!) I'm thinking of switching to NS..

Im sorry, but weightloss is (for the most part) consuming less calories than you burn...and with the new WW system, I could eat thousands and thousands of calories of fruits and veggies for "free"...didn't seem right to me..

That being said, I would track your calories for a few days and make sure you are eating at least 1200 on average, just to be safe...

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Welcome to all! All you need to do is follow what is on the planner that you got with your food, or you can use the online planner on this site. Just learn to think "NS" instead of Weight Watchers! I've done WW many times, and I likeNutrisystemmuch better.Nutrisystemdoesn't really count calories but the online planner records them in case you're interested..

My best to everyone and feel free to ask more questions!..

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How on earth can calories "not be a factor" on any weight loss plan? While you don't have to count calories per se on NS, if you eat theNutrisystemfoods and follow the recommended portion sizes for your add-ins, your calories will be in range for what is needed to lose weight..

The concept that calories don't matter in the grand scheme of weight loss is nonsense. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know how WW works, and specifically the new changes, but saying that fruits are "free" cannot make sense. I could easily devour a bowl of grapes if it was in front of me. That would not bode well for weight loss...

Comment #5

I've been wondering about that as well, but I know that their Points values changed (went up) for lots of their foods, so there have been some shifts. But *still* I don't understand how the "free fruits" is not going to be abused...

Comment #6

And, yes, Losing, I agree that calories *are* a factor in weight loss...

Comment #7

In the WW program, you get 5 fruits and veggies for "free", then you start counting them as points. So there really is a limit...

Comment #8

Ah hah! So it all evens out with the higher Point values for other things...

Comment #9

They say fruits are free, but then warn not to go "crazy". Basically they say that most people eat a certain amount of fruit throughout the day (assuming they are trying to eat healthy) and those are free points. Most people don't eat 20 apples so they assume you are not going to start doing it all of a sudden. In that case, yes, you are talking points...

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I'm an at work WW coordinator - still - and studied the new plan a lot when it was first introduced. WW no longer focuses on cal, fat and fiber, but now fat, fiber, carbs and protein. That doesn't mean calories don't count, cause they definitely do, but the focus is different..

100 cal pk of oreos will be higher points plus than 100 cal pk of protein chips. Same 100 cal, different food composition - higher points to the less nourishing food. WW science proved that food composition also counts - and the new program nudges members to choose better. Fruits are now free, as are most veggies, with the idea being when you've consumed your points for the day - if you're still hungry you can have an apple or banana or celery without additional points..

Nowhere have I heard of any type of cutoff where you have to start counting points plus for fruits..

Each point on the old points program equaled approx 50 cal. The new program equals about 35 cal, thus more points plus per day and more per week. Overall calorie consumption stayed the same, it's just allotted differently..

I pointed and tracked allNutrisystemfoods for the first month - I"m on week 7 now. The majority of the timeNutrisystemwas right on the money points plus wise. Science is science, both programs have their own identity and focus. WW allows you to choose anything to eat - within moderation,Nutrisystemis more structured by supplying correct portions as well as correct food combinations, ie. always protein or dairy with a fruit. I need the portion control - that was where I was really going wrong on WW.

NS is the easiest way for me to do that. I still enjoy the face-to-face support of WW meetings and I use it for my official weigh in - plus I'm an excellent coordinator, just doing poorly at the weight loss...

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All I know is that my WW meeting got moved to the other side of town (along with them cancelling almost all the meeting times) and at the same time calories no longer had anything to do with how many points an item had and (at least according to all the info I could find on their website) I could eat *all* the fruits and veggies I wanted..

It just didnt sit well with me, so I decided to save my money. Had my meeting location and time been left alone, I might have considered continuing on the new system. However, I think I would be one of those people to eat 20 apples just because they are "free"...I would have thrown portion control out the window. I need more structure than that haha. Maybe I am just too weak for PointsPlus :-P..

Comment #12

Well at least those aspects make more sense. All you would hear from people on WW is that "I can eat anything I want as long as I stay within my allotted points for the day". Plus there were the weekly points you could use as you wanted..

I'm not knocking WW. It works for some people. I understand theNutrisystem"science" better and think it can leads to healthy eating for life if you follow it's principles. I try not to eat empty calories very frustrating how much food out there pretends to be nutritious when it is in fact not...

Comment #13

Every weight loss program has it's merits - and probably only as good as the person who's doing it. We all need to find what works for us, cause we're basically the same, but still different...

Comment #14

Good info. thank you. It looks like WW is going more toward theNutrisystemidea of balancing the food types. Good for them. They've always been a good organization...

Comment #15

No matter how a weight loss program is packaged, it all comes down to the same bottom line. Consume less calories than you are expending and you will lose weight. It's just simple math that is disguised in different ways. We can lose weight eating 1,200 calories per day of junk food, but would feel awful...

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Hey guys! Thanks for the information. I did WW 20 years ago when they have 'exchanges', which I loved! It was the same sort of diet as they recommend for diabetics. 4-6 protein exchanges, 2 fat exchanges, etc. When they went to Points, I was bummed. I'm thinking of trying it again as soon as I finish the current month ofNutrisystemfood...

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I'm a WW lifetime member since 1999. It just stopped working for me, but because I CHANGED...the program is fine. I got so bad about spending my points on junk-crap! The structure and low-glycemic index system ofNutrisystemreally works for me. Plus, the reality is, CALORIES COUNT. They are the bottom line. I think the WW point system became more cumbersome with the recent changes (I still keep up with WW, I get great recipes from the website)..

Anyway,Nutrisystemis the ONLY program that has allowed me to achieve my current low weight. I maintained for quite a while, then started again to lose more weight (not due to re-gaining! I just decided I want to lose more). By following the good nutritional balance I learned on NS, and staying within my daily calories, I was a very successful maintainer, and will be again at my new goal...

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I just made the transition as well. I still go to the meetings. I think the support WW offers is great. I will not knock it down. And sometimes, all of us needs a bit more support. So it's great for that, definately.

My weight kept creeping up and no one understood why. I was doing all the right things. I had plateaud for over 4 months. So I decided to give JC a try. I liked their program but, quite pricey.

PLUS my add ins. No way. So, I joined NS. My weight loss is now steady and I love eating 6 times a day better than trying to cram as much food as possible to get all those points in in 3x a day.Nutrisystemis just great...

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In Jan 2008 I joined WW and by 4/30 I got down to my goal of 128. Unfortunately, by September/October I started making mistakes, and gained it all back then some..

In October 2010 I joined WW again at 162. Then the program changed to Points Plus and I just couldn't follow it. At the end of December I had lost almost nothing, so I decided to tryNutrisystemand on 1/1/11 I placed my order!.

It has worked very well for me. I might consider joined WW online again when I hit my goal and use the on line tools to help with maintenance, but I'm not sure yet. We shall see...

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I tried using WW points again for maintenance, and didn't do so well. Something about those extra weekly points set me up to binge on the weekend, then starve all week to try to stay at goal. I found calorie counting to work a lot better, and will go back to it once I am at my new goal. I use The Daily Plate for tracking, love it!.

I gave the new Points Plus a try too and didn't get anywhere toward my new goal, and startedNutrisystemagain last month, and the scale is going down again!..

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That is my concern with the Points Plus plan. I have been on those message board, and people post time and time again "non one gains weight eating too much fruits and veggies." THAT IS NOT TRUE! There are obese vegans, many! And the fact that bananas are free?? 1/2 a banana is a fruit serving!..

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I've also been a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers since 2001! I agree that the plan I was on (the original Points program) worked for me for awhile, but.I could not understand the "earned points" or "banking points" that it had. Ok, if I exercised more, I earned points - that made sense. But, to "save points" during a week to use at the end of the week, did not make sense. Also, my plan then was structured so that your daily points were based on your weight - 150 lbs or less = 18 to 23 points (900-1150 calories), 174-198 lbs = 20 to 25 points (1000-1250), 199-223 lbs = 22-27 (1100-1350) etc. How could it make sense for those who weighed less than 150 lbs to restrict their daily calories to 900-1150 a day!Nutrisystemis planned so that it is based on the amount of weight you.

Need to lose.

, it is nutritionally balanced (unlike the "junk" you could have on WW so long as you stayed within your points range), and it allows 1100-1300 calories (for Women with less than 100 lbs to lose). They also allow "extra" foods if you are exercising strenuously so that your body continues to get the nutrients it needs...

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