Anyone got any Godaddy wordpress hosting promo codes?

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My question is: Anyone got any Godaddy wordpress hosting promo codes?.

My 2nd question is: Is it just me or is domaining becoming more kindergarten like? there isnt a day that goes by that I read a post, a blog or a comment, and wonder what the heck is going on anymore ;-(.

What happened to the domainers? now you are a commer, or a mobite or an info lover, or whatever.

It is equally disturbing when you see someone post in a thread and knock an extension, all the while trying to show their smarts and knowledge- and in their sig file they have for sale and

Why is all this happening? people who have nothing better to do, simply knocking other extensions, for what- the fun of it? I mean, who cares? if you dont like an extension, so what? what exactly is the point? I like lasagna, you like ziti- big deal, eh?.

And if you do like an extension ouside of .com- you come across like it's the next best thing to sliced bread and .com is on the verge of a takeover. what in the world???.

People saying things like- they ONLY way to go is to invest in a solid generic .com word, like I dont know- maybe or maybe shoot for THESE are the names you want in your portfolio.

Hmmmmmmm. would be nice, wouldnt it? 98% of the people who frequent these boards do not have that kind of cash flow. names like that dont drop, and if they did, they still reach unreachable prices. there are no solid generic .com names sitting around available. and a good portion arent even for sale. soooo, why is advice being given that is nearly impossible to attain?.

There are very few people who teach anymore. domaining isnt all about .com. even though .com is the backbone of domaining, there is more to the pie than that. thats just a pure fact. other extensions are not as popular as .com, they dont pull the same sales as .com- and we all know this. but the fact remains, there is more to domaining.

Why knock the fact that for example- sold for $800,000.00 and sold for $5000.00. (those are made up). who cares? only ONE person can own and if the rest of us can make money with fruit.whatever- than what is wrong there? I mean, I am really taken back when someone says- "big deal- see, the .com was where the real money was at." ok, so, NONE of us can afford the .com, so why even go that road?.

Every day there are sales being made in all sorts of extensions. if someone sells a .asia for $5000.00 and people post congrats and are enthusiastic, then someone comes in and says- fanatics, look at you all patting yourselves on the back for a .asia sale. but when someone posts a 5000.00 .com sale, the same thing happens, no?.

It takes you 8 months to sell that awesome .com generic for $25,000, while someone else in the same time sold 10 "substandard" cctld's and ended up with the same amount- same thing, no?.

You joke about sites and groups set up dedicated to a certain extension, on your site dedicated to .com- same thing, no?.

If someone posts a negative about an extension, those who love it rise up in an awry way to defend it, and those who knock it rise up in an equally awry way and yell fanatic. same thing, no?.

There are some brilliant minds here on namepros. there is so much to learn, so much to share in a positive way to help make everyone a bit more profitable. I am calling on the true domainers to come back out in full force to teach and talk domaining- not .COMming or .NETting or .USing- but domaining.

So many other boards and blogs and sites are posting things that are posted to cause quite the stir- just read the comments- it's like a war of the words. it's crazy and just so shallow. there is no depth to these things anymore. my opinion this and my opinion that. bleh. domaining needs more opinions like it needs more non-paying sedo buyers.

Teach. research. think outside the box. get off the "extension" pedestals and on the "domaining" pedestal. namepros doesnt have a lot of the crap other places have- but it can easily be the forum that climbs even higher above the rest because of the quality of the content here- which has to rise above any sort of ridiculous extension wars and put out the info needed for domainers to work with what they have- because we dont have, we cant have but we can make money despite that :-)..

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Your question was: Anyone got any Godaddy wordpress hosting promo codes?.

I still received the "make money fast" spam email every day even at this age, everyone should know the chain-letter only make a few people rich, but it is not for everyone.

Maybe my analogy is not exact correct for your example. And.

Not that I am against your example of making money in a new extension, but this is certainly not for everyone. Some people buy blue chip company, some buy penny stocks. I assume those newbie should stay with blue chips...

Comment #1

I believe such things happen because everyone has their own agenda and individual priorities...

Comment #2

Outstanding post, smashfactory, imo....And a long overdue statement. I'm sick of it, too.

Dressing up 'extension bashing' - a la: '.asia sucks'...'stupid buy'....'$30,000 .asia sale? There's always a sucker'....etc - as 'helping poor misguided 'noobs' from losing their money', doesn't disguise the fact that it's arrogant, nasty, self-important, and malignant, imo....Its disrespectful to fellow domainers - and, it is assuming that 'you' are the only genius with the wisdom of Soloman...

Who knows? Maybe those that are working in other extensions will do well?...Maybe they will find new markets - new outlets & channels for their investments?....It'd be far better for all concerned if everyone guided and shared and advised constructively, rather than simply sling bricks....Its childish.

Yes, if you, personally, feel that an investment in, say, .mobi, or .asia, or .me, is not something you would recommend, by all means say so....But, constructively, and with reasons....If you can't be bothered to do that, then just leave it alone.

What's the point, as smashfactory says?....There are those here that post over and over again - at every opportunity - belittling people's investment in certain extensions. Its warped, and it's malicious....Leave it out.

There IS so much wisdom, imagination, ideas, and creativity here....Lets share that....lets work on HOW folks can make money on their investments, rather than bashing those investments that we wouldn't make ourselves.

Lets UP the generosity of spirit level here...


Comment #3

If everyone "knew" which extension was better than the other, or which extension would come on top of others after two years, do you think people would speculate?.

Domaining as far as I know (im a newbie too), is a game of speculation. Noone knows what the future has in store for various extensions, by speculating, people try to get their point in. I have been reading these threads and I have been learning from them.

Shows me what other domainers think, and what newbies like/dislike. Helps keep me updated for future investments. Reading these regularly tells me when to get into a fad and when to liquidate it.

Also if these discussions weren't there, I would have loads of types in my portfolio, and would soon have exhausted the small investment; got burnt and would have gotten the hell out of domaining :\.

Also, the forums arent a book, perfect with all the information fitted in the right slots, there will be good posts and bad posts (bashing if you may?). Look at the threads, people do justify their thoughts with logic, whatever bashing comes along with it, should be ignored.

I rarely take part in these discussions, and I think that may be a dash selfish on my part, but whoever does take part, is contributing a good deal imo...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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