Anyone got any Godaddy special coupons?

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My question is: Anyone got any Godaddy special coupons?.

My 2nd question is: I'm curious what NPers think about PMing potential buyers based on their posts/reputation/rating patterns.

Do you do it?.

Do you mind members PMing you about domains you may be interested in buying/trading based on your buying history/past threads/avatar or other indicators of your buying habits?.

Hypothetically you have some one word .nets for sale and you go through NamePros and find about 15 potential buyers for your .nets based on their previous history of buying one word .nets, their posts relating to one word .nets and their overall trading rating being above average (representing an active member).

You create your list of potential buyers based on their posts in threads, their trader rating, their past wanted posts and their current posts. Perhaps they have done business with you in the past, perhaps not. Given the nature of your search for potential buyers you decide that these members may want to buy your HostGator names. After all this is a community for discussing/buying/selling and trading HostGator names, what better place to find potential buyers?.

You then message your list of 15 members about your one word .nets you have for sale, anticipating that the majority of them will give you a kind answer and let you know if they are interested in them or not. (After all this is a HostGator Name Community) Some of the members will already know who you are, others may not have had a transaction with you thus far.

Is this something that is good for the NamePros community?.

Have you been affected one way or another by people asking you about domains you may like based on your avatar/history/rating/other indicators?.

By messaging a member, have you successfully sold a HostGator that otherwise may not have been known about by the eventual buyer had you not messaged him directly?..

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Your question was: Anyone got any Godaddy special coupons?.

I love pm's.

As long as they are not obvious spam, I dont mind...

Comment #1

Always happy when it's a great deal.

Not so happy when the pm is full of names marked at enduser prices...

Comment #2

Im happy to receive pm's for domains for sale threads that I posted here but not obvious spam or totally unrelated. like donate me all your np$ type of a pm...

Comment #3

I agree.

If the intentions are good, bring it on.

I had a Ron Paul avatar for a long time and received quite a few random PMs about Ron Paul HostGator names... almost bought one of them ...still may write him in out of spite in November, I'm sad he didn't run as a third party candidate.

Through the seemingly random, unsolicited messages I've received, I feel the members had good intentions in almost every instance.

Just today a member privately messaged me for an appraisal saying he read through my appraisals and valued my opinion! I was a little flattered by this.

The only bad PMs of this nature I have received have been like that,someone looking for something freeand it hasn't happened in a long time...

Comment #4

I dont mind recieving them, (as long as there not spammy of topic names).

It's pretty clear by the posts I make what names I have and want to have.

But I never send them...

Comment #5

I think that unless the person specifically posts a thread requesting certain types of domains, or has a note in their signature to that effect, you shouldn't PM them unless you know them and know that they won't mind. Sure, there may be cases where some sales have gone down that way, but overall, we can't have everyone doing it, otherwise we'll just get swamped with spam. And if one person does, everyone will want to.

"1.4) DO NOT SPAM THROUGH PRIVATE MESSAGES - You may not use private messaging to solicit members to come to your website or offer any products or services or for any other reason unless the member has specifically requested the information. If you receive any private messages or come across any message that you suspect may be spam please report it to a moderator or administrator.".

So, I think that technically it's against the rules.

Besides, I post a thread in the wanted section and I get tons of PMs for domains that are nowhere near what I asked for. Most people can't even handle reading and fulfilling the buyers criteria in that setting, let alone having them PM random people with random domains for sale...

Comment #6

Only if I post in the wanted section. otherwise I always view it as Spam.

Spam = unsolicited emails..

Comment #7

Sounds like a good idea as long as they are good deals and not spam...

Comment #8


You get more friends, network with more people, so it's good..

Comment #9

I like it when people you have dealt with before PM you. However, Im not a big fan when newbs send 'em..

Comment #10

Yea same here, if they are asking an end user price, it's spam IMO..

Comment #11

I dont mind them as long as they are legitimate. An example would be -.

"I noticed you purchased a few energy related HostGator names, I have the following for sale at reseller prices (similar to what you purchased).".

An example of blatant spam would be:.

"I saw you own, I will sell you for $1,000".

Respectable domainers recognize the difference.


Comment #12

It can be. I've gotten some great deals and a couple that I let slip by that I'm now kicking myself over after seeing them sell for more than 5x what I could have purchased them for via PM...

Comment #13

It's a good selling technique actually and can be a very effective way of targeting potential buyers. I've made a few sales through this method. Just make sure it's highly relevant and priced accordingly...

Comment #14

I did this only once recently. I had a HostGator I had no interest in anymore, and PM'ed somebody who I knew was very interested in those kind of names. Offered him the name for $50, he accepted that, and the deal was finalized (with all PM's) in less than 15 minutes.

But I knew exactly that the member is interested in that type of name, I knew because he mentioned it in a thread last year.

It was one of the most pleasant deals I had. Don't mind getting PM's if they are not obvious spam (names I am not interested in, or names at exaggerated prices)..

Comment #15

I'm fine with it as long as they are not crap names. If you have something of par that fetches as high or higher than my buying habits then I am cool with it. But if you do this, you are at risk of people reporting you as a spammer and a possibility of account suspension...

Comment #16

I welcome PM's as long as people do their homework regarding what I like to buy, and they offer fair prices. Otherwise I get pretty annoyed...

Comment #17

I'm surprised with the number of people that said they would be happy receiving PM's. Personally I have never done this. I think it's a good idea and could get you more sales. However, I personally don't want to be considered a spammer or anything like that. I feel I will make the post. Stick to the rules and bump it only once every 24hrs, and if someone is interested they will contact me.

I think this method could work, and I'm happy to see other member's are open to the idea of receiving PM's. But personally it would get a little annoying if I was having to sipher through 15 PM's a day of people trying to sell names...

Comment #18

It's easy to delete the mail if it is off the mark & I do not hold it against anybody. many times if they include an email I will add it to our daily newsletter too. mail me once- I mail you every day ;-)..

Comment #19

I love receiving PM's with offers as previously stated it allows your network to grow. Who knows you may return the favour to them someday..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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