Anyone got any Godaddy promotion codes for renewals?

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My question is: Anyone got any Godaddy promotion codes for renewals?.

My 2nd question is: Do you believe first names registered as a HostGator name can hold some value, even in other major extensions apart from .com (all taken).

For example: or

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Your question was: Anyone got any Godaddy promotion codes for renewals?.

I read an article about a while back, does anyone remember what it went for?..

Comment #1

Posted on DnJournal - $8,006 1/29/08.


Comment #2

I got if anyones interested...

This appears to be in reference to a .asia potential reg (via pm). I will just add publically that my comments above do NOT apply to .asia. I would not advise anyone to register those...

Comment #3

.biz worth the least out of all Global/National TLDs - my opinion of course..

Comment #4

True. Still kicks .asia all over the park mind.....

Comment #5

Ive got few names .biz as well.

Dunno wats the value in .biz ..although I personally dun like .biz but I think if the other extension are all registered up n only .biz left I wud have taken it as well...

Comment #6

I used to own (was very nice IMO as it looked like List street). I let it drop and it is available (also let drop but it's taken). I still think it would be easy to flip these kinds of names (couple hundred bucks) as many people IMO would like their name dot whatever and maybe I should have tried Ebay at least before dropping. Oh well...


Comment #7

Derek .com is in Sedo auction right now and the first bid is $29,100 so far...

Comment #8

I own a Leia(dot)info I plan on (and my wife agrees) on naming our daughter Leia. I figured 15 years from now when social networking is huge and everyone has a myspace/facebook type deal how cool would it be to own as apposed to so I plan on keeping it. I have been offered $600 for it before and even though 600 is alot for a dotINFO I didn't even consider selling it...

Comment #9

"So daddy, how did you choose my name?".

"Well, leia, I had the HostGator and thought you'd love to have your own".

The response will be awesome...

Comment #10


I actually acquired the name after I made that decision.

The real conversation will go like this....

"Daddy, how did you choose my name".

"Well honey in 1977 there was this amazing movie call Star Wars........"..

Comment #11

"Oh that's so cool.".

"You are the coolest dad in the world but daddy I prefer the .COM will you buy it for me on my next birthday?"..

Comment #12

They definetly are worth alot if it is a really popular name and good extension. And I do agree, .biz is not the best.. lol.

I own two, not so popular names.. and

Comment #13

Do you guys know if kelcie is a widespread name?.

And yes I do believe first names are going up in value, although I think it's much more for .com than any other extension...

Comment #14

A brother of my brothers girlfriend is named Kelcie. But he spells it Kelsey...

Comment #15

I've got

Kym is a female name; the term returns 4,300,000 results at google and I hope it will do well..

Comment #16

Okay thanks GG ! yup kelsey returns 100 times more google. :\..

Comment #17

I have some info's and I like them a lot...

Comment #18

Me to, I've got these ones, available for sale if anyone's interested:.





Comment #19

I think sold for $19,000 a year back... wish I had the money..

Comment #20

Well I did a search for the top 200 baby names (m and f) for .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz.

I could only find 2 in .biz which were available i.e. jeremiah and jayla :\.

All the rest were taken..

Shows you how important first names are..

Comment #21

I will give a spin to this and it is only my personal opinion not a recommedation to go out and buy.

I like if you cannot get your first name. More and more people are broadcasting themselves and using You Tube or a Mogulus. I read an article that talked about the number of people becoming amateur web filmmakers to grow huge over the next few years.

So if you cannot get a top 10 male name I think is a great alternative. I have regged about 30 female names some get traffic too like and

Comment #22

I own, if your wife's first name is Barbara, I am waiting for your PM.

Old style though.....

Comment #23

Hard to tm a first name, very good investment in regards to a HostGator name, if you can get your hands on one...

Comment #24


I think girl's name has better traffic than boy's..

Comment #25

Apart from, i've also got:.

1., a female name.

2., 4,290,000 google results.

3., 1,280,000 google results, and the most popular Nyomi according to google is a porn star, called Nyomi Marcela..

Comment #26

Over the few couple of months, I have acquired a number of thanks to Equity.

Here are my ones so far, all in the .com.











































Comment #27

You got some excellent name IMO HTML, and IMO the beauty is they are hand regs you can sell at a decent price nothing crazy and you make a great ROI and the buyer getting an excellent deal.

$7 sell them for $200 to $300..

Comment #28

I don't really see the significance of firstname+TV. Have you sold any yet?..

Comment #29

I own, was for my ex gf but I still run it as a fashion outlet, I'm not sure how popular rachel is in India but it is actually targeted at the US market and I just used .in as other tld's were taken...

Comment #30

Nope. just been hand regging them over the past month or so. As with most of my domains, I don't plan to reg then sell them immediately like a lot of people do, but hold on to them for a while until the right buyer is found...

Comment #31 seems to be going for anything from 1000 to 10,000 depending on the popularity of the name ie. Jules = 1000 , Andrew = 10,000.



Comment #32

Nice name leia.

I have jym dot info.. maybe I shud name my son jym lol.

Or name my daughter mabel coz I have mabel dot name.

After my kids ask me how I name their names then I shud reply.

" oh I name your name from the Names domans I acquired, so you can own your name's HostGator for future use".


Great sales you have there! esp marilyn .com.

Do you happen to own joey .com as well? lol..

Comment #33

I sold .info shortened version of my first name for $70...

Comment #34

If you regged it at just $1 thats 70 times ROI.


Comment #35 $12,000 on DN Journal tonight. $62,036 the week before on DN Journal sales report..

Comment #36

I suspect they would hold value over the long term but you could expect some fluctuations as a particular name falls in or out of favor. I know very few Davids that aren't around my age..

Top 10 Names for 2007

You can also use the site to search popular names by year...

Comment #37


Nice sales.

I was hoping to maybe one day acquire my daughters name... It just doesn't seem too realistic anymore. Or even worth the cost based on the above sales. My other daughters name is Miley and I wouldn't expect that too come cheap either. I did get her though...

Comment #38 is available but at the Premium.

Domain price of only $6,355.00, it's a bit steep IMO...

Comment #39

Thanks for the link. I own, which isn't currently in the top 1,000 (because Laurie is more popular), but it was in the top 1,000 from 1952 - 1976. Good to know Worse comes to worse I'll give it to my Aunt Lauri..

Comment #40


So you prefer to Benjamin.TV.

IMO, Benjamin.TV is a better option..

Comment #41


I did not even mention, besides the fact is $500 a year premium domain.

Up on SEDO now $12,000 and $2250..

Comment #42

Easy, easy....I am asking the question, thats all.

With all the's being regged, I thought the general thoughts were people just preferred the .com version.

Would you rather have or Benjamin.TV????..

Comment #43

As long as it's .COM and the one it was named after belongs to who's who..

Comment #44

No prob Giles, the way you wrote it, you said I preferred it. The problem with some .tv is the premium, you got a great name like for $16 that's much better than the $500 premium for what is a vanity domain. I think there is value in the non premium I have regged many for $16 and within less than an hour sold them for 3 times. I like the female first names as they could be a product or good for online entertainment...

Comment #45

No problem equity78, thats the problem with forums/email, gets taken out of context.

I am just about to reg a female ($16).

Will post in a little while for opinions.

BTW, where are you selling these

Comment #46

I have some first name domains in .net, .biz and .mobi, no real interest above low $xx.

There is a history of some good sales, even for .biz. Some people scoff at the idea of matching .biz with personal names, but there are vain business people out there. I'm positive it's just a matter of getting the HostGator in front of them...

Comment #47

Jethro is available for anyone who wants it.

Normal reg fee..

Comment #48

Sally was a good price for a .net IMO..

Comment #49

I own but it looks like the only guy with that name is Arsenio Hall !!..

Comment #50

Just regged these 2. (15 million google results). (21 million google results)..

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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