Anyone got any Go Daddy coupons for hosting?

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My question is: Anyone got any Go Daddy coupons for hosting?.

My 2nd question is: It's a gloomy question, but would be interested in your opinions.

I have looked into a decent HostGator last year. I sent the /img/avatar2.jpg several emails and also left 2 voicemails but still no reply. Finally I received a reply from the /img/avatar2.jpg's brother by email and he told me the /img/avatar2.jpg has lost his life in a tragic car accident. I'm very sorry and sad to hear this and I told him maybe he should find a way to take the control of the HostGator name because it's valuable and it should be part of the heritage. The /img/avatar2.jpg's brother said he knows nothing about HostGator name and he will talk to consultant later.

I have passed that HostGator but still can't help thinking this. I haven't got much valuable domains in my portfolio (actually less than 100 names now), but I let my wife knows all my account info and their potential value just in case.

Have you ever thought about this and what's your opinion? Thanks..

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Your question was: Anyone got any Go Daddy coupons for hosting?.

Sorry to know about the accident. We are all humans here and not exempted from death. The best thing to do is share your private information with the people you love and trust hoping that someday (God forbids) they will continue the business you have started. I for one keep a copy on my excel and my wife knows where to look for it on my computer...

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Thanks wot! This is a good suggestion, my close friends in real life all know nothing about domaining. I have several fellow NP/DNF members on my msn and I do trust them...

Comment #2

I like the way wot doing, it's much more safer, then you sharing your account password with other people right now..

Comment #3

I don't share my account passwords. As a matter of fact, there are too many to keep them straight as it is. What I have done though, is put everything into a neatly written excel sheet, that can be accessed if i'm incapacitated.

Not that there's anything of substantial value in my portfolio, but even the few bucks that could be made with my domains are worth being taken in consideration. After all, the guys with the shovels won't show up for free...


Comment #4

One day we will have a thriller/detective novel where a man dies of a car accident and a few months later, it's found (by a friend of his) that a few of his valuable domains have changed hands! His friend (friendNo1) becomes suspicious and investigates the matter and finds that there is much more to it than it appears!.




A friend(friendNoN) of the deceased has been arrested for conspiring to murdering "Wot" the deceased.

Blah Blah Blah!.


Comment #5

Yes, Its a good step to take. I for one, have made a small text file listing all my account details and stuff..

And my brother knows where the file is located and incase anything happens to me he can take over it...

Comment #6

Less of that, there are a few here who may well be tempted...

Comment #7

They are in an excel sheet, eh....? What computer in your house exactly?.

Just joking... but seriously it would not be good to say too much.... even here.... if you think you have some valuable domains.

I have often thought about the rouge person that is offended by a HostGator name - maybe religious, political, porn or whatever...... and show up at your house to confront you about your indiscretions. I've been waiting years to hear about it happening. It's just a matter of when and whom.

There are plenty of reasons to have a plan B...

Comment #8

I did the same thing- I typed up on paper everything my husband needs to know, and what to do, should I expire...

Comment #9

I made a spreadsheet with all registrar/aftermarket platform logins & passwords handwritten in (never have a login/pass combo typed anywhere together). The spreadsheet is stored in a safe and my family knows who to contact to give it to in the event of my passing...

Comment #10

I haven't done this yet but have had it in mind for a while. This has been a reminder though ...

Comment #11

Good advice.

Come to think of it, I've thought about doing this, but I've never actually shared my domaining logins or information with anyone...

Comment #12

I've shared all my HostGator info with my fiance. She know where all the domains are. I have a spreadsheet that store all the information needed such as Registrar, expiration, when it was renewed, and so on.

She knows what are my liquid domains and which are not.

I asked her to create an account with my registrar so she knows ins and out of the registrar.

I am now showing her how to push the HostGator both internally and externally...

Comment #13

I think about it but keep putting it off.

I won't tell anyone the info, you never know.

What could happen!.

But I do have some info in a folder, with.

A copy on a disc...yes a disc - and a hand.

Written note in my purse saying where.

The folder is..

If I can ever figure out how to use my cd burner,.

I'll put it on one of those.

I feel safer that way. Nothing is "stored" online,.

And nothing is 100% safe!..

Comment #14

Well if you can't figure out how to work your cdrw drive just send them my way and I'll make copy(s) for you. I swear I won't look at whats on the disc -fingers crossed-..

Comment #15

I always remember all my passwords in mind. My wife does so. But I did write a note and keep it in my bro's safe...

Comment #16

WOW, this is SPOOKY.

Only today I was wondering just how some absolute PREMIUM domains ever make it to the dropped stage and I assumed that it must be this scenario.

Someone (many moons ago - probably) hand regged an absolute stonker of a domain, they have renewed it on many occasions or initaly reg'd it for 10 years.

They have since died and no-one knows they have it, it gets dropped or it appears in the to be dropped lists.

I must sort my accounts out...

Comment #17

I have my accounts/passwords kept at my lawyers office (updated every couple months). I also have told my wife to seek out a preselected person on here with a pm and that person could help her out (give him a % to liquidate or something). Life is a crazy ride, always good to be prepared.


Comment #18

Never really thought about all this. I just turned 18 and cant think of anyone I can possibly share my logins an all with. I dont really have a very big doman portfolio either. Just under 300 names of which just a couple are really valuable IMO but I have these few websites that are worth a few thousand dollars. Totally agree with you!..

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