Anyone got any Go daddy coupon for 2011?

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My question is: Anyone got any Go daddy coupon for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Hi,.

I dont know if it is the correct place for this thread... Mods/Admin move to correct place if it is wrong place and sorry for it.

I dont know if everyone facing this problem or me alone facing this problem, even the available HostGator name is been shown as Taken in to me and I am not able to register it there thus...


Sri Gopal..

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Your question was: Anyone got any Go daddy coupon for 2011?.

Damn I dont know whats wrong with me... I wanted to do some registrations and it's showing those are taken whereas other sites saying they are available.....

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Happened to me before. clear your cookies and try with a different browser. I was using IE7 and had to switch to Firefox.

Hope that helps.


Comment #2

Yes, there was/is certainly a problem.

I was able to reg 2 domains today without incident...but...

On July 04, I went to reg 5 domains that were available and all 5 showed as Taken.

When I individually would check each HostGator some showed as Available and some as Taken.

I then went to their back up site at

And was able to reg all 5 domains.


Comment #3

I have never used it before I just registered there to get a HostGator pushed to my account. I might have to use them for their free privacy whois...

Comment #4

Try clearing your cookies.

Yes, the free whois protection is nice...

Comment #5

I've had this happen a few times before as well but had no idea why it was happening as other places said it was free!..

Comment #6

Happened to me a lot of times. are not always available and one time I registered 31 or 32 domains but it took three times the money and it takes ca three days for the money to get back.

But what about this, well actually, it was by the time mentioned above, one of the domains was shown as available, and it was a v e r y v e r y .. VERY good HostGator name, very big keywords. Anyway... when I, some minutes later tried to reg it, it was not available anymore. It had been taken a few minutes after I first checked it. Still taken.

There have been well... a bit too many names that I have tested on that have soon after (days) become taken. More than statistically explainable but.. I guess things can happen. But these "things" seem to happen more with Moniker too, by the way so no matter what they say if you are not sure to register immediately, try somewhere else.

Who knows?..

Comment #7

Competentdomains - Just wanted to speak to your comment. does not now, nor have we ever, shared, sold or knowingly allowed anyone to access searches our customers perform.

I personally have checked the availability of some strong keyword domains and found them showing as available at our site, surprised, I perform a proper whois check and find them registered for quite some time. This is a connection issue we've uncovered and I *hope* it's what's causing the issue you speak of.

It's also worth noting that I, personally, have also done checks of long lists of keyword domains on our system at various times and have seen them show as available. I know that if I leave those domains unregistered I face the chance of them being registered by other savvy people. Strong keyword domains aren't going to sit around for long no matter if you're looking at, Network Solution or via the command line whois.

I hope that helps to clear up any lingering concern...

Comment #8

And what about the issue which is mentioned in the first post of this thread???..

Comment #9

Sorry Sri - I believe the issue you are experiencing is similar, if not the same, as the one I pointed out as being a connection issue, but I'm not certain. I've alerted our staff to the problem and we've not been able to pin it down.

Are you still experiencing this issue with those HostGator names in particular? If you are please PM me the HostGator names and perhaps a screen shot? This would really help us out in tracking down the problem.

Thank you..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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