Anyone got a UK GoDaddy coupon for 2011?

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I got a quick question: Anyone got a UK GoDaddy coupon for 2011?.

I also got another question: .

I'll supply the data, software, IPs and offers, you handle the mailings and everything else. If this works out I can scale up rapidly. You'll make a percentage of the gross revenue you generate.

I am only looking for a 2 or 3 people that are looking to do this full time.

If you're interested PM me and let's chat...

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Your question was: Anyone got a UK GoDaddy coupon for 2011?.

I prefer to think of everything else as handjobs and hookers..

Comment #1

Everything else mailing related, FBLs, IP seasoning, etc... Percentages would start at 20% and go up depending on gross revenue. Round this isn't for everybody. If you have been in the business a while and have the money, relationships and software, you'll make more doing this on your own...

Comment #2

Yeah man I'm not interested in the least but thought I'd ask some basic questions that you're inevitably going to be asked... plus I had to set up the joke for crackpot ;-).

@Crackpot - LOL..

Comment #3

LMAO! Now that's royal. Anyways, "G" isn't the only guy out there doing the same thing. I think this is the new "MLM" of sp@m. When the lists stop responding, get your money from the suckers huh?..

Comment #4

BB I can get you started today if you wire me $10k, everyone else, you can get started without putting up any cash. See first post. :-)..

Comment #5

You are WORSE than him. You use his stuff to scam people and then slam him. Leave this forum and stop scamming. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY AND BE CAREFUL, VERY CAREFUL ABOUT DEALING WITH HIM...

Comment #6

I assume you are talking about Black Beauty and not me?..

Comment #7

Thanks, if you were referring to me. I have always enjoyed your posts crackpot. No lies...but yeah "G" is a joke and I don't really want to get into flaming anyone again, but yeah...anyone who's anyone will tell you that he's a joke or that they simply don't know who he is..

And I just read that post by whatever his name was....I GIVE AWAY his sh@t to devalue it. Nothing more and nothing less. His data is sold in a manner that harms the recipient, the data, the mailer, and the if I GIVE IT AWAY no one will use it (or so the theory goes). He sells it to hundreds of people in an unsecured manner and anti's are part of his Platinum Membership (duh, can we say everyone is harmed). I disclose that issue VERY WELL in everything I do with his crap and then give it away. It is not link bait at all.

Didn't you do your homework. They are scrapes and dumps from other mailers. Stop being a douche and start helping the industry.

It's not about profits with each other's about the profits from the uplifting of the industry. My issues with "G" are well-documented and a quick Google search will give you plenty of enlightenment on those, so I am transparent on that. Quit flaming and be's beneficial to us all, but you have to understand networking to understand that...and my guess is that you don't know sh#t about the industry, the markets, or networking...and I would guess that Business itself is a mystery to you as well...

Comment #8

Are you really trying to flame me with a BS offer? What a joke. Again, due diligence will benefit you. I have your data, I have my data, I have every else's data that's not proprietary and you know why?.

Not because I scrape, not because I steal...because I network. I don't profit from 90% of what I do. I don't up-sell, I don't run from debts, I don't screw people, I don't lie (intentionally...I have had other providers fail my promises in the past), and I am generally a good guy. That's a rare trait in this industry and people trust me because of it.

Then, there are the people that I have done business with that did not follow the same Code of Ethics that I think we all expect from any businessman. I have NO MERCY on them and why should I? Because I take it TO ANOTHER LEVEL when I smell a scam, they often do retaliate (but why wouldn't they).

So, if you ask whether I am "liked" by the scam spammers, I am not. If you ask whether I am fair and do good business with people that want to ethically market through bulk email, then yes I like I have said before...

If you call a "nigger" a "nigger", he'll punch you in the face, but if you call a decent man one he'll think you are talking to someone else. My question to you is, "Are you a nigger?"..

Comment #9

I hope you're not talking about the horseman. Trust me he ain't worth crap. He's a well heeled scammer. He slams people to get attention and build rep for himself and then turns around to sell the stuff he got from them. He is NOT trustworthy. NOBODY SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH HIM...

Comment #10

LMAO...this guy is a straight-up menace. Look dude, like I have said as I follow you around because you seem to really like me is this:.


If you are simply some douchebag out lolligagging behind me and trying to disturb are really simply annoying me and damaging your credibility. I have offered you and anyone else I do business with that is unhappy a solution, if you want it...take it, if not...then go to hell.

I am pretty freaking sure I know who you are, but I don't want to be really rude if you happened to be an authentic customer...but you are being rude, so why not?..

Comment #11

Relax man, I was being sarcastic. Do you understand sarcasm? I got no beef with you. Just don't call my offer BS, because you don't know me or what I am offering.

However, if you still want to get involved in a good opportunity I have something you might like. If you wire me $100k today, you will get $500k worth of tupperware that you can resell and profit $400k! It's a really good deal. The only catch is you have to relocate to Nebraska and work at my Tupperware store. Deal?..

Comment #12

Hmm, Tupperware.. Thats something worth considering bizzle. Can I get in on the deal too?.

This email biz ain't what it's cracked up to be anyways.

Its just a fad and won't last....

Comment #13

Sorry...I have my shield out and deflector beams bad. No, seriously, I have no idea what you've got and I stay interested in real deals, but just got burnt twice in a row by "namedroppers" and that will make anyone bitter and defensive. Again, sorry.....

Comment #14


This doesn't sound like a bad deal if you're mailing TLD's like aol,yahoo.

Basically set up drops for this guy manage his FBL's remove complainers.

Doesn't sound like a bad set up...

Comment #15

I can vouch for the guy. I've said before he's legit and I'll say it again he's legit. My biz dev partner has know him for years and several other people I consider friends have known him for a while as well. Me and my partner took him up on his offer. If everyone here knew what this guy was about they'd be pissed they shot themselves in the foot...

Comment #16

I know one thing...if he's anything like I am (which doesn't say much), he probably doesn't really care that I, or anyone else, made negative speculations...after all, they were only speculations and based upon "previous experiences". My experience with the OP are none and, the more I read, the more I like him...but the bottom line is that...most of the time these deals go south in a handbasket and I think we all know that. I am MORE THAN INTERESTED in one that wouldn't go to hell...but my defenses are definitely UP after previous encounters.. is easy for me to get caught up in my own defense and forget that others are defending as well...many times in a dispute, both parties are in agreement...yet they dispute over pride. I think I definitely have a pride-issue and I think a lot of us do. So, that being said... they are no hard feelings here...just give me a chance to be "different than you believe me to be". I am not what some of my competitors will make me out to seem. This is a tough biz and "the grapevine" here ferments quickly (if you know what I mean). Hopefully you will accept my olive branch, as it is genuine.....

Comment #17

I'm not sure why cant I PM youLooks like I have no rights here. But i'm interested , maybe we can talk on icq , jabber , skype?..

Comment #18

I filled all the spots for now but if all goes well we are going to be adding a few more mailers in about 6 weeks...

Comment #19


It's funny how many of us who've been around a long time either know you or have a mutual friend who knows you. You're officially old school now LOL. I'm still amazed we never met directly down on D Street or paddling out somewhere..

It was great seeing you at ASW, I look forward to getting to know you guys better. Of course since we all run in the same circles I know you're a good guy :-).

And before you say it Crackp0t, if only I wasn't such a bastard LMAO!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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