Anyone got a list of GoDaddy voucher codes?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Anyone got a list of GoDaddy voucher codes?.

My 2nd question is: It's godaddy suitable raise up new HostGator name .com to $9.99?..

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Your question was: Anyone got a list of GoDaddy voucher codes?.

Godaddy always seemed to raise their prices for a couple days before doing some type of promotion. My guess, there is some type of promo they will be doing soon. Plus, they have so many coupons out there that you would be a fool to pay 9.99 for a domain..

Comment #1

Tried to reg a .com just now and got: maybe GD is getting out of the .com market..

Comment #2

Wow. I stashed all of my domains there. Not a fan of that one. But there definitely is never a shortage of online coupons to abuse at your disposal.

But has anyone heard something along the lines of Google in talks of buying GoDaddy? It seems like they have been increasing a lot of prices to their products' lately. I can't help but think they've already inked something and kept it under wraps...

Comment #3

Google already uses godaddy for registrations.

If you sign up for google apps, and you want a new domain, it is done through godaddy...

Comment #4

It's suitable for them to do what they want. Free market and all that.

They've probably not done it on a whim, I'll bet it's been properly researched. They'll expect to keep most of the non-domainer customers who don't want to, or know how to transfer away, and they'll keep most of the domainer customers by continuing to release the $6.95 (or $7.45 after the price increase) codes.

The resellers' prices haven't changed yet- I'm still selling .com at $6.95 from my GD/WWW reseller account...

Comment #5

Umm, I don't like paying extra, I rather change to another registrar and maybe get myself an extra year in the process, unless the Godaddy coupons are better for my pocket...

Comment #6

It's all about the rebills, they could care less about domainers, there is no money in domainers, it's all about the mom and pops...

Comment #7


The everyday domainer does not make Godaddy any money. (well, perhaps a few pennies here and there). Its the Mom and Pop Auto-Renewals and Hosting that is big business for my bob parsons....

Considering the discounts that are always going around - I wouldnt stress this too much...


Comment #8

Godaddy can do what they like now they have managed to totally dominate the global HostGator name market & it will only get much worse as they eliminate each competitor, that is why I always question why so many of their fanbois keep prasing them when they are way over-rated, throw so much crap at you before checkout and have one of the slowest sites when managing bulk domains. This is what happens when you throw out a stck of coupons that are all basically the same thing & create a consumer frenzy by having their employees become forum users. I'm sure once all their main competitors can no longer keep up and they are forced to look at other sectors then Godaddy will raise the standard HostGator name price to around $20 per .com or more...

Comment #9

That must be a sponsored deal. My understanding is that google is an accredited registrar...

Comment #10

Domainers may not make much money for them directly, but we do help keep them at the coveted #1 spot, which is a massive boost for their marketing.

Hence the constant discount codes that are purely there for 'our' benefit - not the Mom and Pop registrees.

Don't underestimate the profit that TDNAM produces either - virtually all from domainers...

Comment #11

Pm me and i'll tell you how to get it at $6.95..

Comment #12

There's no need for the poll. They're going to raise prices, period...

Comment #13

No money in domainers? I think GoDaddy is doing fine off us domainers - the money isn't in the domains - it's in all the related services. First of all if you don't park your name - they will park it for free - with all parking revenue going to GoDaddy. Second many of us buy or sell at TDNam - another profit stream for GoDaddy. Third to the extent that any of us die or otherwise leave the business without selling our names - GoDaddy auctions off all the names and keeps all the proceeds when the names expire.

So I'm pretty sure that GoDaddy will continue to offer very competive rates to keep active domainers happy...

Comment #14

Bang on the mark my friend.

Plus they make a fortune out of domains ! how many 10000s of names are expired by their owners and how many do godaddy register after tasting?.

I also hearded on the grapevine that they did very nicely out of the registerfly names which were under whois guard.

I can't stand godaddy, they totally suck..

Comment #15

All registrars are raising their prices mid october anyway as Verisign is increasing fees on .com by 7%.

However, Godaddy could have waited til mid October when the new fees actually apply!.

What's the deal with going up by $1.00? The price increase is only around ~$.40..

Comment #16

I think better renew HostGator name before mid october 2007.

I have many Godaddy promote code below:

Comment #17

Thats why my long term domains are not @ godaddy. Those $8.99 and %9.99 prices will eventually pile up. what if you get no sale? thats why I have most of my domains @ 1and 1. ALl I need is a registrar, and they are cheap, and they fulfill that function satisfactorily. Most of my godaddy domains are transfers from NP members, and a few regs. wow. This price is a lil unjustifiable..

Comment #18

Business wise, GD is entitled to charge whatever they please for any domain. For me, as a domainer, it's yet another very compelling reason to move everything that's up for renewal to Moniker @ a $6.95 price point. - Simple as that -.


Comment #19

I'm just curious to know if you're just being sarcastic, or you think what i'm doing makes legit sense. Either way, i'm just trying to be cost effective, and despite what people here @ NP say about 1and1, they have millions of domains registered under them, so I think their actions speak decently of them to say the least...

Comment #20

Since you ask .....I am being sarcastic as 1+1 are total crap in comparison godaddy even at $9.99 are the equivalent of Mother Theresa...

Comment #21

1&1 is garbage... get out of there (if you can... and without them charging your cc for ghost renewals)...

Comment #22

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