Anyone got a GoDaddy promotional coupon?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotional coupon?.

My 2nd question is: Hi,.

I'm going to approach the /img/avatar6.jpgs of these domains and was wondering what you guys think would be a good/bargain price - and a bad overpaid price..

Also - what (in your opinions) do you think they are worth?.


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Your question was: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotional coupon?.

Thanks guys - I thought you'd say something like that..

A little bit out of my league: thin i'll probably go for:, should be more within budget.

Actually - And this is probably a very naieve question but why is the .org so much cheaper?..

Comment #1

Although there are more .org websites on the internet, .net appeals much more to businesses, thus giving names such as much more value. For something like and .org, the .org would be far more valuable because it suits the extension perfectly...

Comment #2

Here is a tip.

You should NEVER disclose an attempted offer in a public forum..

For one, the person or company that owns the HostGator in question can easily see it by doing a search, and second, you are giving an opportunity for others to do the same, therefore making the owners alert of the interest, and probably have them receive offers by others (your potential competitors), hence potentially increasing the price.

Finally, the .net is in this case more valuable than the .org, but I disagree as to the above mentioned difference..

They are probably closer in $ value than the large discrepancy shown above...

Comment #3

I don't think the .org people will sell it to you easily. Its owned by the World Gold Council, a huge organization.

And frankly, lots of people must've already offered big amounts for these names. Unless you can pull out a huge offer, it's not worth the time or effort IMO..

Comment #4

The .org is worth more in my opinion. Don't let people confuse you, .org has more of identity than .net. On to the next issue, I agree with others. To protect your interest I would never mention the actual domains you are interested buying. The third point to consider, if a HostGator is developed than you are not just buying the HostGator name but possibly a company and or it's product & services. This can make that HostGator exponentially more valuable than even it's .com counterpart.

If a HostGator is undeveloped you probably have a better shot than a developed domain. Best of luck...

Comment #5

Both are great domains. I agree with "Seeker". Next time maybe contact a member who has been around for awhile and ask for some advice instead of a public forum. is going to be hard with it having a GoDaddy site on it.. has No Site, so you might have a better chance if the price is right.

Doing some looking on sold right here at NamePros for $3,000 in 7/2006.

Depending on your use, I might have one that you like. It's # 2 on google for the term, 10 years old, get's some traffic etc.

Comment #6

Wow - how many of us are kicking ourselves for missing a chance to make that buy?..

Comment #7

Yup. It seems quite a few people were annoyed about missing it at the time as well!

Comment #8

Thanks for the advice guys - and next time i'll be a bit more discreet..

Well - IF they reply what they're asking will be way out of my league though..

Still - that was a great buy...

Comment #9

Maybe it's out of your league - but I know there was talk here of getting a group of investors together to go in on quality domains. Perhaps you would be able to find a few NPers willing to go in on that domain.......

Comment #10

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