Anyone got a GoDaddy promotion code I can use?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotion code I can use?.

My main question is: Hi Guys,.

I am just curious to know how many are out there like me.

If you know any details or gusses please post them.

1. How many domainer professionals(who make aliving just out of domaining) are there?.

2.How many serious domainers(Have main job, but buy or sell HostGator everyday) are there?.

3.Casual domainers?.

4.Just for fun domainers?.

Thank you and regards..


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Your question was: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotion code I can use?.

Casual here too.. But I kinda like domaining a LOOOT. I just started this year feb Lol and am gonna be here for a looooooooong time.


Comment #1

"Serious" domainer here.

I can make a living just out of domaining, but I have also 2 day jobs. (Well, I don't make such a big profit out of domaining, but since I live in a country where the bills and life in general is quite cheap, I could stand alone on domaining).

I plan to quit my jobs next spring and to focus on development + domaining...

Comment #2

I consider myself a serious domainer - I'm a student and go to uni but pay the bills with domaining..

Comment #3

I think that the around 500-1500 number of watchers of the DomainTools live auction can be a rather good indicator of the number of people involved in domaining in a casual-to-serious-to-professional way ...

Bear in mind though that ... many people might not have heard about it ... many people might not have bothered ... it was summertime ... it was a religious holiday in many parts of the world ... a number of people was at the auction (or the conference) and not logged in ...

Etc ... so the actual figure is logically a multiple of the 500-1500 figure ...

Also the GoDaddy customer base which is at 4.3 Million (source) is , I think , can be another good indicator of the total number of (different types of) domainers in the world since most domainers have a GoDaddy account (even if they don't have domains there) ...

But you must bear in mind ... not everybody has a GoDaddy account (don't know it , disgruntled customers , etc) ... many have double/triple/etc accounts (for verious reasons) ... many accounts were just used as transfer intermediaries or for other purposes and have been abandoned) ... many companies (domain , HostGator management , marketplaces , auctionhouses , escrows , etc) have accounts there , that are not calculated though as domainers since they are not physical entities ... etc..

Comment #4

I would class myself as a serious domainer as I spend at least 5 hours a day managing/buying/selling domains. However unfortunately I am not making a "serious" income from them as yet. Still have a main job and am building my portfolio slowly but surely after being in the game a couple of years now.

My boss at work has been impressed with my DN sales and is wanting to get on board so is very keen to invest $50k in domains through me with me keeping a commission of profit for managing it. Hopefully I can get this setup in the next couple of weeks and that will help me get a bit further towards making a serious income from them..

Comment #5

WoW, Thats good, atleast some one is having a bright future among us. All the best Aussie..

Comment #6

I live in Romania, in Oradea, and $250 is just enough a month for me to live (considering I have my own house). But there are even cheaper countries out there...

Comment #7

Seems like a good place to live which I have already been considering Travelling too.

...Closer to $2500 a month for normal living costs where I live. lol..

Comment #8

I am a Casual domainer, and certainly serious domainer...

Comment #9

I'm a seriously broke domainer - does that count ? Registered some good names but they seem to be long-term investments at the moment - where are the serious buyers ?

Comment #10

I think #2 fits for me cuz ive got a serious job (i had 2 and one of the things that made me quit one of them was domaining - not the principal motivation though); however I dont make a living w names... I'm buying and I think in mid/long-term investment as 98,1% of my names are, or .mobi (developing some .mobi's slowly cuz I'm learning development and maybe some in a near future).

But maybe you think #3 fits me..

Comment #11

I am a pretty serious domainer but still have my dayjob...

Comment #12

#3 - I think to crack the top list some pretty special circumstances...

Comment #13

I would be between a 2, and a 3. I have a main job. I am a serious domainer, but I don't buy, or sell a HostGator everyday!!! I wish I could do that, the selling part, anyway! I am sure I am more than a "casual" domainer.


Comment #14

# 1 is fitting to me.

Full-Time Domainer, as this is how I make my living. 12 hours a day I deal with all this madness...

Comment #15

At this point I'd have to say I'm still at #4. I just found out about domaining a little over 2 months ago. I'm taking it seriously and hopefully when I've learnt the ropes, I'll be able to tell you that I'm a full-time domainer...

Comment #16

Me too.

I would say i'm a "casual developer" too.

Mostly in it for the fun and challenge...

Comment #17

I'm probably in the first category, but got lazy and hardly spend any time at it anymore. I basically just renew domains and check my email...and sometimes I'll browse the internet, which recently led me to look thru this forum. Quite a bit of action here! Anyway, once I reached the point to where I could survive without needing a job, my ambition kindof went away. I never was very ambitious. I just like to take it easy. However sometimes I think I should have worked at it longer, but staring at a computer screen has messed up my vision...

Comment #18

Full Timer....

Although... I use the term Full-Time loosely.....

Comment #19

Hmm, I wouldn't have guessed it to be that low but knew the number of serious full time domainers earning a decent living from parking and or reselling HostGator names had to be low based on just how few people know what a HostGator name is and an even fewer number of people could ever even imagine it to be possible to earn a living domaining.

I'm in the serious category, spending at least 60 hours per week domaining in one way or the other. Hope to be able to decrease those hours in the future. Well based on your categories I'd be a professional but that's kinda strange to think of it that way, for me...

Comment #20

This is addictive, that makes me "seem" to be "serious". However since domaining does not pay a fraction of my bill, I have to stay "Casual". This also consumes a lot of time, so it can not really classified as "hobby". I would label it as "time consuming disease" +..

Comment #21

Casual nowSit around, do nothing. Earn $$$ through parking. Just have to manage renewals.

Life is great =D. Party like a ROCKSTAR at IU..

Comment #22

I HostGator for pleasure which makes me a 4..

Comment #23

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