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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotion code for 2011?.

My next question is: Hi,.

I always see two sides ... so how do you feel on coming price increase of HostGator registrations (.com/.net/......) ?

What I see:.

Negative: I have to spend more money for renewals.

Positive: More 'free' domains .... why ? .

I think HostGator taster (traffic) would let more domains to drop..

In past they need traffic on HostGator to get ~7$,.

And in future they would need more traffic to keep domain.

Your thoughts ? Have you looked at this positive ?

Comments (14)

Your question was: Anyone got a GoDaddy promotion code for 2011?.

This is going to effect large portfolio holders, pretty harsh. I think a while ago we guessed this increase would affect BuyDomains by 100,000 + per year...

Comment #1

Overall, I think this is negative and I don't think that Verisign is making a smart move. I think that this kind of action upsets other governments who think that the US has too much control over ICANN and more pressure will be under ICANN to allow other companies to oversee .com in future tenders.

I think that higher fees for .com will tempt spammers to go for the cheaper extensions and so that is a plus.

There is a high chance that Verisign will aim to increase prices again in the future depending on how this price rise is accepted. This puts companies managing other extensions in a better position to undercut the .com and possibly put a threat to .com's king status in some large regional areas. (If Bob gets his hands on .us, a cheap .us may have a good chance at replacing .com).

I think that they should consider set up fees and reduce renewal fees. In my opinion, renewal fees should be cheaper than the initial year as periods of growth in the application of any extension will require more infrastructure upgrades and periods of low growth should be able to operate with existing infrastructure.

I prefer the idea of domains costing $20 for the first year and $4.48 per renewal than $6.42 per year and any future price rises being applied to the set up cost. The price for 8 years registration is still the same but the companies who are around for the long-term (those who invest the most in the internet) get rewarded with lower fees than the people new to the internet.

I wouldn't worry about BuyDomains. They have such a good portfolio that it may be a good thing for them. The higher prices make is more difficult for new competitors trying to offer to similar services to them and make it easier for them to hold a market leader status...

Comment #2

HostGator prices going up with give more value to quality names, as asking prices will easily increaseALso, people will have less space to "play around" with mediocre names, because they will be costly and wasteful...

Comment #3

I do think the monopoly of verisign should end. If they cant manage with the current charges, then they should giveup. icann should call for an open tender who can do what veri sign is doing. I definetly believe, godaddy or even google will be willing to take up the job and offer the services at cheaper prices...

Comment #4

There is no upside in this for anyone except Verisign who's going to be pocketing an extra $31 million a year. And we're going to be seeing more increases in the coming years too.

Remember Verisign only got this price increase to settle a lawsuit they were bullying ICANN around with. ICANN handed them this sweetheart deal without opening it up to bid, despite other companies opening saying they would be reducing registrant costs. Thanks for nothing....

Comment #5

Wrong!!! (sort of).

I know of someone (a very reputated registrar) who makes use of this adjustment to profit more for one of their products..

Just rev'ed their notification today.

Is there any rule , from Verisign/ICANN, restricting the Registrars from raising their prices more than 7% from this price-hike?..

Comment #6

Exactly. There's not logical reasons for prices to go up. With more & more names being registered every year, it definately should become cheaper IMO..

Comment #7

No, registrars can hike their price to any level at any time.

Good point about registrars using this as a good excuse to raise profit margins too.

Not a good thing for registrants. Don't expect to see increased availability of domains. If anything, it might lead to an increase in kiting. (Reg, delete, reg, delete, ad nauseum for tasters to avoid having to pay for borderline names)..

Comment #8

Enom can rise their prices even to $50 / year. They try to profit out of this, but they for sure lost me as a customer.

Don't know if any registrars wil profit to round up their registration fees...

Comment #9

The demand is very inelastic for the people who already have websites. therefore the total revenue of the seller will definately rise in this case and there are deadweight losses assciated with this which I guess are mostly borne by domainers and other people who were thinking of starting the website...

Comment #10

Thank you, RJ, ok, I got it.

Pretty upset by this registrar, as it seems, it started off as my fav. registrar, because of their superb control panel and the wonderful API they provide...

As years go by, I discover, most of their fee (in many different products) keep rising , quietly...

Thank god, I found better registrars.

Wow... I guess you are a victim too.

They lost another one here. I am planning......

Comment #11

Well said - ICANN really is asleep to be letting Verisign get away with this...

Comment #12

I can see ONLY the -ve side though. The postives seem to be far outweighed by the negatives. Already the prices were high enough and now ;(..

Comment #13

So instead of helping the kiting problem, icann indirectly makes it worse.....

Comment #14

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