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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Anyone got a 2011 GoDaddy checkout code?.

My 2nd question is: .

Hey guys,.

Got a massive issue..

I started up a groupon clone a few months ago..

Have been mailing the newsletters, had some deals that got complaints..

Now the GI / Local ISPs in my neighborhood are using CloudMark filtering technology and are filtering (either blocking/blackholing or flagging) any email with our in it. So we adapted our newsletters and changed the links/images no problem. The largest issue is business development, we can't send people a link to our site and people can't refer each other to the service if they are sending to one of the ISPs..

Has anyone had any success getting around this or out of it somehow? Currently in discussions with one ISP but they assure me the only way out is to get a significant number of "NOT SPAM" votes. Pretty fucking hard when their blocking the email, retards..



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Your question was: Anyone got a 2011 GoDaddy checkout code?.

Now, I did not know that. See you learn something new everyday...

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I believe Cloudmark only allows you to reset your IP rep, not whitelist...

Comment #2

Hint: They can also tell when you're content stuffing / randomizing, but usually requires a review (manual, probably if you trigger something), and usually results in the loss of the entire C (I've seen them bomb a full /21). So be careful when you're checksum cracking.

Cloudmark responds to requests for removal, and actually tell you what you've done wrong. If they find that you're checksum cracking, or rotating domains, you will have 0 chance of getting the block removed..

And yeah, basically all the top tier cable ISPs use cloudmark. If you get blocked by them, you get blocked to basically all the cables providers except a few...

Comment #3

Frankly I'm surprised you even still have that domain as Groupon can clearly get a cease and desist. I'd be more concerned about that happening...

Comment #4

I thought so as well but not according to the horses mouth ...

Why Groupon Isnt in Australia Groublogpon The Serious Blog of Groupon..

Comment #5

Ditto - ditch the domain -.

CSI is easy to bypass until they beat up your URI - then it's over..

Before they do that though - if you insert a bunch of <BR>'s before an ending </a> tag - and add some empty space (make sure your mailer doesn't strip them') to the friendly from - it's amost busts the checksum and is an easy fix..

Whoever doesn't subscribe to emailreach or another service - and pre-launch test their copy for Cloudmark, Brightmail, or other filters scoring is wasting their time mailing to lots of domains (and worse - perpetually building up a worse SS+SB score) - especially if you mail grungy plug+play copy from a network - there are lots of elements from popular network copy - even just filenames of images - where cloudmark has enough confidence in that one data point alone to block you...

Comment #6

Thanks guys, FYI my domain is not, i'm just not disclosing it..

My largest issue is that it's not ip reputation or even related to my sender email address. It's a content flag on the use of "" in the email. If I leave it in and try to change the checksum, still flagged as spam. I'm working with one ISP to fix it, but I'm worried it will only reset it locally and not with all the other ISPs that use CloudMark..

Hard to imagine that people would have to rename their company over this.....

Comment #7

FYI - I resolved this..

I contacted an engineer (via linkedin) at cloudmark, pleaded my case, and they hit the reset on the "content filter" that was flagging when a link from our domain was used..

Squeaky wheel?..

Comment #8

Good to hear man. squeaky/lucky haha...

Even though I am sure this wasn't the most convenient way to get resolution, it is nice to hear that some of these guys ARE accessible and are capable of helping out.....

Comment #9

Hmm I like this post, I've been playing with the cloudmark filters for sometime. Here is what they replied to my request for a block removal:.

Thank you for contacting Cloudmark..

Cloudmark's reputation database is based on user feedback from the Cloudmark.

Community as well as honeypot/spamtrap hits. Once we stop seeing spam reports.

About, and spamtrap hits from, an IP, it's reputation can improve..

So then I asked for the report on that and I got this:.

Thank you for contacting Cloudmark..

Our contracts and privacy policies prevent us from providing data that would.

Identify our customers, reporters, or spamtraps..

The mailing that triggered your IP addresses' poor reputations had all of the.

Earmarks of a "snowshoe spam" attack - multiple IPs in a /24 sending high.

Volumes of mail over a very short period, with near-identical content but.

Rotating domains in the body. The complaints that we have received, along with.

The spamtrap hits, make it evident that your mailing is not permission-based...

Comment #10

I believe the rotating domains part might be the straw that broke the camels back in this case...

Comment #11

Kudos, bud. Three cheers for social networking!.

Anyone ever search job titles on linkedin for "Yahoo Spam Blocking VP", etc?..

Comment #12

Did you really send "near-identical content" without some sort of text spinning or filler generation to bust their checksums?.

C'mon if the only difference between your messages is the domain you are just begging to be busted...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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