Anyone feel lethargic and mentally drained on the south beach Dukan Diet ?

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Quick question: Anyone feel lethargic and mentally drained on the south beach Dukan Diet ? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... I changed to FAGE for the extra protein and better stats for my morning first I added 2 splenda ...Did not like it so then I added on top of that WF maple then I alsooooo added on top of THAT 1.5 TSP PB2...Still has almost a bitter taste....ANY IDEAS how to make this taste sweeter/better??????..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I KNOWWWWWWWWW...I thought it was be MUCH easier to get sweet...hmmmmmm.

Good idea.... I need to go get some SF jam then ...but until then I am NOT happy eating this ;o(..

Comment #2

I really love the tanginess of the plain Greek yogurt. If that's not your thing, instead of the Fage brand, you can try Chobani. I know they make flavored Greek yogurts (not sure about Fage if they make flavored yogurt). The flavored ones are a little higher in calories, but once in a while I've heard it's OK. Right now, I'm having the fat free vanilla Chobani; a 6 oz. container is something like 16 grams of protein and 120 calories.

When I have this with my lowfat granola, I don't add the honey (if I use plain yogurt, I will use a little bit of honey)...

Comment #3

I always add 3 packets of splenda to 1/2cup of Fage 0% (only 60cal and still 10g protein) and you can even add 1tbsp of cool whip and it lightens the texture up, a lot!.

This morning I made a parfait and layered 1/2 cup sweetened fage, slightly defrosted frozen peaches, 1/2cup back to nature granola and cool whip! Wasn't tangy in the slightest!.

Otherwise, you make can greek yogurt sauce out of it and use it on the chicken patty, burgers, etc. Mix 1/2 cup with chopped cucumbers, onions, garlic powder, and dill. Use a tbsp or so as a free food with your meals...

Comment #4

I don't sweeten it - I just add my fruit to it and enjoy as is. I found that my taste buds changed very quickly so that I have a hard time eating the sweetened/flavored yogurts. others use SF jams and SF flavored syrups (torani makes SF chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, etc.). WF also has some syrups but I can't comment whether those are better than the torani (torani can also be used in coffee, baking, etc.)..

Comment #5

Interesting ideas! Does anyone know the CARB limit on the dairy/protein?..

Comment #6

Ok so now my wheels are turning....

Could I have 1/2 of a ZONE bar for my protein/dairy? The stas would be 95 calories, 3g fat, 6g Protein, 11 Carbs......

Comment #7

I like to use liquid sweeteners fiberfit from is great or add a bit of SF torani raspberry syrup, it flavors it and makes it sweet. Never used splenda; I could imagine it does not dissolve well, or you have to dissolve it in 1/8 cup of warm water first...

Comment #8

Amanda your the greatest I just added 3 packets to it and am eating it without any fruit in it and it is awesome!!!! I tried it before and added pineapple and let it sit and it was so rank before!!!!! I guess I didnt add enough splenda thanks it tastes great! You always have great tips!..

Comment #9

Up to 12g carbs for protein (most yogurts other than the greek yogurts are well above this limit because of the sugar). yes you can have 1/2 the zone bar but again, it is a little light on protein (that was the reason for you switching to Fage). see this thread on portable protein ideas - they mention some other bars..


Comment #10

I sweeten it with a lot of Splenda (never been a problem) and add strawberries, blueberries, banana or any fruit portion to it. I'll probably never eat any other yogurt besides Greek Yogurt again. It's so satisfying compared to Yoplait or Dannon (IMHO)...

Comment #11

I add a packet of stevia, 1 T lite whipped topping, and either 2 T preserves or some banana slices..

Comment #12

I don't know if you like PB2, but if you add the splenda and 1 1/2 tsp of Pb2 and 1-2tbsp of cool whip it tastes just like peanut butter pie filling...and if you want to add 1 rectangle of graham cracker crumbled up on top, well, it's peanut butter pie! Not like Christina's recipe for peanut butter pie (love that!), but really delicious!..

Comment #13

I use 3 Packets of Equal and 2 TBSP's of Hershey Extra Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder (5 calories, .5 fat, 1 protein per TBSP) in the large tub of Fage or Chobani. The large tub gets me 3 servings. I find it delicious. Make sure to get the Special Dark Cocoa powder for baking and not the regular or the cocoa used to make hot chocolate (more calories)...

Comment #14

I always mix in half a banana - yum!..

Comment #15

The Fiberfit liquid is really great in my homemade greek-style plain yogurt - doesn't taste like splenda although it's sucralose also. It tastes sweet without sugar-free aftertaste. It's kind of pricey but you use very little, just a few drops, so it goes a long way...

Comment #16

I do like the pb2 ive only experimented a couple times cause I use up my free foods alot during the day and was using this with my brownie and ff cool whip to have like a recees brownie....that sounds so good thanks ill have to copy one down thanks!..

Comment #17

I tried FAGE 0% today and just 1 packet of splenda was enough to sweeten it for me. funny how people have different tastes....

I had it with a cup of half frozen berries and it was really good!.

Thanks for the idea!..

Comment #18

I just add however much Splenda it takes to make it sweet, then stir in Walden Farms strawberry fruit spread and I think it tastes fantastic. It's my new food addiction...

Comment #19

I did the most amazing thing with my 0% Fage last night. I mixed in a good size splash of DaVinci Chocolate Syrup, Splenda enough to make it sweet and a tbsp of Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder. Voila! Chocolate yogurt with lots of protein..

I usually put fruit in my yogurt, but yesterday I didn't have a fruit left so I tried this experiment. It turned out very well...

Comment #20

Mix a diced apple with some cinnamon and sweetener and microwave for 3 minutes. (more or less depending on how soft you want it) I mix the "Apple Pie" with yogurt or ff cottage cheese. It's my very favorite fruit/protein combo. Cooking the apple makes it even sweeter IMO.

I also love the Fage mixed with diced cucumber and a clove of minced garlic. You need to let it sit for at least an hour and it's great on top of a salad, as a dip for veggies or just by the spoonful...

Comment #21

If you're looking for a non-sweet option to use Fage, you can make a tzatziki sauce (sorry about the spelling - it's the creamy sauce that you get with a gyros platter) that is great on the Dukan Diet grilled chicken or as a dip for raw vegetables. Mix the yogurt with chopped cucumber and onion, add lemon juice and pepper to taste. I'm sure it's in graylady's recipe files..


Comment #22

It is how I get my chocolate fix when I'm craving! hehe..

Comment #23

My favorite are thawed raspberries. They are so intense in flavor, the resulting fage is like a dessert dream !..

Comment #24

All these recipes sound great. I tried to find the greek yogurt at my regular grocery stores (Kroger or Marsh) and couldnt find it. Is it with the regular yogurt? Do you have to go to a health food store?..

Comment #25

I found some Splenda packets that include vanilla, made for coffee. A couple of those in the plain Chiboni was good. Another time I added plain Splenda and sugar free white chocolate pudding powder. I didn't measure out the pudding powder but I know I used less than 1/4 of the package, which is 25 calories. Then I spooned it over fresh strawberries - it was like cheese cake...

Comment #26

I like it with one splenda - mixed well - then add some fruit to it - whether it be frozen or fresh fruit and then let it sit for a little while..

I found the fage in the organic section (near produce) in my store - it was not with the regular yogurts...

Comment #27

It took me forever to find the stuff.....they dont carry it at either of my krogers,,,,im in michigan and found it at vince and joes......which is like a specialty italian market with great produce it's a more expensive store so I dont go there often.....we have a nino salvagios also if you have one of those it's far for me to go there so I havent checked but it's just like vince and joes just alot bigger....i think people said trader joes you can look on line to see if these stores are near you. good luck!..

Comment #28

Hmmmm... I definitely have to try this - it sounds delicious!!..

Comment #29

Yeah it's funny I am finding all these things like FAGE that I have never seen before I sometimes wonder if they just recently started selling it or if my eyes are just wondering a little further then before.....

Comment #30

When I saw this the other day I had to try some but all I found at meijers was red raspberry perserves I put 1 Tbs in after the 3 packs of splenda and it tastes just like the yogurts fruit on the bottom...sooo good! thanks for the idea!.

Oh ya and I just found fage 0% yogurt in these cute little 6 ounce cups for 90 calories and 15 grams of protein so you get a little more then the 1/2 cup and it's still within stats, at Meijers that would prob be equal to 3/4 cup out of the big tub so if you didnt want to do 1 cup with the extra calories I just thought id let you all know..

Comment #31

Yeah I got one of the lil 90 cal fages at my new farmers market by me... I have yet to try it... might try that chocolate mousse thing tonight... eh maybe tomorrow.....

Comment #32

When I try adding my Hershey's Special Dark 5-cal/TB cocoa powder to yogurt, it never completely dissolves into the yogurt - there are always little powdery lumps. Does anyone have a hint how to solve this so it gets smoother? I've tried it with Fage, with plain yogurt and with my homemade greek-style yogurt, as well as with Trader Joe's Plain Nonfat Greek-Style (if any of you haven't tried the TJ's brand, it's really great and less expensive than the Fage)!.


Comment #33

Julie, I just stir, stir, stir and then let it sit for a couple of minutes to hydrate and then stir it again. Haven't had a problem...

Comment #34

I might try adding some Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup... Anyone tried that yet? I made a delicious Chocolate milk/Coffee Coolata this morning with it.....

Comment #35

Thanks, Susan, I'll try that. Maybe I'm just impatient!!.

I've been making yogurt several times a week. I start with a quart of milk and end up after straining it with a pint of yogurt, which is 4 servings of 1/2 cup. Tonight I had almost a cup and it was actually too filling - with my fruit serving of fresh strawberries, blueberries and a bit of kiwi and a fat serving of chopped walnuts, with ground cinnamon mixed in. A bit of heaven! I use Fiberfit to sweeten, which is a liquid so no grittiness. Next I'm going to try a tablespoon of cocoa powder. While I use the Walden Farms chocolate syrup in baking all the time and occasionally pour it over my Paul's Bundt Cake, the WF products are beginning to taste funny to me, kind of a chemical taste that the Fiberfit doesn't have. I'm willing to try anything once though, so maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow with my afternoon yogurt snack...

Comment #36

I'm not near a kroger's but others have mentioned that the kroger's carb master yogurt (not greek) has good protein and low carb stats...

Comment #37

In response to my own post I did add the Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup to the yogurt and OMG tasted like Ice Cream so I put it in the freezer then I had a lil left over syrup from eating it with strawberries so I added it to the top to make a crunchy chocolate topping I have had it in the freezer since miday yesterday and I am going to bring it to work tomorrow should be nice and ice creamy by then lol... I will let you know how it tastes.....

Comment #38

Ill have to check that out cause then it's one less trip out of my way plus I'm sure kroger brand is less expensive then the fage ....thanks..

Comment #39

The kroger carbmaster yogurt is 44 cents per carton! Woohooo, good protein, tastes good, low cal AND cheap!!!..

Comment #40

I like to add a half tsp of sugar-free Jello to it. Strawberry is my fav, also like Strawberry-Banana...

Comment #41

And quite often it's on sale for 30 cents per carton!!! I always get tons of the vanilla flavor, because then I just add in whatever fruit or different flavoring I feel like, and I'm a happy camper!!!.

I do also get the Trader Joe's NF Greek Yogurt, which is cheaper than Fage, but still pretty expensive. It's my special treat!!!..

Comment #42

I do live near a Trader Joe's so I will try there and I will try the carbmaster yogurt. Thanks for the info..

Comment #43

Don't freeze the FAGE!! It gets tooooo frozen lol..

Comment #44

I like to add a spoonful of ff/sf jello pudding and then a packet of splenda..

I mix the greek yogurt well first, then add the powder, and mix again. I buy Oikos Greek Yogurt (since it's on sale this week with coupons!)..


Comment #45

I like my 0% Fage with a chopped up fresh pear and a couple of tablespoons of SF maple syrup ..... yuuuummmmmmmmm!!!!!.

-m :-)..

Comment #46

I just wish I could FIND Greek yogurt in my area.... Hope you find one that works for you..

Comment #47

I add a package of.

Sugar free.

Jello brand cheesecake powder pudding mix. I don't know if that is acceptable though...

Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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