Anyone Else Have Bad Carrot Cakes on Nutrisystem?

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Bad in my thread title meaning "defective", not just you don't like them.

I have been ordering six carrot cakes per each AD order since they came out. I always heat them for a few seconds in the microwave before eating - they are much better that way and not hard.. my most recent order, they tasted terrible! Like chemicals! I think it may have been an overdose of whatever that rather strong spice is that they usually use in it, but in any event, they smelled strongly like chemicals as soon as I opened each package (I tried all six) and I couldn't eat them. Has anyone else had a problem recently with the carrot cakes?.

BTW, I called CS to get replacement desserts, since I'm still within my 30 days since my last delivery. I wasn't happy about the way I was treated. The CS person acted like I was trying to scam Nutrisystem and I don't think she believed me. She did offer "as a one-time courtesy" to send me replacement desserts of my choice, but I've never had a problem before getting a replacement if something was wrong with a food item. Hey, it wasn't my fault, and I've paid for those six desserts!.

But I didn't intend this to be a CS complaint thread - I just wanted to let people know Nutrisystem is replacing them. My real question is, anyone else have a problem with the carrot cakes recently?..

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Your question was: Anyone Else Have Bad Carrot Cakes on Nutrisystem?.

I have noticed the off taste also and knocked mine down to one per order...they were one of my favorites!..

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Well I only ate one and threw it away, I exchanged the rest. I have never had one before so I can not compare...

Comment #2

I swear someone started a thread last week that said the same thing regarding the Carrot Cake..

I'll see if I can find it...

Comment #3

Thanks. I didn't see it..

Thanks for the well wishes, bhrungo...

Comment #4

I'm not sure if this is the one I read. There were more negative comments in the thread I remember..



Comment #5

I have only had one - BUT it tasted really, really awful - it has been the only item I couldn't eat and had to throw out. I did think the taste was "off" and that maybe there was something wrong with it at the time. It was so bad I have not ordered any more of them and figured I just didn't care for it. Hmmm.... maybe I should give them another try..

Comment #6

Thanks a lot, Miss_Bubbles.

I now recognize the thread title but never opened that thread because I've always liked the carrot cake by itself so I didn't have any "fixes" for it. So, I didn't remember it was here, never having opened the thread. Interesting......

I don't "get" from that thread anyone actually thinking it's "defective" now, like I do. Probably because I've been eating it all along since it first came out, and now I'm finding the latest batch inedible!..

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Yes I'm sure you Nutrisystem Gurus have the taste buds for defective carrot cake while noobs wouldn't know the difference...

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I ordered the carrot cake with my 2nd order and just tasted them for the 1st time last week. I thought they were pretty good, but they had very strong taste/smell that seemed if they used quite a bit of "carrot cake flavoring." It's not bad enough that I won't keep ordering them, but it would be nice if they had a more "natural" flavor, and there were maybe bits of real carrot in them. Now THAT would be sumthin'.

Seems like to me they should be able to tell you if they reformulated the recipe.....

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I agree, Katiebkool and thought the same thing as soon as I got off the phone. Maybe I'll ask in the Dietary Services forum whether it's been reformulated. Good idea!..

Comment #10

I like them I order several every order; i've never had a bad one and will continue to order them...

Comment #11

I love the carrot cake; I really hope there is not a problem developing with it...

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I noticed a strong chemical taste recently in the fudge brownies. I wasn't too happy because they were one of my favourite desserts. I haven't tried the carrot cake lately but I'll make a point to do so now...

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Yes! I hated their carrot cake. I had 2 in my very 1st box and took them off of my future orders. They should replace it with lemon cake. Do they take suggestions?..

Comment #14

So did I.....which is why they came off of my future orders along w/ the carrot cake...

Comment #15

IMO it's not limited to the carrot cake....

The recent heat waves, humidity, and hot UPS trucks seem to affect the baked (cake-like) products. I thought I read somewhere that it is the fat/oils that are affected by the heat but cannot find the post now..

Unlike with the chocolates, tossing them in the refrig/freezer doesn't seem to help..

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Love the carrot cake, should add (not replace) for lemon cake...

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