Anyone do the Nutrisystem plan? How much have you lost?

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Got a quick question: Anyone do the Nutrisystem plan? How much have you lost? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... 1. Nana253 - -0 lbs, -47.4 overall.

2. martianman- -3.8lbs, -46.2 overall.

3. BusyBride - -2lbs, -37 overall.

4. Sherry_In_Tn -.

5. houstonsongbird - +1.8 lbs, -80.2 overall.

6. glitterguy -.

7. wii2stafit -.

8. laurieec -.

9. karenT102 -.


One-Year Anniversary.

1. Nana253 - Lost the trunk!.

2. martianman- Lost 42.4 lbs.

3. BusyBride -.

4. Sherry_In_Tn -.

5. glitterguy - Lost 40 lbs.

6 wii2stafit -.

7. laurieec -.

8. houstonsongbird-.

9- karenT102 -.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Hey Rob & Lurie! I'm down 2 this week, yahoo!..

Comment #2

Hi everyone!.

Rob - Awesome loss this week!!!.

Marcie - I love your new avi, and congrats on your loss this week!.

Well, I didn't reach the goal I set to get to 155 by 1/8, but I did lose 80 lbs, so I'm thrilled about that!!!.

I had a 1.8 lb gain this week, so overall loss is 80.2 lbs..

Waving hi to Laurie, Terri, Amy, Jerry and everyone else who drops in later....

Have a great week!..

Comment #3

Good morning all, been so so busy. Congrats Rob and Marcie on the loss..

Ali you always amaze me you have done so well..

Waving to Laurie.

I am overall 47.4 down. I would have liked to be better. An actually I am so up and down lately I don't know when I am losing and when not but if I lood at my front page it already shows I am down 47.4 and I had the same wi this am so I guess thats it for me for now, Trying to exercise and get more water in..

Have a great day all..


Comment #4

Hi all, I'm working the program hard and being good. Haven't weighed in yet as I just cringe at the thought of what I will see. I'm trying, just gotta take baby steps..

Way to go to all who lost weight.....


Comment #5

Baby steps are right, Jerry! Let's get these scales moving in the right direction again!..

Comment #6

Thats all we can do Jerry, just keep working the program and if it comes off slowly thats a good thing.

Hope everyone has a good day and no one is snowed in. busy snow season for those in the areas. I am planning a trip up north next month I hope all this crazy weather is done with by then..

Busy at work lately makes the day go by faster, but can't get everything done then I come home exhausted. Last night I skipped the exercise just too tired..

Well all have a Good one..


Comment #7

Roads are clear here in NC....the county below us received about 4 inches, and we received nothing but freezing rain....strange, but now it is just down right COLD!.

Practice tonight, and then 3 games over the next 3 school days...tough week, buy we will get to see what we are made of.....

Comment #8

Woke up to a cold morning for South FLorida had to turn the heat back on this is crazy..

Last night got out the Gold Gyms Dance workout for the WII hadn't done it in quite sometime,. Thought I would collapse right there. LOL but I got through it, Great cardio. I try to mix it up with the Wii Fit plus. The Wii Fit has cardio but not like this. So I guess I will give it a try for a few days..

Hope everyone is having a Great week. Tomorrow got to go to the DMV to renew my drivers license in person. Not sure if each state is doing this but I heard it is because of 9 11 I have to bring Birth certif again, SS card.

Marriage certificate that was a tough one to find that was over 30 years..

Two forms of mail to show I live here. Its kind of crazy. At least maybe they will take a new current photo..

Will check in later..


Comment #9

Good morning, everyone. Happy Thursday!.

I hope you guys on the East coast are staying warm and safe. It is pouring rain here this morning but not cold at least..

This is my longest work day; I leave the house around 6:30 and don't finish until 9. I am looking forward to the weekend..

Just wishing you all a great week and thinking of you..

Take care,..

Comment #10

Hi all! Toughest game of the season tonight, as my small, private school team takes on a public school for the only time this season. Not much of a chance to win against the athletes of the other team, but I hope my team plays with a lot of passion and determination, and keeps it close......

NS food has been easy to follow the last week...I hope that feeling keeps up!..

Comment #11

Rob - Good luck tonight. I hope it goes well. Way to go with being back on plan...

Comment #12

Hi all,.

Rob - how was the game last night? I know you are proud of your guys win or lose! With your heart and attitude I think you must be a really great coach..

Jerry - I think we are all starting over, so you're definitely not alone. Baby steps is absolutely right!.

Laurie - hope you got some good relaxation and sleep last night!!.

Waving hi to everyone and wishing you all a great weekend!..

Comment #13

Hi Everyone,.

I almost didn't come on at all this week but I figured I was having such a bad week that I needed the support. I threw my back out on Sunday pulling on a pair of socks. I've never done that before and it was scary. I lied on the floor until my husband came out of the shower to help me up. I guess the shoveling I did a couple of weeks ago was the real trigger and the pulling motion pushed it over the edge (or so says my chiropractor.) Anyway, I was doing really well with food and exercise last week and now I'm back to square one. Even worse, actually.

I think I was just depressed about my situation. I hate to sabotage myself at a time when I can't even work out though so I'm trying to get back to at least eating right. I was supposed to go skiing this weekend but that's a no-go at this point. I've been to the chiropractor all week though and she's okay with me going snowshoeing so that's what I'm going to do instead since I'm going up to VT. On the plus side of things, we got over a foot of snow and I didn't have to shovel at all! I'm going to have to find a way to repay my husband, sister and brother-in-law for all the shoveling they had to do.

Glad to see everyone else is doing well. I'm hoping for a much more normal week next week. Not sure what I should do to start exercising. Maybe I should just walk for a few days? Anyway, hope everyone has a good (and long?) weekend!.


Comment #14

Rob How was the came,.

Wishing everyone a Great weekend..

Water water..

Comment #15

Amy- Hope your back feels better real soon!.

My team played their guts out, but we just didn't have enough to keep it close. We were only down 4 points at the half, and trailed by 11 after third quarter. And then my guys ran out of steam...on the plus side, we came back tonight with a strong effort and won a conference game, making our record 6-2, and 2-0 in the conference.....

Ali- Thank you for the kind comments.....

Comment #16

Your coaching sounds exciting Rob, Sorry they did not win that big game but there is always next time..

I have been on a major cleaning spree. Heavy duty, my back is now aching but not as bad as it used to get. I owe that to the exercising and weight loss I believe. We moved into this duplex a month before my husband passed, there were boxes of stuff we just stuffed in closets and I thought I would just get to them at some point. Well I just never had the desire since most of it was stuff Bob had packed up. Its funny how grieving can mess with your mind.

So Here I am cleaning out and throwing out stuff, each time I toss something of his I am apologizing..

Well I have done so much that I have not gotten to exercise yesterday or today. But I think I burned enough calories..

Have a Great Sunday all, Hope tomorrows Weigh in does us all proud.


Comment #17


I have some closets you can clean when you are done at your place...just let me know when it is convenient for you..

Comment #18

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