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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Anyone care to share a GoDaddy coupon for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: .

I posted a few posts on here last night and 3 members started backlashing. Now, I may be more worried about my reputation than some guys, but the truth is...I am worried about my rep.

So, I wanted to start this thread to speak about the 3 times that I feel like a client walked away unhappy and, if any of these clients read this...please contact me as I will do my best to make you happy..


This client paid my ex-partner for services, but I was the sales guy. My partner was the Sys Admin and he was getting the servers for the clients at the time. My ex-partner took off with a bunch of servers and tried to attain my clients. This client was one of those. He was contacted by my ex-partner, who was really not as concerned about his reputation as I was. So, this client did suffer $300 in damages.

If this client would like a refund from ME, I will suffer the losses for him/her. The last time we spoke, he/she mentioned that they wanted a server, but I found we all have, that servers are a little more expensive than my ex-partner was able to get them, so yes, I can fulfill the promises that I made and my partner left me unable to fulfill AT COST OR I will gladly refund your payment to him. I never received ANY PAYMENTS FOR THIS TRANSACTION..


This client sent data that caused 2 SBL's and forced us to apologize to a d/c and, after investigation and suspension of services while we cleaned up the mess, she got VERY upset that we would not credit here the downtime for migration. No, I will certainly not refund this transaction and I should have charged you more for running data through my servers that had not been cleaned..


This client went through it with us. After my ex-partner left, this client stuck with me and did have some success in sending and inboxing well. This client was not uses optimal data, but the ROI was still there. The promises I made pre-sale fell short however...there was downtime at the d/c I was using and we migrated (we have now found our HOME), so this client may have gotten his "money's worth", but did not get his "promises worth" and I will make sure he does. I still have direct contact with him..

So, if there are any other clients of mine, out of the 1243 I have in my QB files, that are unhappy and did not tell me then or dispute the charges, please contact me personally and I WILL rectify the situation as best as I can and we ARE stable now...

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Your question was: Anyone care to share a GoDaddy coupon for 2011?.

Oh yeah...boobs. My bad. I so clicked the wrong ya go!..

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Unfortunately BlackBeauty, this business is full of so many scumbags(well the world is...). Greedy selfish scumbags. Its unfortunate you have to post this..

Just want the audience of this post to know, some of us still take pride in doing things the right way. Might make a few bucks less in the short term, but like you said BB, reputation is far more valuable, and so is a clean conscience.....


Comment #2

Sorry for the sorry excuse for porn, but I am not really equipped for porn and I noticed I hit that boobs icon after, so I wanted to justify the icon before I got flamed big time for being a "false flagger". But thanks all for being supportive of the thoughts.

I actually made way more money sending emails, but I thought that I could make more "in the end" as a provider...I may be wrong and, if the d/c's I am working with now mess up...I am going to pull my hair out! So far, so good...we'll see. ;-).

Here ya go...and to be honest I am still not sure if this is a good one for here yet. My pirn experiences are limited:.


Comment #3


I have seen every trick in the book and some out of the book, I have blown through my college tuition and then my business start-up capital. I have dropped the cash from the auction of my landscaping company, I have read and read and read,.

I have mailed with MySQL-based software, desktop mailers, and sent with tunneling with an outside service. I have paid for blacklist monitoring, admins, d/c's, bulletproof, data, tools, seminars, meetups, and the list goes on and on...but 80% of the time, I walked away from a purchase unhappy.

The only difference in the way I have handled myself and the way they handled me was the outcome. Those who are aggravated at me suffer no losses outside of potential earnings because I will always sacrifice to keep a client smiling. I don't run...I don't BS, and I don't scam. I follow can-spam...and I flame those that don't. Ethics for the industry...I have those....respect for spammers, I have none!..

Comment #4

No offense, but pretty much every person who's done this for any length of time was a spammer back then. If you take the attitude of fuck that person you're going to piss off lots of people that CAN help you and are lawful now, because laws have been set and they follow them..

I am a spammer at my core. I started years ago as a spammer and will be considered a spammer till I die by the idiots at nanae, spamhaus, etc. They don't care if you follow the laws. They only care about adding a label to YOU. Yes, YOU as well. You're a spammer to them too.


I don't think anyone hates you, but you do seem a little emo (maybe I missed something)...

Comment #5

I don't think that I agree with the definition of spam as the anti's know it. I guess I am a spammer to them, but I am talking about the Nigerian Lottery, Assassination, Money Orders, Phishing, etc. That's SPAM.

I didn't think people hated me...I am a little emo for real, but I did notice a couple guys I have literally no idea why they are mad running around talking sh@t and the emo side of me says..."justify it and allow me to fix it before bashing someone". I think that's just the rational thing to do IMO...

Comment #6

You're a stand up guy..

Just chillax and find better porn...

Comment #7

My "Defense-Mode" is OFF. I had to protect my initial dignity as I entered a forum of people who don't much like BHW. I can't let the wolves eat me without so much as a "reach around" ;-). Done deal...back to informative and productive posting!..

Comment #8

You should try caring alot less what the people in this forum think about you.

Remember the 90/10 rule. 90% of the people on this planet (or in this forum, or anywhere in life) are idiots.. Who cares what they think, their brain chemistry is so far off balance....

Its not easy.. but you gotta shrug it off and rise above...


Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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