Anybody with REAL EXPERIENCE of Godaddy?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Anybody with REAL EXPERIENCE of Godaddy?.

My next question is: I'm sure this has happened to you if you purchase domains at auction houses. For what ever reason, the old /img/avatar9.jpg let's the HostGator expire (dead email, bad CC, spam filter, out of the country etc) then at some point, figures out it's gone.

The right thing for them to do, is to contact you via phone or email and express that they made a mistake, and let the HostGator expire and they would like to "work with you" to get the HostGator back.......

The wrong thing to do..... No contact, start a transfer request via 1&1 and HOPE that the new /img/avatar9.jpg excepts it.

Now that was classy. lol I did send them (it's a company) a nice email this morning, explaining that because of there bad business decisions, the HostGator they owned for the past 12 years Expired and they no longer owned it. I am the New /img/avatar9.jpg and invested in the asset. If they would like to aquire there asset back, I would be willing to offer the HostGator for sale, if they contacted me and made an offer to buy it, instead of trying to see if they could steal it from me.

So now they have Two bad things going for them. One, they do not own the HostGator any more. Second, the person who owns it (me), is now Pissed and will make the company "pay" in more ways then one if they want it back...

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Your question was: Anybody with REAL EXPERIENCE of Godaddy?. we`ll assist to an increase of transfer attempts of

Comment #1

Wow, they had it for 12 years and dropped it? I wonder what they did to the person responsible?..

Comment #2

If it's TMed, they can possibly take that back...

Comment #3

What p's me of most is they expect you to have sympathy for them and expect for you to give it back to them...

Comment #4

I'm a little smarter then that, as I wouldn't even take the risk. It's 100% Generic...

Comment #5

{yoda}Evil cybersquatter, you are....

The bane of the internet, you are.{/yoda}..

Comment #6

Meh, I agree with Yofie 100%. If he wanted to handle it in a civil manner, explain the situation, and try to reach an agreement that would be one thing. But the dude put in a transfer request as the first point of contact...

Make him pay, lol..

Comment #7

Maybe the transfer request is a last minute effort made by a inexperienced webmaster or company that really does not understand domaining.

It does not mean they are trying to make your life difficult, it may be they think they name will come back to them if they do this as many just don't understand HostGator ownership.

Try to be nice as they may be your best source for a sale.

Act like a pro and maybe they may respect that with $ offers...

Comment #8

Thats pretty wild. I could see a newcomer type company doing this. But after 12 years? Thats crazy...

Comment #9

There is info on the transfer request, so I know it's from the company. I did reply back with a nice reply, explaining how a purchase goes with any asset etc.

Who knows if they will come back with an offer or not, only time will tell...

Comment #10

I've only had it happen twice so far (emails) - one ended in a x,xxx sale and the other one I ignored them because they sent two demanding emails from their legal department... to them !.

Its a pain but sometimes it happens, thats the drops for ya !.


Comment #11

What they tried to do is bad business practice for sure and none too impressive...

Any chance that the person who accidentally let this drop is the same person who's trying to initiate the transfer?..

Comment #12

Absolutely I would never just try and initiate a transfer in hopes they make a mistake and accept it...

Comment #13

I`d love to see those e-mails. Did they come full of threats?..

Comment #14

Cmon. A big company with a big company ego? Im sure they weren't. Oh we made a big mistake please help us out and maybe we will throw you a couple of bucks. But rather, Give us the name back or we will sue...

Comment #15

I'd be careful with the transfer if they decided they want to purchase the asset back from you. If they tried once to put the boots in, they might again. Escrow etc upon transfer to protect yourself...

Comment #16

Escrow is a must. However I cant see the company going for the scam in this situation...

Comment #17

They basically demanded I transfered the name immediately because they owned it in a few (but not all) other extensions and they said they own the TM.

There are other very close variations of the HostGator in use in Europe as well as the non hyphen one owned by Name Administration Inc.

I could'nt see any TM for it and I have no proof they actually ever owned it, made me think they never did.

...I had already priced the name for less than $2,000 - They are a multmillion dollar company, if they want it they can press BUY NOW at Sedo it's reasonably priced ! Yofie, how did you know who requested the transfer ? I recently had a request for one I just won at NameJet - I contacted GoDaddy but they would'nt tell me who started it.



Comment #18

The transfer request came from 1 & 1. On there requests, it stats who is starting the transfer. "Attention:, WHOIS INFO removed...

Re: Transfer of

1&1 Internet Ltd. has received a request from.

1&1 Internet Inc. on behalf of Company Name.

On 26-Nov-2007 for us to become the new registrar of record.

You have received this message because you are listed as the Registered.

Name Holder or Administrative contact for this HostGator name in the WHOIS.


Please read the following important information about transferring your.

Domain name:".

Blah Blah Blah......

Comment #19

Ahhh, alot more info than GoDaddy gives I thought someone was "perhaps" trying to steal my name but they would'nt tell me who.


Comment #20

Lo and Behold! I just received one of these transfer requests for a HostGator I just picked up...

Comment #21

Yofie have you heard anything back from this company since you sent them your e-mail?..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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