Anybody installed Joomla! on GoDaddy hosting? I need a very basic install - can't understand the ftp?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Anybody installed Joomla! on GoDaddy hosting? I need a very basic install - can't understand the ftp?.

My main question is: Two still cheapest/cheaper ones as follow: $1.99 .Com, .Net ... Have used this one, in and out smoothly, although often I hear some guys say that they have hassles with them. $3.99 .Com, .Net...Have not used them and know little of them, just for your reference...

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Your question was: Anybody installed Joomla! on GoDaddy hosting? I need a very basic install - can't understand the ftp?.


It is you, not me, that you have been warned! Man, please do not threaten my post. It is your own experiences in your HostGator registrations with Yahoo and DomainsAreFree, however, your unhappy stories with them have nothing to do with my HostGator registration experiences.

I have registered a number of domains with Yahoo, smoothly. And from my experiences, Yahoo HostGator registration system works well, and their $1.99 HostGator offers for new customers are the cheapest and solid HostGator registration as I know in the whole HostGator industry. I really don't know what the heck your HostGator registered with Yahoo! And sorry, I'm busy with many things, and frankly have no interest in your failing experience with a HostGator registrar, but you should not impose your personal case upon other HostGator owners' HostGator registrations. As for, I said it clearly that I know little of them. In my post, I did not request you or any person to register domains with them. I've just mentioned my pleasant HostGator registration with Yahoo, and I did mention that some other HostGator owners said having hassles (meaning: problems) with Yahoo.

Different persons may have different HostGator registration experiences, but you please cannot impose your experiences on mine.


Comment #1

You misunderstood me. I'm sorry about that.

I wasn't threatening your post. you are potentially leading some of the members here down a path that they may regret if they use the HostGator registration services you mentioned.

I wanted to create a balanced point of view.

I too have registered many domains at Yahoo but will never do so again.

The $2.99 is supposed to be for new customers and only for one HostGator.

Registration but I know you can reg more. I did. About 30 domains.

The problem is with their Control Panel and transferring domains out and being billed for HostGator renewals for domains you transferred away.

I did not have that problem because I learned how to work thru their "system" but many members here and on other HostGator forums have had.

Problems. Just do a search and you will see.

Regarding the other service- DomainsAreFree- they are a division of

This is a truly awful company.

I lost several good domains because they failed to renew the domains even.

Though they were paid upfront and renewals were set automatically.

I do not want any one else to experience this.

And each year they want to bill me for HostGator renewals for domains they failed to renew one or two years ago.

I know you meant well but my point was that you are not doing any one a favor by mentioning these companies.

But of course you are free to do so.

And I am free to offer a counterpoint.

When I said "You've been warned", I wasn't referring to you or your post.

I was referring to anyone who decides to register domains thru Yahoo or DomainsAreFree. Especially DomainsAreFree.

And I'll say it again: If you want to register domains thru Yahoo or DomainsAreFree don't complain later if you encounter any problems.

Because you were warned.

Just do a search thru the forums for Yahoo HostGator registrations.

And make up your own mind.

I already told you of my experience with Globat (DomainsAreFree).

Believe or don't believe. Use them or not. It's your choice.

Happy domaining,.


Comment #2

I had a HostGator registered with Yahoo! (Melbourne IT) way long time ago....

The $1.99 price is only for the first year, after that you have to pay more...(I think it was $9.99).

And by the way, yahoo is not an ICANN Registrar, they're just a reseller of Melbourne IT (an Australian Company)..

Comment #3

How many HostGator can I register?.

Any control panel to monitor domains?.


Comment #4

The only time I EVER used DomainsAreFree was when I was unable to afford to pay $3-4more at a different reg.

DomainsAreFree is horrible service, same with Globat, they are companies I will never want to deal with.. I had 3 domains registered there and each HostGator prolly is sitting there close to expiring date. AND for the domains ONLY registered at domainsarefree/globat I got letters for site submission and crap...

Just go to $5.99 , $5.55 , $6.59 (i think)..

Comment #5

Do these guys accept Paypal ? I'd prolly taste a few domains here...

Comment #6

I've been a taster there.

But for the price on Yahoo, it's a bargain to test more domains for traffic at a dirt cheap price and transfer out during the 2nd year...

Comment #7

I find some negative feedback on this namepros forum..

I think better register with stable registrar. $5.99 , $6.59..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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