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First off, Anybody have the OLD recipe for Pumpkin Muffins from Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... I tried doing a Decline bench press with 35 lb dumbbells this past Monday..

First of all, I thought I was going to slip down onto my head, but I was able to do one set of 12. But now for the past couple of days, I've had some slight pain in my chest when I breathe. I'm pretty sure it's from the decline presses..

I've never done those before and am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Mesturge, no to dropping of the weights or resting them. Just seems like I worked an area of the chest that's been neglected for many I'm paying for it..

Comment #2

Thank god, cause then Coach has gotta do paper work for an incident report and you gotta run sprints till you vomit...

Comment #3

If you want my opinion ... I'd stay away from declines - it's an un-natural movement and something that will end up screwing up your shoulders (cause they're supporting all that weight - not your chest muscles)..

I do a TON of.


Work - never use a flat bench. If you want to work your upper chest and get a nice gulley in between your pecs you have to do inclines ... Dumbell press, dumbell flys, cables - you name it. At our age,.


Is the way to go..

High school and college kids work there lower chest. We (35+ guys) need to keep our chests' high and defined - inclines work keeps your t*ts from sagging so much ... Pulls your boobs up. Declines? not so much (lady lurkers should take note)..

Comment #4

I used to do declines on a bench with dumbells, not a barbell. You should have a spotter for barbell declines. Now I do declines with the double cable station at my gym. I'd recommend that to start out. But I'm just a chick and don't know anything...

Comment #5

Thanks Sean. was wondering what your take on 'em would be. I just read something recently about doing declines and thought I'd give them a try...

Comment #6

I like mixing it up with them once in a while. Every other week on chest day I do 3 sets of incline, 3 of straight, 3 of decline. Total of 90 presses. Now THAT will make for some sore pecs..

You may have strained something. Not the end of the world. If it's a decent strain, it may take 6 weeks to heal. Don't push it. It's easy to re-strain and delay the recovery. If you're lucky, it's just a new-move sore that will go away in a couple days..

It's key to keep your weights low - specially starting on a new lift - so you can keep good form through at least 10 reps. I have NO regard to how much weight I use. I'm not out to impress anyone. Forget going for weight. Go for desired # of reps w/out breaking form, but last rep should be "to failure". I try to adjust weights so the last "failure" rep is somewhere around the magic 10 number (8 to 12).

The amount of weight is the last consideration IMO..

That's part of the fun of lifting. There are so many valid ways to approach it. This is just IMO and what I'm doing. I'm no expert!!.


Comment #7

+1000 to Gordon's post (for all part-time lifters and thread lurkers!!!!).

Back in the day I lifted very seriously for a few years. Gyms and home equipment users all over the country make a LOT of mistakes as people venture in to weight lifting..

My general recommendation for ALL new lifts in ALL circumstancesalways, always, always, always go VERY light on the first trys for a new lift! That's "always"..

The value of targeted lifts is in isolating muscleswhich can ONLY happen when that lift is performed slowly, correctly, and in a concentrated manner..

It would be better to do a new lift perfectly correct in form 20x with 10# than to do it wrong with 40# fifty times..

Certainly there is the issue of effectiveness, but as Sean pointed out, safety comes into play too..

Whatever new lift you want to try, study the FORM of it and don't be too proud to get the 5# dumbbells off the rack for the first sets. Once you have the motion and movement PERFECT, feel free to go up a bit. If the weight in your hands causes you to EVER break technique (even on the 12 pull of the set) then you are using too much weight..

Perfect form for the task is always the goal with lifting. Even the big muscle liftsleg presses on a machine, you will see person after person just doing ridiculous things to get that stack up. Nearly pointless and potentially dangerous..

I always advise folks to try to be that guy in the gym who is flawless in technique..

Just my 2 cents.


Comment #8

Great stuff guys. Thanks!.

Probably just a new lift soar...hopefully it'll be gone by Monday when I do chest lifts again..

Comment #9

I always do a super-light set of 20-40 reps to get my blood pumping and warm up a little. I stretch a little after that and do another warm up set - little heavier and less reps. Then I.


Make sure you guys are warming up every muscle group before you just jump in and crank out a work set..

For example: I do super light bicep curls and stretch out my back muscles before I do pullups/back work .... stuff like that, you know? BE SMART!!..

Comment #10

Warm-ups? we don't need no stinkin warm-ups..

Seriously, I hadn't even thought about warm-ups, I'll give it try...thanks..

Comment #11


Just wonderin' your new photo,the jock dude from the Revenge of the Nerds movie, that would beat up and humiliate the nerds?..

Comment #12

Frederick W. Palowakski aka The Ogre! Best movie character ever (next to Cousin Eddie of course!)..

Comment #13

Thought that your subtle way of lashing out at the nerdy xbox360 gamers? LOL..

Comment #14


Not everyone can live in the entertainment capital of the world..

Before we got an xbox we were tying the cats together...

Comment #15

Sorry to come in late. If it hurt s to breath it may be either the junction of your rib to the sternum which is mostly cartilage (thanks Poly) or an intercostal muscle between your ribs. It will get better..

I would disagree a bit with Sean. Work your whole pec. Flat bench, incline, flys both ways and with a cable, pull overs. This way you will be a beast from any angle...

Comment #16

I agree. I do 15 sets on chest day. 3 each of incline with dumbbells, decline with cable, flat with dumbbells, flat with press machine, fly machine. And I throw in close grip barbell presses with my tris which is the same day as chest...

Comment #17

He's right ... didn't mean to stear y'all in the wrong direction. For what it's worth, I do flat bench presses (bar to the neck, not the nip) on a Smith machine (8 sets of 8; 45 second rest) followed by incline dumbell press (8 sets of 8; 30 second rest) followed by flat-ish (1 or 2 notches up) dumbell flys super-setted with pushups on one of those inflated rubber half-things (4 sets of 10ea.). With this, I work the middle and top of my chest .... then I move on to my tricep workout and start with dips (where I can't help but get in some lower chest work).

Listen to the Doc, boys. He knows his stuff..

*Oh, one more thing .... All red-heads are crazy...

Comment #18

I tweaked something in my chest, doing flys of all things. Probably just straining too hard. Not sure if it is pec muscle or pec minor or rib cartilage or AC joint or what. Actually doesn't bug me that much, but it is on same side where my shoulder is messed up and I'm just getting more and more pathologies (bicep, rotator cuff, etc.) in the vicinity of that shoulder. Thinking pretty serious about having another butcher (I mean orthopedic surgeon) to go in there and try to repair the labrum again..

I was doing weighted dips also (35), which felt very manly, but have since laid off them...

Comment #19


AC joint will be felt up at the end of your clavicle, especially with movement that goes above your head or across your body..

Pec will be lower down on your chest..

Ribs usually require some impact, though not always. More likely an intercostal...

Comment #20

You should see a fellowship trained shoulder guy, or a sports med orthopod who does a lot of shoulder. Redo shoulders are probably over the head of most community guys..

You can do the find a doc feature on these sites..

Shoulder and elbow society.


Sporty med boys.


Comment #21

Thanks. I had Chris Young do it the first time. I went back to him, and he's a big name, but based on some different things, I'm not comfortable with him doing it over. Ken Zaslov is the other big name in town (although not sure if he has a fellowship in shoulder)..

I think if I had it opened, I might have had a better result. Chris is a real efficient guy and the incisions have healed beautifully. Not even vislbe, now. But when I finally put my foot down last year and insisted on an arthrogram, it showed the anterior labrum detached. I was leaning to open surgery anyhow, but Chris did it all scoped, even back in 2004. Zaslov wants to go scoped also.

But I really want to find someone who still does open (I think this controversy is still not settled on what is better)..

I had someone in 2003 (Viola) at Steadman Hawkins who wanted to do it open, but then I moved. Thinking of visiting Hawkins, who is now in South Carolina..

I will look at your links as well..

My family practice doc is a good sports med guy as well (not a surgeon) and I feel good about him with injuries and stuff, but he can't operate...

Comment #22


Comment #23

1. It was Young, not Miller. Brain fart..

2. I made an appointment to see Dr. Hawkins in SC..

3. Going to make another to go see Zaslov again. I checked and he does seem to have a shoulder fellowship..

4. I want to find a doc who does more open work and get an opinion from him. I still think if I had done an open one, rather than scope, I would have had a better outcome. They keep saying, scope has gotten better. But that's what they said in 2000 and then in 2004...and they just keep saying it, but I'm not convinced. Worry that it is more just being trendy and then I suffer from a worse outcome...

Comment #24

Shoulder scopes were trendy in 1995. They are the norm at this point. Revision surgery/ atypical stuff is what gets done open these days..

Why go to SC? I would find out who takes care of the UVA teams, or perhaps the Redskins or Nats. This would be a higher profile guy in your state...

Comment #25

Yes, but back to my pointyou do the super light curls or the 20-40 reps CORRECTLY, Sean!.

If you get injured lifting weights, you either did it wrong or had too much weight (which is doing it wrong, too)..

Slow, methodical, careful, concentrated..

Anytime a weight is moving quickly, you are heaving and using all kinds of accessory muscles, or it's swinging (if a free weight) your form has absolutely broken down..

Anyone can curl 60 lbs onceif they get to swing the weight, use both hands, get momentum built up, throw their shoulders forward then back and push up with their legs, use their back/shoulder muscles, etc (!!)but that's not a bicep curl (lol)..

Can't stress enough on this one. I have seriously hurt myself in the past when I knew better than to do what I was doing! Weight rooms are a really good place for lifters to keep their heads in the game and out of their backsides..

Injuries can be severe and when they occur, they tend to undo weeks (if not months) of effortusually in the course of a few seconds of inattention..

Careful with the weights men..


Comment #26

Chris Young is relatively high profile, actually. He's a shoulder specialist. Was recommended to me by an OR nurse, etc. Even heard him called the doctor's doctor. My skin is completely unblemished now (can't even find the incisions). But my function is unsat (and always was).

FYI: I went back to him under the rationale that he might have more knowledge and maybe even motivation to solve the problem, but based on the discussion I do not feel confident about having him re-operate..

The other big guy here in town is Zaslov. He's killer smart. Seems to have a little more global perspective on the different shoulder conditions and options of surgery types than Young (or at least expresses it better to a patient, but I have to go on the basis of the discussion, and there were two or three specific medical factors that he mentioned that gave me this impression)..

Hawkins is a big name: "Hawkins test" "Steadman Hawkins clinic". Plus it feels like coming full circle. In 2002, Dr. Viola (at S-H) wanted to do it open. So, I just think seeing someone from SH might be a good idea..

I read some paper from 2000, that said statistical outcomes of labrum repair by open were significantly better than scope. Perhaps there is a paper now showing the reverse, but I need to find it then and the scopeists haven't shown it to me..

B. Now, I keep hearing from the scope guys, two things:.

1. It's getting better (heard it in 2004 versus 2000, here it now versus 2004)..

2. If you get a true expert at the scope, that's what matters..

Analysis: Well, I would feel better about these rationales if there were some journal proof of them. They might be accurate insights...or might be rationales..

I went to see the Redskins guy in 2004ish (Thal). He's smart and has a patent and all, but he's another scope guy. And he misdiagnosed my knee. (said I had tendonitis and an MRI showed bone on bone.) So, I don't see any reason to go back to him. Zaslov is just as good or better, I figure..

I'm going to try to see Peterson or McFarland at Johns Hopkins, where they do a lot more open (and say on their website that scope still has issues). I just want to at least get the opposite perspective..

I'm also pulling papers from a lot of these guys. I got on pubmed and got the abstracts. Now I need to go to MCV and look them up in the journals. I've just been lazy about doing this and am not used to searching the medical literature..

Honestly, I really don't want to have to second quess these guys. Be glad to pay my money and have the expert do his job and not spend the skullsweat on it. But the "trust someone" approach didn't work last time. I have to be in the loop this time, to drive better analysis..

I think, I'm heading down a path to having Zaslov operate on it. But I need to do my homework first. I don't want to do this a third time...

Comment #27

Man you two are a couple 'a thread-hijackin' sons-a-b*tches!! HAHAhahahaAHAHAH!!!..

Comment #28

Poly: You are over thinking this..

Sean: I have now lost all respect. The Steelers? I would have figured one of those new age Florida teams...

Comment #29

Poly??!! Over thinking something??!!?.

Hey Bones .... Sorry to tell you this but I'm actually from Cleveland. Hate the Browns - always have since I saw the Bengals mop the floor with them back in the 70's (first game I ever attended). So I guess that makes it even worse hating on my home team. At least I wasn't "That Guy" who would wear his Steeler jersey in a Browns bar just to be a d*ck .... I waited until I moved down here to suit-up...

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