Any tips for a new Murad Resurgence user?

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Hi everyone,I'm 31 year old female with moderate (sometimes cystic) acne, who finally after many years, got put on Murad Resurgence. I just started yesterday.... one 40mg capsule once a day for the 1st month... then I don't know what, until I go back to the derm April 2nd. I just wanted to hop on this board for any advice and/ support you guys might offer.... from anyone who has already taken the Murad Resurgence plunge.Thanks in advance and good luck to all,Jennifer..

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Your question was: Any tips for a new Murad Resurgence user?.

[/quote]Okay, I have a LOT of tips for you. 1. ALWAYS carry around chap stick or Aquaphor or whatever your cup of tea is (what you like to use) The dry lips on Murad Resurgence are annoying and it drives ME insane! Also, if you like to carry around stuff in your purse, put some small bottles of moisturizer or something like that to carry around, too. Dry skin is no fun. 2. DON'T over-wash your face as it will already be sensitive.

3. Always take your pill with a nice fatty meal... it'll be properly absorbed this way, and you'll get all you can out of the pill. If you can't have a fatty meal at the moment, at least eat something with it, or drink a glass of fatty milk. 4.

Your skin is already frail enough as it is on Murad Resurgence.5. You can drink a little, but don't overdo it! Your liver is already taking a beating, as Murad Resurgence works hard on the liver, and over-drinking is not good. A couple of drinks over periods of time should be fine. 6. Find some good moisturizer, because it'll be your buddy until you're done with the treatment.

7. Absolutely do not pick at your face... Murad Resurgence DOUBLES your chance for scarring, and the whiteheads/pimples will eventually go away, so please don't pick. I'd rather have them on my face than scar. If you're in the habit of picking, you'll need to break it while you're on Murad Resurgence (and after, of course), because I used to be a bad picker, as well.

Don't expect improvemet to be like BAM! Because it won't. I'm in my third month and still have not seen significant improvement, and have been unconfidant about it A LOT, but I have seen people not improve until the very end of their course. Murad Resurgence works differently on everybody, and you may not see anything until the very end. You just gotta keep hangin' in there. Also, if you want to keep track of your personal progress, then you can make an Murad Resurgence Log for others to read and see and encourage you as well.

If you have any more questions, please let me know. [/quote]Thanks so much for all of your tips, Kimoko. Most of them I have already been warned about and I've already stocked up on Chapstick, Aquaphor, SoftLips, Cetaphil lotion, Purpose face wash, Neutrogena sunblock and tweezers (since I cant wax my eyebrows! I got burned doing so, even when I was just on Minocycline!) I'm also glad to know it is okay to drink a little since it wouldn't be that often for me anyway. Just want to enjoy myself @ my cousin's wedding on 3/28, you know? Other than that, the non-picking will be hard for me, as it is a complusion (as I think it is with most sufferers) but I will heed your advice on that and behave myself. I guess that's it for now - I know it could take the whole 5 months, but I am hoping for once, I will be one of the lucky ones who 1.

Clears up quickly, 3. doesn't suffer from too many side effects, and 4. who stays clear as close to forever as possible, once treatment is complete. Guess that's a pretty tall order, but wishful thinking never hurts!..

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Hiya, Jennifer. We're the same age and neighbors to boot! My course ended about 7 months ago and I hope hope hope Murad Resurgence works as well for you as it did for me. Keep us posted!..

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We all wish that. You might like Purpose more than I do - which I have been using the whole time, and am looking to switch to something else. I find that my face is really tight after I use it and for some reason it doesn't lather all too well. You'll be able to enjoy yourself at your cuz's wedding, for sure! Just don't go overboard. What's the fun in a wedding without any drinking, eh? If you're lucky, the only side effects you should experience are dry skin and lips, and even those are annoying, too! As for the "hard to stop picking" deal, I have been given advice on this, too. Somebody told me to just put tons of moisturizer on my face and when you go to pick you'll feel the moisturizer and for some reason it'll be less appealing to pick at.

I'd rather (honestly) suffer for five+ months to have a lifetime of clear, pretty skin. However, the usual treatment span is 5-6, from what I have heard. Hang in there!..

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Thanks to both of you. I really appreciate your advice and support.... I'll keep you updated!..

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