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I want to ask first here to experienced domainerd before I will start to developing it.

Will I have some potential problemm with TM when on dedicated website to news about wii I will take preorders for wii and finaly start to ship it when it will be available?And games may be too?.

I think that They sould be glad I will make more exposure of Wii and Thjey sell it through wholesallers to Shops too so why I can not stay in this chain to as the online shopper as the others.

I am new on this so I want to disccuss first than be disapointed after developing.

Thanks for comments..

Comments (7)

It is so nice of you to make money off the wii name... they should be glad you gave them exposure....

Judging by my response, it does not matter what you think you are doing, it is what the wii people think. You are infringing on the TM and you are blatently trying to profit off the domain. It is nice you have news and stuff, and if you only kept it to that, if would be a fansite. But since you are planning on profitting from the name, that is squatting...

Comment #1

Thanks for reply.

So if I am planing to have an online wii shop I sould have the name without Wii in it? Is it than correct?.

I am just asking -I Have not developed it this way..

Comment #2

There may be an opportunity to become an official dealer for the Wii, in which case you may be allowed to use the name, under Nintendo's conditions, for marketing purposes. Of course, be contacting them you also run the risk of losing the domain...

Comment #3

GameStop, ToysRus, Electronics any of those have Wii in their name or any other TM name? If you are serious about creating a gaming retail site use a name you would own for the TM...

Comment #4

So is a fan site that does not promote the sale of xbox? I see adsense and cj (?) on there. That generates a profit for you doesn't it? I also see a PSP forum too. Ditto my comments above. I just want to understand your position...

Comment #5

You can use it if you have permission to do so. But if you are looking to "brand" out, then creating your own unique identity is better.

"So is a fan site that does not promote the sale of xbox? I see adsense and cj (?) on there. That generates a profit for you doesn't it? I also see a PSP forum too. Ditto my comments above. I just want to understand your position. ".

Labrocca's position is to push the evelope... He is infringing, and he is making money. But is is not being a direct competitor. He keeps the appearenacelow enough knowing that games sites are not really challenged. He has created fair usage domains as a "fansite". Legally, It is possible he could be shut down but the reality is notihgn is going to happen.

Is it legal, probably not, but the question is, will the game company come after him, no. Now if he started selling competitor game systems and MS gets wind of it, they may come after him them. But Sony and MS and other gaming companies do look the other way becuase it does promote thier products in a highly competitive field.

As my dad always told me "Do as I say, not as I do"..

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I just recently moved everything from to I am moving or selling a lot of my possible TM problem domains. I won't be putting energy into them anymore. IMHO the tide is changing against domainers and I prefer to move my efforts higher up the hill.

Also I used to have a huge video game retail site (and an actual store) called (sold off along with my store and now it's an amazon shop). My original position stands..if you want to be a retailer..get a real name. I have some good ones laying around too.

If you think because you have a domain to sell videogames you will easily get into the retailer loop...think again. Margins on consoles are disgusting....about 1-2% (yes that's right). Basically if the Wii is $199...your cost will be $190-$196. They call it a loss-leader but I call it bullcrap. Games aren't much better with about a 15-25% markup but here's the real price protection or return credit. In other words you buy a game for $43 and sell it for $49.99 (on the web you won't sell at that price to anyone..$44.99 is even a maybe).

Well that means you LOST $5. Yeah this is all true. The video game industry is a numbers game. It's about the volume and pricing power. Also margins are much better with accessories.

I used to sell $1 million in games per year so I did well enough but I was positioned early and in a good market in NYC. Oh well...that's my past.

Anyways...good luck to OP...

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