Any success stories for those on Nutrisystem? I am thinking about joining.?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Any success stories for those on Nutrisystem? I am thinking about joining.? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Getting ready to start this new diet - but I have to ask - will a glass of wine or two during the week or on the weekend just totally be a bust? anyone have any experiencing with an occational glass of wine on this diet? thanks..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I occasionally have a glass of wine, but I try to limit it to special occasions only. For me, wine does seem to slow my weight loss, so I choose to limit it. It's a personal choice each person has to make if you don't mind the consequence (slower weight loss) then go for it. If you do mind, then choose only to drink when the occasion makes it worthwhile. Either way, you really shouldn't have more than one or two glasses, at the most..

Also be aware that for many, alcohol makes it harder to resist the temptation to eat foods that are not on-plan, so factor that into your decision. It may not be a problem for you, but it is for many of us...

Comment #2

There is no doubt that it will slow down your weight loss, but the worst part is it tends to lower your willpower and you may find your face in the 'fridge or pantry looking for the things that got you here to begin with..

There is a reason I know this..

Comment #3

I used to be an every day drinker, which is what caused my weight gain. Today is my 7th day on nutrisystem and I had ONE glass of wine yesterday and managed to lose 4.6 pounds in one week. I am definitely not going back to my old ways of drinking, but dont beat yourself up if you enjoy one, once a week...

Comment #4

Mary Gregg, the NutriSystem dietitian, had this answer regarding alcohol consumption:.

This is a personal decision based on how well you are losing weight and how important that drink is to you. If you are just starting, it is wise to wait until you see what your weekly weight loss is like. If you are losing well, an occasional light beer or one glass of wine should not hurt you. Keep in mind that alcohol does cause fluid retention. Limiting it to special occasions is a good idea..

Mary G..

This was in answer to someone who asked multiple times if she could continue to drink wine everyday:.

From your previous post, it sounds to me like you really, really want your wine. Everybody just gave some good advice. My suggestion to you is since you are on our program, try limiting the wine for a special occasion instead of having it every single day. Our womens meal plan is 1200 calories. You do not want to substitute wine for anything since wine does does not give you the essential nutrients and vitamins that you would get from other foods. It is very important to add in your dairy/protein, fruit and vegetables..

You will need to consume 3500 calories less in order to lose one pound of fat. On this program, an average weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week which is a healthy weight lose. If you decide to drink wine every day, you will be consuming more than 1200 calories and your weight loss might be slower..

This is what the Dietitian has also said in the past about alcohol consumption:.

We do not encourage individuals to consume alcohol on the program; however, we do understand that many people drink it occasionally for social reasons. If you do choose to consume it, we recommend that it be consumed in small amounts and in moderation. Alcohol can leave you feeling dehydrated and can really add up in calories which can ultimately affect your weight loss..

This is a personal decision based on how well you are losing weight and how important that drink is to you. Since you are just starting, it is wise to wait until you see what your weekly weight loss is like. If you are losing well, an occasional glass of red or white wine should not hurt you. Keep in mind that alcohol does cause fluid retention...

Comment #5

There are some diet plans that strictly prohibit alcohol. This plan does not, though they caution against it for the reasons already mentioned. A glass of wine is 100 caloiries or so and does not contribute to your balanced diet as outlined by the plan..

I have not given up my glass of wine and I lost the weight. But I cut back considerable and am still very careful to limit my drinking...

Comment #6

I like my beer. I won't give it up...

Comment #7

That's OK. But be prepared to have a slower weight loss rate than you would if you avoided the empty calories that come with alcohol...

Comment #8

I plan to limit drinking, but I want this to be a plan I can stick to for life and part of my social life is happy hour. Today I figured out that I can eat a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the mayo, with lettuce, onion, and avocado and a side of fruit when out with my friends - all foods that fit within plan in the right amounts. I might just drink diet coke while I'm there, but if I have one drink out with my friends once a week or every other week, if it does slow my weight loss I feel that is an acceptable trade off to keep that social part of my life..

If my lifestyle changes at some point and I don't go to happy hours anymore, I doubt I'd drink. I certainly won't be on the boards whining about the plan not working because I didn't lose as much weight if I know I've had a drink though. :-)..

Comment #9

I also do not want to give up beer along with all other things I have given up. I get the select 55 calorie beer from Budweiser and sometimes even have 3 if it's a weekend but still maintain 1200 cals or so..

Now I do sometimes cut a bit out during the day...maybe eat 2/3 of the dinner and/or one less dairy. I know some people are really against alcohol but I like my beer or two at night once kids done with homework and I can relax for a min...

Comment #10

If you want to drink, then drink. But skipping meals and add-ins to compensate for alcohol is not permitted and definitely not wise. Alcohol is empty calories. Skipping meals (even the dessert), fruits and vegetables deprives you of necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein..

If you want to compensate for the extra calories from the beer, the right thing to do would be to exercise it off, not skipping foods...

Comment #11

Yep, Losing is right. That is just not an acceptable way to do a healthy weight-loss program. Your nutrition will suffer for it, as will your health. So please don't skip foods and risk your health!..

Comment #12

Well I also walk an hour a day ...the site says 231 cals burned for that. I know that skipping food here and there is not encouraged...but permitted.....that is a strong word. I have to do what works for me. Most days I end up getting enuf calories and eat the foods so I am not worried. In the beginning when I ate over the cals at times, I did compensate the next day by eating less food...

Comment #13

Well, that is certainly excellent for your physical health. So you should be able to eat everything on the program and not skip anything. The protein in the dinners, as well as all the other nutrition in the meals, is so very important for us...

Comment #14

Yes that makes sense thank you! I get a bit nervous because I have been steadily losing this first month and am afraid it will stop so I am really monitoring my calories. I am trying to add more than 1 hour of walking into my busy schedule so I will do that rather than trying to skip food..

After a month I am just now getting more of the physical exercise again...I felt a bit weak when first started from reduction of calories (or maybe was just a mental thing!)..

Comment #15


You will feel weak without enough protein and calories...I felt that the 1st week I started onNutrisystembecause I didn't know I could have up to 100 calories of protein for the lunch add-in!! Thank God I read lots of posts back then and found out!..

Comment #16

The ONLY thing I'm not willing to give up are my size 2 jeans!.

Alcohol lowers my inhibitions and results in unplanned and over-eating on my part.

I can manage a drink now and then when I'm maintaining, but right now while I am trying to drop a few more pounds, not a drop..

But, I do think it is up to each individual...

Comment #17

I'm not sure I have read this is permitted, but then again I haven't read all the fine print. Are you sure about this? I really don't think it is......

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