Any one in diet land on Nutrisystem. Help Please?

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Got a question... Any one in diet land on Nutrisystem. Help Please? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Or am I the only one? Today after 5 weeks, I am officially a pound heavier than when I started..

The problem is me, not the Nutrisystem!!! I have a compulsive issue and for some reason I overeat the Nutrisystem - it's that good. No issues with lunch and dinner but those snacks .... I could sit down and eat 5 in one sitting - AND I HAVE!.

I've also been known to eat two muffins for breakfast..

I guess my question is, are there any others like me? How do I deal with this issue and get myself some willpower?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

ThoseNutrisystemdesserts trigger a desire to eat more of them. I can be pefectly satisfied but the minute I eat one, I want to eat more. The only one that doesn't do that is the peppermint pattie..

I substitute a protein and fruit for the dessert quite often. I use the Wonderslim protein/pudding mix which can be made into a shake and has 15g of protein for only 100 calories. I sometimes eat a fruit separately or mix it with the shake. I feel very satisfied afterwards with no triggering of cravings like I get with theNutrisystemdesserts..

Skinny Cow also triggers the urge to eat more, so I don't touch it. I can eat a small ice cream and be satisfied but the minute I eat a Skinny Cow, the package is not safe...

Comment #2

Maybe try moving your eating around? Eat dinner late, so that you won't be so hungry when snack/dessert time comes around?.

Put your food on a plate, the entire meal, and eat everything else before you start on the muffin or whatever. Drink a large glass of water before you eat, and another during the meal. Eat as sloooooooowly as you can, trying to make the meal last at least twenty minutes so your body knows you're no longer hungry...

Comment #3

Well, that's an interesting conundrum!.

While this is not my issue I have two thoughts... first, eat your add-ins before yourNutrisystemfood, and pick bulky ones. Maybe your feelings of satisfaction and fullness will get triggered before you reach for that second box?.

And second, take out enoughNutrisystemfood for a few days or a week, and then pack the rest away somewhere it would take you a few minutes to get to it. I don't think you'll go rummaging through a big plastic bin in your garage in the middle of dinner?.

Best of luck!..

Comment #4

Lost 12 gained 2. the snacks are fantastic and I have a chocolate fix last night. Ate 2, too many snacks.Sometimes you just have to go with urges. I have trained myself a little in the last few weeks. I eat 1 breakfast item at a time in stages. Eat one till full, 15 to 30 minutes later another etc...

I have 100 pound to lose and in three weeks I have it really helps...

Comment #5

I have to confess...when I first started and I found those BBQ soy chips I would slowly eat my bag at night....then cut it open and......seriously....LICK the paper on the inside. The snacks were the one thing that just screamed out to me to EAT MORE!!! I would have the shakes I wanted another package soooo badly..

The only thing that I could do was just concentrate on anything else I was doing and get through an hour or so until bedtime. Sheer power of will was all it was. I would make myself put off the snack until 9:15 or 9:30 pm so that I didn't have that long afterwards until bedtime..

I still can't have the chocolate mint bar in the house because I'll eat it bite by bite during the day as an extra treat. Not I skip ordering it..

I wish you all the luck in the world...TRY really hard to just stick to the program and eat just one...

Comment #6

I don't know if this will work ... but if I eat a nice big garlic pickle. You can't eat anything after that because it just won't taste right!!..

Comment #7

Hmm you are the ONLY one who can give yourself the willpower. I think what helps me is I think of the money that this food costs! those 5 snacks were probably 10 bucks, I dont wanna waste it gorging on myself. my friend works for jenny craig n one of her customers has eaten 30 days of jenny snacks in one day twice!!!!thats a waste of over 100 bucks in one day. maybe you could order desserts you dont really like or I like to douse my desserts in cool whip n strawberries- makes it seem bigger..

Comment #8

Similiar to another person's suggeston, maybe if you take out the next day's food the night before you will be less inclinded to eat more. Another thing is to remind yourself that if you eat more than one you will run out and not have some other days..

However, I have to admit, right now I'm completely unfocused myself (mainly due to stress) and I'm having the same problem; not every day, but on occassion when the day has been really bad I just find myself eating a snack I shouldn't. I'm trying to work through this problem too, so I guess I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I understand. Hang in there, you can do this. Sweets are my weakness too...

Comment #9

Similar to others, I only pull out the food I intend to eat for the day. Then, I am not inclined to grab extras..

Each time I get a BBB, I organize all my meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and I put them in my pantry organized by day (others use Ziplock bags and group the meals that way). Then each day, I take out a day's meal and put it on the counter. This helps me to know what I get to eat (and because I like the stuff I order, gives me something to look forward to), and I can plan my add-ins for the day..

This keeps me from wanting to "oversnack" because I would have to steal from another day's meal. I would have to ask myself, do I really think I want to go without a dessert on X day? Um, no!.

When you feel the desire to grab that extra snack, get yourself some unlimited veggies in a big bowl or save a fruit from dinner and eat an apple instead..

You can do this. To paraphrase the very smart Pam_SB, it is not willpower, it is WANTpower. You want to be healthy and slim - so you have to want to make the choices to get there..

Wish you the best of luck!..

Comment #10

O.M.G!!! guys now I will admit my cousin and I have alot of conversations about the desserts and how yummy they are, this may help. Because I am suuuuch a snacker (well I use to be before ns) when it comes to dessert time I try to pick a dessert that is filling, usually the cakes are. I find that if I eat one of those with a bottled water I am full, satisfied, and ready for bed. the key here is to spread out all of your meals so when it's time for dessert thats all you have room for and if your eating dessert after dessert even though you are full there maybe somethimg else going on and perhaps you would want to address your over eating. good luck..

Comment #11

I keep these very low calorie and sugar free popcicles in my freezer. If I feel like I NEED a snack (and usually it's something sweet I'm after) I tell myself I can eat as many popcicles as I want, and I do. It's never been more than two, and it takes away the "I want it because I can't have it" problem. At 15 calories each, one can be my free food if I have any left, or I figure that 30 calories (for two) is a lot less than 150 calories for aNutrisystemdessert. Yes, 30 calories will add up over time and it's best not to have extras, but there are times when I feel like an addict needing a fix (it's a problem) and it's either this or my SO's Doritos, aNutrisystemsnack, etc...

Comment #12

Some foods do cause cravings. I feel the same after eating dessert. It's so hard not to grab another. Sometimes I go to sleep just to avoid it. Maybe there's something we can eat in it's place as an equivalent. I'm getting off the select plan since the frozen desserts make it way harder for me...

Comment #13

I have been onNutrisystemstarting my 4th week and I have lost 1 pound. I don't eat anythng I'm not supposed to and am following diet religiously. Not sure what is going wrong. I signed up for another session, but it I don't lose that's it for me...

Comment #14

If you will list what you eat for each meal and snack in a typical day, those members that have been on the plan for a while will make suggestions...

Comment #15

When I was doing weight watchers I had the same problem, I found that brushing my teeth often, and eating altoids and Ricola helped too. Nothing tasted good after doing any of those, and when I would try to eat something, it would taste so horrible, that I couldn't keep eating it. It happens to all of us at one time or another...

Comment #16

I eat aNutrisystembreakfast item and usually two slides of veggie bacon and then I have a lowfat yogurt for a snack..

For lunch I have aNutrisystemand usually cherry tomatoes and cucumbers or bell peppers..

For break I usually have a lowfat string cheese and a piece of fruit..

For dinner I have aNutrisystemand usually a salad with cucmbers, tomatoes w/low fat dressing, a piece of fruit and sometimes 11 pistachio nuts (not every night).

(Fruit is usually 1/4 cup of mango, 1/2 banana, 15 grapes, 1/2 cup of strawberries).

I have one dessert..

That's it..

Is there something in what I am eating that is bad?..

Comment #17

I eat my dessert in the middle of the day to get over the slump around 3pm..

I eat my afternoon fruit or yogourt for dessert after dinner..

No issues as the dessert is done either at work, or in front of family etc. on day off and they will help me through any urges..

Think about it-are those processed, fake chocolate, sodium laden bites worth your health and shape?.

I think Not!.

Enjoy the choices you make, and don't beat yourself up-I want to eat MILLIONS of bags of those processed darned cheese puffs, so I eat one a minute on my break and voila, orange fingers to lick later but no binge..

The binges on desserts are the reason I am here.

Good Luck!..

Comment #18

Sugar free jellos are great as well, there only 10 calories I eat them at the 3 o clock slump too..

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