Any one have any good Nutrisystem recipes?

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First question I got is Any one have any good Nutrisystem recipes? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Good Morning happy NutriSystem gals! We are DONE with..... the holiday season's OVER and finished and we have NO excuse not to get up....move our fannies, and LOSE SOME WEIGHT! No excuses, just do it!.

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last September on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Happy Monday everyone. It has been a relatively quiet week around here but, here it goes..........

JUDY- Queen of Zumba has had to get her labs done as proof that she is as fit on the inside as she is on the outside. Judy will be nursing Wally back to health after he has his surgery on friday to repair his knee. More on that later..

VIX- Has been maintaining her walking routine at lunch and trying to get those last few pounds off so that she will be able to maintain forever. Vix also will be nursing her hubby back to health as he has a procedure on Wednesday. Do we see a theme here??.

MELISSA- Has been in white tornado mode as she tries to keep up with the toys around her house. Unfortunatly after she and her SIL cleaned their MIL house her SIL's mother passed away and she had a funeral to go to on thursday. That was the sad news and the fun good news is that on friday her bff from Atlanta came down for a visit and they got their heads together and ideas started flowing and last I heard they headed off to Hogwarts with a butterbeer in their hands and have not been seen from since..

JOHNNA- Sent Ian off to see Cam's games up in NH and Mass and got the house to herself this weekend. Just her and the boy's and time to get into some trouble. Hmmmm wonder how that went?? Johnna was also supposed to start a Zumba class with her neighbor and will let us know if she becomes a devotee'.

SHELLEY- Is gone to Vegas with her sister Linda and from what I've seen on fb is having a wonderful time. Good golly she looks fantastic. She certainly has put in the extra hours at the clinic to have earned a little vacation away from it all..

DUCKY- Has been giving her students a well rounded education and introduced them to the Jackass Penguin and of course being 1st graders they of course focused on the word "ass" and had a good laugh with their teacher. Ducky also celebrated Ashton's 8th birthday this weekend and made a cake with the Peace sign on it that reminded me of the 70's. What goes around comes a round in all things. Fun was had by all..

JEN- Has been keeping busy as usual and when she wasn't shoveling snow, getting the new computer up to speed while working on her website and exercising, she went to a scrapbook get together this weekend AND lost a pound on the scale. Congratulations Jen that is just fantastic!.

COLEEN- has been visiting the newly renovated gym in her building at work and trying to get back on track with NS. I think she will get serious after her Dad's birthday celebration on friday in Atlanta with her sisters. We know you can do it!!(have fun at the party).



Well that's all she wrote................

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Back from the dentist! The weather hasn't gotten icky yet - yay! It was slow-going on the way down, but the way back was fine..

Off to take a nap!..

Comment #3

Hello all....

I've been in complete bliss...girl movies....went to the movie yesterday with one of my friends (Kings speech). It was good..

So on the exercise and food front=EPIC FAIL! I start out, and breakfast goes well.....and it went downhill all three days from there with burst of being good. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm shooting for 100%..

Cam's played well in his games this weekend even tho they only won one. His team was unbeaten until this weekend. Ian met his billet mom and some of the other parents on the team. I'll hear all about it around midnight when he gets in..

Ducky: You are such a good mom. Birthday miss those days. We had the hockey team (10) sleep over once when cam was about 10. Seems like it was just a few weeks ago. On another note, I always cringe when you tell us about your weather, but we been getting drenched today...a good excuse for me not to leave the house. Hmmm....wonder if I'm becoming a recluse?....

Ps....I like your new pic in honor of MLK....

Vix: Glad to see you are doing well..

Deb: Hang on to the Zumba for a little....take it slow. Maybe your daughter will like it??? Hope your back feels better soon..

Judy: Way to keep on track, sister. Good Luck to Wally on his surgery this week..

Big: Hope you are having safe travels this weekend..

Jen: Oh how the boys need a bath again.....ppaaaa...paaa...ppppllleeeaassee come down and bathe them for me. ha ha ha The rain we are having just make them smelly. The tree and the bush they run around is like a mud pit moat now, and oh they are loving life running thru it. Yep, my floors are horrid. Yeah, then they slip slide away when they orbit thru the house....I fear drywall repair is in my future again..

OK....need to getting going to get a few chores done before Ian comes home tonight. (I've been a slacker this weekend).

Have a nice night, ladies!., I haven't made it to Zumba with the neighbor yet. We'll try again Wednesday. Will keep ya posted....See ya!.

Melissa: Hope you are having a good weekend...

Comment #4


Went for a walk in the cold today, but wore a scarf, so my face didn't freeze!.

Sounds like everyone's busy....I did a lot of resting this weekend, haven't quite been feeling like myself..

Back to work tomorrow, think I will probably retire this time next year. Something to look forward to!.

Have a great evening...

Comment #5

Hi girls. I'm back! Fun time in Vegas. Pics posted on FB, but I think most of you have al;ready spotted them. In case you wondered, I was there with my sister (Lisa) 3 cousins (Andrea, Sue and Stacy) and their mom (my Aunt Cynthia) Aunt and cousins love gambling. My sister and I last about an hour and then want to get outside and explore. We split up the 2nd day and met for dinner and Cher.

I guess she gets tenure in April this year and will feel more comfortable bending the rules after that..

I haven't read all the posts from the end of the week, so I'll check back in after I do that..

Hope everyone had a great weekend...

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Judy - you crack me up. I can just picture that crazy zumba instructor bouncing her junk in the trunk around! I'm cracking up!.

Johnna - Oh I can smell your dogs from here! Ha..just kiddng. I am leaving for Daytona tomorrow (assuming the ice storm lets up and I fly out in the afternoon!). It's just for a day and I'm back here Wednesday night - late. I am sending my field techs on their annual Fl field surviellance trip and Bud will be staying in Naples! I'll make sure he waves to you!.

Ducky - glad you missed the bad weather and I think it's great that your daughter loves the dentist!!.

Vix - hope you get your energy up for work tomorrow!.

OK...I need to go pack. Depending on how things go I may or may not be on till I get back! Hopefully I'll bring some warmer weather back with me. It's supposed to be 70 in Daytona - Wahoo!..

Comment #7

Keep up the good work Vix and those pounds will be gone in no time. Feel better..

Ducky hope Ashton loves the dentist her whole life. Great Pearly whites..

Johnna glad you have a good weekend and tomorrow is another day..

Shelley welcome back from sin city, ha ha glad you had a good time..

Judy we have lost you to farmville, miss you, mean it!.

Jen have a safe trip and shout to Johnna and Melissa while in florida..

Upset GI system today, heading to be early to read and hope I'm better in the a.m...

Comment #8

I finally got my iPod downloaded with the C25K! Now I just need warm weather!..

Comment #9

Hello girlies!.

Welcome back Shelley. was kinda surreal to see you all standing in some of the same places we stood in for pictures. It was kinda like I was expecting to see us in the piccy's. Yes, really weird of me. You all look like you had a great time..


- Daytona huh? Yes, please bring back some warm weather and drop some off the plane ride over VA....will you? I thought today was supposed to be warmer, so I went out without gloves and my neck scarf. Imagine that!! Stupid mistake. I swore I was shivering the whole time I was out! It's insane to be so cold now without the extra pounds..


- I have not been LOST to anything, especially Farmville. Yes, I used to post all day whether or not anyone was here, and a lot of the time there wasn't anyone else posting. I was just hanging around talking to myself. But now I am busy most of the day getting things done, working out 1 1/2 hours each day, passing out in the recliner and doing other things including having fun playing Farmville..


It was just indecent...and I am far from a prude!.

Okay gotta hit the sack...Doctor appt tomorrow morning and pedicure in the I'll be scarce for parts of the day...

Comment #10

Good morning!.

Work is starting late today, so I don't have to go out in the dark, cold morning on icy roads! Yay!.

Sounds like a fun trip, Shelley!.

Enjoy Daytona, Jen! warm!.

Deb, I really enjoy your Monday posts!.

Have a happy, unhungry day everyone!..

Comment #11

Johnna - I realized this morning I totally forgot to mention you in last night's post! Hang in there sweetie! If you just keep doing it day after day, you'll soon make a habit and make better choices for the afternoon. Maybe keep some of the bad stuff out of the house?.

Seriously take the class with your'll love it..

Vix- Good morning!.

Okay off to eat and get to the doctor this morning. Arrgghh! late!..

Comment #12

Good Grief Judy I was only teasing you a little bit!..

Comment #13

Good morning all. Don't have a lot of time - taking the kids to meet friends at the mall for lunch. Looks like it's going to rain again today. I got back from Orlando yesterday afternoon. It poured rain all the way home (well, mostly). It's about a 1 hour 45 minute drive..

The weekend was fun with the exception of one person who was a friend of my SIL who NEVER STOPPED TALKING. I thought I talked a lot - OMG. I have never met a person like this in my entire life. At the park she talked to anyone and everyone. It was insane. There would be 30 minute diatribes while we (5 of us) would be just listening to her talk.

Plus I heard WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Things I don't even talk about with my BFF of 35 years..

Anyway - at least I have an interesting story right? Besides that, the Harry Potter area of Universal was way cool and the ride inside Hogwarts - pretty much the best ride I've been on in my life. Johnna - did you like it? I love roller coasters and such. Johnna, I'm kind of upset that we didn't go on the roller coaster at New York New York!! I forgot how much I really love them...

Comment #14

OMG - I just typed this long a$$ post with all of you listed and all kinds of cute and funny things (of course!!!) and I lost it somehow *sob*..

Johnna - another thing - I LOVED the Hulk roller coaster and now I have an annual pass to Universal so I think we should meet over there some time!!.

More later - I got to go!..

Comment #15

Weather update: negative 4 with a wind chill of negative 22. Are you feeling warm yet?..

Comment #16

Good Morning!.

Just finished my Wii Active. Attempted Wii Zumba but I am really BAD at it. No rythym at all! I guess I'll just take myself upstairs and get on the elliptical where I belong!.

Vix, glad you can avoid the icy roads today. Too many crazy drivers out there that just don't know what they're doing on a good day...much less when there are weather issues..

Melissa, sorry you lost your post. I hate it when that happens. Sounds like a fun trip to Hogwarts. I would love to go one of these days. I can probably invite myself along on my sisters next trip to Disney/Universal. They seem to go every year.

Deb, sorry you aren't feeling well today. Hope it is a short term GI thing. Too bad about the Zumba as well. We can't have you hurting your back. I'm afraid I can't be as supportive as the others with the "don't give up on it yet" I really can't get the darm moves down at all. Nothing is hurting, but I still haven't moved past the learn the basic steps part.

Ducky, It's great that Ashton loves the Dentist. I really hate to go. They always seem to find a cavity and or crown that's needed. Not enough flouride when I was growing up I guess..

Jen hope you have fun in Daytona. It will be nice to enjoy the warm weather there...even if it's just for a day..

Johnna, sounds like you had a fun girls weekend. I enjoyed the FB pics you posted. I'll have to see The Kings Speech. It looked good in the clips too..

Judy our little Zumba Queen. You and Jen are embarrassing me. I really just don't get it. Why don't one of you post a simple video on You Tube that I can follow!.

Beautiful day here today. I'm catching up on the laundry and groceries. I am scheduled to work tomorrow at a clinic I've only worked at once before. They have different equipment there so all I can really do are assessments and pass the meds. They know this but they are desperate!.

I forced myself to get on the scale today and it was not kind! A bit of work to get back to where I was at my low weight. But that is the first step. I am now well aware of where I am, so back to work. It's always the late afternoon when I have a problem...Must keep busy then!..

Comment #17

Welcome back Melissa and glad you had a good time sans Chatty Cathy. I will just smile in anticipation of your new cute post...

Comment #18

Ducky I am feeling warm compared to you as we are only getting snow!..

Comment #19

I did not find it hard to do on the carpet but I am definitely Zumba challenged with the moves. I did ok when she was going slow but as soon as she said let speed it up a bit I was lost. Wish I could find someone to buy it from me. I only did the tuitorial once!..

Comment #20

Vix drive safe and stay away from other cars! Uh, what do you do for a living?..

Comment #21

Hi all,.

I actually just took the whole day off...didn't want to go in late, knock myself out, and then drive home in the dark with traffic. I can do some things from home. I manage a small computer center in a very large organization, I have Unix, mainframe, and source code administrators working for me. I do a lot of budget, and coordinating/negotiating with program managers, protecting the network, enforcing standards, and managing people, equipment, software, etc..

Deb and Shelley...Nice to know that Zumba is not easy...ha-ha...maybe I'll find a beginners' dvd!.

Melissa I would love to check out the Harry Potter ride at daughter and I read all the books. I'd buy them for her 1st day out, she'd read them first, and then I would..

Ducky...too cold where you are! Brrrr....

Judy...hope all went well at the Dr.....

Have a good night. Sweet dreams...

Comment #22

Free Kindle downloads for a limited time! Check it out:.


I hope it works for you!..

Comment #23

Good morning!.

I'm a library girl myself..

Although a kindle would probably be very convenient!.

Joined a 7 day 100%Nutrisystemchallenge from another board starting today....really need to get back in the right frame of mind....holidays totally threw me off..

Have a great day everyone. Stay healthy, keep smiling...

Comment #24

Wow, sounds like you have a very demanding job. I am a library person myself. I keep my librarian very busy..

Well Ducky we are getting 4-7" of snow today and they said up north of us will recieve 5-9". The girls are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I have to work,ugh..

Comment #25

I'm getting a very late start this morning...just couldn't get out of the bed. Yesterday was non stop the whole day and I messed my eating routine all the heck too. I missed so many things,.

I only ate myNutrisystembreakfast then I had to run for the doctors....



Left the doctors, and stopped at Dick's Sporting goods for some new tennis shoes...on sale....Woohoo! Once they put out this years model the rest of last year go on serious sale...I saved $40. Then stopped by Fresh Market to stock up on fish and lettuce..

By the time I got home, I had just enough time to chop lettuce and eat my salad for lunch. I had to grab myNutrisystembar and eat that in the car on the way to my mani/pedi! I swear I almost fell asleep I was so tired of running around..

Got finished, hit Sam's Club on the way home and finally, everything is stocked up and almost ready for Friday and this weekend. I was never so happy to sit down and finally relax a bit at about 6pm!! I ate my salad for dinner and fell asleep!.

You working gals are used to running around. I am not any wipes me out!.

Today I have NOTHING PLANNED!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!..

Comment #26

I have about ONE MINUTE - have to go pick up Owen and tonight is religious education for him so have to think of something quick for dinner. I really, really need to go ahead and win that lotto thing so I can have my own personal chef and maid....ahhh....wouldn't that be so nice? Oh yes, I've also decided if I ever had a gazillion dollars that I would just have a person around to do my bidding. Like, "Would you mind brushing my hair?" I LOVE to have my hair brushed by someone else. Or, "Um, could you run to the store and pick up some diet coke please?" when I just drank the last bit. Wouldn't that be awesome?? I'd pay them well of course!!..

Comment #27

Hope everyone is doing well - I'll have to redo my long post tomorrow. Not enough hours in the day you know? I wanted to go see a movie tonight but don't think that's going to happen when I remembered Owen has his class tonight. Have a great afternoon everyone!..

Comment #28

Hi ladies, just popping in to say hi and report that TODAY has been a 100% Nutrisystem day, plus one hour in the new gym. I spent an hour in the gym yesterday too..

Deb, sorry to hear that you hurt your back using the Zumba video. Did Caitie like it at all? If not, I will be happy to buy it from you. Just let me know how much and I will stick a check in the mail to you. I have been wanting to buy it to try it out too. If it is too hard for me, I'll give it to my grandchildren. lol.

I'll be off to Alabama on Friday to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Looking forward to seeing him, my Mom and my two sisters. I'll be back 100% as soon as I get back on Wednesday..

Here's wishing you all a great evening! I'll try to go back tomorrow and catch up on some of the posts. I feel like I miss so much when I don't stop in..

I love having all your support..


Comment #29

Hi everyone....busy day....took Pete for his outpatient surgery...left a little after 9 this morning and didn't get back til after 3! Then had to go pick up some meds and stuff for him...he has to keep a big bandage taped under his nose...sort of like a big white Groucho Marx mustache!.

And he can't do much for a few days..

I'm going back to work tomorrow...did some of my email today to keep things from getting too crazy there..

Did some walking while I was waiting for him, and feel pretty tired now, so I guess that's my exercise for the day. Tomorrow should be better for exercise because I'll be back to my routine..

Have a nice trip, Big!.

Have a good night all!..

Comment #30

Great going Coleen, I knew you could do it! Have a good time with your family. I have had one person ask about the Wii Zumba Fitness and if they decide they don't want it than it is yours. I will let you know...

Comment #31

Vix glad hubby did well with his procedure and I think the waiting is more tiring than if you had worked. Glad you got a little exercise done today and everything will be back to normal tomorrow. You will probably have a few fires to put out tomorrow so rest up tonite...

Comment #32

Tomorrow is a snow day, so no school for Caitie. We are getting 7-10" of snow instead of the 4-7" we were supposed to get. My neighbor Lisa told me that she talked to her sister in Colorado and nope, they don't even have a flake of snow. That just does not seem right! Hopefully the crews will have the roads in good shape so that I can get to the hospital without incident. I heard from some of my friends and we have had a ton of accident patients in the ER. What is it with people that drive like it is a race track out there.

Geesh! Well wish me well and I will see you all tomorrow...

Comment #33

Oh yeah I forgot to ask, Did all of you see the new foods they are introducing this year?.

Like Italian Wedding Soup-Yum.

Buttered Popcorn-Yum.

Peanut and Jelly Bar-Hmmm?.

Sausage patty-?.

Biscut and gravy-?.

Scrambled eggs with veggies-???.

And more but I can't remember what all else they mentioned..

I know I will try the soup, pb&j bar and the popcorn and maybe the sausage patty and will probably wait for others to try the rest..

Ok Now i'm off for the night...

Comment #34

Oh man! I had a total panic last night! One of my color guard girls had posted that we are doing our band trip to NYC May 31-June 6. What she didn't mention was 2012!!! I emailed the band director in a panic! I talked to a band parent that works at my school! Ugh! I am glad it isn't until next year. Hopefully I will be able to get out of it by then. I really don't think that riding a bus to NYC and back with a bunch of HSers is my cup of tea!..

Comment #35

Good morning all....

DeShawn...riding on a bus with a bunch of teenagers doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me either!.

Deb, sorry about all your snow! Drive safely. Sending warm thoughts!.

Back to work for me today...better get to it...nothing like 320 emails to look at!.

Enjoy your day...

Comment #36


- so happy your hubby's surgery went well. Wally's all ready for his tomorrow and I think I've cleaned everything twice and loaded up the house with all the right foods and stuff for the weekend..

I'm having a little bit of a dropped sugar issue again, so I'm going to eat something and then come back..

Comment #37

Okay I did it - I braved the scale this morning and it wasn't pretty. So....from October 7th through January 19th: 18.3 lb gain.

Not too surprising though. That's 15 weeks and I seriously ate whatever I wanted. So now I KNOW when I go on MAINTENANCE daily weigh-ins are an absolute must. Well, my pantry is completely stocked withNutrisystemfood (so much I can't believe it) and I grocery shopped for salad, fruit and yogurt yesterday so I'm on 100% today. I will say, I haven't visited the facilities yet today so that might lose me some.

Plus my body holds onto that salt like it's gonna die without it so....

I'm kicking it into gear seriously. And I will change my ticker.

*sob* But that's what I get.

PS I'm so envious of people who don't have to worry about weight gain! I have several friends that just remain the same size. It's not necessarily that they are pigging out all the time but they do eat NORMAL food on a regular basis and they are around my age. Not fair! I normally don't use the "Life isn't fair" thing because I believe we make our own paths but goodness, this weight thing sucks!!..

Comment #38

Good morning ladies..

Melissa, I'm glad you are kicking it back into gear. It is so hard to re-engage, but it is so worth it. I promise I will kick it into gear with you as soon as I get back from Alabama..

Today's ".

Daily Dose.

" made me feel guilty because I am one of those making the excuse because of my trip. My Mother is the best cook in the world and she loves to cook for us. I will maintain my portions and not go overboard..

Judy, I hope things go well with Wally..

Best wishes to all the others in our group..


Comment #39

Have a safe trip and see you next week. Maybe you could get a walk in after one of those fabulous meals and then you could enjoy yourself and not worry about the scale so much? Just a thought, but, whatever you decide to do enjoy yourself and your parents while you still have them...

Comment #40

You can doi it! You did it before and you can do it again. We are all here for you...

Comment #41

Thanks Vix and we ended up with around 9" of snow last night. We were getting 1-2" per hour and it sure was pretty. One of the teenage boys came by and shoveled the driveway last night and now Caitie only has half the amount of snow to shovel today. I should have waited to have him do it today but you never know if they will come back the next day so I had him do it while he was available. $20 is all he charges and for half the amount of snow to shovel today it was worth it. Hope you have a good day at work and you arn't too over loaded. 320 e-mails is insane...

Comment #42

Judy - When I read this I just remembered - I had a dream about you and Wally last night! I cannot even remember the details but you both were in it. And the only picture I have of Wally in my mind is the one you showed us in Las Vegas so he looked like that and I think you said that was an older pic? Too funny..

Wishing Wally all the best in his surgery - I'm assuming this is outpatient?..

Comment #43

Well I am off to work and pray the roads are plowed enough that it doesn't take hours to get to work. Later snowbunnies..

Comment #44

Hi Ladies!.

I WENT TO ZUMBA YESTERDAY! It was a lot of fun, and I signed up for 10 more classes! Felt pretty good in the afternoon, so this is doable for me..

Jen: Hope your trip to Daytona went well. Why couldn't you have come down to Naples??? Next time, send yourself! Free lodging at the Hampson Inn!!! AND you could have groomed the boys for me!!!!.

Ducky: You make me shiver! How do you live in a climate like that??? Cam couldn't go to practice yesterday because their driveway was too icey to get out of. (His billet is in Chester, NY) And, I swear, I CANNOT catch you on Bejeweled! I'm gonna keep trying though!....

Deb: I don't envy you with your weather careful on those roads!.

Big: Way to go!!! Just keep a handle on the home cookin' this weekend. Just little tastes!.

Melissa: Glad you are getting back in the swing, sister. Why is is SO easy to gain, and SO hard to get it off? I swear I can gain 5 lbs in an hour (and it stays!!)!!!!.

Judy: Good luck to Wally tomorrow. Men after surgery are no fun. Now you are my hero farmer, too! You are a beast! ha ha You are going to pass my level in no time!.

Vix: Glad your hubby is doing well, too. It's nice that you have a light at the end of that work tunnel. Your schedule sounds a lot like mine was before I left the law firm I was with. I worked for the Partner in Charge (which kind of made me the sudo office mgr), and they put me in charge of the IS stuff in our office (which I was actually just a warm body our Columbus office could call to tell me to do stuff.... to exercise....Bye!..

Comment #45

Good morning all. Hope everyone is having a really nice Thursday. Ugh. Owen has a meeting with a church lady after school today and then Brenna's Open House is tonight. I wouldn't mind the Open House of course if it was about Brenna and her classroom but this is more of a "Come now if you want to pre-register for next year to make sure you get a spot but we're gonna make you sit and listen to us". This school is in great demand so it's pretty imperative that I go I *think*.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone and I'm uncertain as to whether we can bring the kids. I hate having to arrange someone to watch the kids on a weeknight. So then it's just me going and I know no one and there are a ton of cliques. Ech...

Comment #46

Hi everyone,.

Worked yesterday so couldn't check in or exercise. More teen drama around the house when I returned. When will this end!.

Melissa, I am very impressed that you were able to get on the scale after such a long time. You (meaning I) can tell when things are starting to get tighter, heartburn starts know the weight must be going up but it's so easy to pretend it's not until you actually have to face the number on the scale. Now that you've done it, I'm sure you'll get back on track..

Johnna, it's so great that you liked the Zumba and signed up for more classes. I'm giving it another shot today but it is not coming all that easy to me here in the living room..

Deb, OMG....that's a ton of snow! My sisters, both teachers have had so many snow days this year. They are all excited now, but will be very unhappy if they end up extending the school year to make up for the days..

Judy, glad you had a quiet day yesterday. It's hard for me to stick withNutrisystemwhen I am running around all day. Too tempting to hit the drive thru for fast food. Good for you to stay focused. Hope all goes well with Wally's surgery..

Ducky, no way would I be on the bus! I have issues with the field trip bus on short trips. Definitely couldn't do a long one like that. I ended up driving myself, kids and a couple of their friends on several of the longer field trips (weekends) when the boys were in school. Teachers probably weren't happy with me, but I pulled my weight as a chaparone (just not on the bus)..

Coleen, great job with the gym and the 100%Nutrisystemday. I agree with Deb. Try and walk after meals and since it sounds like you will be watching portion size, I think you'll be fine. Enjoy the trip..

Vix, glad hubbys surgery went well. Good luck wading through all the emails. The delete button will be your friend today. I'm sure that your new challenge group will help you stay on track..

Jen, so what part of the country are you in today? How far west do you ever go? How come no one lives out here by me!..

Comment #47

Okay get ready y'all - I'm gonna have like a million posts. I just want to respond to last week's posts - you guys are just very interesting!!..

Comment #48

I totally understand! My scale has been creeping up the past few weeks. Today I am officially ten pounds up from Vegas. Ugh!..

Comment #49


-I assume Ian's trip went well to visit Cam? I saw the pics on Facebook - very cool. How is his billet family - is it better now - no more driveway paving or anything like that? Your weekend sounds fantastic. I love it when Brian goes out of town even though I still have two little ones around. Once they are asleep - the TV is mine! The computer is mine!.

-It's nice to know I will still be needed when Owen is 19 years old! I agree with Judy - they transfer it to wifey once they get married though!.

-So, when you talk about slime does that mean dog slobber??.

-I forgot to tell you: I think it was you that mentioned you loved Saucony tennis shoes? I found a pair at Factory Brand Shoes on clearance and I absolutely LOVE them!.

-No Zumba due to lost keys by the instructor? That would so suck to be her! I'd die! Glad you enjoyed it and have fun at the extra classes!.

-Awww, matching outfits for you and Ian huh? How cute! See, I'm thinking more of teenagers dressing alike so you guys are just reliving your youth right?..

Comment #50

I guess we just need to get focused! And, oh yeah, try to put out of our mind how good food tastes! Yeah, that's the ticket!!..

Comment #51


-The 80's Zumba sounds fun what with all the fun dance moves and now you know their names - too cool. I actually had to go on youtube and see what the cabbage patch dance is - I didn't know that move was called that..

-Did Wally tear his knee at work or jogging? Wishing him well with his surgery and his paperwork for insurance and going back to work - don't know which is more painful!?.

-Is your Physical Trainer stuff still going well? I couldn't remember how many weeks you are going. You seemed to be liking the results..

-I'm glad you mentioned Eggbeaters - totally forgot those and they are very important. In fact, I forgot many little side items that I need: FF sour cream, salsa, frozen onions/peppers and such. I hate going back to the grocery store!.

-I hear you on trying to get back on a normal schedule again. I feel like I can finally take a breath after this past weekend things might get back to a normal pace. Eating yourNutrisystemlunch at 5:30 pm is crazy!!.

-How is your blood sugar level going? Sounds like you had a few days of fluctuations there? Hope it's getting back to normal..

-Do you have to go to Harry Potter with Wally? I say you get your fanny down here before school lets out and you and I will go one weekday! The place we stayed in Orlando was so freaking great and it was very affordable. More like an apartment than a hotel room..

Hey there's an idea....everyone come down in a few months and we'll go to Universal Park and we can stay at that place - I can so see us chilling out in that place at night. It was a three bedroom, two full bathroom condo with full living room, big dining table and full on kitchen. I'm not sure of the rate for the three bedroom but I think it was $189 a night? Then they offered a 3rd night for $109 once we got there. I mean seriously, think about that - 6 people split would be $33 a night. There were 6 of us there and there was plenty of room. The two bedrooms were $152 per night with the third night incentive being $89!! They were really nice and really clean...

Comment #52


-Love your avatar in honor of MLK Jr. Day - Very nice. Glad you were also able to get your old name back *finally*!!.

-LOL at "Another One Bites the Dust" - when will the next one be? I guess 11-11-11 right?.

-Funny, I didn't hear Owen mention anything about Jacka$$ penguins when they did their penguin study earlier this year.


-Wow - a bus trip from South Dakota to NYC - how long does that take anyway - that's crazy. And with teens might just push you over the edge eh? OMG I just mapquested it - 22 hours 48 minutes from Brookings to NYC! Yes, I would begin working right away on how to get out of that. I would be panicking also if I had thought it was May 2011 instead of 2012!.

-The Ice Skating Party sounded like a nice idea for a birthday party until (ominous music "da da dahhhhhh") "the crabby girl arrives". Like Jen said, there's always one in every group right? Hey, wait a minute, who's the one in our group???.

We are just very fortunate that we don't have one.

-My husband is generally okay about me taking trips but he tends to be crabby upon my return - really makes me want to come back home! Even if I have taken the kids with me! What???.

-The peace sign cake was very cute and you did a great job with the tie-dye - it didn't look brown at all - very colorful...

Comment #53


-Sounds like you had a nice time in Vegas. Gee, you and your sister's don't favor each other at all do you?? My siblings and I are the same way - there is no denying that we are Hendersons - we really favored my dad and mom. And my half-siblings, two of them look exactly like us too! The other two must have taken after my Dad's first wife..

-I hope you don't have to do the night shift for the lady - is this like the middle of the night or just evening? My sister works night shift (10 pm till 10am) at her hospital and she really likes it but I'm sure your body's clock has to do some major adjusting. Especially if it's just a couple of times..

-Again, I'm thinking that husbands must go take a class together prior to marriage??? All of our husbands sound familiar in particular ways!.


-Those new foods sound intriguing. I'll have to go check them out. Any word on when they would be out? I'd still like to try the frozen at some point but I'm afraid I will love it and not want to go back to the other food..

-Sounds to me like you got quite the bit of snow last week! Be careful driving out there..

-LOL about embarrassing Caitie. My kids are too small to be embarrassed - now it's just funny. I'm sure my husband (who is a jokester by nature) is going to be totally embarrassing them on a regular basis..

-Sorry to hear about the Wii Zumba kicking your back. Maybe Caitie will like it when she tries it by herself...

Comment #54


-It is hard to stay focused when so many family events keep popping up. But if they are regular occurrences you might have to not partake at all in order to stay on the program and stay focused. This is coming from someone who just gained 18 lbs - yikes!! But I found in my first 6 months on the program I could not give in at all. It's hard but it is doable. Whatever you decide to do this weekend - I'm with Johnna, small portions or just tastes of the good stuff..

-Oh yeah, and a walk every day would be good too right? I'm sure Alabama weather is much better than what you are getting now. Where in Alabama? I have friends in Mobile and my friend's Dad lives in Huntsville or maybe Birmingham now..

-Enjoy yourself no matter what and you can totally get back 100% upon your return and take advantage of that gym! We're rooting for you!.

-Happy Birthday to your dad!!.


-Did you have a good day scrapbooking? That sounds like fun - gettting together with friends to do stuff you like..

-Darn it I forgot the Golden Globes. I heard Ricky Gervais crossed the line quite a bit. Wondering if he's going to be invited back next year? Of course everyone gets drunk at the Golden Globes so maybe they won't remember. Oh yeah, it's taped right..hee..hee..??.

I was with my friend from Atlanta at the hotel Sunday night and we could have had a blast talking about everyone's clothes and just everyone in general!.

-How is the dog grooming going? Have you started advertising in other locations beside the internet website links?.

-I have a picture coming up for you and Shelley on one of the next posts.....


-I hope your husband is on the mend. I feel like I missed a post. I know you mentioned his having a bandage on his lip (a la mustache) but I wasn't certain what he had done?.

-A massage sounds lovely - that must have felt really nice after coming in from out of the cold. Plus I bet the cold doesn't bother you as much AFTER the massage...

Comment #55

It was difficult and scary I have to say! But you are right, now that I've done it I just can't imagine going in the wrong direction any more. That's 18 lbs I've already lost and have to now lose again! But I feel good about it (I know I can do it so I just have to). Thanks for your encouragement!..

Comment #56

We tried to come visit you but your pesky husband had to get in the way!! ( no offense, Frank!) They do tend to do that sometimes don't they?.

We really did miss you so hopefully next time! Not hopefully, definitely!..

Comment #57

Has anyone seen any movies lately? Johnna, you said.

The King's Speech.

Was good right? I'm itching to go to some movies. I think I want to see.

Black Swan.


The Dilemma.

They are making a Hangover II where they go to Thailand right before the other guy's wedding - I saw a picture from it and it looks amusing. Not quite the nice place from Vegas though!.

Oh, and pretty soon will be my movie event where I can go see all the movies nominated for best picture - yippee!..

Comment #58

My friend got me this on an air freshener for my car for Christmas..




, this applies to you also:..

Comment #59

I do not know these girls but how cute is this where you can pose IN THE BARBIE BOX???..

Comment #60

Would someone please come fold all of these clothes and towels? Wow, just, wow...

Comment #61

Okay...100%Nutrisystemtoday thus far and I've drunk all my water - yippee!.

I also found out that the open house tonight is specifically to go to the classroom and meet Brenna's potential teacher(s) for next year's Pre-K - no sit down lecture. Yippee again!..

Comment #62

Melissa, love the volunteer picture. I made it my new wallpaper. Maybe seeing it everyday will make me stronger. I'm right there with you and laundry today. Working on load 5 and I just did several loads a few days ago. I have no idea where all this comes from. Maybe my neighbors are dropping things off while I'm away from the house!..

Comment #63

Hi everyone!.

Long day at work...11 hours! So pretty tired, but stayed 100% today..

Hope Wally's surgery went well, Judy..

I didn't explain Pete's surgery, because it's an awful story....hope this isn't was a dental implant that went horribly wrong and it ended up in his sinus. Ear,nose, and throat Dr. had to fix it. Poor Pete...he's sort of an icon of Murphy's law..

It got up to 35 degrees here today....practically a heat wave!.

Melissa...I put back about 10 pounds over the holidays and didn't even go off plan that much, so I feel your "it's not fair!" It is annoying to have to try to lose it again...I only put half of it back on my ticker! Maybe that'll force me to catch up quicker! Ya think?.

The Barbie box picture is funny..

Have a great night glad tomorrow's Friday!..

Comment #64

Hey Melissa I just started a new series by Ayelet Waldman and the first one is called Nursery Crimes and it's a mommy-track mystery series about Juliet who was a federal public defender turned stay at home mom and the mysteries that she stumbles upon. It sounded like something you might like. I just started Nursery Crimes and so far I am enjoying it..

Vix I do 12hr shifts and Shelley does 12-14hr shifts so we can relate to your eleven hour day. I hope tomorrow is better for you and yes TGIF!.

Judy I hope Wally's surgery goes well tomorrow and have fun nursing him back to health at home..

Where is Jen?.

Hi Johnna, did you ever find the passport?Glad you liked your Zumba class..

Ducky hope all is well in your world..

Busy night so see you all tomorrow..

Comment #65

Good morning!.

Deb and Shelley, I don't know how you do those 12-14 hour shifts! That's a long haul. I think it would be really hard to do any exercise after those hours. You are amazing! Showing my age here, I just stiffen up so much after long days, even with my lunchtime walks! (I spend mine sitting in front of a computer or in meetings all day.) Still waiting for my yoga DVDs to arrive. ha-ha...that should help!.

Have a great day everyone! Stay healthy, keep smiling!..

Comment #66

Morning guys...not enough time. I need to eat and get my body unclenched before heading out to sit in an uncomfortable chair for hours. Wally's in the shower. We have to be there at 10am and surgery is at 11:30am..

Hopefully I'll be back on later today...

Comment #67

Vix - sorry about your hubby. My brother has dental implants in his front teeth because he had knocked them out two-too many times then he had to get them re-done because he had bone loss from smoking. Hope he gets better soon and good for you keeping up on your walking!.

Judy - well wishes for Wally!.

Melissa - I missed you! Yes...I am starting to advertise and on Sunday I am doing my neighbors Bichon Frise....very excited! I love the volunteering statement but it's a day too late. I just got roped into Team SERVE at work - it's a group that helps out with four or five charities that our company sponsors. Yikes! They say it's fun and the group seems we'll see!.

Big - congrats on your working out two days in a row! Keep it up and it seems like you have a plan for your trip home..

Ducky - OMG...that is cold and I would not wanna be on that bus either!.

Deb - Have fun at work! Yeah right!?.

Ok...I need to get going. Today is my day off and I have a ton of stuff to cram in today! Dentist, Target, Cleaning, call the advertising guy and Exercise! I'm tired already and I haven't even left the house!.

Off to eat breakfast!..

Comment #68

Melissa - I forgot about your scale Adam Sandler fashion - "You can DO IT!" - Oh and I totally loved your Yeah,that's the ticket reference! You so funny!!!!.

Johnna - I wish I could go on the FL trip instead of my techs! Although it is a lot of work but it would be fun to see you and the boys!..

Comment #69

Vix we don't exercise on those days. My job is my exercise on the days I work. I think we are all around the same age. Shelley is younger than you and I. Darn youth...

Comment #70

Wishing Wally well today and hopeful that time passes quickly...

Comment #71

Pace yourself Jen. You never seem to run out of energy...

Comment #72

Happy Friday everyone!.

Stocked up on all kinds of things at Walmart yesterday. That's where I buy most of myNutrisystemsubstitute foods. Can't seem to find anything that adequately subs for the scones or the chocolate mint bars so I still order those through NS. When I run out I use an english muffin instead of the scone and a mint zone bar for theNutrisystemone..

Judy, fingers crossed that all goes well with Wally and surgery. You should bring your laptop. Probably WiFi somewhere if not in the waiting room. You could keep busy with farmville and us!.

Vix, your husband's surgery doesn't sound fun at all! I hope the recovery process goes smoothly. As far as work shifts, Deb is right. We don't even try to exercise on work days. I am usually getting home around 8pm, so no interest in anything other than plopping into a chair and watching TV. My husband exercises every night, usually til 11pm....I have no idea how he does that..

Deb, I'm certainly not much younger! I think we're neck and neck. (and my neck is starting to show it's age)! However, after 52 years of being the oldest one in my family and the oldest one in my class when I was in school, it's nice not to be the oldest....even if it's just a matter of a few months!.

Jen, as I have learned...much too late...they "tell" you it's a fun volunteer group to work with and the next thing you know, you are the chair for the next 5 years! Hope that's not the case and you're a good person to si8gn up. Have fun with your day off. I'm tired just reading your to do list..

Hi to everyone else in our happy little group. I'm off to exercise and will check in later...

Comment #73

Well, I am tired of this cold weather! Right now the wind chill is -25! I am tired of having indoor recess - the kids need to get out! Supposedly, it's suppose to "warm up" next week. I sure hope so! I hate this cold!..

Comment #74

Ducky...OMG, that is really cold! It has to warm up soon. (I hope) I'm sure the kids aren't working off nearly as much energy inside as they could outside.....

Comment #75

I am almost as tired of the cold weather as you. I just want it to warm up enough to walk Jack until he drops into nap from being so tired...

Comment #76

My mom was a nurse, and yes, that's more than enough exercise! I think it's really dumb that I get exhausted from sitting!.

Judy, hope Wally's surgery goes well. I brought a book!.

Whoa, Ducky...that's mighty chilly!.

Jen, do you groom dogs?.

You all sound like you're juggling so many things!.

Hope your day goes well. Stay healthy, keep warm!..

Comment #77

I am in a contest where I can win $200 and a flip video camera for my classroom if I'm one of the top ten voted. Please vote! Please ask your friends to vote! Thanks!.

Help me win a classroom grant from @WeAreTeachers by voting for my teaching idea.


Comment #78

I voted for you too! I hope you win!..

Comment #79

Thanks ladies! You are the best! I see I have dropped from 2nd to 3rd... But, if I can stay in the top 10, I win!..

Comment #80

I just voted for you too! Hope you win!..

Comment #81

Aw man.I typed this big long post last night about 110m and then fell asleep! When I woke up at 4am in the recliner, I could have sworn I hit the post button. I was coming to explain the 4am post. It's not here! SO I guess I was just too out of it..

Okay so what I wrote was just about Wally's surgery. He did great..

Everything went pretty quickly until we got to waiting his turn and then we had to sit for about 2 hours. At the times when that section was so quiet I had trouble staying awake...but once it started hopping with energy I was fine..

They were able to go right in and get out the piece of torn meniscus pretty easily....just two little stitches in puncture sites. But the doctor was dismayed to see a bunch of arthritis in the knee. They hadn't seen it on the xray. There's one place where it's bone on bone. SO he won't be pain free from this but it should be better. He'll have to think knee replacement in about 5-10 years in order to stay active..

All in all it was quick and easy..

Okay...I've got to get moving...I have zumba this morning at 11:00am and Wally's going to use the arm machines and do a few laps on the track with the cane. He should come off the crutches today. It's nothing that has to heal so walking is fine after today as he can stand the discomfort..

Gotta eat...and then run!.

Back later hopefully...

Comment #82

Good morning!.

Judy, glad Wally's surgery went well..

I'm not doing so well staying on program. I seem to have lost motivation to do most anything....maybe just the winter blahs..

I'm going to push myself today to do things....I did get my yoga tapes and just finished up a session, so starting to feel a little better. I balanced my checkbook. I'm thinking I should go outside for a walk, sometimes being outdoors helps, however I think it's only in the teens today, and am not sure how up I am for freezing..

Anyways, don't want to sit here at the computer..

So, here's hoping I give myself an active day..

Wishing you all a good day too!..

Comment #83

It sounds like you have a good plan. You can do it!..

Comment #84

Judy glad Wally's surgery went well.

Vix it is too cold here so I am going to do the treadmill instead.

Ducky try and stay warm and fingers crossed you win your contest..

Today I don't have much on the schedule just some never ending laundry and the treadmill, then later I take Caitie and a friend of hers to two birthday parties tonite. I drop them off at one and then later pick them up and drop them off at another then the other Mom has to bring them back at midnight. I think I got the good end of that deal. Well my washing machine beckons. Oh and we are getting another3-5" of snow tonite. boo hiss!..

Comment #85

I agree. You got the good end of the deal!.

I wish it was warm enough to snow here! It's suppose to be in the teens to 20s next week! That will feel like a heat wave!..

Comment #86

I can't remember if this one has been used or not but I like it a the event Ducky gets swamped again. It's 19 degrees here this morning. Wally insisted he go to the grocery store...and I had to just let him. He was released for work tomorrow so he would have driven himself to that. Just make me very uncomfortable..

Off to eat breakfast! Chatted with Johnna last night...she said to say hello to everyone!..

Comment #87

Good morning!.

So glad I got my yoga DVDs...did another session this a.m. It really does make me feel better..

Yesterday, ended up going for a short walk (15-20 min) and then going on the elliptical for another 20 minutes. I think it's still in the teens here, so it will put a damper on long walks until it warms up!.

Pete is not supposed to exercise for 2.5 weeks...he insists that yoga is not exercise, just stretching, and I caught him this morning, sitting with some sort of weights in his hands...he insisted it was only 1 pound and not exertion. Sheeesh! Men! I just want him to heal and not hurt himself..

Anyway, hoping to get out for a little while today, and push myself to do more activity around the house..

Hope you all have a good day...

Comment #88

Have a great day Vix and so happy for you and the yoga, ommmm..

Comment #89

Pretty quiet around here this weekend. Glad both the post op patients are doing well. My son hooked up my Christmas computer for me yesterday so I plan to try and move all important files from the old one to the new one today. They are side by side in the computer room/office/guest room. You guiys know how I am about clutter so this is killing me. I will make it my mission to make one of these disappear today..

The postponed spa day with my friends is tomorrow. I don't anticipate any issues so all should go as planned. No work scheduled til Friday but the week is pretty filled up with other non paying jobs.....

It is a beautiful weekend here sunny and in the high 50s. Spent some time in the yard yesterday, probably again today..

Have a great Sunday everyone!..

Comment #90

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