Any Nutrisystem non scale victories?

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I have to admit, when I have a NSV (non scale victory), I feel that there is no where else I can truly say what is on my mind, except these boards. Here, I know that someone else will know what I mean or will have experienced my issue before. On the boards I can find support or frank honesty from fellow Nutrisystem dieters who will hold me accountable if I slip up (with a bit of compassion because we all have been there.).

Here is my latest NSV. Yesterday my daughter asked me to cut up her solid, milk chocolate Easter bunny from her basket. She brought me all of the tools needed, the plate, the knife, the poor fated rabbit. I cut that chocolate into little pieces and the smell hit my nose. Then I cut them into smaller pieces, why you ask? Because it gave me a few more minutes to smell that chocolate, and to struggle with myself to not gobble up six or seven small pieces....

But the victory? I didn't eat one. Not one single piece. I instructed her to take a few pieces for her snack and to give a few to her sister. I saw my hubby steal a few bite sized morsels. That paper plate full of chocolate goodness sat on the dining room table until I put my kids to bed. And then, it went into the trash.

Oh, it broke my heart to throw away such lovely candy, but to honest, the plate was pretty picked over (and it wasn't this kids any hubby isn't on the system, can you tell?).

But I'd rather throw the candy away knowing the kids had a taste (and my husband wasn't deprived his sweets), than to have it sit in their baskets waiting for my weak moment. I am stronger than my urges and I learned that yesterday.

Do you have any NSVs you'd like to share??? I'd love to hear about them!..

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Your question was: Any Nutrisystem non scale victories?.

Awesome job!!!!!! That was me the other day.... My mom had an opened bag of peanut M&Ms (my fave!) and I did not have ONE! So proud and in control. Aren't NSV the best?..

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My co-workers all enjoyed Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits on Wed. morning... with jelly, honey.... yummmm.... I resisted! They were so tempting!.

And todayyyy, I got my 50 clicks in! woo-hoo! When I first started, I remember thinking, "it will take FOREVER to get to 50", but I'm there! That's 7 and 1/2 weeks of commitment!..

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My weakness seems to come on the weekends as well. Come on girl, you and I can do this!..

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I'm so close to 50 clicks...I'll get there. I guess one click at a time. ha ha..

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Hi Amy,.

Hover over "Tips and Recipes" at the top of your screen, and go to Daily Dose. At the right of your screen you'll see a little box that says "50 Clicks". Click on that little picture once a day, and you'll get a $10 coupon after every 50 clicks.

Oh yeah, read the Daily Dose each day too! They are very motivational. The instructions are there also, for the "50 Click" program..

Let me know if that doesn't make sense!.


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When you go under Tips & Recipes, there is a link to The Daily Dose. You can click on the right side and reach 50 clicks to get the benefit...

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I have to make my hubby's lunch for his second job daily, and I used to eat the cheese and pieces of lunch meat and even some desserts. For a month now I have not had any. My DD has a huge Easter Basket left over and I didn't have any of that either. Not even when I was making hers...

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Congrats! That is sooo great! I know the feeling of doing things like this...

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Dori, That's awesome! Ohh, I have another NSV I can share! Yesterday my daughter went to McDonalds and got the special (two breakfast sandwiches for $2.00) and only ate one. Normally I would have eaten that other sandwich, but I didn't! Hooray! It's the little things! haha..

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I have two areas of NSV: First, a co-worker of mine kinda started a "healthier" living plan at the same time as I started NS. For the past week, she's been giving into the cookie plates on the staff lunch table (2-3 times during lunch). At first, I'd try to discourage her, but she clearly didn't want to hear it. Each time that she gives in, I have a victory cheer for myself for not giving in. My heart aches for her, but I'm so proud that I can still do this on my own. Well, really, I should say there is a great core of 3 people who notice my success and encourage me - so maybe it helps knowing they are watching.

This second month, I've noticed backlash (resents me not cooking) and I've had to cook/ meal prep alot more. I too have resisted taking a few morsels, licking spoons/ forks.. cleaning plates. My kids help a lot more too by taking care of the basics most of the time (they are 6 and 9). Rah, rah for NSV!!..

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I had a victory today... Put my 13 year old daughter on a bus for a school trip to Washington DC at 6am this morning. On my way home I felt a pull for an "emotional eating" breakfast at McD's. I stayed strong and headed home for my Nutrisystem meal and then walked for 45 minutes. Woo Hoo. It so great to know I can do this!..

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Great job! We can do this! McDonalds breakfast sandwiches are the best...I'm glad you were able to resist!..

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Isn't that crazy what we see now that we are eating better? I notice how many trips to the kitchen my boss makes and how she's the first one back with sweets. You're right, it makes you sad, but good for you for staying strong! As for your DH, sister, I'm in the same boat. My DH was very supportive in the beginning, but slowly he has been giving me a tiny bit of grief about all of the time I spend exercising (plus I don't cook for him any more). I think a lot of us are struggling with support from family. In my case, DH thinks I don't see the faces he makes when I say, "I'm going for a run..." Oh well, after all, they're only men. What can we expect? LOL.

Keep up the great work!..

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Good for you Heather and Losing4myself! Your husbands should be supporting you through this! The fact that they are giving you ANY grief and you are still succeeding, just goes to show how badly you really want this. Shame on them for not cheering you on every step of the way and helping out in ways that support your effort. I am soooo impressed with your strength and I'm inspired by you!!! Keep it up!..

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Great victory! Curious about something that I'm dealing with - I did Nutrisystem a year and a half ago, lost a bunch of weight, felt like my old self again (pre-kid, decades-ago self). I did it as I was starting the most stressful job of my life but it helped that my husband did it for a month or so with me as well. Then I stopped the Nutrisystem system but kept eating smaller, healthier portions. I know how to eat well and exercise. It's not new info, just that fight with self. Somewhere along the way all hell broke loose and I went back to my old ways.

I'm starting Nutrisystem again, but also coupled with more exercise than I was getting 18 months ago..

So, here's my question: are you on Nutrisystem for life? Is your victory a post-NS packaged meal moment? How do you maintain? At some point, you gotta live your life without NS. What's your view on best way to do that?..

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I'm far away from my goal but I'm already thinking about maintenance. I know I'll meet my goal because this program rocks, but am very concerned about staying there...

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Welcome back!!.

You may also want to check out the other forums to get your questions addressed. This is where the Search feature may come in handy, as many topics have already been discussed and feedback shared. If you cant seem to find what you are looking for, feel free to create your own thread!.

To create a thread:.

-Click the Community tab and then Discussion Boards to view descriptions for the different forums.

-Go to the forum you would like to start your thread in..

-Select the orange New Thread button.

-Type your title, your post, and then hit Submit.

If you need any assistance navigating the community, we are here to help and can be contacted at , or in the Ask the Mod forum..

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Heather-That is awesome, there are lots of girls on other threads that could not have done that..

I like what one of them asks as she looks at a treat.

Do I want _____, more than I want to be thin? Just ask yourself the question and then answer with honesty. Surly it would be , Ill take the thin look and health...

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Good job. For those with less willpower, the toilet is better than the trash.....

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Good job everybody who is not giving in to those candy urges. I have one of those offices with two huge candy baskets full all the time. I have been on Nutrisystem since Aug of 09 and I have not taken one of those candies. It is a victory every time I turn my nose up to them when I pass by. I mentally pat my own back through out the day...

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I have to say that the chocolate bunnies aren't that good to me anymore. I think the Nutrisystem chocolate is much better!..

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Mandi, I'm pretty far from maintaining, but no, I won't be on Nutrisystem for life. I have been taking steps to adjust to life after NS. I think I will always have Nutrisystem in my life, especially the meals I really like. But I can order those items ala carte, to have accessible when I'm on the fence about what to eat. But along the way, I've been gathering recipes and learning food portion sizes so I can keep within the program, but on my terms. You said you already have learned a lot (and I love that you said, 'not new info, just a fight with self'. So true!.

The moderator suggested reading the boards on maintaining and I think that's a great idea. If you hear the stories from the members who have lost the weight and are actively maintaining, you may get the best information yet!.

Congrats on coming back to NS. You made a great decision. You did this before and you can get to the place you want again. One step at a time!.

That's so smart! What a great question to ask myself! I will have to start doing that and maybe it will help me to stay on track!.

LOL! You're right, that would stop a food craving immediately!.

That's great! Be proud of each of your victories! You are doing great!.

I can't wait until the chocolate bunnies release their hold over me! ha ha Nutrisystem choc. is pretty awesome! I just heard a recipe. Take the Nutrisystem chocolates and put some in a paper cupcake cup. Microwave until soft. Place a small amount of peanut butter on top and top with more Nutrisystem chocolates. Microwave again, then freeze.

The real recipe with amounts and nutritional facts is on the recipe boards. I tried it, really yummy!..

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I had my first NSV (non-scale) that really hit me today. Was getting dressed for work, put on my normal black pants to my suit & they looked terrible! Why is this a NSV you ask? Because they were baggy as all get out. I had to cinch the waist w/a belt & I still wore them today, but they just look frumpy. Guess it's time for some new pants.

Oh- and heather, that recipe for the peanut butter cup sounds awesome. Are you using the Nutrisystem chocolate pieces that you can order for dessert? I just ordered my first package of those today..


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Jeanie, Sometimes when I go shopping in my basement I have waited too long and shrunk out of some of the clothes I used to be to big for. I guess that is a victory but I was hoping to find some new "free" clothes. Get rid of those too big clothes you deserve makes you feel better to be in some that fit your new frame..


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Here's another NSV I just experienced. As I was washing my hands in the sink, I looked up at my reflection and couldn't help but giggle and grin. I just didn't recognize the thin face looking back. Yee Hah!!.

PS In working through my somewhat resentful DH, I (usually) try to make a point of bragging about ANY time he's been helpful and supportive. I figure, the more he hears my joy at that support, the less resentful of the rest he'll be. And it's just better for my soul to focus on the good (I can change MY behavior - but not anyone else's)...

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Jeanie, great NSV! I guess you're right, time to go shopping! It will be fun to choose a smaller size in your clothes. It always makes me smile all day!.

I put the official Nutrisystem recipe below. It's really yummy! I hope you enjoy!.


-Counts as 1 dessert entre + 1 fat.


1 Nutrichocolate entre.

1 tsp of peanut butter.


Melt bag of nutrichocolates in a cupcake holder.

Use your 1 tsp. of peanut butter and put it over the melted chocolate.

Add the rest of the chocolates on top and microwave until melted.

Pat down the top with a cold spoon and place the cup cake holder in the fridge to harden.


Wow, that had to be fun to see a new slimmer, healthier you staring back. What a great victory!.

You are very wise in saying that you can't change other people's behavior. It took me many years, and many wrong relationships to realize that I shouldn't get started thinking how I could change my partner. I had to mature and start to like myself before I could get to a healthy relationship. I guess that's what the teenage years are for - to figure it out. Luckily my oldest is only 8, so I have a few years before watching her go through the same process. Your oldest is 9 right? You have a few years too!.

Hope you have a good day. And a very successful day...

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My NSV - a co-worker who didn't know I was on Nutrisystem commented that I look like I've lost weight..

Made my day...

Comment #27

I went to move some things last weekend from my youngest DD's dorm and according to my DD, one of her roomates told her I was "kinda hot for a Dad".

I think it was because I won the raffle my DD's team was selling tickets for...

Comment #28

I doubt it was the raffle tickets! You were probably rockin' in your 'Dad pants' and the girls took notice! Nice to hear, if it weren't so creepy to hear it from your daughter's friends...American Beauty Alert! ha ha..

Comment #29

My daughter thought it was funny.

I had on shorts btw. That musta been it. <rolls eyes>..

Comment #30

<laughs> She is only 20, what does she know, right?..

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